bilder wohnzimmer rot

bilder wohnzimmer rot

he's here, isn't he? oh! hey! oohh hi! hey oh my god! (x4) hello everybody! my name is markiplier, and welcome back to the joy of creation: story mode. now i didn't notice the bloodstains on the door before... they may have been there or they may have just added that in as i came in to play the attic. but let's go in there because this is supposedly the last...

memory to recover. seems a little peculiar. "you've been on this for too long, scott. they're barely holding themselves together any--" "why?!" "i have been a good man!" "we've been good people!" "why have you demons come to torture me and my family?!" "i... um... i- i was saying...

that we've gone--" "stop ignoring my questions!" "if i'm going to die at least i want to know why!" "can you at least give me that?!" "look, i'm sorry." "it's just the way things have to go." "it's just a part of life!" "um.. for us, i mean..."

"their bodies are hardly keeping themselves together, so they've gathered themselves in the basement." "they can't just..." "kill you directly, you know." "i promised them i'd leave you to them." "so... i brought you here to..." "at least try to talk to you before they arrive." "so before they get you and everything burns..." "i'd like to thank you. for giving us this opportunity." "to see the world through the eyes of your creations."

"being michael schmidt has been an..." "incredible experience, i mean i feel..." 'i feel fantastic! i want to keep feeling like this forever!" "argh!" "and to do that... i need you to die." "leave us alone!" okay, i'm grumpy. i'm ready to fight with fisticu--oooooh, hey! that rumblied in my tumbly. what are you doing? ah!

ah. "space to switch sides, left click to interact with items." looks like i'm gonna be going to the classic style of five nights at freddy's. me, a computer and a whole bunch of animatronics trying to rip my guts out. i don't know how to play this. something about x. hi. again.

okay. what did x do? wait, did i just skip something? hang on, wait a minute! well that ain't good. uh oh, so um wait, hang on a second. i've kind of forgotten about what i was supposed to be doing here. what does this do? what does that do? huh?

what am i looking at? there's a way to do something! ha-boo-ski. i don't know what that's doing. alright ah that looks like a nightmare. honka! honka, honka! who knows how much time is passed? oh fuck, i can't move! i can't-- i don't know how to move! ahh! oh, hi. *screaming* ohh... ah "golden freddy hides in the cameras. flash him 12 times to beat the attic." what? what does that even mean? i got a flash him. i give them the old nip show, huh?

*speaking weirdly* tha-- that sounds bad... sounds bad! sounds bad. yeah, you go back now! okay, so *laughing* i gotta find golden freddy... honka! where you at boy? oh boy. eugh.. i don't know-- hey! okay, how do i stop it?! i don't know what to-- oh oh

uh oh! oh-- yee yee-- get it! get it!! oh, i can't do nothing about you! what do i do? uh-- ah ahh! ahh! i'm dead! oh god i'm dead! ahhh! yee-- *screaming* god, i don't know what to do about you-- there's no instructions... "creation will break down obstacles on his way to you, flash him on camera before he can proceed." great! great!

great, but that's not "creation" that is-- *mumbling* i don't know, thagfjhshdfadjs unless that is you, and i'm just being stupid about it... alright, so i gotta find... golden freddie not behind me no-- oh! ohh! i've got d-- ohh... *yells in frustration* that's a thing, ain't it? oh, i've got doors i can slimmy slam down alright, good to know! so i gotta find... me a *talking weirdly* gurlden froodoo

don't like the sound of that! oh, freddie-- fredboy! i see you there! i'm gonna flash you! soon as this-- oh. well, that don't look good.. probably-- yeah. i'll just do that. *clanging noises* *thunk* thunk! ayy, get thunk'd biatch! get thunk'd, ya a-hole! where you at? oh, so, i've only got so much doodaders..

