einrichtungstipps wohnzimmer modern

einrichtungstipps wohnzimmer modern

the phone glove... has been a challenging project. ok, call me! i don't know where the ideas come from. it's like a lightning i can't even take the credit. i'm just the vessel for the creative spirit. hello. it's worse than a phone.

and worse than a glove. the future speaking... i didn't choose the idea, the idea chose me. what are you doing? texting. it's so simple. you just write with your eyes on the glove. how do you do a full stop? it should work?!

outch! do you idiots even understand? i want this job. i need this job! i've worked really, really hard for it. i don't have rich parents. or sleep under a desk like you do philip. i don't need you help. all i need is for you to not fuck anything up for like 5 minutes. is there any world in which that is possibe?

they say that love and hate are very closely connected. it should have been me headhutting him. living rooms are cool. a connected internet-enabled smart living room is even better. but if you could take all that out to the lake in summer... that would be the best! a floating living room! yes philip? i'm scared of water.

thank you philip. any other relevant thoughts? we've been working on my new concept. it's going to be pretty awesome. and this is the section that sorts your recycling. what about a games console for extreme gaming? why not. gaming! and lakes! the perfect combination. what's also important are the beams...

we've got some cool features in there that the early adopters are going to go crazy for. especially the calorie alarm. here's on/off... when you pass your recommended daily calorie allowance an alarm goes off, with motivational quotes to inspire you to work out. the more you eat, the more strict it gets. "sweat is fat crying." huh? am i right? we're going to see the first working prototype of the floating living room.

joel has been supervising the production while i've been working on the strategy to present to hugo. he's coming down this afternoon. i can't wait! it's like seeing your baby for the first time. where is it? what? the prototype. this is it.

who's going to live in it? it's your idea. for people. a living room for people to live in. see, it says 30 cmâ². what's that? chocolate muffin. that's not a c. 30 mâ². it sounds so obvious now.

what are we going to do now? hugo arrives at 3 pm. give up? it always worked really well. i don't care who we have to call or pay or sleep with! we're going to do that now! i'm going to get some lunch and a chai latte. and when i come back, i want to see a proper human-sized floated living room on that lake. for people!

understand? hey – slight issue this end...

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