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ikea wohnzimmer ideen hemnes

more than few dozens of people agree ikea is an awesome place, and no matter how often we pay a visit, there always seems to be an endless supply of new paragons to discover. this is 31 ikea storage and furniture makeover ideas for those who think otherwise. 1. ikea closet makeover ideas. want to see your clothes and shoes organized? ikea mulig clothes bar lets you have separated

handing areas for your clothes. with the kallax shelving unit and the pax wardrobe frame, you can arrange your shoes, clothes and scarves all in one place. install a fintorp rail to neatly hang all your bags and protect them from damage. 2. ikea rolling underbed storage are you into space saving? then this idea is for you. ikea’s brusali under bed storage

can conveniently house your shoes, books etc. you can also store your extra pillows and covers to make space for them in the closet. wondering where to put old presents? this underbed storage can be an option. 3. unique built-in dresser all you need is a brimnes dresser, an old billy book case, and a pax wardrobe frame. with this, you can conveniently create a dresser

for the nursery. the unique aspect here is the book case that lets you coordinate with a triangle shaped space, preferably below the staircase. build the base first and then start fitting the cabinets one by one. make sure the screws fit properly. 4. ikea rast hack diy wardrobe you will need 4-6ft boards, (10) 2 ft boards and a 7ft board that will sit on the book

shelf units to make them appear as a complete wardrobe. depending on where you want your dressers and shelves, assemble all the boards and bolt them. using a melamine board will be easy to assemble each unit similar to a bookshelf as a part of the wardrobe mimicking the ikea rast dresser. the two ikea rast dressers you have must also go through some changes. assemble one as it is and cut 4 inches off

from the two sides of the other unit. they will sit one on top of the other. if you're opting for the metropolis satin nickel cabinet pull then you need to drill new holes on the dressers. the two bookshelf units can be placed on either side of the dressers. measure the space atop the units to see if any additions can be made. assemble all the boards and screw

them together to finish the wardrobe. you can also add closet rods inside and paint the interiors conveniently. 5. ikea brimnes bed hack with kallax shelving. a brimnes bed and a kallax shelving unit are all you need. your woes about less bedroom storage space are soon to pass. the brimnes bed with a storage cabinet below

can house all your duvets, quilts, covers, and pillows thus simplifying the process of making your bed. the kallax shelving unit can serve as a foot board as well as a shelf that houses important souvenirs and books. if you are putting your souvenirs on the kallax shelving unit, you can also wrap around string lights or fairy lights to give your room an enchanting appeal. 6. trones headboard storage.

the trones unit goes well with a brimnes bed. attaching the trones unit to the brimnes bed requires a little bit of drilling and tightening bolt. however, before you bolt the trones unit, measure up the size of the unit with the bed and attach a hard wood piece for the remaining area onto the head board. this way, the finish will look more elegant and you can have some space on the head board for

random storage. with multiple designs from ikea, you can utilize every single inch of space in your home. an ikea trones cabin can also be used as a side table depending on your convenience. 7. convenient side table from ikea trones install 2 ikea trones and lay a poplar board on top to assemble your own side table for your night lamp, phone etc.

8. everything under one mattress with sektion storage bed want more space to move around and more space for storage? this closet free idea from ikea can help you get rid of all closets and dressers in your bedroom, leaving just your bed. use ikea’s sektion base cabinets to make an excellent storage space below your bed. you can also opt for a couple of railings from

ikea’s fintorp series that will be useful for shoes. however, if you can get a hold of the metod bed from ikea, then opt for it as it has more neatly tucked in cabins. 9. transform dead space into shoe storage with lack table shoe shelves this is a brilliant hack that lets you take advantage of any corner in your house. for this, you need a lack table and you need to

cut it in half. when cut as a half, it is the perfect for shelving racks. simply drill them into a wall corner to make for a shelf that can hold your shoes or your indoor plants. 10. entryway colorful storage area have a passage in your house that is beautifully wide but isn’t serving any purpose? opt for a couple of ivar cabinets and attach them to the wall. you can paint them in vibrant

colours giving your house a bohemian feel while the shelves can house miscellaneous objects depending on where they are placed in the house. you can place old newspapers and magazines, tool kits or shoes to utilise this vibrant pathway. 11. 15 ivar cabinets turn to fake built in cabinetry perfect to create extensive storage option, this hack can leave you with a custom built

in cabinetry. measure your wall and install ivar cabinets according to the space. reinstate handles with steel bar pulls and secure the cabinets to the wall with a quarter round trim. 12. upgrade your ivar giving your ivar a transformation only requires a bronze washi tape. you can use different types of tape to create an abstract design on your ivar. replace the furniture legs for

more uniqueness. 13. banquet seat expedit/ikea kallax hack any small space or the space between two windows can be converted into an excellent seating option. expedit/kallax shelves can serve as the sitting base. you could create a comfy head board using plywood, foam and fabric. the kallax shelves can host storage while you can use the area to sit leisurely.

opt for upholstery that match the rest of the house or keep it quirky. throw in some pillows to make it feel more warm and comfy. 14. ikea hack: karlstad pink mid century inspired sofa makeover. ikea’s karlstad is a common sight in many homes. since the sofa comes with changeable covers, you can dye them in any color you like.

interested in designs? there are multiple designs that you could create for your covers that will make the sofa look more unique. the karlstad sofa’s legs can be replaced with something bold. a bunch of small pillows should make it feel like heaven. besides, you can always add up some nice legs for the sofa. 15. ikea hack mail rack.

