bilder zu wohnzimmer gardinen

bilder zu wohnzimmer gardinen

where do you think you're going? ethan! ethan, please help me! help, ethan! no! (screams no) looks like a part of something, just wanted to use it, but then it was already over. i dont know if we've reached anything to happen trough the tape. what have they done to you, mia... so she's still anywhere out there... she's still somewhere in there sane

and this gift... oh yeah here... i see... that explains a lot in this household. this explains a lot... and this gift didn't made here totally insane. already saw that one. we have to get through these scorpion-doors, i don't know exactly how to. ah this is not a ladder. i thought for a moment there was a ladder. there's another door! i don't know if we... ah, a herby.

i don't know if we're alone in here, to be honest. so... objects: there we go: we've got three healing potions, four healing potions now. i can one of them - we can only stack three - i can even put one of them in the chest. if i'll ever find one again. dude! this letter! who reads them? billy cook. that's what they listen to apparently: jazz... light jazz... that happens when you listen to light jazz. another liquid chem, very good. do we still have a herby? we don't.

here's a bathroom, 100%. a wooden statue. ewwwww someone had some serious fun taking a bath in there. a disgusting pile of god knows what... i don't want to know, neither i want to know whats in the bags. maybe they just dissolved the bodies or the parts of them they couldn't eat. in some kind of acid. so we've got some ammuniton for our pistol again.

fishing an antique coin out of the toilet. i would really grab into the toilet from this family. at least they've got enough toiletpaper! to be honest i don't know if the toilet still works... and i don't want to find out. this seems so new, it doesn't fit in here. except from that a shower fits. a rainshower even. to be honest a shower isn't necessarily what i'd associate with this family

'hellish thing, isn't it? definitely better than kicking the bucket' 'my little girl gave us a gift, and this gift is always with me' 'as you can see, the family is only a part of the gift' argh, no 'through which you, casually spoken, are fucked' (whispers) he doesn't know where i am, right? 'ohh, i can smell youuuuu' (sniff) and i actually believe him. that door's open right there. of course i've got a gun..

... but if it hurts him is the question. heeere, piggy, piggy, piggy he's standing outsides that's why all these empty cans are everywhere around - when you hit them, they clank 'how do you say: "once family, always family"' 'hellooo, hahaha, how'd you do lately?' (whimpering) not that good! bye! so.. we have to get the shotgun upstairs somehow..

i'm sorry - this thing - i have to do it again because we learned so much and we don't have to do it again, because - i think savepoints are very rare. i thought we'd still have time to look around when he came through the damn wall soo.. we'll take the 'escape the house' dude.. holy fuck. okaaayy... 'you're wasting your time! uuuurrgghh' wha... why did he come through there?! so this is my save haven because he won't come up here well, he probably will, but -

'come out, come out, wherever you are!' he won't see us when we sit here like a sparrow. when he comes around there, we can leave there and when he walks around down there he won't see us that was my plan, but.. i.. i didn't think he'd come smashing through the wall i thought in the old part of the building we'd be safer 'no way outta here, you know?' (creepy voice) no i don't theeeerrreee

'you know i'm gonna find you, right? and when i do.. (random noises of delight)' (trying to replicate delighted noises) i can do that too.. uhhhhh okay the old fart's gotta go down the main hall, or else we won't come through there he is 'where's my little ethan?' (cranky voice) the little ethan.. in small-land i want to get picked up from the childrens paradise :(

'shut up, just shut up!' but i'm not saying anything.. (whispers) there he is! well, daddy? going topless i see, huh? you think you're the coolest, huh? 'i'm coming!' (laughs) i gotta say, i think he's kinda likeable, though... in a weird, twisted way.

'wohoo! that's fun!' doesn't take long, i will find and kill you! i hope he is not coming out of here now oh, for heavens sake dude he is going on my nerves i want to get in there 'you can't hide, boy!' i can, though now he went through the golden door. 'where are you?'

okay we have to wait if he comes back. is he always coming in our direction though? is that possible? or am i mistaken about him always coming to us.. 'what does one say: one time family, always family!' what is he doing? 'you know that i will find you, right? and when i find you...' okay technically he has to be downstairs practically seen...

i am not sure. that reminded me of 'dead by daylight' i feel the need to save again i nearly can't say a thing because he constantly hunts us! this old tramp. so, here are the broken stairs, right? we can't get downstairs at all or..... "gun munition"

okay... 21 shots, okay but they won't help us much. that' my assumption. 'what is this smell?...oh, that's me.' i think he is likeable anyway! in a very disgusting manner. okay, but what can i do? that's the book which brings nothing. where do i have to go...we found the little statue, mh? in theory we'd have to go downstairs.

to place the statue on the stand. that would be..maybe..yeah i think it was a hint. if the lust-grandpa would only let us. so... he will probably get in right now. we will just walk over now. 'that's really fun!' so let's place the thing on the stand i hope we will make it in time and that's the right statue in the first place

uhm... is that.. yeah that could become an eagle i just not sure how uhm.... uhh...uh what the f*ck uhm.. wh-what-wha-what okay there is the eagle

this way round yes somehow that's a cool concept but but i am still confused so, 'turning' okay, 'cancel' ... uh, that's very his claws are that's so weird to turn around h-hello, this ahhh, i can turn it with a and d too

that makes many things easier let's see what happens now 'who builds this shit?' i have no dea, ethan, i have no idea i mean, in some ways it's quite cool, but a nice, solid construction. the father probably can't get here but the little one.. the little girl 100 percent what's that room?

