wohnzimmer ideen reihenhaus

wohnzimmer ideen reihenhaus

for me, this house, it's home,that's all it is, it's home but home is incredibly important because of everything that it means to you the magic of the moment as you come in througha very modest georgian terrace house you don't have any sense of what is behind and then you come down the stairs,and suddenly there's this light and the volume opens up,and it's really very special i was both the architectand half of the client

the other half of the clientis my husband, ben it was fabulous to make something that really expressesyour dreams for family life because the form of the roofis really rather beautiful with these two soft curves *then we wanted the surface of the roof to also be soft, but to be beautiful we love entertaining, and we lovejust having people to dinner and designed a tablethat would fit twenty people

playing with daylight,and manipulating daylight to really animate a space to bring it alive in a waythat only light can do fontana is a great kind of hero of mine and i love the slash of the canvas i love that mark, that moment the fireplace that we havein the main room is some kind of homage to that i think to have a softness in the lines

really helps you feel settled ben and i have always wanteda room just for books to be surrounded by the booksthat you kind of grew up with books that mean something to you books that have inspired you it's like your history is there,in the room the color comes from the sofa,from the books, from people from the things on the shelves,from flowers you don't need a lot of colorto make something feel warm

we suffer from image overload, for sure, and i think this image overload actually devalues the meaning of things the best ideas, the ideasthat really generate form are actually abstract,and you can't describe them one of my favorite spaces in the houseis a kind of private space which is our bathroom and it's this very icy bluey green corian and so it hasthis very particular light to it

and it's a very immersive space all the walls are wrapped in it it just brings an incredible calmnessand peacefulness to the space and when i come home after a stressed day it's just wonderful to lie in a bathlooking up at the sky it's my refuge

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