ikea wohnzimmer ideen bilder

ikea wohnzimmer ideen bilder

if your budget is not high enough to buy the things needed for a theme, you can always add some furniture or stuff to make your apartment room to be more joyful. more on that later. this is 5 small apartment renovation ideas by simphome.com 1. add life

do you have any plants in your apartment? if not, then it must be stressful. indoor plants need to be put in your apartment. this is a very easy remodeling; just put some indoor plants inside your apartment. when you’re done putting those plants, you will feel the huge differences immediately. some plants are imitation yet some are real. for better relaxation experience, the real ones are

recommended because they produce oxygen. 2. white and elegant theme have you ever had the thought to use this theme to remodel your whole apartment room? the dominant color here is white while black stuff is needed only as an enhancer of elegant atmosphere. what you should do is paint the wall white and adds white-colored furniture.

then, put some black-colored decoration to bring elegance to your apartment room. also, a big window is needed for this theme because it is surely will help to brighten your apartment atmosphere. 3. bring some joy if your budget is not high enough to buy the things needed for a theme, you can always

start by adding various and vibrant colors like colorful throw pillows, yellow table, a chair with blue sky color and much other vibrant-colored furniture. you can also bring some colorful decorations to bring more joy to your apartment room. 4. put wallpaper in case you are in an apartment whose landlord

won’t allow you to do any remodeling, you can use wallpaper instead. this way, you don’t have to repaint the wall. yet, applying wallpaper to the entire wall that’s why it would be better to apply the wallpaper on some particular walls only like the wall where the tv is installed on. 5. remake old stuff into decoration

if you have any unused stuff, you can turn it into another decoration than to sell or throw it away. the stuff here is a wire basket. a wire basket is pretty big and it won’t fit in your new remodeled apartment. therefore, you can remake it into an end table. simply add round wood board on top of it and glue it with hot glue. when it’s done you can put it by your bed

or in the living room. now it looks classy and elegant. done, that was 5 small apartment renovation ideas you can apply in your own property.come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas like this video, comment it, or better yet, share it with everyone in your social circle. dont forget to press subcribe button if this

channel is new to you. see you again later.. and thanks for watching

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