afrika wohnzimmer ideen

afrika wohnzimmer ideen

after the to an endless night and is followed by interminable morning for hours at we have been forced to go through the only road that has been saved from the floods lead us to a world more broken than the road that we takes to league and child slavery in india

we headed north to bihar an area terribly poor of the state more poor of india here begins our investigation on child slavery that take from the most remote corner of india to germany tourists do not come here there is nothing what to see

there is so much poverty in this place that parents sell their children it took us eight hours to last 200 kilometers there so they now live summit of 11 years and their brother of 18 rabbi his parents sold four years ago were three missing years disappeared without

leave a trace the only thing the family has is this house during the great flood the roof collapsed and a wall did not they have money to repair them music only one room remaining the family has no land the father is a laborer and earns 40 rupees

per day equivalent to 70 cents mother is desperate, there is no week. money to pay the roof or buy medicines or sea food and bojan kim human anacafã© four years ago arrived a stranger who offered to finance the education of the boys and deliver a monthly payment to the family gave them something in advance

told them that the children should leave with he to new delhi to a thousand kilometers of remotely the parents saw it as a opportunity to give them a better life suspected nothing took the kids he was going to give us 300 rupees a month and not delivered an advance of the blonde and affirmed and the one that

inform if the boys had arrived well and give us your new address and telephone number but never made in day that promise was a lie in new delhi totally isolated from their parents the children were forced to work such as welders without clothing or [1]4.40[2]protection.

schumi lost the sight of his eye right because of that can not move the work well did not pay you for the family did not receive a alone own man had to work from morning till midnight and when i fell down i was hit by our owner just give us to eat we could go nowhere

we were banned if he hit us and we just fed the summit account i will have to help my brother to solder has a spark in the eye then a beam fell on my arm and i exp. then your boss asked mom cucho the black you say or i go because you already broke your arm

arm is fine keep working every party has done what it had with cruise where there is a series ae schumi shows us how they took him four years ago if someone asked you should to respond that he was traveling with his uncle tells us that he was very afraid and that i cry

this train is known is called sundance 3 or express of slavery about 600 children have disappeared only of the villages in this area everybody says that they get on this one. train leaving daily abduction child in broad daylight that's exactly what counts summit it is a transport to

slaves of the 21st century we run a crowded train there are children everywhere we ask this man for the child that accompanies him it's my brother's answer we want to know how old is the man? after a while he says he has 15 or 16 we want the child to be the one who we tell you that we know

it's your brother asking your age and tells us that he is 12 years old a young man who does not know the age of his little brother we asked another passenger where you are going bombay answer we want to know what it was the boy in bombay will work polishing 0 answers the man is not informed of who is only 14 years old

music this guy tells us his name is son ukuma at home his mother takes care of him says who does not have a father who died because of that have to go out and earn money we ask you who you are traveling with parent responds by cool the train is full of kidnappers

small links of the mafia of the child slavery we ask this man when he was paid for the child tells us that three thousand rupees we want to know how many children carry on every trip 45 answer sells children to an intermediary who this activity begins many giants of the age you have

we got off the train in jaipur the next provincial city schumi's trip ended in new delhi four years ago there was delivered to an intermediary on the same platform that in turn sold to a welder here in jaipur su mix shows us the work that was done forced to do with only seven years

was released three years later this is what happened to me in the eye exactly summit account i was holding the metal when i a spark or owner did not do anything he told me in two or three days he will return to be okay suddenly the workshop manager arrives he's nervous because he thinks summit

is talking about him we quickly got it fast we take summit back to his village here you are but now we are looking for the places where the child slaves we started by new delhi in the old neighborhood to control famous for its countless workshops and

sewing factories the narrow alleys do not seem suspicious to first glance but we have been told that we will find the workshops slave in those houses be educated not takes us nowhere and our goal is to get into the sequins show us the way and indeed here work children no older than 89

years we did not expect to find so many in our first attempt on the roof we talk to the guy has 10 years and its called sec we want to know what your work work from 10 to 9 says that they are 6 hours there are neighbors everywhere but nobody

is fixed on children we follow our way through the labyrinth there are children and workshops stitching everywhere (applause] we have to use an infrared light to be able to see something in this basement the children work by candlelight there...