a lil' herb yay, 'combine' okay, so we have 'objects' on number 3 and 2 healing potions i hope we will never need gun munition too, i hoard everything. what's that? 'find objects with the psychostimulant' what gun munition 31...if that helps, not sure

mh, 'psychostimulant'... there we can get out. there could really be a save option again now, besides.. besides the one save point in the other wing of the house i think we derserve that now anything else here? over there.. i forgot to lay down the unnecessary health potions 'unnecessary' is relative how do we get this thing open

'can't be pried open' we need some kind of number combination 'vacationing husband and wife' oh okay, so, 14th june wife and husband on vacation, the man was a success he is the 12th one sadly the woman was worth nothing, so we will get rid of her. so just man and woman on holidays then college students, they are all rotten.

lucas is a freaking idiot. 13th august, a homeless man, turned after 3 days, he is the 13th. as we said, there are 20 leashes i don't have an idea what that means yet aww how cute, little mia, how cute. do children live here? maybe mia lived here someday perhaps that's her secret room here everywhere pictures of the missing.

'that could be all of the victims.' yeah in fact we saw them already in the basement this thing, as always here to pick up and lay down again i'd like to - oh, a coin i'd like to get these boxes open, maybe with a coin? no. i wonder how these open 'clock pendulum' there's 'living room' written on it, okay

i'm just looking, quickly, what we can do or maybe with gunpowder, like, like burning it open? of course we can produce munition with it he looks very friendly did that..did that used to be mia's nursery, or what look crazily inviting of course but you can do much, right, i didn't find much either we can't find anymore photos too

'fluid chemicals' 'you don't have enough space' damn it a two-headed crow, do i want to know? okay maybe we can here- mh no i think we need some of these (coins) to screw it open we need something to turn, the clock pendulum won't work no, okay i am trying nevertheless we need some of these *click* with the knife it could technically work

there is a fat caterpillar there is definitely dung in there we could really need this chemicals at the moment we have no herbs though we have no herbs anyway just this psychostimulant so we have rounds we don't need at the moment we have gunpowder we cannot use yet and i am not sure yet how to create rounds out of them we technically could leave that in the box but we'd have to go back

we can't get out of here, right, only with some keys but we have to get one first i wonder how to get these open, really i will not shoot it, there is a combination to enter there maybe yeah we absolutely have to get rid of stuff - what is that 'gun munition' sure why not how many do we have? 35 shots, 45 altogether

okay i can't hear him yet these are our own steps i will save very quick 'no way out, you know that!' i will save, just because we can and i can put things in the box i think that's a very good idea to sort some stuff out the coins, not sure for what we'll need them taking the clock pendulum with me, we watched the mia tape already

laying the tape down... 'gun powder can fill bullets, combine with fluid chemicals' ahhh alright okay, don't need shotgun munition yet uhm don't know about the coins we can put away those two i guess that means we will collect some stuff here so we've got 3 slots empty

with fluid chemicals we can do munition first, we don't always have to do health potions i'd like to take these too, what's this 'standard gun munition' then we've got thirty shots we will leave them here we can collect bullets but don't need to carry them like, we can collect them first so we have enough good, then i'm saving now and doing a little recording break and render a little and i will see you in a minute i wish future-gronk fun with this mystery we urgently need this key

and we have to see and get into this one room and the other too we will have to see what to do with the scorpion doors and how to open these little boxes i'm gladly leaving that for future-gronkh send my regards to him and until then, thank you for watching see you for the next recording bye! and we are back

let's see we were in this, yeah, i have to orient myself quickly hello and welcome back to resident evil my name is resident erik and uh we are shortly doing a long-distance call uhm no we have to go back, we put all the things in the box these coins...i wonder what we need them for

*weird voice* "please insert a coin" we can produce these things to bullets these things, we will need them anyway, let me look this weird clock pendulum, there is living room written on it i have no idea what that is for and to be honest, i gotta admit... the father, who is creeping around here 'damned youth these days!' to be honest i am rather annoyed, than

he is more annoying than scary somehow because i want to solve the puzzles n- now. 'i can smell you.' hey daddy! 'i can smell you!' daddy, let me go! i will hit you in the face! i hit you in the face! let me through! ouch he has me, he caught me, he didn't caught me

dude why is it stuttering so weirdly i just started the game i should've waited a little maybe ahh, nice. 'you are now part of the family.' okay but then don't always hit me! if i am part of the family why do you always hit me oh i can go through there? ohh, what is my beating-father doing, why i'll call the youth welfare office, i've had enough

they can willingly stroll through the house with the rtl-team i don't care everywhere his shitty deposit bottles is he here? god as if one father of that kind isn't enough already it's called erik you a**hole! huh why am i bleeding again i just refreshed myself again blood in the corner hey you little bold baloon

'get out, get out, wherever you are!' *sing* you can't see me you simply can't see me what is in his hand ohh now i see, i thought he had a broom 'don't be scared' no going through! 'okay, do what you want.' fine, i do what i want

oh what's that 'mug shot' what does it say.. 'evelyn' ah, we already found her shoes nothing.. some weird snakes we need ..for this weird do we need another key for each door? this guy is so annoying can we do something else in this room? and i think i left something out here

in this room is only the broken shotgun otherwise there's nothing we have to switch it with the one we found earlier but we have to get there first *outro*

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