wohnzimmer ideen landhausstil modern

wohnzimmer ideen landhausstil modern

today's episode is made in partnership with samsung hellohello james hey sister where are you?hello oh my gosh all the stuff for the other room hey sisters! oh my gosh, i think i just went into labor can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out omg we're coming over

open up we're here. okay, you're yelling like so loud yeah!omgi'm sister screaming guys we are at james charles house. hi sisters my name is james charles and i am a 19 year old a beauty guru and internet superstar i am literally so beyond excited to be on an episode of omg were coming over like this is my biggest dream in my entire life i have a little been looking forward to this for the longest time ever. i love james charles so much. i'm just so enamored by him i think he's so amazing and we've been wanting to work together for two years and yeah

we're doing an epic collab with him because today we have an empty room his entry room the first room you walk into and see we're going to be doing that completely cause it's completely empty but then over on his channel we are doing the rest of his house because his house is like kinda there like he has furniture but none of the rooms are fully pulled together. so we're gonna be here all week guys, if you are coming from james's channel, welcome sisters welcome sisters this is the queen of weirdo fam hereyes and we are accepting new creative weirdos, so hit that subscribe button and join the fam yes

we are a community of creative weirdos which is all about celebrating your uniqueness and being unapologetic about the creative weirdo that you are and just living the because why not lifestyle.this is gonna be an amazing episode i'm so excitedme too are you ready to get into this sister?oh my gosh, i'm so ready can you be my sister if you're also my wife, how does that work? oh, i hope not. let's not go there. let's go hello everyone! we just want to take a quick break to tell you how we're super excited to be partnering with samsung to show you their galaxy note 9. this is one beautiful piece of technology it has a six point four inch infinity display

a really cool s-pen to doodle and also to remotely control your camera and also the camera itself is incredible for photos and shooting video bless you are you filming me?yes i got all three of those sneezes on camera to me the most important thing about a good piece of technology is how it enables us in our creative process. our days are jam-packed capturing video and photos to share with you guys so this camera is really great because it has flaw detection which can detect if you are blinking or the image is blurry and it makes sure you get the perfect shot the galaxy note 9 has pro mode so

you can really dial in your settings if you want things like shooting in raw adjusting the iso, white balance all those things that us professionals really like to do. oh, i also love that it comes with the s-pen which allows you to be even more creative than you can with your fingers because on every project we do i always have to sketch ideas to convey them to joey or our crew and make sure that everyone understands what i'm envisioning and so the combo of the amazing screen and s-pen really makes my job so much easier thank you. smart, smart s-pen. it really is a cool phone so if you're looking for a powerful all-in-one solution make sure and check out the galaxy note 9 and to see more videos made with the galaxy note 9 check out the link below

thanks again samsung for partnering with us on this video. and now let's get back to the decorating. okay so i love that you're already getting started, but let's talk about it. let's talk about the direction of this room so kate and joey are actually doing my up front foyette living room it's a room in the front of the house that literally serves zero purpose right now. there's a fireplace in there but other than that that is literally it and we figured it'd be a really good and fun and fresh room to decorate because it's like the first thing you see when you come into the house act like it needs to be good and right now it's not so like that'll be good all right. so all of this stuff is for other rooms because we have all the stuff for this room on the truck. yes

yeah, we have to move all this out. but you're not allowed to see any stuff come off the truck. so rudebasically you're already getting annoyed and surprised guys we have a sister secret, so you guys probably know james loves to sing he has a beautiful voice and morphe the makeup company that he did his james charles eyeshadow palette collab with reached out to us and was like we'd love to give james a piano. we know he wants one. we know you guys are working on decorating his place can we do this and we're like, oh my gosh so we've been arranging with morphe behind the scenes to get a beautiful brand-new glossy baby grand piano delivered here it's gonna be so cool, and he's gonna be sister shook. so we're not painting in here

no, you like white walls. i love white walls. i would say my aesthetic is very like modern contemporary farmhouse type of vibe he loves like black and white grey maybe a little bit of like natural wood tone maybe a little bit of off white and that's it. all right so since we're not painting our first creative project could be clearing the room out that could be your creative projectyeah! no yesno she's pregnantyou don't wanna, you don't wanna sister sweat?she can chill

