vorhang set wohnzimmer

vorhang set wohnzimmer

on our first ever episode of what's my aesthetic we'll meet longtime creative weirdo shizen wong who recently moved from amsterdam into a studio apartment in the middle of los angeles to pursue her dream career of being a professional model. hi mr.kate hi, joey, welcome into my apartment. i just moved to los angeles in january. i just want to feel at home when i walk in to my apartment, and that's not the case right now we're gonna diagnose her perfect aesthetic which will inform our creative weirdness another thing is the fact that it's a studio, which is obviously always a challenge because we have to make it a living room and a bedroom and ultimately give her a model worthy apartment makeover that represents her personal style

complete with a brand-new online portfolio thanks to our sponsor wix.com that provides creative weirdos everywhere the ability to showcase themselves online any wix way they want that's cool that is amazing. what's so important about you having a website as a model is it's kind of like your business card. exactly yeah, so put on your golden freckles and let's get to designing hey guys i'm mr.kate and i live my life as a creative weirdo i think people's weirdness is their own brand of uniqueness and it's my passion in life to help people define their creativity so that they can express their truest selves to the world

you may be sixty percent bohemian 30 percent minimalist and 10 percent glam, but whatever you are you're 100 percent you. so let's go on a journey together and ask the question what's my aesthetic? alright so let's go meet shizen and find out what her aesthetic is what she likes what she doesn't like and see if we can make her space as cool as she is. hi! oh you have friends here, oh your mom my gosh! she looks like your sister nice to meet you, this is your studio all right, so tell us about your aesthetic, i think my style is very bohemian glamour machine

yeah, so a mix of bohemian which is like a little more earthy and plants like green, my favorite colors blue your favorite colors blue? blue you don't see a lot of blue in bohemian design usually more like a neutral in earth tones for the glam is like more shiny finishes gold, okay so i'm walking around shizen's apartment and just kind of analyzing the elements that she's decided to place around, it's great way for me to kind of see the world in her eyeball. so you got two clocks

yeah, i wanted to hang them up i love that idea! those are beautiful too and that's that kind of bohemian glam thing right? is that a closet? yeah so that door is really cool because it opens up like this but you can't use it oh you have another access point so that's why you covered it so you're in la because you're a model right? yes so part of this new series is we're working with mix cuz i think part of what we're gonna do with this makeover is also makeover your website we want to do like a photoshoot with you and stuff. are you down for that? are you down?

yes! so it's basically like you're gonna be able to like jump off with your room done and then your professional presence done as well. cuz like that's what you put out in the world, right? yeah, a life makeover all right, one two three, aesthetic! okay guys, so let's diagnose shizen's aesthetic. we know off the bat that she loves pale blue she voiced that she's like my favorite colors pale blue she also likes the accent colors of pale pink and gold so already off the bat like i'm getting glam vibes but i also had another clue while we were there

remember those brass candlesticks the fact that she went to the thrift store that she's open to that brass patina i'm getting the clue that she is somewhat vintage eclectic alright, so based off all those things my diagnosis of shizen's aesthetic is 60 percent glam 30 percent bohemian and 10 percent vintage eclectic. hey guys, hello so joey's here. we've got a joey. what's the plan? okay. here's the plan. so this is a mood board this is all the vibe of everything. we've got the pale blue on the walls. this is the stuff i've already ordered a mix of glam and bohemian oh, we ordered her a new couch?ordered her a new couch because you know, she has that dark gray couch

another thing is the fact that it's a studio which is obviously always a challenge because we have to make it a living room and a bedroom she's got a big queen-size bed. we're using the bed we're using the mattress and the bed frame that she has but i ordered this headboard. okay. the things that we have going for us in the room are the high ceilings the hardwood floors the natural light. right so we're doing a bunch of pale blue in that room with accent of the gold so i bought these gold throw pillows there's some gold here, i'll do gold on this diy mirror i'm going to make and then also some pale paint and some of the faux flowers

i also want to use those pale pink shelves from the office with the rope that we already diy, okay you guys can go check it out and we're gonna use those in her space and she gets to keep them great. so this is all the stuff i ordered. love it. now let's look at the floor plan so when you first walk into her room right now her beds like right there. i know, which is not ideal yeah, there's not necessarily a totally ideal place to put the bed just because in this new setup it's off her kitchen. but i still think it's a cozier spot them right by her front door, right and also it'll just kind of like bring you in you can enter into her living room she can have friends over and they can sit in this little conversation area we're going to set up also, no longer blocking that closet door great

my plan is to put a canvas on top of the closet door well, yeah because she has another closet door. she doesn't need that closet door. okay, so we're also paying for everything we are we're treating her to this makeover. we're putting her into a hotel yea, that's the plan guys. hope you like let's see if we can actually make this happen. shizen, i'm so glad we're doing this together you're an og creative weirdo. thank you so much for watching the videos for so long now we're here in the flesh which i've diagnosed you. yeah as being 60 percent glam. yes, 30 percent bohemian and then 10 percent

