wohnzimmer ideen mit esstisch

wohnzimmer ideen mit esstisch

mavie! what is with your desk?? why? itâ´s looking normal! tell me, when did you clean your desk the last time? hmm, about one month ago!?? i guess you really don't like to clean and organize, do you? yes, i hate to clean my desk! who likes to do that??? haven't you watched mavie's new video?? that sounds cool! i'll give it a try!

so guys, as you can see, i have to clean my desk today and therefore here is a new "how to clean" video from me i hope i can motivate you a little bit that you also start to clean your desk and get organized and also that you empty your drawers... so let's get started! i won't find anything anymore in here... so as always, at first you have to change into comfy clothes! i have changed my jeans to my jogging pants and yes there's a little spot on it...

and now i have to get my hair out of the way now you have to get some baskets i just found some smaller ones, not the laundy baskets if you don't have baskets you could also just take some boxes i guess that works as well, too i just have a little crush on baskets for cleaning... ah and you need your trashcan also

so at frist you have to put away all the things from the desk and get them into your baskets and the rubbish in the trashcan! let's go! while doing that i already start to sort out things: the smaller ones get into the smaller basket like my slime anything small here? and i try to sort it by themes also small to small and big to bigger baskets and you keep on doing that until the whole desk is empty!

and what you don't have to use anymore goes into your trashcan!!! it's somehow a fun doing it because you can challenge yourself try to hit the baskets when throwing things into it like so and also try to motive you by turning on some really good music alexa play music! so now the desk is empty but guys have a look my drawers are still worse and my baskets are mostly full already

help i gues the most is for the trashcan trashcan be ready! so let's go on! if you don't have baskets at home you could also mak some heaps where you can sort out the different things i also make here a pile of paper for the trashcan so i was able to fill up all baskets look guys, my drawers are empty

and i'll get some cleaner to clean it i have cleaned my drawers now and as i don't want it to become that messy again i've thought about making some deviders out of some foamboard and i hope it will stay nicer a little longer you need some foamboard, you get it at the crafts store and it costs only 3,99 eur then you have to measure the width and depth of your drawers then you drawn on your measurements, and then you can cut them out!

and i'll do so now and i'll be right back to you so take a look at my finished dividers now you can put them easily into your drawers i have already done some here get in into your drawer like so and then turn it up make it as close to each other as you like i just do it in different spaces and now i'm gonna show you how you have to fix them so that you don't have to clue onto your drawers, take some washi tape

and put it at the edge of your drawer now you can see it matches the washi tape it's best if you take small washi tape so that you won't see it so much now on the other side and then i'll put on the washi tape the hot clue and now your first devider is done already!

so i've just noticed that i can also do it without the washi tape on my drawers because the hot clue can be removed easily from my drawers so it looks right now and i've already started with sime washi tape i made a small row but if you are not allowed to clue on your drawers, please make it with my washi tape trick or try at first if you can remove the hot clue easily now i start organizing my washitape.... you can make your dividers like you need to have them

now you can start to put your things from the baskets back to the drawers so my drawers are looking much better now, right guys? and i'll show you what i have in here here i have 2 rows of washi tape it didn't fit all in one row therefore i made a second one here's a cute phone case that made a fan for me out of loom bands thanks for that again here a some little note pads and a top model booklet

and a book of horses jokes my fake classes and some smaller stickers and tattoos and here is some random stuff little things that don't have to be on my desk here are some rulers and little pencil cases and in the devider here are some bigger stickers and tattoos again here are my crayons

and some other pencils another pencil case and another phone case or case for a pocket warmer my water colours it's old already and here is by bff book some kumon papers underneath and little notebooks a pencil case with all my rubbers and here are some crafts papers and pictures i have drawn and want to keep

and here is my lettering paper and my planner i have to put somewhere else by the ways, i have changed my wall cloth to the pink one again because christmas is over and i was into pink stuff again i have also found some pink organizing stuff on the attic that matches perfectly and i just put them on my desk again so for my desk pad i have a nice diy with wrapping paper just put wrapping paper under a clear pad, mine is from ikea, matching my pad i'll also make a diy whiteboard now

you need a frame and wrapping paper again just open the frame and put a piece of wrapping paper in it so it looks now now you can write on it what you like so i have also put some polaroids on my frame and wrote to do on it and if you use a chalkboard pen you can easily remove it now i have a matching whiteboard next to my pad and desk what you can also do if you try to get more organized is

to get a cute box where you put in some stuff that is lying around on your desk it looks also so nice but it should be a nice box take some colourful boxes or ones that matches your desk you could also use a normal box and put some matching wallpaper or cute stickers on and now i'll show you everything here i have sorted my slimes into that basket, the ones that i play with most of the times here are some fidget spinners, lip gloss my big rubber

and some other stuff here are my sharpies and the chalkboard pen for my to do list some more pens a sharpener and another lip gloss here is my instax corner with 2 foto albums and my camera here is my planner and my kumon case

and my whiteboard is hanging here and now take a look at my drawers i really like it more now and guys, it didn't take long to do it and therefore i really advise you to do it, too, when your desk got too messy i hope you enjoyed my video and got motivated to clean your desk then i would be very happy if you thumbs up this video ok we'll see each other next time! bye-bye!

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