you're helping me fine. i was really ready to do a lot of crafting and product for this this i was not ready to do manual labor joey watch yourself. oh joey this is too big you got it wait! got it. are you still holding it?no oh it's too heavy kate sit downwhat i'm, i'm carrying throw pillowsjoey where do i take this? exercise is good for you i'm going to have to go through labor

oh absolutely not use your butt his arms aren't long enough joey it's the heavy one this isn't, was this what you imagined when you dreamed?yeah, that's what i thought when you dreamed of being on and omg we're coming over episode i was ready for the creative process. okay, james did not know what he was signing up for he's not down to become a mover today. it's okay, james i'm rescuing you. let's go do some creative projects and joey can

be joey two boxes today or joey twenty five boxes. i think it's time for us to go to our diy project. i think i would agree joey you got this surekeep up with the sister squats let's go love you daddy okay, so i know obviously

you know what this room is. so james and i are in his beauty room. this is where he shoots all of his videos obviously he spends a lot of time in this room we're gonna be pulling it together a little bit more on his channel but i wanted to go through his beauty closet and just see if we could get some inspiration for some abstract art that i want to create with him she's slightly messy but pretty organized i'm actually so impressed by how clean you kept like you get rid of a lot of stuffi do which is amazingi donate a lot of stuff cause we get pr packages and boxes

literally every hour.so much. so i would so much rather donate it to people who really need it than have it sitting around. then have it just expireright okay, so this is rather dark it's a voodoo doll ohany sisters who just want to unsubscribe yeah i mean really you guys don't unsubscribe. how do you think we're already at 13 million sisters? so let's pull out some shapes that are like everyday identifiable for you, but like we can then work with an abstract. so i mean

kate what about like a beauty blender? the most iconic shape ever we have like the teardrop and then we have like the morphe one that i use a lot. that's like. oh the angled oh i love that. i feel like the beauty blender is literally like the perfect solution it kind of has like a fun little oblong shape which can definitely do a lot of inspiration inspired moment beauty blender love thatokay perfect we're done here let's go diy. okay. that's all we need it. we just needed a spark of inspiration sometimes that's all you needa sister spark

a sister spark a sister spark we did it, lets golet's go okay, so we have our wonderful inspiration on hand. okay, i'm so excited about what we're doing. okay, so we have a big blank canvas in front of us i know james is not overwhelmed by this by any means he does beautiful makeup on bare faces all the time so let's just call this a bare face canvas and we have on hand four different colors of paint, but of course all very minimal. this is kind of like our secret spark of inspo, but like no one else otherwise will know that it's the inspo

except for the millions of people that watch this so the majority will be the kind of off-white coolright that's kind of our bigger area and then we'll do our beauty blender peek coolpeeking in well within almost which i love the idea of doing the shadow in white so it's that kind of inverse. oh okay. all right, so we're just mapping out this shape james is drawing a nice little beauty blender curve with a slight angle. so now that we have our pencil map down on the canvas we are going in with some acrylic paint just layering those different shades of off white

we want to make sure we have that texture of paint because there's just something so texturally beautiful about seeing like dollops of paint amongst the flatter paint, especially when you're only working with a couple colors have you talked about what your childhood room looked like? no i've neveri wanna know okay my childhood room was dark greenwow so gross andso not youno i hate, green is my least favorite color too literally except for plantsexcept for plants yeah except for plants so i hated my childhood room and all the furniture was like this like dark oak wood

hideous like not even like a cute oak like a gross of warm tone brownie across a dusted busted oak like, oh like 90s. yes very that90's oak and my dad would not let me paint it he wouldn't let you paint the furniture or the room? anything! oh, so they decorated so this wasn't like youroh i had no say no say. no, not a single little bit of say and finally when i think i was like 12 or 13. i convinced him i feel like the sisters know literally every single thing about me ever but kate got me. i have never addressed my childhood bedroom probably for a good reason it was hideous my style when i was in high school was straight-up drag queen oh i love that though, that's a good style

i painted my bookshelves lacquer red i know you would have died. that's disgusting. yeah, you would have been major ooh. my mom said it looked borderline bordello thank you i love that i'm painting with a beauty guru who actually knows how to wield a brush and i grew up drawing all the time but painting was something that i wasn't really that good at so i always had to work a lot harder at it when i was like when i was in art class and stuff. so i enjoyed the challenge. okay, so this is our white. that's our white. that's our black. i think we do

