die schönsten wohnzimmer ideen

die schönsten wohnzimmer ideen

hello friends! since you liked the last video about the terrarium, we decided to make another one. but this time much bigger. we will need a glass can about 3 liters. then we take a medium sized cardboard and go into the forest. first, we need earth. afterwards, we have to look for small, beautiful plants that fit into the terrarium. suddenly we spotted a piece of wood in which an ant colony was situated. we decided to take it with us. at home, we must first wash the glass can and dry it,

to prevent streaks. as last time, we first feel the small stones in the glass can, then the forest ground. the rest is left to your imagination. ordne die pflanzen so wie es dir gefã¤llt. our work has been supervised, all the time, by a professional designer. from time to time, the plants must be sprinkled with water so they do not dry out. next, the ants are moved in with their house. ants need water to survive.

that is why we have made a key for the small inhabitants from a quail egg. i have read on the internet that the ants like meat and sugar. at least they enjoyed this snack. now i fasten a piece of cotton wool on a wire and clean the impure parts of the glass. now our terrarium is ready. if you are working hard, it also works with a normal cucumber glass. the ants like their new home. other creatures have also crept into the glass. whether these will do well with the ants will be shown.

if you are interested in the future of the terrarium, you should keep an eye on our channel.

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