a floor above lunch still is in the hall it smells terrible there are eleven children confined here by nights folds to their looms and they sleep in soil this is his house this is his prison none of them have ever gone to college has no idea who

some of these products are for the western market this child is boarding a t-shirt for the famous brand gap almost nothing has 24 years old this is an exception with the western companies benefit systematically of child labor the following day following a

urgent adv bodyguard we want to get in touch with the bosses of the mafia of slavery child we pretend to be german importers who want buy products at the lowest cost we record everything with hidden camera he has bitten the hook and waits

sign a big contract with me the german importer takes me to their production workshops guti no gift items the youngest child is six years old some of them sway towards front and back unambiguous sign of their abandonment and captivity most people are able to

produce 700 pieces the owner proudly tells us that the children sleep here so can work even at night if we need an urgent order not to it would be a problem the order would be made immediately all day and all night no problem these children will have to do what they

i ask you, i have to force you to follow pretending interest only the pens and in the boxes what see what it says in this area there are 400 or 500 workshops like this mode owner claims to control it the workshops do not worry tell me we guarantee the quality of our products even if made by

child they have no administrative problems or nothing like it no problem ok then i do not have to worry about the production being stop one day because of problems administrative no no no the production is sure if not here there are rules or regulations

production is always good okay the most is good equitable. i have gained your trust now i can ask you the crucial question exporters supplies asia africa and export we export to europe to states united companies export these articles exmar international exmar

internazionale exmar 'international that it was what we wanted to know now we can find out if those articles will also be shipped to germany this is the office and sales room of exhuming international again we go through merchants and record with the camera hidden

we want to know more about the german importers of the company we tell you that we need references supply a large chain or we work with hopkins fort hopkins for yes h efe efe imports hoff is a company dedicated to the sale by mail of gift items we throw a

look at your catalog and effectively contains the same boxes and pens that we took from the workshops that explode to the kids hoff confirms that he also receives libya and smart products both members of the mafia of slavery child now hop wants to cancel their contracts

but the usual excuse is almost impossible to control the situation because can not be inspected at all suppliers and partners of exporters this man does not share that excuse is good rhythm and now you want to own organization and to free slave children takes several weeks meticulously planning this

operation with authorities the police will also be informed of otherwise the release would be classified as illegal abduction of but the police will have them in the last moment a corrupt agent could warn the mafia and the whole effort would be in vain the liberators they act in several places at once

have to go into the workshops before to spread the word about the operation and the children are transferred to the surprise raid is a success there are only six children in this workshop all are still working only have disappeared supervisors children they are paralyzed by fear their owners have warned them about

foreigners who want to take one your kidneys there is not much time for here there are more slaves they register all the corners or imos a whimpering from a hole in the basement we found five more children the youngest is six years old robbery this child is trapped in the door

behind a shoe factory he wanted to flee he prays to his captors that he release their owners have told them that these liberation activists they want to do horrible things to you they rent the boy decides to trust them and leads the activists to a second factory tells them that there more than 20 children work

but the liberators arrive too afternoon. only a few adults are found doing his work carefree most of the factories have been abandoned leaving work half-way the owners must have been warned the liberators have more luck in

other small workshops next to the road there gets to release more children slaves in total and manages to save to 82 82 million of the more than 10 million children enslaved only in india these children are still scared and not they respond for what they will be transferred to a temporary place created by the

activists have spent two weeks children are already calm and at peace activists have located many from his parents this couple had not known the whereabouts of their children now you will see them again for the first time enslaved children took almost have the right to compensation

320 euros from the government this is an extraordinary payment for let them start again the children have bad past they were forced to work 15 or 16 hours followed often they were beaten i was violating to realize almost that it was terrible trying not to cry once try to escape and hide but me

they found me and beat me up been blue is 10 years old says he had to work 15 hours and who used to hit him at least 292 try i got my son back but the boss told me that was not possible because i owe a lot money children live how sweet or to work embroidering fabrics and making

gifts in terrible conditions but that is only one side of the child slavery the next thing we find outweighs it amazing we accompany benjamin putter and his partner saw that combat a particular form of slavery we headed to a mine east of the

india suspect that there are hundreds slave children in that place we do not carry police or bodyguards who protect could be dangerous you must be very attentive to everything that we are going to keep our eyes and ears wide open if we see someone with a gun or a stick you have to save the camera for

our safety we look for the supervisor our goal is to distract you for to be able to record in secret what happens -here? the stand for the indian railways infrastructure for the applicant economic power these are the children of workers

