wohnzimmergestaltung braune möbel

wohnzimmergestaltung braune möbel

kate: liza? liza: yeah... liza: hey! kate: hey, hey! kate: hey! joey: can we come out? can we come out now? liza: if i let you out will you decorate? kate & joey: yes! yeah. liza: you can't wait to what?

kate & joey: decorate! kate & joey: decorate!! liza: you can't wait... kate: there's so much we can make. joey:there's so much we can make, liza! liza: sing the song! sing the song! kate & joey: (singing theme song) can't wait to decorate... kate, joey & liza: there's so much we can make kate, joey & liza:how will it turn out?

kate: it'll turn out good, i promise it will turn out good, it'll turn out good! kate:we... we don't usually do outdoor spaces, but i promise it'll turn out really really pretty... please. please? joey: please... kate: please, liza (panting) kate& joey: please let us out. liza:come on out, guys. liza: yeah. yeah! go decorate! liza:go and decorate! can't wait to decorate,

there's so much we can make. how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over! open up, we're here! okay, you're yelling, like, so loud. oh, my liza. oh, my liza! oh, my liza. we're making history right now. guess who's back? me!

hey guys, what up, it's liza koshy and i'm back baby. yeah, that's right, this whole episode it's gonna be really long and it's gonna be really brown and obnoxious. last time we were here liza was like can you please do more spaces in our place... and we we like ahh... we typically only do like one or two, and it's a lot of time and money... and i mean, we love liza. yeah. yeah. and we were like we were like the only way we could possibly do it again is if we found a sponsor. oo... overstock! overstock!

thank you for making this possible. we have so much stuff now; we have liza's backyard we're doing, balcony and rooftop, all with overstock items. it's perfect 'cause we actually always shop on overstock anyway. i literally shop on overstock all the time. what's great is that they have so much outdoor stuff, which is awesome, obviously, for this project because everything we're doing is outside. guys, subscribe, thumbs up, get ready. it's liza. you know how crazy it's gonna be. i know let's go find her. i miss her.

let's do it. i'll carry you to her. the backyard is pretty bare. she started decorating it with like some stuff, but it's actually not outdoor grade. she has a rug out there when was the last time you washed your rug i just cuddle my rug it's a brown rug what's wrong with the brown rug. well, i i like this, well yeah but this style we got bigger things to focus on, like top floor, second floor, bottom floor. okay, my arms are how many floors is your house? four? yeah, four

so we are doing liza's outdoor spaces her backyard her balcony and her rooftop. so we usually do interior design not sure. yes. that's true. you tried to bring the inside outside so you have an interior rug obviously, let's talk about your lantern. what... they're good i make good choices. what is that? so real wax? okay, so i have i have an issue. why is there electricity? they're the flameless candles, but they've met their demise they were fake candles. look look at that. that's art is that a diy that you did on your channel. oh my god, it's actually beautiful very georgia o'keeffe. thank you. yeah, it does look like a flower slash a female body part. it's a really cool lanterns but she put some of those like flameless candles inside which are great, but they were made out of actual wax

so i think they're meant for interior. and of course what happens when you put a candle in the sun? so let's go get the projects off the truck? there's a truck? we're making omg waco history in more ways than one today because we also have the biggest truck we've ever gotten for a project we had to rent an extra-long truck because we have the biggest grill this morning we were at mr. kate studios packing up the stuff on the truck to bring it over here to liza's we needed like five people to get that grill on. whoa, i'll give you the honors. yes please these two? no no

this is the biggest truck we've ever had liza for the smallest fill up my backyard guys she's a climber guys, there's so much stuff back here and she's climbing across all the stuff oh god oh god! what just happened? alright i'm coming oh that was scary i hate being high alright you ready to start? yeah, let's do it! are you ready for diy?! i'm ready!

