vorhang im wohnzimmer

vorhang im wohnzimmer

hi, everyone! today, i'm finally sharingmy apartment tour. my mom and brother lives with me, so i'm only going to sharemy room and the living room. my room is quite simple, the color scheme is white, beige and a little bit of greenhere and there. by the entrance, i have a standfor my perfumes, earrings, and... i've done a video on this,

so i'll link itin the description box if you're interestedin the details. right under it, i have a plant and a white bag for my empties. next to it, i have a shelf, i have a box of lettersfrom you guys, and some notebooks, a few birthday presentsi received. and behind it, you'll seemy laptop and ipad cases,

but i'm still figuring outwhere to put those. above that, i have more plants,books and notebooks. i've done a video on howi created this space, so i'll link thatin the description box as well. i also decorated this spacewith some polaroids. at the top of the shelf,i have a bunch of rifle paper. i have this wire boardwhere i clip my favorite cards and a granhand sachet. there are more photos,books and a 2018 calendar.

next to that, i have my bed. i really like this one because i can keepall my pajamas in these drawers. subtitle powered by:kicksubs.com right by the bed,i have my two closets. the first one is dedicated to allmy black clothing. and the other one is for color. and below them, i have my socks,belts, hats, and jeans. in the drawers, i like to keepmy shirts and some sweaters.

i have a balcony but it's nothingtoo special, so let's move onto the vanity. again, i already filmed this, so i'll link thatin the description. but i finally ordered a chair, so i'm just waiting for thatto come. now, let's walk outto the living room. here, i have my tv surroundedby more plants. i turned my old closetinto this plant shelf,

and i love the way it looks. my mom ordered thisfloral curtain to block the sun. she also ordered the couch, rag,and coffee table, and the stendig calendarreally completes the space. in the future, i'll sharemy workspace, but i hope you enjoyed watching, and i'll see you guysin my next video. bye!

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