immigrants often work together with their families the parents do not get raise enough money for this hard work many have become indebted to their bosses to buy food or medicines now the whole family has to work to pay off the exorbitant interest mark and his family come from the state

neighbor of magic for 2010 and since when he works here there was no punch winner to school for the day of the fifa gala we want to know how much they pay them every day for working here this man says that between 50 and 60 very little to feed this family says his seven children have

to work here the spies your youngest son will also spend his life in the quarry and never go to school the life expectancy of these workers is 40 years old the workers of the quarries die young people of silicosis to achieve their daily quota have to work

against the clock and even spend the night in the quarry we continue our journey towards the west to rajasthan after 12 hours by car at last we arrived at the state we approach the large quarries of export the sandstone marble and granite of india sells very well in

germany, although the material has to travel half a world in containers is still incomparably cheap again we see children working have to live with their families in the (cantera) child exploitation for export of many material

exporters have certificates to ensure that no child has worked in the manufacture of its produts i often go to many importers of to say that the problem of child exploitation exists in india but they do not claim to have a certificate issued by the government in

which confirms that they have no hand of child labor but as everyone knows in india certificates can be purchased by few cents the labor minister told me no you will think that my inspectors have money to visit all the villages true the only thing for what they have

money is to inspect the factories of large cities do not can come to the quarries for that reason benjamin putter together with catholic charity misereor has created its own certified quality now the owner of this quarry has the certificate and allows the

people twitter suddenly appear to carry out inspections in any this may help control child exploitation in quarries but what about that tractor it takes material to the village near all the inhabitants of this town are devote to carving paving stones this child is called raya is 11 years old

and now we want to know why it is working this girl and she says yes he does not work, he does not have to eat these are the hands of a child of 10 years called sun ye gon each of these stones is meticulously chiseled according to but they really are exported to germany are paved

our roads and car parks with these stones at night the manager comes to collect the production of the day a confusing chain of intermediaries erase the trail to anyone who sees one of these stones can know if it has been chiseled by a child came out in we try to get some information on merchants children are

sections the rank rank inspector nasri knows this maneuver that the owners are advised if there is many middleman owners contractors and then there are the children his parents know all the members of the team know their names that's why very well

we want to find out who they have that casts stones we turn to our previous trick and tell the manager that we are german buyers interested in cheap cobblestones finally gives us the name of the intermedia yugi 30 does not take much find jung cargo center

we want to know the name of the boss and his phone number is called sã¡nchez kerala by phone sanchez that was the note the name of his exporter in new delhi may we were with him when he returned to the city we tell you that our uncle is a german cobbler merchant interested in a stroke shyris by the

own boss comes to meet us we recorded our encounter with camera hidden we asked if julie for the that children work is really their provider djukic of ideas told me it was supplier could prove to me that no child labor we have a job certificate tell us

which already works with a german importer suspect something and does not want to give us a man before he wants to meet our uncle uncle in person two weeks later we continue with our trade research international of stones a colleague pretends to be our supposed uncle another colleague pretends to be a tourist and

records the scene openly with a domestic camera again we bring it with the promise of a big contract we need references of course falls in the trap and gives us the name of his german importer the merchant of stones valid you die from your dern to an hour by car from

colonia very close to the border or table puzzle that starts to fit store for how can we ensure that their products were not manufactured by in the first place i have not seen any child in quarries and work is very hard it takes a lot of strength so it does not

i believe that no child is capable of do even to do these cobblestones which seems impossible to me that they have made kids rafael rich man we show to the dealer recording the quarry that supplies its indian partner we ask if you are surprised if so is something about it after having

seen these images of nam of course i want to get in touch with pruning and ask what happens but even if we change supplier we will still have the same problem how can we be safe and swings or is willing to accept the child exploitation is an illusion pretend to do something to end the

slavery in india. such a small company we expected its justification but at the less valid furniture has canceled all their contracts with pruning or so says the square left and scored in colonia the 12,000 square meters were paved in 2004 with rajasthan stones the project went out and won it

the company's signature is in based on bond on its website ensure that none of his stones were made by children even counting with a certificate from unesco we got a copy of the certificate no was issued by unesco but by the dubious club of unesco with address of rajasthan

