wohnzimmer ideen pastell

wohnzimmer ideen pastell

hey you guys :) i'm here with my new video for you guys i asked you on snapchat what you'd like to see 'monthly favorites' or a 'shopping haul' and as you can see by the title: it's a fashion haul! i guess it's bc all of you guys saw me on snapchat how i was going crazy in july - like going really fckin nuts at first it's bc i really saved my money the couple last months and didn't buy any new clothes at all

bc i needed to spent a lot of my money for my makeup-school but then we had berlin fashion week last month and that's the reason i was going nuts with shopping in july but i mean - i know a good quote! 'you need to throw your money out the window so it can come back through your door!' you feel me!? that's how it is. and that's why i did it like this in july! i wrote some notes down in my super cute new notebook i bought for my youtube-channel

for example the price of everything and i hope it's all correct bc i don't have all of the receipts or i got them but need to associate the price to the right product but if the article definition on the receipt is just like it's not really helpful for me but i think i wrote down everything right soo i think we should start with what i'm wearing right now as you can see here's a very colorful hour glass on it very old school/tumblr like - and the slogan says 'boring'

i like how it doesn't fit that tight on your arms that's why it looks so comfy - kinda 'oversize' look but it's a crop top: love it! and of course we need accessory for this look it's this tattoo choker in rainbow colors i think it's so so pretty!! and i see this black tattoo chokers literally everywhere at the moment but i really felt in love with the rainbow ones, that's why i needed to buy them! and those two things are from dollskill.com - i'll link everything in the description box as well! as far as i can still find them - bc some of my products are maybe from the sale area

i hope that i'll find everything - so take definitely a look into the description box! the tattoo choker was 6$ and the crop top 56$ i love those two things - so beautiful, totally obsessed! next i've got an hot pants from h&m i really like the zippers - they're giving you a great body shape it's highwaist and the material is how do you call it again .. leather! a soft leather

material i love this hot pants - i think they're really really good lookin, comfy & they fit amazing! and those were 24,99€ - as far as i can remember and there's still more stuff from h&m, for example this hot pants here it's with those grey studs, which i thought are amazing it's again highwaisted - you can pull it up real good all over the flab so everything is perfectly hidden and inside those pants so nothing is shown!

and those pants are a little bit more expensive i think it is 34 or 39 ... 39,99€ is correct i guess maybe because of the studs what is way too much if you ask me but those pants look so fat or nah? am i the only one who thinks this looks like xxl even though it's a 27 looks like i am fat .. i mean like those pants are fat! crazy - but alright!

those pants fit perfect it's really like really really love them! i hope they're still in stock, bc otherwise i apologize if this video comes online too late, so that some off the stuff isn't available anymore - sorry! next is this shirt from h&m it's in this turquoise/green rose print and it's a little bit see-through, but not too much and it was 14,99€

and i think it's super cool, super pretty but what i really like about it, is the fact that it's without a dumb ass slogan that all those kinda similar shirt's got on their backs bc i always find just those with a nice print on the front but basketball-player-like with an '68' or .. idk 'ricardo 95' and i'm just like ... i'm not ricardo

why should i buy something that says 'ricardo'? then i've also bought a necklace which was on sale bc there was something like: 'take 2 - pay 1'! so that's why i bought one - duh! that's how it looks like - i'm lovin' it! and it was 12€ how some of you maybe know, do i own an iphone 5 now so none of my cases fit anymore - so i needed new ones and i obviously couldn't resist and bought some at h&m!

