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bilder wohnzimmer rustikal

oh my gosh. empty room i'm so excited okay, i'm losing my hat. every time. okay, you know what? should we just redo everything? can't wait to decorate there's so much we could make. how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over open up, we're here! okay. you're yelling like so loud hello, hey guys, creative weirdos

welcome to another oh, em gee w.a.c.o, oh em gee we are coming over to lily marston's place, oh my god guys, finally we've been wanting to do it for two years now, ever since we did joslyn's place love it, magic, its like we're gonna cast a spell on this place i'm like serving you guys cocktails in your home welcome you guys know joslyn davis who's lily's partner, friend, co-star on clever style lily's been wanting to have decorating experience with us, so we are here at lily's place. its gonna be perfect pottery barn has their new pb apartment line, and they're sponsoring the video so they're giving us everything that we're gonna put into her space and we have a ton of stuff

and its all so gorgeous and soft and cozy and totally lily's aesthetic. subscribe, comment become a creative weirdo we're always doing fun videos here. give us a thumbs up to too. let us know what you think after you watch the video i think you're gonna like it. let's get there lets go. woo hoo i am so excited. i feel like its christmas and you guys are santa we are santa. we're mutually excited this is something we've talked about forever it is so about time that we are at lily marston's place this has been

needing to happen for way too long. we've been talking with her for like a couple years now ever since we did joslyn's place kate and joey are here, they have some stuff i am so excited. i don't know what to expect. i gave some inspiration photos but like i'm ready for them to just like work their magic. you have a very beige room. i mean this is like true beige it's like pretty brown basically if you just took like your science teachers pants and like slap them on the wall. so we got to really brighten it up lets paint the beige away lets talk about your style though so you and i within our long text chain have in still images that you sent me so i told kate before any of this that my number one thing that i need is comfort. i want blankets

i want a comfy couch. i want twinkle lights anything to just make it feel very cozy, but still like presentable like an adult lily's style is very cozy it's very monochromatic think grays and creams and textures why am i not in any of these text chains like what time to show up and stuff ours is more about like your cat, color oh yea we're like actual friends. i would like to hope so. this is how the series works we just go around the city, kate picks up friends and joey like paints everything

yea, lets go, i'm so excited so the beautiful thing about vertical blinds is they're very easy to take off, which is why all rental apartments use that. i'm not the biggest fan of vertical blinds it's kind of like a default thing that a lot of landlords put into their places because they're easy to install get rid of your vertical blinds if you live in a rental, store them under your bed store them in a closet and live the curtain life all of that bulk that was filling up your window is just gonna be now one little two worth of storage. should i keep these in a shadow box thats like a running thing with you and joslyn right?

yeah, she said she puts her baby teeth and first haircut in them and stuff, oh gross its disgusting all right, so you ready to paint yeah, i have to say i've never painted before so this was the first time. what? i'm surprised for some reason i thought she would have painted before. let's just say i'm not an experienced painter and by that i mean i've never painted anything in my life it's like a little key, yeah, it reminds me of opening up take out i love this paint color it's called faded gray. this is gonna really brighten up the speed lily no

stop stop how do you guys crafts in general, not my strong suit one, two, three i always think this looks so fun for like a minute, and then i would imagine it gets very old oh don't worry thats all kate will let you paint. i love this pink color i can already see how much it's covering up the khaki in such a beautiful way all right. we have some major surface area we've covered. i feel like we've done our fair share

i have a time sensitive projects that i want to do with you it involves your photography skills, so will you get your camera. yes and i have some other props. i need to gather and i'll meet you outside. okay, okay? woah woah woah woah don't even try to include me well no, but this is joey this is how it works. will it make you feel better if we text you later? yes, yeah lily i have brought you to this dark alley in the middle of los angeles so kate leads me to this alleyway. we're in and she has some props that she says we're gonna work on a project

i brought two jackets, which they're gonna provide us shade if we need it. okay. i also brought some twinkle lights right. i love twinkle lights. it's not only did i bring twinkle light for you to use. oh one of those. i brought you the moon. so my plan is let's get under these jackets use them as kind of the shade or sort of cavernous universe and then we can have these like just in the background or whatever or maybe just the moon because i want to do two side by side pictures it's looking so cool you guys and also lily's editing skills are amazing so really this is like half of the project

just getting the photo is half of it, and then her editing in photoshop is gonna finish. you got it? all right, i feel like we have some you look great. you look great okay, so you get those edited, we'll get them printed in like a couple hours i don't think i've gotten pictures printed since i was in like eighth grade. oh really? a drug store i know. i don't usually leave my apartment. just order posters, and the post man will pickem up. i know alright lets hurry oh my gosh more project. this is more projects i've done in my entire life.