we met with his secretary general who signs the certificates is about an important game of jaipur again we recorded with our hidden camera because we do not want to discover our cover as stone traders me showed a certificate of their association is certified that the product has not been worked for labor

children who have not done it themselves valley investigate the quarries as it says investigate the quarries, not the investigate, we trust in the good faith of people are soccer we did not and continued our journey our next stop is pb exim one company also mentioned in the doubtful certified is a provider of stylesight

bonus sign we continue to pass through buyers and camera recording hides the owner as reference shows us german projects in the that his stones have been used hospital helios de berlin the center commercial of rimar fit in munich and the young marc in cologne

all projects are government diaz min we export about 800 containers per year for four years working with germany and almost all are projects government and the german government is very strict goal of joan barrel and fled to come back to keep the deception we agree to accompany you on a visit to

the next day but we we headed there immediately in secret and on our own the foreman confirms that we are in the right place this is the expe pepe quarry for make sure you ask us the name of your two bosses in saint germain or worse is enough to convince him

now he is willing to show us the area of ​​the quarry where the paving stones immediately see children working we want to know how old has 12 tells us we asked him if do you ever go to school and answer that we finally want to know how long has been working here and tells us that three years a few days later

we drive to this in saica natur is en bonn the directors show us the patio where they keep the products of india have these materials come from the india all have been chiseled osama can not ensure that no child has worked in its production

if we are totally against the exploitation of children and we our indian partners also do then customers may be completely sure that these stones from here for example they were not made by children we are 100% sure our clients may be

it's fine. then we show them our recording these images are very sad but we can ensure that that does not happen in the companies that work for us how can i assure you we have adopted special measures and if i tell her we've visited the

certification organization and have declared to the chamber that they were the word of the people we have inspection certificates that contrary and today in zaragoza we informed them that we were told not to inspections and that the certificates sold rice chaufa this quarry supplied who to his

associate company of india we have recorded it in the car and export i would not want to see it because in that case we will have to take measures we go back to his office to show him the recording what it shows is terrible but i find it incredible because when i have visited the quarries the image

it was totally different according to visited rulfo or if this is true i find it totally unacceptable that a voice federal route want to respect that they are with hit 3 thousand next step will be to convene a meeting with our indian producers we want to show you these images that you have brought us we want to discuss it

with them and hear what you have to say if it turns out to be true that there are children working in the quarries we will cancel contracts and we will not continue this line everyone interested will not have problems in finding out that the so-called unesco club is nothing more than a farce and that does not control the quarries has been

meeting with a representative of this organization after our visit the company is also insight us assured that they had stopped buying stones in india for the moment we come back to travel in india the place where parents sell their children we want to know what has become of the

children whose release we have witnessed received your compensation we look for rahman the little one of 10 years i worked in the restaurant we finally found it in his village there is great joy for the meeting but good humor is only superficial the family is worse than ever telling us mother

ramã³n has broken his arm. i was climbing the bamboo and slipped the mother had to borrow money for the operation with an interest more than 100% has started to old cycle i have nothing to sell and i can not to earn money i do not even have a husband

how am i supposed to return that money that has happened with the 320 euros of compensation that was supposed to should receive from the government has a document that certifies it we took the responsible office did not they have paid even though they have passed four months after its release and as the family lacks funds have had

to borrow money from 1 surfer your debts grow every month that passes we ask the official because he has not received raman your money give it to our boss is vacation but when you come back we will ensure that economic aid is effective in this case is that you will remember your promise once you

go the cameras then we will see almost aect blue we found embroidering clothes for the clothing brand cup in the hole of a basement live near calcutta this almost nothing has received either his father has died the family of six members live in a small hut of mud some days do not have to eat

but at least the son they believed lost to returned heras and bolivia when i heard that my son had had been released and that he could my i i was alone and the situation was escaped from the hands almost does not tell who would like to go to school and

learning things would like to be a doctor teacher but then there was nobody who will take care of the family in we find connects for ten years to late afternoon repeats the history long ago received the certificate but no money at least has its father who earns two thousand 500 rupees a month

about 40 euros but with that i can only feed my family, i can not afford to send children to study costs too much we asked what he wanted to be higher police answer would leave to work to his little brother if he wanted to do it no he would not leave

i want you to study the state in ask if we can help you meet an unattainable dream would like to go to the nearby mela fair \u0020—\u0020 as a farewell gift we invite you to climb on the ferris wheel first time in his life

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