turn around! oh i can't believe we're done with the back yard liza and i are we're buddies. we got a text chain. it's very long. she sent me various inspiration one of them was a video that she took when she was at this coffee bar and it had this really cool grapevine which she's called a branch up on the wall it also had like a hammock chair and like a turkish rug and she was like, i love this vibe so i'm definitely going off of that so this was like the stalk of the grapevine. it's making me very hungry for whatever reason it looks like a piece of meat like beef jerky. it's like a giant or something but then for the decorative stuff, we're gonna use some faux things which will be fine because these won't be in direct sunlight

so they won't like fade or whatever happens to fake plants usually outside. what happens to fake plants? you seen on your balcony. do they turn blue? they turn like lime green, like we're weird right? custom blue plants i wanted you to pick your favorite of the two of these. the wood? okay yeah of these long ones and then i thought this would be a cool down a table top as like a centerpiece right and with like some candles around it right. centerpiece on what? yeah, she's trying to get me to drop some hints no, no, no this isn't my first rodeo with you you're pretty good you're pretty sly but no. you arrange this is all you so we're just sticking the succulents on to the grapevine now what i love about these grapevines is they're just

sculptural elements in themselves and their nature made and we're gonna use these on a table and also i think mounted to a wall. wow, look at you. you've got this down. dude, i'm taking over your channel so this one might just want like, just a one moment yeah, just the one moment, that one has like the smaller one cuz with these things it's gonna have to balance on the wall you know, i don't want to put it on and then we're gonna end up like it's gonna be where stop trying to get all the hints. i know your tricks. i don't know this one will be elsewhere. where? you ever built a terrarium? i'm sorry?

it's really fun to build a terrarium. i just have some different colors sand on hand this nice angled and of course some more faux succulents and rocks and little slices of wood you're gonna have so much pride when looking at this you're gonna be like i put every single little rock in there. oh yes. right there? i feel it, i feel like this is so nice i know, i think you need to do this to like decompress from your busy week. yeah, you should become like a a terrarium builder so pretty it's so pretty so so pretty right? we actually we should go find joey because he's setting up for the next project oh is he? yeah, how are you with power tools? dangerous hey joey, yo, are you pretending to do things right now?

i'm gonna have liza help me build this privacy fence on the roof she's got this giant ac unit that we really want to sort of take away let's freakin do it yeah, so we're trying to make it a little more chic up there, yeah and that ac unit is just killing the chic yeah to make the privacy fence. we're just gonna make slats of one by fours on top of some posts super easy we just need to cut down the right sizes and stain them. have you ever used a power tool no, i've never used anything. how much are your fingers worth? i don't know i was just picking my nose while you were asking that this is this is a really nice chop saw basically, you're just gonna put pull down on this pull the trigger

okay, and then you'll push it that way and where do i put my fingers? not anywhere near it okay, here we go. go i could already tell you're putting a lot of effort into it, huh? it's like, you know wax on wax off like super chill trust me. this saw is like butter liza. you don't kind of worry just relax okay, you ready? yeah alright so we got a lot more pieces to cut but just to keep liza moving we're gonna have her stain some of this wood i usually have these in my mouth like dental dental like dentists clubs latex gloves

do you like that? i'm not sure if that's the right color. so we got our nice wood stain and some staining pads, but there's a problem. kate, kate! kate need a consult i miss you. wait, why is that like a mauve yeah, this stain is not at all what it looked like on the swatch. this is like a pink mauve color this is not what i'm going for. right now, we need to go get a different color stain so now's a perfect time to kick liza out. wait are these your keys? yeah, maybe this is a good time to kick you out because we're gonna have to figure out what color we're doing liza is actually gonna leave town for the weekend and go to

houston and she gave us the keys of the house and we're just gonna stay here and like get this thing done so i'm gonna go home. my dad's gonna think i became a doctor. definitely wear those on the plane would he be psyched if you were also a doctor? he would be psyched, i'm brown come on it's in my genes do we have any mask you actually look like a surgeon now thank you, yeah you're ready for travel go pack liza! i'm going to houston for the weekend see ya

houston's that way my bad. all right so this is great liza's gonna take off to houston and joey and i have the weekend to just set up these spaces i'm a fountain. all right, actually, it's taller than i'm isn't it eight feet? it's a eight foot fountain all right, so we're actually installing a fountain for liza like i'm just trying to give her all of the delights of an exterior space. so we're gonna clear out some bushes here so we can put the eight foot fountain which is right by her entrance gate woo-hoo that is the door to her media room movie theater she's gonna come out to a table with chairs to sit with her friends and dine adjacent to the grill over in the corner if we can fit it a hammock for her naps