for example this one how cute is this!? a cute doggy with a donut on its head!! and it was 7,99€ this case is ev-er-y-thingg - so cute! i structured my whole shopping haul .. systematically into colors so there's the dark stuff at first and after it the light one so next are shoes that you guys should already know if you watch all of my on here

bc i've worn them in my fashion week vlogs all the time so i'm speakin about those bad boys here omg i'm so in love with those shoes and i'm so happy that i was wearing them on fashion week bc look at that plateau i'm about 6,5 ft tall with them, so i had the best view on ev-er-y-thinggg and in my opinion shoes with a plateau like this making your legs looking extremeley long and skinny and if you're already tall and got long legs it makes you look even hotter and those shoes are from y-r-u.com

and they were about 100$ without shipping, but you obviously need to spent some $ on shipping .. they were also available on the german 'zalando' online-shop for 60€ but i guess they're not in stock anymore shit happens, so i ordered them from y-r-u.com itself - but i love em! that's all for my dark part of the shopping haul next i show you an iphone case which should fit dark clothes - that's what i thought i'm not sure about it anymore but it's amazing so i'm gonna show you anyway the special part about this little cutie pie is, that if you take it with you in the sunlight and you're going into the dark

it will fckin gleam!! isn't it amazing!? i think it is! next is my lighter stuff - the cute, kawaii, blabla stuff let's start with this bad ass sweater from h&m which got little sayings on it like what's written down here .. it was on sale for 10€ or 9,99€ - that's why i thought: gonna take this one home! ;) for lighter clothes you obviously need other iphone cases - duh!

that's why i bought - tadaaaa - another one! it's this cuti uuuuh, almost dropped it it's this cutie pie from 'asos' and it's cute but it was also super expensive: 25€! and i think that's crazy - bc later i'm gonna show you a case which looks way better bc it's also holographic but which was way cheaper than this one! that's the point where i ask myself: next i've bought another kawaii sweater from h&m again for just 10€!

you know guys when i see something like this for that cheap i'm immediately in gonna grab it and and next i'm gonna show you another item from h&m - according to the receipt a 'fancy item' it's this little 'just don't care' bag i'm using it as my little make up bag for going out times blotting powder, mascara, lipstick - throwing everything in it and then we're good to go! i think it's a super cute bag, i love the colors and 'just don't care' describes basically my life style actually not, but i felt the bad girl mood that day - u know!?

and i think it was 3,99€ buuuuut .. i'm not that sure bc there were 3 'fancy items' on my receipt and i needed to associate them correctly and i think that i remembered it the right way but on the other hand i think 3,99€? at h&m? for this? they always exaggerate - as if this would be only 3€ as if! and bc i'm iphone cases obsessed i've bought one more in sale look how cute she is! this little pussy! :) and then she's shaking around like 'helloo'

'gimme whiskas! really cute and it was just 1€ and in the shops for like literally for-ev-errrr! and oh my gosh the way she's shaking is crazy, i'm getting hypnotized by her .. let's move on with a crop top from h&m for 7,99€ where i couldn't resist buying bc of the print omg this looks so good! there's fckin awesome ice cream on it! - just trying to explain the meaning of 'bugging out' in german - no kiddin: i think this is dope! awesome!

next is a cap, and no jokin' guys, i've never bought one before in my whole life! isn't it crazy? i'm 23 and i've never bought a cap before .. even tho they look kinda good on me. :p this one is from h&m - it got jungle print on it in soft lavendel ... is it lavendel or lavender ... lavendl... a soft purple - and it's written down 'weirdo' on it i won't wear it today, bc this would look awful together .. whoever would wear this in combination with the sweater oh my gosh, no!

must .. next i show you something from 'monki' super cute, it's extremely creased and got fat spots on it - but i'll show it to you anyway can you see it guys? the print is awesome! in my opinion it's extremely pretty - and it was on sale for 15€ i guess it's not even in stock anymore - i'm sorry if this shopping haul doesn't make any sense for you guys .. but at least you guys can see where i buy my stuff so there're already 2 fat spots on it and i'd be very happy, if you guys could tell me your special trick 17 for removing fat spots!

bc i've already tried to clean it twice, but it wouldn't go away! i haven't tried it with gall soap yet - that's my mom's special trick 17 - i think .. next is the second necklace from h&m which was for free they got this eye shape .. i guess - and they're from they're also from the sale area i don't know if they're still in stock but they'e pretty af! next thing i show you are pants from the brand 'karizma' and they look like this and this print is literally ev-er-yy-thingg look at this! gorgeous af!!

