ideen für wohnzimmer im landhausstil

ideen für wohnzimmer im landhausstil

if you want to hang a lot of things, you should have extra s-hooks so that you can hang it easily. from ikea, you can get the hornen shower curtain rod. more on that later. this is 5 home makeover initiative from ikea by price may change already before you finish

playing this video. 1. for your indoor gardening first of all, choose a place that is passed by the natural sunlight. then, set the plant from the corner vertically. you can use plant stand to put the plant on it. ikea sells satsumas plant stand and the price is $44.99.

then, you can keep the gardening tools in the shelf. ikea hindo shelf unit can be a good choice. although the price is $50.00, hindo shelf unit is durable and easy to clean because it is made of powder-coated steel. to make it more beautiful, ikea socker greenhouse can be chosen as the decoration. the greenhouse is priced $19.99.

2. bathroom if you want to hang a lot of things, you should have extra s-hooks so that you can hang it easily. thus, you need a shower curtain rod to hang the s-hooks. the hornen shower curtain rod is priced $13.99 in ikea. then, make use the wall.

you can put the storage in the wall cabinet. you can purchase the wall cabinet from ikea by spending around $49.99. ikea also offers brickan mirror with storage unit. so, not only having a mirror but you can also put your bath tools in the storage unit. however, you should spend $42.49 to have brickan mirror with storage unit. 3.

outdoor kitchen outdoor kitchen is identical with a grill. you have to spend around $50.00 for buying the klasen charcoal grill in ikea. then, make it complete with ikea grundtal kitchen cart so that you can put the food on it. despite the fact that the price is $149.00, you can have extra storage which is strong, durable, and made by stainless steel

in your outdoor kitchen. don’t forget to put the trash bin. one of the options is ikea knod bin which costs $14.99. 4. indoor kitchen for doing the makeover of the indoor kitchen, you can change the old faucet into the new one. the price of elverdam kitchen faucet in ikea is about $149.00.

by using this faucet, you can save water and energy because it has a mechanism which reduces the water flow while maintaining the pressure. then, you can combine it with ikea besta storage. ikea besta storage combination between doors and drawers is priced $190.00. you can choose your own favorite colors. you can also add new stuffs such as droppar jar and gubbrora ruber spatula.

the prices for those stuffs are $5.99 and $0.99. 5. dining room you can do the makeover in the dining room by replacing the plate. ikea fargrik plate is good choice because the design is simple and the price is low, around $2.49. then you can complete it with ikea ivrig glass

that costs $2.99. pay attention also to the tablecloths. one of the options, tablecloth from ikea is priced around $24.99. the point is doing makeover to your dining room will not spend much money as long as you keep it simple. that's it. you just learned some home makeover initiatives

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