vintage eclectic. yes, so does that sound like the correct diagnosis? oh, yeah. yeah. yeah okay. so how cool will it be when your website is exactly like this? is exactly like your room too what's so important about you having a website as a model is it's kind of like your business card exactly yeah, your portfolio and obviously it'll be super easy for you to update whenever you want change out the pictures all right, so let's get into styling. i love let me i mean, of course you have to love it. well, what do you think about this dress? yeah, awesome. yeah, and i like the color. it's such a beautiful that kind of like pale blue color that you love so that's one option

i also love this, it is really nice right? very vintage. yes, super cute i have like this little like mini dress, oh i really like this one. let's get you in this one first. all right, so shizen's gonna change. and we're gonna start taking pictures oh, oh my gosh, you look so good. do you love it? oh my god, your so cute, i love it goddess, glam, yes! oh my gosh look at you so powerful. i love these are you happy. i'm so happy. okay good and now you get to go off and spend a night in a hotel

i'm gonna work on this. okay, awesome, but i think these are so pretty. oh my gosh. i cannot wait to edit these i'm so excited about those pictures, so i have all the diy supplies here and i'm gonna go over all the projects with you so that you guys are in the know but first i think we should definitely facetime joey and see how he's doing over in the apartment because he's painting and working hard setting up the furniture at least he better be hello? hello how's it going? uh, it's going good, paints on, lights hung you got all the walls painted?

yeah, they look good, here did you get the chandelier up? yes the chandelier's up. oh my gosh, the glam is happening we're doing great. i love you i love you too okay. i'll see you later. alright, so joey's working hard now i'm about to work hard on some diy projects so we need to make sure that we are bringing in glam bohemian and a little bit of vintage eclectic so the idea is take this simple mirror and then use these pieces of millwork which are more ornate moldings i ordered all of these online and paint them gold. so i'm gonna attach these with some e6000 it's clear it'll dry clear and it's also really strong

i'm also going to take this rug and my thought with this is to use it on the wall above her bed bring in this beautiful medallion shape but also using some faux flowers i got these faux peonies this is one of our accent colors along with the gold probably hot glue them on maybe use a little bit of wire to attach these through the gaps in the crochet and then i also have this canvas over here and the idea with this is to create an inspiration board for her so paint this large canvas a single shade of this beautiful. where's my peachy pink? here it is so this beautiful peachy pink color is of course our accent color and

this will become an inspiration board we will hang on that closet door that is you know out of use and she can pin tears of magazines you know all kinds of whatever other inspiration ideas. i think it'll be really cool and useful for her that's the plan i have so much to do i'm gonna make these and then load them up in the car and head over to joey. okay. are you ready to see these photos? okay guys, i'm so glad of these photos. she's an obviously gorgeous model made it really easy but i'm also very proud of editing and just the color palette everything. it's gonna match her room her aesthetic i know start with a funny one. it's got her whole aesthetic in here. we've got the 60% glam right like look how glam these are but then the styling is like a little more bohemian at 30%

so pretty and i also rolled on some video of her while we were against the white nice, you know, so that could be cool to use like i like when websites like start with video all right, so what do we do? okay guys websites used to be hard to make wix now makes it so easy. so you just pick a template right? yeah, so there's a bunch of different templates, which is great so you guys can pick a template that matches your aesthetic right? we're going for something kind of like clean and glam with her alright, so i think it'd be cool to start out with video. yeah for sure so wait, i like that template if we just want to make this first section video you just go to change page background

and video well, yeah, there's a video options upload that guy yes that guy. so basically this will be great too because any new editorial whatever she can just add in the new photos. yep. okay, so this template already came with three links because it's a portfolio template it's basically you can choose from a bunch of different types of perfect portfolios

perfect for her and if you're a dentist, you can pick a dentist template. are you a dentist? i can brush i could do that. no, i've flossed my teeth twice a day after you got a bad review from the hygienist. that's not true this that's cool that is amazing yeah, just well it's a gorgeous so what do we put here we can put like maybe photos yeah, i think i think let's put in her portfolio photos. yeah. so we want like a slider yes, a slider i love a slider. so i think we just go add a gallery look at all the options for galleries they have okay. love it. you just add it you drag it to where you want.

