ideen für wohnzimmer vorhänge

ideen für wohnzimmer vorhänge

if you want to do a makeover of your house, you may try some of these home decor ideas from ikea. ikea is known as the most popular furniture retailer. so, no doubt that ikea knows what best for your home. you can remodel your home by doing makeover in every room at your house. so, here are 5 home decor and makeover ideas from ikea that you can try for your own property

by price may change already before you see this video 1. for your make-up station make-up station does not require a large space. thus, you can do the makeover for the make-up station easily. first, you can put laptop tables because it is compact and it fits well in small area.

in ikea, vittjso laptop tables cost around $39.99. it is made of tempered glass and steel which are very durable. then, you can have a lennart drawer to keep some of your beauty tools. it costs around $14.99. as the main part of make-up station, mirror is necessary. karmsund table mirror from ikea is priced $17.99,

offering excellent dã©cor and flexibility. 2. extend the home outdoors you can extend your house outdoors when doing the home makeover. you may decorate it with plants so that it will be more attractive. ikea offers many kinds of plotted plants such as succulent ($3.49), phalaenopsis ($7.99),

dracaena margirata ($9.99), ananas ($12.99), and many more. you can choose your favorite plants. then, you can have ikea solrosfro plant stand by spending $12.99 so that you can place those plants nicely. 3. room dividing wardrobe room dividing wardrobe needs a clothes rail

and ikea has elvarli clothes rail which is priced $5.00. by using elvarli clothes rail, you can assemble it in two ways either with or without elvarli shelf at the top. then, you can also buy a bumerang hanger that costs $4.99 each for the clothes. 4. balcony: chill time!

if you have a balcony at your house, you may try this idea. you can purchase an ikea product, falster table and two benches which are priced $325.00. although it is quite expensive, it is worth it because that furniture piece is sturdy. then, you can add ramso umbrella to prevent from the rain and sunlight.

by only spending $9.99 you can get ramso umbrella. it is easy to attach and move. 5. let’s gardening in the rooftop you may use rooftop for gardening. make sure that you choose the correct foundation for the flooring so that it will be easier for the water drainage. you can choose ikea runnen floor decking outdoor

which is priced for about $2.29/square feet. then, ikea frakta shopping bag can help you in composting. you just need to spend around $0.79 for getting the shopping bag in medium size. to complete the makeover, you can put ikea ps vago chair in the rooftop. the price of ikea ps vago chair is $29.99. that's it,

you just learned some of the best home decor and makeover ideas from ikea that you can try after you comment this video. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you.

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