the white last okay so we want to do a white highlight in between the black and the off-white but it's really important to make sure that we let the black and the off-white dry fully so that the white won't blend with those two colors and we can get a nice crisp line. all right, i love it and i know joey has a project to do with you oh god! scary more manual labor

all right, this painting is looking absolutely incredible i'm obsessed with how it's turning out i think it's going to look so good in the final room whatever it ends up looking like but i am being summoned by it father joey now to go do more manual labor cannot wait i'm ready for this. all right so james has been working with kate on their diy and now it's gonna come out to me and we are going to finish it off with some cool framing you're handy, right? so i haven't told you this yet, but my dad's actually a contractor oh i think i knew that. you've probably seen that we've done frames before it's like our easy way of just making things look nicer

but we want to take it up a notch for you all right. so the effect that we're trying to achieve is the frame having a floating border around it what we're gonna do is we're gonna back the entire thing with a quarter inch plywood so i just got a four by four piece at the hardware store we need to cut it down from that because our frame is 40 inches so you'll have like an inch and a half of space around the frame. fun and then this can either all be like a really chic like black or we could do like a poly coat on this and really like sort of bring out the wood tone i feel like either would look good

i think you should decide based on what the room looks like i don't know why he's asking me to choose cause like that is not my department. i don't make choices. i just do stuff i'm letting you know that either one is gonna look great i feel like because the fact that we have a big like black splotch in the corner the wood might look really, really nice to offset the darkness, it might bring like a more light vibe to the room if it doesn't look good, it's your fault. it's a hundred percent your fault here, safety first aw my make up is gonna get messed up people always wonder how kate gets like diy stuff done with her like crazy long talon nails

but we have that times two today because james is rocking the talons as well like a boss i'm a professional all right, so we got our backing so now we're gonna do the actual frame part all right. so we've got our one by two pieces of wood that we are just going to make the size of this plywood that we just cut so forty four and a half inches long we're gonna miter all of those edges so that it all fits together into nice 90-degree angles wow, we're so talentedyay thank god. all right, we're gonna do the surround first. so why don't you go ahead and just clean up those edges.okay

so you grew up like working on work sites with your dad not work sites. he, so since he was a self-employed contractor he did most of his stuff at home and like we did a lot of diy projects since my mom was very crafty and i always liked building things when i first sort of doing hair me and my dad actually built a salon in my basement together oh wow and then it turned into the beauty salon once i started doing makeup a few years later so that was i feel like my favorite memory with dad everything from cutting wood painting and building things all around the house. you name it? i did it with my dad and we got everything done together.

so we're just gonna throw a little wood glue in that joint. i love throwing wood glue in that joint so to make the joints we're just gonna put a little bit of wood glue in there and we're gonna use a nail gun to just keep it strong while the glue dries and we are almost done beautiful thank you i'm very talented i personally think i'd be a great mr. kate. i already have a pink wig. i can put on some very cute jewelry and uh maybe just walk around a little bit shorter. hello. how's it going out here? hi sister doing pretty good i think. it looks really good. and he told you that it's gonna be like a floating frame right?

yeah i am so excited i think it's gonna look so sick so chic okay so now's the time where we would kick people out normally be like go on go run some errands when you come back your room will be done and we could totally finish this room in a day except that we have seven other rooms to do in this house so we're basically gonna be here for the next four days and we're not getting the piano delivered until tomorrow because james is gonna be out at meetings all day. so it's perfect we'll be able to like wheel the piano in and keep up our tarps and make sure he doesn't see it until the big reveal

why don't you just go ahead and drive just like? two or three on each side just make sure you're on the edge because we don't want it to split inside, you know. yeah all right, so the plan is, is we're kicking you out of this room. oh, yeah, we have lots of other rooms to do. yeah, but you can't look in this room sister scouts honor.we're keeping it a sister secret. sister secret i want to be sister surprised for once in my life so i'm very, very sure that i will not look, i promise. okay, so well, i'll see you around just not in the room take this back

okay well.yeah thanks good job.love you joeyokay so already joey and kate are kicking me out kind of rude but jokes on them because we still have to do literally the entire rest of my house so i'm gonna be hiding out i am not gonna peek because i want this to be a sister surprise and we're to go decorate even more. oh my gosh! hello creative weirdos! sorry, we are interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you some super super exciting news you guys are here obviously for the james charles episode