i had already ordered all of the stuff and hadn't planned to put in the hammock and then liza texted me was like hey i'm at coachella and i just slept in the hammock last night and it was like the best experience of my life can i have a hammock in my backyard? i was like this is kind of a nightmare text as a designer to get from your client last minute but you know what queen liza will get what queen liza wants and thankfully overstock is very fast shipping. so hello hammock, it's here. and hopefully we'll fit in her tiny backyard. should we go over her balcony yeah, oh my god. okay, so i love her seating area it's very solitary. a for effort, so the balcony is a nice small just balcony off of her living room

we're gonna try to make it an outdoor conversation area in what limited space we have and also a big project is bringing in new greenery into all three of these levels. we've got a rug going in here. i also have an umbrella for out here like if it fits okay, great you want to look at the roof? yeah. i wish this was on right now. it's kind of chilly we're setting this up though right in time for summer. so she's got some good things up here. yeah, so she got this we'll clean it off, but it's a great size for here. and i love that. she already brought this up so it's all about dressing up around those two anchor items on this roof. i also want to rig some pipe. no noso what we're gonna do is we're gonna do eight foot posts in the corner, okay and we're gonna run a really tight wire and then we'll be able to canopy lights great

yes, because i want the cafe lights strong, right, okay, it's raining. it's nice it's raining, before we get too crazy. it's a good test for our outdoor furniture. let's enjoy the rain on a nice temperate la day, i have a story for you. yeah, it's called the grill won't fit through any of the doors but the grill is like a main

piece of the design i know i'm on it my fault. i didn't measure properly i didn't think about the fact that like, oh, yeah, how big are the entrances into her backyard? we're calling our crane guy osiris and he's gonna bring in the big guns we did it the grills in the backyard we have one two three four we have 15 pots total the backyard area is a bit challenging because it's long and narrow so i want to embrace the fact that there's already some natural trees and natural plants going on here and give liza some real plants. let's just get everything wrapped and in place the beauty is we don't have to finish this today, so wrapped in place. i'm gonna build first okay, then i'm gonna bring the pots up to the different levels and then we can pot the plants on the levels and then

is this a fridge? yes. oh, yeah, that's the fridge. so liza's gonna leave for the weekend. me and kate are gonna house sit and maybe throw a party or two, but probably not because the truth is we're gonna be working all weekend to get this space ready so that when she comes back it's ready to go. i definitely ripped a hole in my pants starting the weekend off strong delivery with the plants just got here. look at this. look at this horse tail. oh my gosh and look here's her old fake palm tree that we're getting rid of you can look at look at the comparison guys it's coming together that's new

this is new we still need something to fill in there and then joey set up the fountain okay and here is how it's looking out here on the balcony more horse tail more succulents and look at how gorgeous these pots are with cactus another succulent and yeah, it's gonna be pretty okay, we are at our favorite flea market in la. this is a nice big size, but it's i think like rounder, that's cool. i like how it's like so many layers and this would bring like the vibes of like the hammock

yay! flee market let's finish installing stuff we're back. okay, so we have been working all weekend on pulling these spaces together as you guys saw on weekend cam we potted the plants we also planted some of the plants in the ground in the backyard because she does have those planter beds they were a little barren spot. so we added some additional succulents okay, this is the last chair do you have the fountain working over there. yeah, i leveled it. it's level here plug it in. oh, it's all filled with water wait pause for the sound the fountain is so beautiful how great is that? i mean no outdoor space is complete without the element of water i think let's get the table out rugged

rug cuddle time. okay, we have outdoor rugs. i don't know that we've ever done an outdoor rug cuddle oh a rug cuddle under the tree paradise already and we're not even done. let's keep going. bring that table back in yeah, so we're bringing in a dining table and six chairs. this space isn't huge. but this dining table is the perfect size so she's gonna be able to have friends over have outdoor lunch parties dinner parties hangouts look at that combo i purposely ordered not a set. i really advise you guys to think outside the box get a table and chairs that don't match it's an opportunity for you to bring in different

textures different colors and the corner of the pergola we're hanging some outdoor curtains that have really handy just velcro tabs they're machine washable so sure they'll maybe get a little dirty or dingy if it rains or you know over time they are outside but she can easily just remove them with the velcro chuck them in the wash and put them back up i love this hammock stand. okay hammock time. all right liza texted me she asked for a hammock queen liza's getting her hammock nice? yeah look at high the sides are oh my gosh. i think it's great. it's so comfy. it's huge it's like this like cocoon hammock solo hammock cuddle. all right, so kate's gonna chill out in the hammock