so i love constellations, you know i think there's something dreamy about the night sky, and we're creating this cozy vibe okay, so guys twinkle lights we laughs so we've taken photos of twinkle lights i want to integrate them a little bit more into the space so i thought about those old constellation maps it's like you've seen these vintage maps where it's actually a circle representing the universe and within the circle. there's the constellations so i figured we could paint the base of this canvas like a beautiful white with maybe some taupe mixed in to make it look kind of like an aged background then make a big like dark gray circle and within the circle drill holes

for the constellations, and then have the twinkle lights taped on the back poking or not poking through, but like seeing them through right. can you see? how do you, i can and it looks amazing in my brain how do you even come up with things? so crafts are definitely not my forte and kate sits us down, and there's just like a blank wooden canvas not something i'm used to dealing with but she decided that we needed to do a constellation art piece that we're gonna put twinkle lights in i think it's gonna look so good. i can't wait to see it. that's great lily. oh my god you found your calling a circle drawer. so i'm not really totally familiar with constellations but that's why we have our phones in our pocket. oh, this is an april, wait whens you birthday

march, we should do the sky in march okay? oh if its super complicated than we could always just do you know. while you're building your universe i'm just gonna start painting up kind of to our line so my plan with the background because this is gonna be going against like your white ish faded gray walls i want a slate aged effect on this so my thought was taking this more like taupey color just sort of working it in to the white a little bit whoa so it's gonna make me look like sophisticated like. exactly. like you know like you have a vintage map on your wall

don't mind me well. i just paint everything while you guys get to just play with your arts and crafts leave joey to paint the walls. let me guess, i hang some curtains after this, huh? now let's drill. its lily's first time drilling. that's so awesome good. keep applying pressure there you go. i did it. yeah. its not scary, its satisfying. now the holes are drilled is time to fill in the charcoal of the universe, so yeah you take the big brush and fill in in the middle. okay, cuz like you're just gonna go so once our charcoal is dry

i think i'm gonna highlight a little bit in it with the white base. sure. there's a beautiful dark gray we're not going fully black cuz that's gonna be too harsh we're playing with a lot of tones of gray in this room keeping it monochromatic. i love it. oh my gosh. i think that we're done. okay, so we need to let this dry okay joey are you done because i feel like let's just check on joey. joey wait till you see the constellation it looks so good right you don't see that excited yeah, i know. this is what i deal with. what this is the first coat. defensive. yeah i hope so. its a little splotchy i'm covering a very poopy brown here thats true that true we'll give you that

okay, so you're gonna edit the photos yes email them to me then i'll get em printed a.s.a pez yeah thank you guys i have so much faith in you. bye all right, we're kicking lily out i can't wait for her to see this awesome pb apartment stuff that we're bringing in but first we have an epic project. so a lot of lily's inspiration images have the element of would specifically shiplap wood which is that

horizontally placed wood paneling, which just looks so kind of rustic and beautiful and does not exist in lily's rental. here's the plan so i spaced it out. you know it's kind of like a brick. we're laying brick the real way you would do it is you would use a nail gun and nail them in which for an entire shiplap wall is a lot of nails and i was thinking why don't i just take some super thin quarter-inch plywood strip it down into planks and then use command strips? this is a really genius project that joey is doing because it is shiplap that is renter friendly we're using wall safe mounting strips, and he's gonna mount the pieces of wood using those strips. it's so genius it looks so cool. it's gonna make such a big

textural difference in this otherwise very plain apart. are you excited this rug. what is this natural wonder? okay so this is actually a blend of two natural fibers it's wool and jute combined it's a woot, ultimate coziness woot. this is the first pottery barn piece. we're bringing in it's incredible. it's luxurious it's perfect for the space. it's perfect for lily. it's cozy its chic such a cozy rug cuddle. i'm ready for nap. aw bring it in. wait wait you always make my butt. i don't want a butt crack aright so on this big opal wall we're gonna put some really cool floating shelving units they're really slick silver post with white shelves just gonna mount on the wall, and they're gonna look great hey guys

