dekoration wohnzimmer fensterbank

dekoration wohnzimmer fensterbank

hey loved ones! welcome to the marivo channel! today i would like to show you an amazing, huge house for barbie's doll but it will not be a dreamhouse... barbie and ken already have their dreamhouse, that's why i decided that barbie's friends must also have their own houses and that's why i have several giant, amazing, beautiful houses for barbie dolls and today i will show you one of them yes dear, today i will show you an amazing house for kidkraft and it is brooklyn's loft it is huge, entirely made of wood

and consists of 26 parts i have already put it before so now i will show you how it looks in its entirety ready? this is the kidkraft house! look, the kidkraft house is almost as big as a dreamhouse! it's just a bit smaller for this roof but extra truth? look! the house is simply wonderful, beautiful it's almost as big as a dreamhouse

also all the dolls will fit here but this is not an ordinary home it is a dollhouse, but there is also a cafe and a boutique yes! at this point, the dolls will be able to eat a cake and drink coffee and in this place they will be able to buy super clothes i wondered for a long time who could live in this house but now i know which friends will be barbie and it will be jessica hi! hey!

and kamila. hi! the house is huge, so now i will show you around i mean, girls will show you around we will start from the ground floor there is a hair salon here each room has drawings on the walls i liked it very much because the interior is very colorful you see? drawings are on each wall and beautiful floor

look, the room is so high that the doll can walk freely on it and of course all the furniture will fit however, in this set, there are no furniture in this room another room is a boutique there are beautiful drawings of clothes and shoes here there is also a beautiful carpet here, too, we have drawings and a window there are no such windows in a dreamhouse. they are simply extra! there is even a tree and a hydrant

we have several furniture to the boutique there is a shelf, a wooden cabinet she will serve as a counter there is also a wooden laptop. see it is great! with stickers there is also a wooden clothes hanger to see with a drawing of the dress, but it is not an ordinary hanger the set includes clothes, see how fashionable they are and they have a magnet in the back

thanks to that, we can attach clothes to the hanger the hanger will be put in this place so that it would be nice for customers and this is our boutique but between the first and the second room is an extra passage hey kamil, what are you doing? i'm watching our new home, and you? and i'm opening clothes you mean you wanted a boutique? ah yes, boutique and clothes are the same

the largest room on the ground floor is a cafe look how big it is certainly a few dolls will fit here there are drawings with delicious cookies there are also drawings and a window on this wall and here is a fruit stand and on the floor panels and eat lettering see how awesome the material roof is in pink-and-white bars or a cafe

or a cafe there is also a roof on this side there is also a window with a window sill and flowers we have a beautiful table attached to the cafe. see how great it is shines we set a table there are also two wooden chairs, hookers there is also a delicious pink cake

and the whole is separated by a plastic barrier two dolls will sit at a table in the cafe but here is beautiful beautifully yes great! i think i will open my cafe here it has always been my marzene we watched the whole ground floor, now it's time for us to move to the first floor we have two rooms on the first floor we will start with the bathroom i really like the bathroom, it is spacious, there are no walls

thanks to that it will be easy to move around with dolls a beautiful mirror and a cupboard are painted on this wall from this side, we have a window with curtains on this side, we have a shower cabin tiles are great too and from the side we have a window with shutters it's wooden too but let's look back inside a bathtub is attached to the bathroom

with a stand. she is plastic, not wooden there is also a toilet with a raised flap and it makes a sound. warning! extra in my opinion, the bathtub is a bit too small, but kamila will manage somehow but the toilet fits like a glove we do not disturb girls and we move to the next room which is the living room! this room is also big. very spacious, it can be nicely furnished

on the wall we have a drawing of the kitchen and cabinets it seems to me that it is a kitchen with a living room here is a large window and two comfortable armchairs on this side there are pictures, drawings, photos and there is a fridge on this side i really like the dance floor, it's an imitation of panels here we have a large black carpet and a pink pavement we have several furniture for this room, they are also wooden

it has a wooden sofa in black here is a soft dot with dots there are also pillows, but they are glued. detriment there is also a wooden table in pink there is a plastic bed and kitty and there is also a wooden lamp which shines jessica, but this cat is wooden

it's strange, that's wierd they said it was a figurine so i thought it was some kind of cat oh no, jessica the time has come for us to move to the second floor and stairs lead us to the second floor it has such a small balcony. it's made of plastic and wooden stairs lead us to the top the stairs are also made of plastic

the girls' house number is 917 on the second floor we have a huge, spacious terrace, see it is with plastic barriers a beautiful floor with roses and from this side is the entrance. look how beautiful it is with lamps and plants an additional element of the terrace is a plant in a wooden pot here it is made of felt

there is also an umbrella for sun protection oh yes, here i can relax, rest me too! only a sunbed or a table or a seat would be useful the last room in the house is a large, spacious bedroom it is very colorful with pink walls painted dressing table, mirror, lamp there is a suitcase with decorative boxes cupboard

on this side there is a cabinet, a chair and a window however, this is a drawing and from this page are pictures and photos there is also a comfortable passage from the terrace of course, a beautiful bed is attached to the bedroom i like it very much he has blue headbands with hearts striped bedding, green pillow and a soft sponge

and from this side are also decorations, beautifully presented there is also a wooden bedside table light and a chandelier with stripes which we will hang on top beautiful bedroom, really jessica, but will two beds fit here? relax, at most you'll sleep in my girs only not in the legs

there is nothing at the top right now there is only a roof it looks like this from the side and in advance, yes and from the back the house is completely white the cottage is already complete the rooms are already equipped however, i think that there is not enough accessories in such a house but the rooms are very spacious

and you can easily furnish them it will definitely be a lot of fun and the rooms will definitely look amazing because they are very colorful girls like it too my beloved write to me in a comment how you liked the house? do you prefer kidkraft? is barbie dreamhouse? i like both houses very much, they are simply wonderful i already have ideas for many fairy tales with these houses

this cottage was complex, but i still have a few houses, so we'll put together the next one and you'll see what it is like to put together such a wooden house if you like the kidkraft house and you would like to see more episodes with him then quickly leave the paw up the faster we collect 1500 feet up the sooner a new movie will appear with this house and it will be a fairy tale. do you know what? we will furnish a dollhouse i can not wait to see how it will be all furnished

i also have a question for people who watched our film very carefully write in the comment which number does this house have? you know? it's quick to leave a comment we know, but we will not say also remember to enter our snapchat, instagram, facebook, twitter, musically the snapchat was a hint to today's question i send kisses and greetings to all my viewers see you in the next movie bye bye bye

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