this is very easy guys, and then we can change how it fits. oh perfect, look at that oh my god how is this slider? so then i think we can just do her like about section we can just click on the text and type it right here so like hi i'm shizen, and i'm from amsterdam i'm a poet and i know it she can edit that thank god she can have edit it and then like maybe we put like a picture of her or something to go with the about section a picture of amsterdam

oh, that's cool, do you have any? from our trip all right, i'm gonna airdrop it to you. that's the color palette the pale blue the peachy pink i mean, whoa what we just made a website let's give it a test drive, you ready? she smiled she's so inviting i want more look at that portfolio and then you can also then go click these links and they just take you to the section okay, let's go look at the room. website done. i want to see that project you made. yes

okay, and oh my gosh, the mirror turned out so cool joey i have to show you. wait, this is a high stool small on a stool small on a tall stool takes a while. i'm also stuck to the seat turned out so cool kate. thank you all i did was i painted it gold and then i painted all these separate pieces i planned the layout first and then i just glued them on with e6000 so that they're strong and i ended up deciding to do some of the pieces on the actual mirror to just like have more of that ornate look since the frame was really skinny. okay. so let's talk about the big items in here, right

so this is our conversation area conversation area so we've got our beautiful glam couch obviously since we're doing 60% glam the majority of the large items are glam, glam mirror glam slipper chairs we're bringing in then we also about 30 percent bohemian so we've got a little bit of jute in the rug, right? it's still the pale blue, but there's some of that natural texture the light looks great oh my gosh, you did so much in here the walls look great. the chandelier looks great. that's so much better alright, so let's finish bringing in the big items. so we got the chairs to finish this conversation area. yeah these slipper chairs are great for studio apartment dwellers because they don't have the the arms they're easy to move around

yeah, you know you can easily access them from all sides think we're getting our split in here. really well great, right. yeah, let's work on the bed. okay. so what is this? oh good it's laying flat a welcome mat or something. no no, it's just a little 36 inch rug, but i thought it was such a cool shape for the wall so all i did was hot glue on those flowers creating just kind of like a bohemian moment but like see the jute with then the wicker headboard, that's like definitely 30 percent bohemian but the shape of the headboard is very classically glam yeah, no, joey

let's take a moment guys acknowledge the beautiful okay, he's also acknowledging himself the beautiful curtain hanging perfectly puddled in a glam puddle. i mean, this is great. i don't i can retire can i retire? no you're gonna be you're gonna continue. i'm just gonna facetime you i think those shelves turned out really cool no, they turned out so well this is a very much a bohemian moment right guys, because obviously the rope is a more natural element. it's a little more free so we've got the 30% bohemian and then the accent of pink which is one of our action colors how did you you hung these? well, the joists in the ceiling go the wrong way for me to hang it from studs

so i just like decoratively hung them from the ceiling but really i put them on shelf brackets oh well that's a good tip yeah, so if you guys want that kind of bohemian look with the rope shelves but you're worried about your ceiling you could just use really light hooks, but then actually secure them with some l-bracket. all right. so this is another big piece here the bench is a great thing in a studio apartment, too because it just like grounds the bed but also gives her another seating option in here all the stuff looks great. joey high five high five. oh, you just stuck that inside your shoe, and then high-five me all right. so final touches? yes

okay guys, so i have all of my aesthetic touches here around me now these are the final touches that make the room really have that personality and the voice obviously, we have all the bigger items really establishing our glam and our bohemian and a little bit of vintage eclectic so throw pillows, obviously you guys know i love throw pillows. i have velvet here so when you're doing a glam room you want some really beautiful textures and velvet is one of those metallics that is just very luxurious and glam looking so i've got these gold velvet ones this blue velvet one that's bringing in a different shade of our pale blue it's kind of more of a crushed velvet and then she also loves the furry kind of texture so i've got this furry little kind of half throw

thinking maybe this could go over the back of the couch and then i've got some cool things over here look at this pineapple lamp you guys. oh my gosh. this is kind of like all of our styles combined we have the touch of gold the accent color, which is glam we've got the pineapple shape which is totally vintage eclectic very much like a vintage reference and then we've got this beautiful pedestal gold little side table and then i'm so excited about this board here. so the whole idea with this obviously is justifying this door. she doesn't use it but using it more as a frame for this canvas that can become her inspiration board

so we're bringing in our accent color our like pale pink and then i printed out some more of those gorgeous photos of her hello, hello like stunning and you know, i mean she doesn't always have to have photos of herself on the inspiration board but she is a model so imagine she'll be able to pull magazine tears print out pictures of photoshoots that she likes that she wants to do more of and really brainstorm for her future photoshoot she can do with friends photographer friends and also video shoots and stuff so just having a visual board is a really nice thing and it can also look really cool and then i've also got all of my pens and my drawing paper

i think i might do maybe some quotes maybe some little sketches of like a dress or something like that you know bringing in the glam white flag white flag truth truth the truth flag i'm gonna level these shelves more yeah, go level out a little bit. so we have our beautiful bedding here and obviously i really am taking liberties with the color blue. so the bedding is gorgeous i think having a monochromatic feel throughout the space really unifies it and let me just point out that we have this little side table here like we really do not have a ton of room obviously because this is a studio but just having something like a side table next to your bed. just makes it feel more established like a bedroom area. it's got our accent colors of the pale pink and the gold i just need a lamp