but before we get into that, we just have to tell you you guys have been asking in the comments we have a tv show!an hgtv show! an hgtv show hgtv a tv show on hgtv like hello, you guys have commented so much you guys need a show, you guys need a show on hgtv and they listened.they listened. and they gave us a special but here's the catch guys. it's a special so we filmed it we redid an entire house, which is obviously different from what we do on youtube. don't worry

we're gonna continue to do things on youtube. we're not stopping youtube. we are youtubers. this is our home this is just opportunity for us to do other big projects so that you guys can get the whole shebang just more, just more stuff. and so we need you creative weirdos to band together and tune in february 9th it is a saturday set your dvrs set your alarms talk to whoever robot you have working for you. the show title is help my house! we get so many emails from you guys with the subject line help my house, so that's what it's called help my house. we're doing entire homes. yes. so guys it's gonna be amazing. yeah and we'll keep doing our room transformations here on youtube

so don't worry, but if you guys can go and support us on february 9th to tune into this special we hope that the creative weirdo community can make this into a series and hopefully we can do more of these guys 2 p.m pacific standard time 2 p.m. central time 2 p.m. eastern standard time across the board on hgtv hit the pause button go over to your tv if you have one and set your dvr set you're recording so your alarms whatever yeah 2 p.m. and thank you so, so much it's because of you guys that we even have this opportunity over on hgtv. so, thank you. we love you but in the meantime see you at james charles house. let's go. well you painted my hammer. i did! it looks beautiful

ok, so this is the first thing going in this room. ok i know it's gonna go like right hereish yeah, so it is a baby grand yeah which is still gonna be bigwhich is not a baby. okay, so i have a funny story for you we have been planning this makeover now since before the new year so we came we measured ex cetera we also started talking behind the scenes with morphe we planned the whole piano thing and then james text me around christmas and he's like, oh my god grayson got me a piano

for christmas, and i was like that's really nice but what? what and i was like send me a picture what kind piano is it and he sent me picture and it is a white upright piano beautiful. it's custom grayson the dolan twins. oh my gosh. you guys are so sweet that was such a sweet, gift. i was like, you know what that would be perfect for your master bedroom because james is extra and he lives in a mansion and he needs a piano for upstairs and downstairs right definitely who's here james

get back oh it's drew drew! come here oh my gosh!what a, what a team so excited you're making a cameo i love drew! okay, drew i have known about him for a long time. he's actually a long time creative weirdo props drew love you and i got to meet drew through james because he's his bff and so we've been hanging out a bunch since we've been working together and

yeah, drew, drew's over here, to i guess just keep james of prisoner in his master bedroom until we get this room tarped keep him in there, don't let him come out of the room yetgood to see you, don't let him peek until we have it tarped up, okay. okay that sounds good.okay this rug is beautiful it's bringing in a pattern but it's a nice low pile so it will work really well with the piano resting partially on it and i love that we're bringing in a little bit of a pattern but it's still monochromatic with tones of grey pregnant rug cuddles. yay wait i can't i can't here you can lean back into my stomach

this is really hard so yes, this is like the first official rug cuddle. it's more of like a rug waddle i don't think i can get off the floor you're gonna have to get me up oh gosh okay. can you get me out of bed like that in the morning? i'm so excited about this. okay, so we can't paint in here, right but we are going to give him something on the walls. uh huh so this room actually has really beautiful architecture in it, which is great really helps us with the minimalist design since we're not painting we're going to be doing these awesome decals. so these were actual images. i took of some green palm fronds

we actually sell them as prints on our website but for this we made them black and white and printed them as decals to fit into these squares i want one coming down from the ceiling and the other one kind of coming up from the bottom so decals are really easy to put on you just kind of peel off the sticky back as you go making sure that your squeegeeing out or pressing out any air bubbles then once you got the whole sticky back down, you remove the sort of like protective overlay, and i love that these are actual photographs because they have like a subtlety in light. you can see a little bit of highlight going on okay. so now we need to bring in the chaise, the satine. so this chaise lounge half couch kind of daybed is so beautiful because this is kind of a pass through room

