wohnzimmer ideen mit grauem sofa

wohnzimmer ideen mit grauem sofa

hey guys! i'm just about to go to the furniture store to buy some furniture for my living room, my kitchen, and maybe something for my bedroom i'm not really sure yet we're going to a place called nitori which is a really cheap furniture store but sometimes they have some really cute stuff so i'm hoping i can find some good stuff i'm using my new camera for the first time today so bear with me if the settings are weird hopefully i can figure it out! but it's looking pretty nice

the quality looks nice so hopefully it's a lot better than my last camera it was great to start with but it started dying and wasn't focusing properly this one looks like the autofocus is really good so hopefully we won't have any problems but yeah! let's go! orangina? i'll have green tea tuna these sushi are so freakin good there's a tuna salad one with egg and cucumber

then there's a fake crab one with egg and cucumber they're so good what? that's for umbrellas? the other store was like 700 something right? this one's good not the other one? are these real? or they're fake!

these are cute yeah! i want one for the kitchen but he would break it for sure is this plastic? yeah i think so this is cute for the kitchen this is cute too it would break though i can't believe these are fake they look so real

that's for the washroom hmmm what should we do that one? how much? it's expensive that'd be cute for makeup if we get a couple of these they're expensive yeah...

what one do you like? this one? just the regular one? it's cheap since our living room wall is yellow it's really hard to find furniture that matches it i'm thinking to do a grey and yellow theme so we're gonna go upstairs and look for a sofa now so in japan it's common to have a bunch of sets of slippers at your door for your guests to use when they come over

i don't know what ones to get, they're all ugly to me like seriously, these are hideous they look like they're from the 70s and not in a good way i like these ones the best, they're so boring though the kids are the only ones that are cute! at least these ones look comfy, but again they're ugly... whoa look at these i'm looking for something to put my makeup in that isn't too hideous this is kinda cute

this is good for makeup don't you think? for makeup for you? yeah why's it so expensive~ ok screw that idea do you remember how much that thing was? the thing for slippers there was one for around 600 yen the one that holds 4 pairs?

oh this is cute! it's fabric though so i feel like my makeup would get it really dirty and i wouldn't be able to wash it it's either ugly or impractical so i wanna get a sofa bed so when people come over they can sleep in the living room the ones that turn into beds are either really expensive or ugly these are the cheap ones but they're black or brown this is probably the best choice but it's still not grey, i really wanted a grey sofa these are so cute

omg these are so cute i love the colours they're so adorable! oh this would be cute for makeup! expensive okay we're all done! this is what we got and there's a couple other things but we have to bring a little slip of paper up to the cash register and they'll get it for us

we got most of the stuff we wanted we couldn't find a sofa or a dining room table so i'm probably gonna order those online but we got quite a bit of stuff so i'm excited to set it up in the new house!

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