i'm gonna try to get this other hammock chair up in this tree wait, i don't think this is angled enough if the ladder falls i'm chained in wait, it's gonna invert it cell. i'm fine. i i definitely inhaled some black poop okay all right. i think i got it so now all we got to do on this chain is i got a spring that just gives the chair a little extra comfy bounce so i'm gonna put that on the end of my chain connect the hammock chair to that kate will try it out it's so cute and comfy i can fit in it i'm small

it's a small chair liza's small. she'll be able to get up in there. she'll be able to have some cute instagrams my air plant brings all the boys to the yard it's better than yours my cactus brings all the girls to the yard we're also putting this corner dried grapevine, so i'm gonna screw in that into the wall and then under it we are placing of course another rug. oh my gosh look at this work of art sculptural art by our beautiful new sconces those two. yes another rug cuddle is happening guys. this is a layered rug cuddle liza loves a bohemian look so laying down this kind of more simple outdoor rug and then this smaller turkish kilim - a rug over it you believe that this is outdoor

like gorgeous we're getting closer to the sky we're getting closer. this time we're a little bit closer to the sky, but we get to go cuddle up on the roof oh my gosh, there's so many spaces so many rugs so many cuddles so much to do alright, so let's try to see if the umbrella will fit because i think it'll be nice to have an umbrella on this side so she can have one shaded side one sunny side sometimes having something over you like a little shade just makes it cozier so this umbrella is the perfect size kind of like a beige tone. we've got the nice anchor base plants are really important on all of these levels

so for the balcony, we have three potted plants on either end and this is creating kind of a green wall we raised up a couple of the pots on cinder blocks, which you know cinder blocks is not necessarily the most attractive thing but don't worry the love-seats are gonna cover them. so this fits perfectly just right okay, so that we can move like the plant. yeah, we can layer it. style it a little bit. but let's so this is her outdoor living room because her actual indoor living room is just right there sliding glass doors boom her kitchen right there so she can come out here with her morning coffee in front of the love-seat we're placing this really cool rattan woven coffee table situation. it's like a piece of art, but it's still a functional piece of furniture and then we're gonna put a loveseat on the other side

alright. oh my god, finish that meet me on the cute! all right. so on the roof, i'm just putting the final touches on the slat wall and basically all i did was i took a couple of pieces of 4x4 and i framed them together using these slats, hey kate yeah, i'm done with the wall up here. if you want to come look also come bring up the plant come look at it wow. oh so then this we would have put up on that yeah over the weekend we went to the flea market to get this amazing macrame wall hanging. this rope is the same rope that's on the hammock that's on her swing chair

so we're bringing in the same elements that you're seeing downstairs upstairs. righty tighty. lefty. oh, yeah, baby. oh, yeah rug cuddle number three this rug is beautiful for the roof. we've got a lot of just solid colors going on so i really wanted to bring in some pattern. another turkish killim is a perfect moment underfoot ready the sky! oh my gosh, that's really sunny look at this rug cuddling under the sky is very bright experience. we're like almost done. i know you should just string the light. oh it's gonna be so pretty at night yeah, joey you got this i didn't put on enough spf for this rug cuddle

so in order to hang the cafe lights what we did is we brought up two 8-foot four by four post painting them white adding finials on top to just give him a little more elegance and then we're just attaching those four by fours into the railings and then we're connecting those two four by fours with some exterior grade wire that we can just tighten super tight and then we'll be able to loop the cafe lights from there back to the house back to the wire back to the house back to the wire so kate's gonna put all the final touches around the place i think we're like pretty much done liza's on her way back

okay, guys liza texted she's on her way back from houston we're gonna guess who's back? it's me. what's up guys? i'm back from houston and i'm so excited to see my outdoor spaces that kate and joey have been working on i i don't know what they did. i'm very excited to see joey is telling me to plug my ears i think he's about to fart but i don't know why he's telling me to plug my ears and close my eyes so i've knocked out two senses now one two three! oh my god

what! i have a fountain in my back yard! i thought that was me peeing i thought i heard something oh my god, your little outdoor dining area what is that?! craned that thing in. they brought english they brought a three thousand pound grill in my backyard. i don't even know how to grill you go the cream colored one i'm gonna turn it brown so fast holy buddha, yea from your momma this buddha is special to liza, her mom actually got this for her

