vitrinenschrank wohnzimmer

vitrinenschrank wohnzimmer

this is a prototype of our new aquascaping tank. the volume is 50 liters. we are here at the back side, so customers can see the front through the store window. the measurements are really special: 45cm long x 36cm front to back x 31cm high. this offers a very good illumination with our 24 watt cfl. its 8000 kelvin provide a very bright and clear light ... which is perfect for the hemianthus down here, that spread very well the last 2 weeks. so it is nearly 1/2 watt per liter what is even sufficient for demanding plants considering the low height of the tank. special highlight is the filter: it is the first filter with a lily pipe that is rotatable and adjustable in height.

the lily pipe produces a wide flow instead of a straight stream. this gives a nice circular streaming - and at the same time the lily pipe creates a swirl. with this swirl the water surface will steadily be cleaned. and the so called flower will be sucked down. therefore the water looks like "freshly waxed and cleaned". the filter can be used in two positions. first, the night position - like here: during the night the plants do not produce oxygen and all the filter bacteria, bacteria in the ground, the fish and the plants consume oxygen. so an oxygen enrichment would help the biosphere.

this is done by the swirl of the lily pipe that sucks down water from the surface comprising more oxygen to the tank. and for the daytime position it just needs one little movement and the lily pipe is deeper under water. then co2 will not be expelled and enough oxygen can be produced by the plants. so the fish and the whole biological system will be supplied with enough oxygen. so the scaper's tank is a small and compact system, including everything you need: nutrient medium, gravel, 24 watt light with 8000 kelvin, fertilizer and a small external hang-on filter. and the set is at a fair prize: 249 eur (suggested retail price). the front two corners are rounded from one piece of glass, like our other dennerle tanks. but the most attractive thing is the measurement. 45 x 36 x 31cm which will aid decorating if you seek more depth front to back in your scapes.

and here in the store window of "aqua!" - the store of roland numrich here in cologne - you can see that it is even possible to use the scaper's tank as a small room divider. customers can watch the tank from both sides, from outside and inside the store. it's just great. thank you for watching this video. let's scape!

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