i didn't want to have a full back to the couch that would cut off the eyeline into the dining room so this is like a really cool modern way to just separate the spaces because it's a form of living room it is, it's, it's long, but it's our only piece of like sitting furniture other than the piano okay well, you're not gonna bring that in. i usually would carry the heavy stuff with joey but joey doesn't want me lifting heavy things. so thankfully we have nick the sound guy. nick. oh, sorry. no, you're good can you help me actually?sure sound guy nick to the rescue. thanks, nick oh god he has his sound bag on. thank you, nick. you're hired back to work

back to the other side of the camera keep making us sound good. thank nick. thank you for helping you're welcome alright so i'm gonna just hang these tarps up that's gonna be it for today. we got the piano coming tomorrow we'll get these lights installed tomorrow finishing touches and then we'll reveal it to james morning guys good morning! we are back at james's we are doing a whole bunch of installing today in other rooms of his house we also have some really awesome

deliveries coming we have some custom signs that we've made for some other rooms and we also have. the piano alright guys day two. we're at james's house. he is not here today. he's at meetings all day long he gave us the keys very dangerous decision, here we go. we got a lot to accomplish. alright so over his mantel. he has these sconces that we are gonna replace with something just a little bit more modern a little bit more hip just a little like more simple like these other ones have this sort of more like gothic look to them than most and they're also it's they're too big for for how big this spread is. yeah alright, so the frame that we did turned out really cool. i'm just gonna finish it up by putting on a coat of polyurethane

it's just gonna sort of bring out the tone of the wood we're just gonna center the giant canvas that him and kate made that by the way also looks incredible so this is the sisters neon sign that is going up in his office because it's custom made this is the sisters studio sign! look how good this looks these custom signs are amazing. oh my gosh, check out his channel to see how those look when they're up joey look at this. what is it? piano bench yeah, you know what that means? piano's herei hope so

i hope we didn't just get a bed alright guys, so the big product today is the top secret epic grand piano. oh my gosh, it's so shiny charles is his name okay, so we are pulling the room finally together there isn't a ton that we're putting into this room obviously we talked about it's a petite space this diy art project and the floating frame turned out so beautifully probably one of my favorite diys we've ever done on the chaise lounge i'm just placing this fluffy white

pillow because i just wanted a little bit of coziness a little bit of texture it just makes it that much more appetizing to sit down i'm so obsessed with how these details turned out and this swingarm sconce is so cool so this i put on the inspiration board when i sent it because i was like this is so his aesthetic and will nicely offset the asymmetry of the piano and give it a little bit of height going on we can't fit a big coffee table but we need some sort of surface for james's audience to set their drinks down on you know as they're watching his concerts i found this petrified piece of wood that's on like a metal stand. it has the same color palette exactly that we have going on in the art above

i knew that i needed a safety pin because james wears the safety pin earring all the time? like it's so cool, it's kind of become like his signature thing. it really stands out. he wears it in one ear he's been wearing it the past few days. i've been around him. so i know he likes that shape i also know that he gifted ethan dolan a little safety pin necklace one time i saw in one of his videos because real fan here, stan right here james charles stan okay the sconces had to go. so bye old sconces. hello new sleek vertical sconces, these are so amazing. i mean hello these bulbs and the sconces are like torpedo bulbs oh my gosh, this is very exciting. right and look at this it's now becoming one room

formal living room slash piano room meet the dining room. but don't look at the dining room too much because that's gonna be on james's video yeah. all right should we get him? yeah. all right. well yeah, we have to get him cause now it's open. okay good. okay i literally am so excited to see this room. oh my god you guys i have been crampped up in my room all week long so rude wow i love this this is a good way to come in keep your eyes closed!they are closed! this is, this is, this is a first

alright guys, so we are bringing james down it's time for the reveal he can't see where he's going on the stairs so i'm giving him a lift. sorry kate, but i think i'm gonna need to be carried like this everywhere from now on keep your eyes closed!they're closed! oh my god, i'm so nervous! okay so this was, this was the room that you have no idea what to do with oh my god, i'm so nervous should we count?i'm extra, extra nervous. yeah okay ready

one two three oh my, holy crap! oh my god! there's a literal grand piano in my living room oh my god! we had to do this with the help of someone else.we had a special guest appearance.who? linda!your friend linda from morphe

she got you this piano sister! i cannot believe that linda from morphe. is that here in my house right now, kate really hid her good i could literally start crying right now because she just has a very, very special place in my heart linda is the founder of morphe and i've been working with them for a very, very long time it's amazing! this is literally the best room ever in the entire world. look at how chic our painting looks.i know right good job man couldn't have done it without you we're so talented

oh my god! kate the rug!yes, i know! remember you saw it when we were shopping and i was like you can't get that one oh my god you guys as me and kate were shopping for rugs for the rest of the house we literally scroll past this one and i was it this one's really good and fresh we should probably get that one and kate's like no, i don't think we should oh my god, the safety pin yes! your little iconic moment!that's so chic!

