ikea hemnes wohnzimmer ideen

ikea hemnes wohnzimmer ideen

the internet obsesses over ikea hacks for a reason. when your home feels packed with stuff, easy and inexpensive storage solutions are always welcome. this is 20 best ikea furniture upgrade you could diy 1. this ikea favorite might look like a typical step stool made of solid wood. but in reality, there are so many ways to use this versatile item. it's as simple as painting the steps black, drawing on a stove top, and adding some knobs on the front to get the "burners" going. 2. decor guru emily henderson turned a $15 ikea nightstand

into adorable bathroom storage in one afternoon. here’s how to do it: step 1: drill before painting to avoid chips. the rast is unfinished pine, so any paint will work. step 2: attached rope drawer pulls at the side of the cabinet step 3: attach the legs from the legs ikea metrik. covered them with white spray epoxy. once dry, secure them with a heavy-duty adhesive. 3. the reason people love the expedit bookcase is because it offers 16 cubbies for storage.

but katie took it to the next level by adding locker doors on the front of each shelf so she could keep her odds and ends out of sight. first, cut the 4' x 4' underlayment into sixteen 13" x 13" squares and then apply a light coat to each door. next drill holes to attach the pulls and use glue to attach the hinge to the door. allow the glue and hinge fully cure before pre drilling holes and attach the doors to the bookcase. attach the aluminum reflective numbers to the lockers using double sided tape and you’re done. find the material you will need at little house of four.

4. believe it or not, this gorgeous dining room table was once the simple ingo but you'll have to get out the power tools for this hack. acquire 1 or 2 rectangular tables and then assembly them. attach the tables together using a 1ã—3 pine plank and screws build a subframe using 1ã—2 inexpensive pine planks cut your “new” tabletop planks. once the subframe is prepped, cut your 2ã—8 boards to length. place your boards, and get your layout set. once you’re happy with your spacing

attach each board from the underside of the table using screws. measure and cut four 1ã—3 pieces of pine down to the size of each of the table’s sides. attach the apron onto each side, under the wide top planks, hiding the frame. stain your table and then apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane to seal it. 5. as soon as you collect your mail out of the mailbox, stop! don't drop it on the table. instead, sort it all into different cubbies (made out of ikea magazine holders) for bills, personal notes, and more. first, prepare knuff plywood magazine files from ikea,

have a shelf or piece of wood cut to size and l-brackets. next install the shelf. after measuring, leveling, and coordinating the marks on the wall and the shelf, install the brackets onto the shelf then screw into the wall. last, grab a magazine holder, drill 3 holes into it with your smallest wood bit then screw in your magazine racks! 6. having a hard time keeping all of your gift wrapping gear organized? repurposing the plastic bag dispenser into a holder for paper rolls is an easy solution. 7. don't let your kids drop their coats onto the floor ever again.

when you give them dedicated hooks in an entryway organizer made out fo ikea storage bench they'll always know where to put their belongings. put together stuva benches, lay stained pine boards on top of benches and screw into benches from underneath. cut 1x3s and 1x4s and attach to wall with nail gun then attach shelf using kreg jig hang corbels using nail gun, paint the whole board and then install the hooks. 8. hooks can be attached to this simple rail, which you can use to organize just about anything.

to keep electronics from cluttering your counter, you can mount this bar near an outlet along with a basket to hold your gadgets. 9. to keep your home clean and tidy, your best bet is to enlist the help of your kiddos. so to keep them accountable, use ikea's organizational items to make lists that clearly mark who's responsible for what chores. all you need is magnetic boards, ikea nitice board and a lit bit of creativity. you could also download the job chart template at the crafting chicks. 10. potting soil, charcoal, gravel, and plants fill the lantern with an earthy brightness.

the result is both decorative and low maintenance. first, assemble the borby lantern. follow instructions on sealant to prepare surface and sealant, then squeeze sealant into the gaps at the bottom of the lantern. next, lay down a thick, flat layer of gravel (up to the door frame), then cover the gravel with the 8 inch square of screen. pour a thin layer of dirt on top of the screen and gravel, place all plants except for the moss inside, away from the door. last, cover the entire area with moss

and then place any decorative rocks or charcoal on top. 11. like most ikea chests, this simple dresser has endless decorating possibilities. by making it fold out, the top drawer becomes the main surface for a desk. assemble the dresser and then use a saw to cut off the legs flush with the dresser bottom. turn the dresser upside down to make the base and then attach wheels with large head screws and washers. for top drawer, use a 1/4" piece of plywood and then assemble the back, bottom, two sides of the drawer using nails or screws and then attach the hinge.

for the drawer front, place four of the 1/4? birch plywood pieces on each drawer. use liquid nails to attach. prime and paint them before or after attaching. attach the pull and you're done. 12. floating ikea shelves across the bottom of a closet keeps your shoes from piling up in a disorganized pile in your bedroom... or worse, your entryway. simply mount the ikea floating shelf to the bottom of your drawer and that's it! 13. raskog utility metal cart is a popular ikea product

melissa from polkadot chair used the cart to categorize her beauty routine and even doctored the side with a bin for her hot tools. take a utensil holder from ikea and then attach it with zip ties to store your curling iron and flat iron. 14. grundtal magnetic knife rack is a stainless steel magnetized strip, which making it easy to organize all of your knives — or anything metal — without taking up precious counter space. but you could also use it to park your kids trucks and trains on the wall just like abby did. very practical and also serve as cute decor.

15. lack side table is another popular ikea product and can be so much more than a place to put your tv remote. with a crafty eye and tons of bright paint, the blank table morphs into your favorite classic board games, like backgammon and monopoly. 16. made of sturdy pine wood rast 3-drawer chest is the perfect (and affordable) blank canvas for a bit of creativity. stacey managed to transform the plain looking dresser into an awesome craft room desk covered with plexiglass and a pair of table legs, creating the perfect stylish workspace.

first, assembly the rast dresser, flip it over and add 2 set pieces of wood as the wheel base. next, screw each board and then attach the four caster wheels. attach 2 pieces of wood to the legs and then attach the wheel as well add hollow core door as a base to the top of the dresser and the legs then add pallet wood above the door. and last, laid down the plexi glass and then attach it to the pallet wood. 17. if you're looking for a chic alternative to your standard vanity, check out this super-glam creation. blogger erin kelly paired the ekby alex shelving

with old-school wooden legs and a sheepskin-covered bench to create a gorgeous place to spend your mornings. follow the complete diy instruction at new blooming. 18. it's rare you get something so classy from ikea's seen-everywhere lack table, but blogger kristen managed to pulled it off. by removing the lower shelf and attaching wooden tapered legs, she created a midcentury-style classic that's entirely chic. all you need is a pair of signature tapered legs which you could easily find at etsy and ebay. remove the ikea legs and screw on those mid-century legs and voila! old table, new look.

19. this plain ottoman serves as a practical place to put your feet up, but it's not very stylish. you could make it shine by swapping the legs and adding some cheerful floral fabric. first, removed the metal legs and replaced them with some turned furniture legs which you could purchased at lowes. next, get a new fabric, in this project blogger rebecca use poppy power fabric from hgtv. laid the fabric out, flipped the ottoman over, stretched and stapled the fabric to the under side of the ottoman. and here it is! a perfectly neat ottoman.

20. the bekvam kitchen cart is a convenient piece of furniture if you got a bit to spare. with a fresh coat of gray paint, a chic marble top, and a shiny towel bar makes this kitchen helper as stylish as it is functional. that’s all for now… for more kitchen hack and organizing ideas, stay tune to our channel. thanks for watching and see you in the next videos…

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