oh my god oh my god what are you doing here? oh my gosh joslyn. hello joslyn welcome, i saw you guys were here on instagram stories. yeah, so i just wanted to pop over lily's not with you, right? no, i told her i had to go to the bathroom. i just wanted to bring over maybe some like fun additions that you guys could add to the space i love how good of friends lily and joslyn are they like work together every day, but still like joslyn hears that we're doing this space and has to come and put her own little touch in it for lily. so oh my god, converse, so lily

so her birthday is coming up and her shoes are super messed up, so i already got these for her brand new ones shut up. they're gray. is that you're aesthetics? honestly i literally already had these so yeah so i really thought like we could maybe do a shadow box. wait so you put your baby teeth in the shadowbox hoping to at some point. haven't gotten to it yet okay, so lily has like a deep love for pudding like a very deep love like she turns into someone i've never met before like she goes to another space and i didn't know that until recently.

so i thought what better way to make her feel at home you bought organic pudding are we making pudding? no, its just decoration i don't know. truthfully guys i just bought a bunch of weird stuff. why don't you make that while i finish hanging the shelves. okay, let's sit down you guys this is gorgeous oh my gosh, okay joslyn and lily are two of funniest people i know so i guess she wants to just put a shadow box of stuff in lily's apartment, which is so funny

it's like an ongoing joke between the two of them that you would have a shadow box that your mom made you with like your baby hair and baby teeth neither of which we have on hand. thank god because that sounds kind of gross oh wait what about this the dr. pepper can? is it too big to fit in there. it is. joey joey. what can you chug and smashes this can? i believe in you yeah, i can stomp a can spring break oh wow. oh my god. chug chug chug shotgunning a dr. pepper oh gosh, he's gonna burp a big ol burp

impressive! lily would be impressed i'm pretty sure my 13 year old self could've pounded like three of those in a row and not been phased but that almost put me in the hospital oh my god, thats cute! its so cute joslyn this is lily its her story. it's her life it's her like past present and future she's gonna keep this forever. alright honestly guys joslyn your unexpected which is so exciting. i have to go back to work though, i told everyone i was going to the bathroom

i want lily to come home before the sun goes down. i do too yeah. thank you joslyn for coming over and bringing weird snacks and artwork, okay guys. okay thank you. goodluck. bye i think move it over a little center. oh my gosh, that just fit through the door like just okay so this is the corner right. guys this l-shaped couch from pottery barn apartment is so amazing because it's modular so essentially it comes in little pieces, and you can put it together however, you need for your space this trunk as a coffee table is so cool because it actually raises up and becomes a higher table. oh my god this is the perfect thing for her well

i guess but this is a perfect thing for me to eat food while i watch tv all right, so we are making the floor plan with this main long wall. that's gonna be the television wall this media unit is perfect, especially for an apartment we're playing with different levels in this room when you don't have a lot of floor space to work with you really want to work with your vertical space so one thing we're gonna do in her dining areas. we're gonna replace her lighting fixture. she had a pretty ugly standard lighting fixture before. this light fixture is so cool oh my gosh, and i just love the clear glass with the cool black cord and the filament bulbs there's something very kind of industrial about it, but also still really airy with those big glass shades

around them. this is a convertible dining table. it's small but wait, there's more tah-dah this table from pottery barn apartment is perfect because it has these two leaves that fold out i also love that the face of it is shelves because that is such a great space saving option for people who live in a tiny place and need as much storage as possible. all right you put the chairs in i'm gonna finish who's the boss here? uh me

for the dining table chairs i chose something a little more simple little more modern this succulent art thing is just a garden that you get to hang on your wall i'm finishing up the diy map constellation artwork i'm taping the twinkle lights onto the back using just some masking tape which is working perfectly to just seal these in i'm also taping on the battery packs, which you guys know are operated by a remote so she won't even have to access those unless she needs to change the batteries. on the front of the artwork i'm just gonna connect the constellations using a fine-tipped marker i was gonna use white paint, but now seeing it i really think a more subtle black line will just be a more beautiful play