oh my god! from my earring that i always wear a big safety pin this giant safety pin has got to be one of my favorite accessories literally of all time if you guys know i always wear one diamond stud and one little funky earring i just took out my safety pin literally twenty minutes before we started filming today but i'm usually rocking a little dangly safety pin that i always get so many questions about and it is so adorable that kate notice night and wanted to get decor piece to tie it all together. it means so much and also is very, very chic how cool is this daybed chaise situation.this is it's a chaise i wanted it open so you could have like this

this is literally so and so your guests can watch you play.this is where your audience is gonna sit.oh, yeah when linda comes over and you're gonna play a song for us, we're gonna have a seat and watch you i wasn't ready, i wasn't ready for a song this was epic cause it was like what do we do with this room? linda was like we want to somehow be involved and gift him something so, i mean that's like probably the biggest gift you could get.it's so beautiful it's a baby grand brand new glossy black

it's so chic.i put that here for your pink drinks so that you don't put them on the piano great thinking yeah. i mean there's coasters but you know pink drinks off the piano. i feel like the layout and design that kate and joey picked for this room is literally perfect it's the first thing that you see as soon as you come into the house and i feel like the grand piano is so welcoming and since it's an open floor plan having the shorter chaise lounge allows you to look right into the dining room right next door and obviously there's a big hallway everything just flows together so nicely and i think it is now the perfect and sure way to the sister sanctuary yeah these really cool, the removal decals that kate took pictures of palms and we like die-cut them to like the exact edges

whoa they look so cool. right chic.i love this light yes, for all of your music reading oh right the music, the music, the music that i cannot read i just play by ear. it's so beautiful. and we obviously replaced those sort of weird gothic looking sconces you have before oh they were the ugliest. yeah these are more elegant. i love these oh my god, you guys i feel like you did it literally like the best job ever like this isi was so nervousno, oh my gosh! cause it was like little you know the minimalist vibe well like you said it's a small space. yeah. and it has the piano too like it's big and beefy.

i mean this is the crown jewel of the room, so it was basically just trying to make everything else work around it. i feel like this is the perfect entry way to bring you into the sister sanctuary absolutely. like it looks so beautiful you guys killed it. he loves it. he loves everything. he totally saw the safety pin our work is done here slash not because we still to finish the other rooms for his channel we're gonna be here till midnight again play us outyeahi wasn't ready line up on the, on the chaise darling

what song do i play? i did not know that i was getting a grand piano and i can only really play music by ear in the four minutes that you've given me since the surprise. i prepared you a wonderful song kate and joey and i hope you like it and i hope i can play it can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out joey!

open up we're here! bravo, bravo i love it so good, so good that was so good, oh my gosh available on itunes now whoa!wow guys we just got sister serenaded by our own theme song.

that was amazing, what an episodeiconic what an episode, what an experience i can't believe it's over i'm so sad. we've literally been here. i feel like why don't we have a bedroom? we need a room here yeah, we're gonna move in. we love james truly, truly so much. thank you so much for letting us infiltrate your house, and thank you to the sisterhood out there for watching this video if you feel like subscribing we would love to have you as part of our creative weirdo family creative weirdo and sisters unite because why not? yep, this is just the tip of the iceberg of our awesome omg we're coming over series we have

makeovers like these with all of your favorite youtubers. yeah so happy binging. happy binging. if you're new to us thumbs up for this beautiful one aw thanks, thumbs up for this beautiful one and this guy in here he's been rolling aroundoh has he? yeah. stay creative, stay weird, stay you because why not bye!bye! oh my gosh, i can't believe it's over alright guys, so help my house is the name of the show february 9. yes, which is a saturday. we need you to tune in

2 p.m. see you there no matter what time zone you're in 2 p.m on february 9th on hgtv on hgtv. so go set those dvrs, set those reminders, and we'll see you theresee you there

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