besta ikea wohnzimmer ideen

besta ikea wohnzimmer ideen

to make the industrial style in the ikea kallax, you don’t have use the metal. instead, you can fake the metallic look easily. more about that later. this is 5 ways how to hack ikea tables by 1.ikea coffee table hack there are three simple ways to customize your ikea table coffee. first, you need to purchase pieces of wood and cut the wood into two different sizes.

after that, you need to sand and stain the woods. in order to securely lock the wood on the table, you can put wood or metal underneath the wood. 2.ikea hack cowhide ottoman first, you need to get plywood and foam, cut to the size of the ottoman. after that, glue the plywood and foam to the ottoman using liquid nail. after they are dry, you should wrap the coffee table tightly and staple the cowhide to the bottom of ottoman.

3.ikea hack: ivar cupboards makeover with annie sloan chalk paints to customize ivar cupboards, first, you need to pain the cupboards with some different colors of annie sloan chalks paint as well as the legs and the handles. after that, you can stick the copies of flower photos to the cupboard using decoupage glue and varnish. apply the way to the cupboards’ surface. 4.ikea hack string art table

to make string art table, you need two table tops and four legs. then, mark the around the table tops and legs. after that you add the nail to each mark. wrap the table top using yarn. assemble the tables top and the legs using e-6000 glue. finally, you can wrap each side of the legs using different color of yarn. 5.ikea kallax hack: industrial storage fora boy’s bedroom you just need to paint the kallax cube with the grey chalk pain and apply the wax.

then, put additional details such as screw head and pieces of wood. that's it for now. you just learned view clever ways how to hack ikea tables. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas like this video, comment it, or better yet, share it with everyone in your social circle. dont forget to press subcribe button if this channel is new to you.

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