you need a couple of ikea mail holders and a shelf. install the mail holders and the shelf on top of it to use it for magazines, mails or maybe even a flower vase. 16. ikea lack shelf hack the lack shelves can be configured into the wall easily, thanks to their design build. want to create an attractive shoe rack? with some calculations on the angles, you can use

the lack shelves to place your shoes like they do at the store. by tilting the rack to form a v, you can place a pair of shoes on each side, thus giving space for your shoes as well as keep them more organized. 17. toddler safe stool ikea hack want to give your toddler access to things placed at a height? the first thing you will worry about is about their safety.

get a bekvam stool from ikea and frame hard wood like a cage, attaching it to the stool. the stool is still accessible but now there is a protective cage at the height for extra support. this way, you have an inexpensive toddler ladder with a supportive safety cage. 18. ikea besta hack: scandinavian sideboard cabinet an ikea besta frame and lappviken doors can

make a beautiful cabinet. assemble the besta frame and ditch the round levelling legs for round tapered legs. seal with the lappviken doors using besta hinges for a chic cabinet. 19. ikea hack: craft room work table assemble a kallax shelf and attach a table top to the shelf.

complete the work station with adjustable stools. you can even bolt it to the wall. 20. ikea ps plant stand ikea’s ps plant stand comes in a bright white shade. you can attach wooden plates on the top to throw in some colour for the base of your plants. opt for colourful planting pots to finish the look.

21. perky ikea tarva nightstand hack. ikea’s tarva nightstand can be modified for your liking. most of the pieces from ikea are in white or a neutral colour. but with a little bit of paint, you can give your ikea furniture a major facelift. lay all your tarva pieces on the floor except the legs. draw the angle of the legs when they are mounted in order to cut them precisely.

using a mitter saw, you can carefully cut along the lines you draw. paint them in a deep dark wood colour like walnut or pinecone. assemble the tarva parts with the legs as usual. 22. low cost ikea desk with a couple of trestle legs and a linnmon table top, you can create your own desk. an ikea table top roughly costs around $6.

use the trestle legs according to the colour combination you prefer with the table top and bolt them together for a sturdy look. this diy desk can serve as a side table that carries a vase or a plant or can also be your child’s quick study table. 23. ikea solution hooked on coat hooks do you like concealing your clothes hanger

behind a door? then you must definitely know how annoying it is to feel the hooks from the hanger bang against the door each time you swing it open. ikea bjã„rnum folding hooks can offer a solution that will conceal the concealed clothes hanger too. you can fold them up when they are not in use.

be it saving yourself from that door banging against the hook or not, it’s simply amazing to have hooks you can fold when not in use. however, the size 8 screws for the hooks have to be bought separately. 24. ikea no sew window bench hack the main thing you need is an ikea kallax or expedit shelving unit.

the easy instructions that come with the unit will help you assemble the shelves together. once you put the shelf together, you will need a pair of capita legs. these ikea capita legs are easy to attach to the shelving unit. for the sitting area, you will need a quilt batting, some foam and a mdf board. place the quilt on the floor

followed by the foam and the mdf board. staple the quilt batting over the edges with a staple gun and repeat the same but with a fabric of your choice this time. your bench along with a bed is something that only ikea’s hand work can give you. 25. make shift rack from ikea picture ledges ikea’s picture ledges serve a good purpose

of a make shift book shelf. arrange your toddler’s colouring books or just arrange some of your favourites magazines on the picture ledge. if you have a plain wall behind then you can also paint the picture ledges in bright attractive colours to stand out from the plain back drop. it’s easy to install on a wall with just screws and bolts to secure the position.

26. portable ikea hacks, diy mobile herb garden ikea brankis basket can serve more purposes than it shows and even more with a couple of castors. mark a convenient spot to fit the castors on the base of the basket and make holes to fit them. flip the basket over and start filling in with sand, soil enrichment and left over herbs. this way you will start

cultivating your own portable herb garden. leave it indoors or to also thrive outdoors. 27. two tone godmorgon cabinet hack ikea’s two tone godmorgan cabinet can get a makeover and appeal more luxuriously than you think. mark proper spots for attaching legs to the cabinet. once you drill a hole,

make sure it is not too big for the legs. once the legs are attached, you can put extra screws to tighten the hold. paint in any color combination that you love. this way you will have a custom cabinet that looks stylish. 28. cosy plant house a book case from ikea is all you need.

for the book case, attach frã¶sta legs with screws and cover up the screws using tape. once it dries, use a sandpaper to smoothen. to make a cute little plant house, you need to cut the wood in an angle while also using a cup to make a whole for the chimney. you can make it colourful by using a spray painter. 29. night stand makeover the nornas night stand can be upgraded

to give you more than just an attractive piece of furniture. use a nornas night stand to make your room lively with colours. paint the night stand inside out to match the colours in your bed room. you need to get to the base of the nornas night stand and measure out coordinates in order to attach legs for the night stand.

alternatively, you can also go for the legs straight up. just screw your legs to the night stand. this will save you the trouble of carpentry. 30. a nice geometric ikea's moppe makeover if you want to color your cupboard, geometric patterns are the way to go. a beautiful black and white cabinet

can be created using black and white paint as well as tape. stick the tape diagonally on the cupboard panel. this makes it easier for you to paint a good monochromatic design. after you are done with one color, change colours and use the same tape method. and last one, 31. minde mirror ikea hack

tired of wondering where to put your giant mirror? you can create a shelf with a mirror appeal to it. after all, it’s just glass. first you need to get yourself prepared to build a frame for the mirror. second is arranging what goes where. your mirror should be in such a way that the shelf is perpendicular and not hanging outside.

with a mirror on one side, you can either store shoes or use it to keep your wallets, books etc. that’s it, as always, share this video, leave your like or better yet write your comment if you think this video need some corrections. press subscribe button if this channel is new to you and lastly, thanks for watching.

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