this was the one thing that she asked me to style in her backyard. i have another single butt swing that i can swing on. i'm so excited. i having a little like chair literally strung from the treetops so we added so many plants all these plants and we actually added plants in the dude this feels like india, thank you so much look at these little cones, aren't those cute? okay, i have some amazing potted plants out there are they all real? oh my god. you probably don't even recognize cuz you probably never took in your old lights i never spent time in my backyard. so like i didn't realize what was those are a lot nicer look at this view down there, right? yeah. this is amazing

and our diy. we did this together! we did this ourselves while you went to houston and now it's here, these are outdoor candles look at these amazing planters over here whoa i love this! are they real? yeah they're real? who's gonna water these? the water is a freshwater fountain so i can bathe drink cook clean in there. it's great i have a place to sit and eat or work an outdoor rug so you could like hose this thing down you had an issue with things getting dirty before so we made sure got

everything that could be cleaned easily, you know, thanks guys outdoor everything. should we go to the next level? let's take this to the next level oh but wait, there's more because i have an outdoor balcony that's connected to my living room that they also decorated so i'm so excited to go see that. can i go see that now? cool ready? yea. one two three we have a silent reaction on this one dude look at it cut to it right now oh my god! it's so cute

a little living room out here oh my god. you know you have and plants back there. oh my god did we do that? yes! we did that! well, i took the liberty of shortening your balcony because it was like - it's too long and narrow. yeah, so now it's more like an outdoor living room this balcony is a legit extension of my living room. it's the exact kind of vibe. it's like boho brown white girl chic, and it's it's freaking i keep looking back at it sorry, but it's really pretty

and then i did the umbrella on that side so you could have some shade on one side and we did the layer rugs kind of like bohemian vibe i love this and then this obviously this tray has handles so like you can bring this in and just leave this as your centerpiece outside, but i the terrarium and i purposely didn't do like matching sets, you know so that it wasn't like like this is different than that. it was matching. yeah dude, oh the views on this video yeah rack it up rack it up. oh speaking of views.

hopefully that one's good there you go. there you go. there you go. all right. this is where you're gonna relax just more relaxing yeah, okay one two three! and that seems so much better right that seems a lot better and you noticed this right? yeah, what? this is like it looks though, i know i know but this is an outdoor it comes with drinks! this your little drink

you know a nice bucket up here for when you have the hangout time and that we got at the flea market yeah, handmade in bali guys look at us, we're so cute and those will grow bigger i'll never be indoors anymore i'll never be inside hanging out. i'm always gonna be outside. this is so good. i love that this is covered yeah, cut to that shot. it's really good it's so nice up here. all those you chopped. wow this is amazing. i know, this is from bali? yeah i'm expensive

oh you guys put poles in? yeah that's how we were able to stretch them across wow so pole pole and then the wire across and joey strung it all up. this is amazing. i love this oh i need dinner oh let's break in that grill i'll get the grill fired up. yeah come down when you smell the sweet smell of baked potato baked potato? does it smell good? sweet potato oh, i look like a sweet potato love you, bye see you see in 10 minutes

she loves all the spaces it's so perfect timing cause like like it's summer now she's gonna be able to enjoy it right away the weather so beautiful i mean, i'm gonna cook on that grill yeah, i think we need to teach her how i'm very excited about how all that came together. the vision was amazing. thank you. thank you guys huge shout out to overstock. they're hooking everything up in this episode they were amazing partners all beautiful stuff guys, so go check out overstock if you're in the need for a beautiful thing. overstock.com yes they have amazing new everything like we put in so many different things in this place and not to mention the most epic

fountain ever i'm so happy. i'm thrilled that she loves it if you guys aren't one of the five bajillion million people that are already subscribed to liza go get on it because you're you're like seriously you're missing out. like no, not only are you missing out. it's like what rock are you living in so make sure and go over to her page and hit that subscribe button and subscribe guys and leave us a kindly comment down below and we'll see you all in the next video stay creative, stay weird, stay you. love you there's more this was a three for one package deal baby, so i have an up doors

but yeah, i have an up doors area oh i have an outdoor upstair area i have a rooftop

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