so so gorgeous & comfy as well! it's with stretch and the trouser legs aren't that tight as well that's the reason why it looks better highwaisted, bc otherwise the legs are to wide for my taste but i just felt in love with the print - that's why i felt the need to buy them! i've bought it on etsy.de and they were â£30 which is - lemme take a look in my cute book - i changed it in to euro just for you guys 43€ they're handmade and a really good look - that's the reason why i was willing to spend 43€ for them the good boy is willing .. ;) and it won't stop with the holographic, silver, glitter stuff

bc next is this amazing clutch it's sooo gorgeous, i just can't get over it! i really don't like the bag handles bc they already broke a part of the cute unicorn hair - which is unforgiveable! #poorbbygurl that's why i take them off and use it as a clutch but there's literally no space for anything at all i was carrying this around me on fashion week and no kidding, i just had my vloggin camera in it and my keys .. or no, i was putting them into my jacket so as you can see there isn't room for anything at all if you put a lipliner in it, you can put the way down into the leg like this

i know - sounds disgusting but you can go in this way or down straight to the vagina - it's all possible so again: nothing fits in here it's just a cute bag, that's all it is i'd still recommend buying it, bc it's dope & just 39$ which iiis 35€ ordered it with the sweater and tattoo choker together from dollskill.com next is the iphone case which should be more expensive than the unicorn one which is also from 'asos' but was just 11,49€

it's this one here - perfect match with my unicorn bag and isn't it gorgeous - how can it be that much cheaper than the other one? but well you can notice a difference in the quality, bc this case is already broken on the bottom and side .. so maybe the price difference is justified but i love this case and i'll try to link it in the description box next is also an holographic, silver how many did i already show you guys :d but what i love about this one is that you can close it it looks like this and you can open it like this and put a credit card into it

and then you can go crazy just like i did walkin through the shops all time ready to pay immediately no big deal, never open a bag again, just take your mobile which is probably always in your hand and then you just take your credit card and you're able to go nuts! just like i did super cool - it was 6,99€ but it's worth it it also protects your screen and you always got your cards with you! and what shouldn't be missing when it comes to all this light stuff? light shooooes!

they got the same print as the black ones - the only difference is the color they were also available on 'zalando' for a short time but i've got them also from 'y-r-u' same rules: 100$ = 91€ + shipping costs & customs duties but i love those shoes, i think they're super super cool! awesome shit! and last but not least two pieces from h&m which could be seen as a onesie which can be combinated with those shoes perfectly first this sweater and omg guys do you see this print!? i'm totally serious there're fckin fries on it!!

that's so me! so so pretty and extremely comfy as well really really soft material that's the shit guys! and next is obviously the sweat pants version which looks like this it's the same print with this coke can and with those white .. things and it's such a nice look and so super comfy and it's both 24,95€ each what is a great price in my opinion that's the point where i don't get h&m bc some of their stuff is way to expensive

and on the other side they got good quality stuff like this for 24,95€ sometimes i mean i'm happy that it wasn't more but normally they sell stuff like this for way more money but i'm super happy about those clothes i've already streamed in those clothes yesterday - was so relaxing! and if you didn't know that uh lint that i'm streaming sometimes on younow then definitely go check out younow.com - marvynmacnificent bc sometimes i'm online - sitting in front of the cam, answering your questions & hanging out with you guys!:)

that's almost everything from me today - i still got my cute notebook which is also from h&m and it was 6,99€ looks like this - with those little holographic cats on it and i've bought this for my youtube plans so i can write down some notes and i already wrote down: 'dear diary from this day on i'm gonna abuse you for my youtube plans' that's it my lovely friends this was my shopping haul escalation july uh maybe i should name this video like that!

need to check if it's not too long - but was so spontaneous i hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you follow me on snapchat you don't wanna miss my lip syncin' snaps hunny ;) <3 and make also sure to fan me on younow.com bc i really love talking to you guys and i always get lost on younow - streamin' for hours makes a lot of fun & i really enjoy to communicate with you guys! :) thanks for watching & i hope i'll see you in my next video, take care! <3

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