i want those twinkle lights to really be the star of this artwork. styling these wall-mounted shelves is so much fun you guys know i love a styling moment. lily has so much beautiful photography so she sent me more files with just her past photos she's taken which we also got printed really quickly put them in some pottery barn frames. they look so good so by the media unit i'm placing this awesome round basket that has a lid i love a basket with a lid and inside a beautiful cozy faux shearling throw blanket. it's just artistically spilling out of the basket. on top of the media unit i'm styling this awesome bell jar with a wood base inside i am placing our photo props

i'm place this gigantic iron tray on top of the media unit, she can corral all of her remote controls and all of that on there and also the converse sneakers, which have to be styled on the shelf as well i mean they are like a lily staple item. i love the fabric on the l-shaped couch. it's like a linen gray color really welcoming very soft looking. the room looks so amazing i don't want to leave but i'm so glad i'm friends with lily so that she can invite me over so i can hang out in this piece again but it doesn't matter about me. it's time to show lily its okay, that's good. that's good.that means your excited so on the count of three one. i haven't opened i haven't opened i'm not cheating you know what, maybe, oh my god.

i'm nervous i just want to see it. one two three. oh my god look at your art oh my god honestly, i don't even know what's going through my head besides everything. i'm freaking out it looks so good right? and look at the shiplap wall. it all looks amazing and its removable 100% renter friendly friendly

and then i can maybe even bring it to another exactly exactly, so those are two little stools you can move them in for more seating you can move around your dining table the dining people has storage underneath the leaves fold down oh, and this is so soft. isn't it ridiculous. i know. wait, cause i know you like to netflix and chill. yeah you can get some food on, this is like the ultimate post mates table, i know right and photo editing too. like with your laptop here yes, oh oh wait so your friend joslyn davis, our friend yes

that girl, yes yonder, she stopped by what is in the packet? oh my god, so she came by with all those supplies, and we made that together oh wait, she also brought you something else which i styled in the room. i can't imagine why she thinks i need new shoes and i'm just obsessed with the diy. i know right we're geniuses. i know i mean like that i'm gonna make every day. this is a woot rug it's wool and jute combined. joey made that, yea and you're a beautiful photos. i love it they all look so good now their not real right?. no no well everything and you know i can't take care of it myself

oh my god and the light fixtures right so and with i mean your prints like those photos are such a celebration of your art you're so good you are, yeah. guys you can just stay. i love a good sectional couch the corner is usually the best exactly. you'll just park your butt there and the basket with the cozy. with the causal cozy so much casual cozy, going on. i'm obsessed with it. you know what? i gotta be honest, my feet kinda hurt its been a long day this seems like it was all very quick. lily thank you for having us

thank you! enjoy, this is so amazing take a load off. thank you guys! here take a nap with this it's so soft literally, are you kidding with this? i know, its so soft thank you for everything. love you see you soon see you see in our group text oh my god this has just been the most amazing thing ever it's literally been two years in the making so thank you kate, and joey. i don't, i'm never gonna leave my apartment so

we'll have to have our text chain because that's probably the only communication we're gonna have unless you just want to come over and hangout joeyyy, oh my gosh lily loves it. i'm so glad. i love lily and how about that shiplap? i mean i mean how about that moon diy or the gallic, the universe? i know well it all just came together so well like that diy universe on the shiplap is like one of my favorite combinations my favorite vignettes. we've ever done don't you guys agree like wasn't that just so.. beautiful. you did such a good job watch my hat guys, subscribe, thumbs up, we'll see you on the next one. yes, omg we're coming over

thank you all creative weirdos for tuning in all the time we so appreciate your eyeballs and your kind comments and your thumbs up and your subscription subscriptions? oh also go follow lily on all of her awesome social media check her out on her clever style. follow her photography account if you guys are fans of the photo she took there's tons more on her instagram lily thanks for letting us come over. yeah, lily. you're fun. i'll see you for pizza movie night. i'll see you in our group text chain. alright guys, stay weird stay wonderful stay creative byeee no, i've been told so many times that my voice is so annoying but it is absolutely something i can't change i mean i guess i could go to voice classes

but then i would be this like small person with a very relaxing voice and that would be super creepy, don't you think?

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