ideen für wohnzimmer mit kamin

ideen für wohnzimmer mit kamin

wood, moss, merch! it's the year 2017 the platform youtube has been tormented by the adpocalypse the trends are no longer trendy and everybody is starting a december calendar just to be able to pay their rent. but one man decided to fight against this and so dutifully began his journey. due to the excess tree farming, as a result of which the left over trees are thrown away each year, this man is looking for a very special tree his christmas tree.

light up! looks nice just gotta focus and: hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, and welcome, and welcome, hi. it's incredibly funny - or it's actually not funny at all - but the focus keeps shifting to that face there behind me. people who know me fairly well know, that i normally don't even celebrate christmas and therefore don't need a christmas tree but marius asked me recently 'can we get a christmas tree?' and i went 'why?' and he was like 'for the views' and i was like 'how does a tree get me some views?' and he was like 'wait until you saw the thumbnail'

after i tweeted about it, i realized that we have very similar views on stress and problems near christmas and then he thought 'hey! dab!' i'm going to make a video on this and it's going to be awesome and that's why here are the most amazing tricks? to fit in a bit better with the colorscheme, i'd say.. you know when you don't have any cool or personal ideas for presents? well, i know it and that's why i'm always the first to sneak out on christmas. no, not really, but i'm always the first to suggest to not buy each other presents and then they are like 'this, my friend, is a good idea.' - 'thank you.' and then i'm the only one without a gift. i have a solution for you just pick something up from the ground- 'no ju, put down the vase' i meant something that doesn't belong to anyone it doesn't matter what you found, just look at your object and give it a purpose.

'the bottle was reached on from generation to generation in my family it belongs to you. 'um.. i know you just got it out of the trashcan'

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