this lamp is great i like that we have this shape it's a little bit different than the pineapple lamp with the shade i always like changing up the lamps if you have multiple lamps in a space and they're in different areas have one with a shade maybe one with the globe and then i love also playing with some different shapes of pillows this is a super glam looking pillow, right? it's also kind of vintage eclectic because it's like that old-school look, it's both in a pillow. so we also have this nice dust ruffle here and this is really helping create a glam look, but we didn't have to spend money on a new bed she already had that bed frame, but you remember it was black. so this is great

this is a really easy and inexpensive way to update the style of your bed bedding looks good. yeah greenery steam it a little bit oh perfect. like right here. yeah. yeah, i think by the window it'll be happy you know, i like a plant moment new shoes, huh? thank you, are we done? no that's bare shelves geez la weezy all right guys, so in a studio apartment having a shelf is really nice

obviously we're using the vertical space here of the wall this will just give her an area to collect some items as she lives here in la. she's a new transplant so, you know, she only has these what candelabras to begin with that she got it in one of our favorite thrift stores but i've also brought in some other cute things. i found these shoes in her closet in a studio apartment also having things like shelves function for other items like clothing items if you're able to display them in a cool way where it looks chic and part of the space it also is space-saving and helpful if you don't have as big of a closet as she has but she does have a great

sized closet in here, but let's see how these look done joey joey joey come in here. what do you think? looks so good. i just realized how much we kind of matched the room. i mean it's always so convenient, isn't it? shall we bring her in? um, yes, i think we're ready i feel like it's so kind of european vibes in here - yeah definitely feels like. maybe we'll call it amsterdam yeah, it's like if you're like staying at a cute bed-and-breakfast on the afternoon canals wanna go. let's go back to amsterdam. maybe we just ask her if we can crash here sometimes

we could just send her back to the hotel surprise, here's your new place we're taking it. let's go get her, let's bring her in my gosh, i can feel your like shaking your so nervous my heart's gonna explode alright count to three? one....two...three! oh my god! oh my god are you gonna faint? are you okay?

oh my god guys this is cute i love it, i love it, i love it obviously you said your favorite color with the beautiful muted blue the pale blue is now kind of enveloping you almost like parisian vibe in here and we've got the glam. we've got the glam of the velvet the furry tone it's a little more pulled together than what it was before i love it so much

a little bit? a lotta bit it's so good this is so good, we diy this mirror a beautiful glam mirror for you the shelves are a diy so this is your mood board ideas, you know when your brainstorming your photoshoots your videos or whatever your creative weirdness you can do it here and then we did what you wanted to do right? oh my god, i have to take it in, yea take it in. this is crazy some nice luxurious curtains

florida ceiling curtains i can't believe it. obviously your bedding has upgraded a little yes. yeah a bench there a new chandelier do you love that? that's the glam right there. that's a diy too so that's a bit of a bohemian right? also we gotta show you your pictures and your new website let's sit down and see it so you have your portfolio here so like when you're booking gigs you can send it about that was a picture that we took in amsterdam. i mean you can edit that

thank you! you got a room, you got a website. i'm fresh here we come los angeles. you are fresh! shizen wong fresh, i'm ready to conquer the world now thank you so much no, thanks for being a creative weirdo. yeah. you're a pleasure this was meant to be i'm so glad we got to work with you and i hope that this is your aesthetic is this your aesthetic? yes, this is my aesthetic yeah success aesthetically

give me a hug, it was so great good luck with your career. i know i'll see you on instagram around town. yeah, i can't wait to see those pics post those pictures, right? okay bye shizen! enjoy it! bye! that was fun so fun she loves it i'm so glad what did you guys think? that is our new series, what's my aesthetic? i think it's really fun i think we totally accomplished her aesthetic, right? we accomplished something. that was epic. yeah it was a great plan new room new website guys. huge thanks to wix check out wix.com if you need to build a website

they're making this series possible. so big shout out to them and thumbs up if you liked it yeah, and if you guys want to see our aesthetic follow us on our social media on our instagram our twitter our snapchat also guys if you want to find out what your unique aesthetic is go take our what's my aesthetic quiz over on mr.kate.com and post it in the comments. yeah what unique blender are you? what's my aesthetic? you have to take the quiz. okay. okay. good job, good job we'll see you on the next one, bye! can i get some credit? i know guys, did you ever know that i was not good at cursive? oh, you're really good at printing a stencil. nope. that was freehand mmm, okay

we have a text talking about what font you're gonna use. no free-handed it. he tried to trick you guys. it's a stencil

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