whoa oh uh! okay, that looks better.. uh oh! *slams doors* *scittering noises* kay.. alright. oh! oh- kay, hang on i gotta find-- gurldon fromdo oh.. ah! that's--that's bad. okay. gonna throw that one down.. d'okay! that happened--

so, i got to keep an eye on these bad boys.. oh, man.. there's a lot to keep track of, hang on.. *animatronic approaching* *animatronic screaming* oh-- ay-- ayy! *scared noises* *screaming* ahh i'm dead! *distant buzzing* uh oh.. *buzzing continues* uh oh.. *buzzing gets closer* tobias! *imitating tobygames* tobuscus! *buzzing continues*

welp, i'm dead now! golden freddy got me.. dot-dot-dot, that's a new one. you're not telling me to come back? "the enemies in the attic cameras only try to get inside your room when the screen is black, and only one of them can enter at a time.." gre-- g-great.. good, we got-- duder & doucher over on the left and the right.. then we got to keep big boy creation boy on the back end blast him back into ass town-- oh, i see you! heyy! that's one..

alright, good for me! alright, we're good.. i just gotta flash 'em 12 times, huh? and that's all i gotta do, huh? oh, i see you over there.. *slams door* alright.. oh! i see you-- boink! alright, cool! alright.. what do we got goin' on? oh that's-- ugh! *slams door* *rattling*

hup! *slams other door* gotta throw that one down! okay, we got the guy on the left? i think.. maybe.. oh! that's on fire! why is that on fire?! fredboy~! got you! okay.. i don't-- *screaming* fuck me in the butt! ( ( í¡â° íœê– í¡â°) )

fuck me in the buhht!! oh, we got someone on the right? *loud noises* wah-- ah! oookay, i'm not looking! now, we got someone on the left, but we got someone on the right first! i think.. let's see if we can get a golden frumbo.. i don't see him, so i'm just gonna-- oh, boy.. okay.. euh-dah! *slams door* no, one on the right.. alright, okay

ey-ay-ay.. boinka! okay, there he is! *talking weird* i'm gon getchu fromboy! i have no idea how many times.. i'm-i'mma lose track very easily.. where's fredby? oh, that was bad! lemme put that down-- but it's still on fire! oh-- that's not good- wait, hang on--

ohh boy.. okay, we're fine.. we're fine.. okay, still don't know where golden frubu-- oh, there he is! oh! ookay.. dammit, he moved.. *mechanical noise building*

*thunk* thunk! *thunk* okay, *mumbling* this way-- oh! *music building* whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, wow! *mark making weird noises* uh oh! he's a-moving! and i don't see golden frubu.. *distant noises* alright, well you might as well get-- whoa! *more noises* get back!

*animatronics whirring* okay that's down.. wah-ah! *slams door* (mark's face) hi-yah.. *slams door* okay.. oh, he's back to the other side though. okay, good *animatronics whirring* where'd golden frubu go? *whirring continues* ah! there ya are! okay-- wah! ah oh ah, that was fine..

no-- *screaming* wrong! *sighs in frustration* he had a chance, i didn't get it.. ugh.. *mechanical whirring* *mechanical noises building* h-hey you! *slams door* okay! alright, and switchy swatchy-- okay. *tiny scream of terror* *thunk* *mark screams again*

okay, fine. oh, that's not good. he's coming quick.. everything seems to be on some sort of fire... *frustrated* no! okay.. *slams door* yeah, good, okay. flip flop-- *slams door again* *scared* hey.. hey fredboy! how's it goin' fredboy~? are you gonna stay there? *boops freddy's nose* honka! *thunk* oop, nope-- *mumbling* yeah, ain't gonna do that.. ah! i see you!

okay.. *thunk* first right then switch-- *slams door* oh! that's bad! ohh, i'm on fire! the fire rises! oh boy.. welp, this seems like it might be death.. yep! aand i can't find fredman :( yep. i'm dood (dead) *loud music* ey-ay-ay okay, well... *mechanical noises* uh oh!

*thunk* i just- i just shocked him! he didn't go ba-- oh, where'd he go? oh, he's here, isn't he? oh, hey! ohh, hey!! wh- heyy!! oh my god! oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!! *singing* if i look away, do you just go away? hi! heeey! *screaming* oh, that's my head.. in your mouth. i am dead. *makes weird noise*

okay, so every-- i think the key is: every single time the switch comes off cool down i have to use it, either to shock the guy or shock mr. fre-bear what i got to do-- i mean, he lit this on fire, so i guess that's bad but, oh well, what can you do about it? ooh? nice.. *mark shits his pants* oh no! i forgot about thooose! oh, no *mumbling*-- oh no! run don't-- no no, you-you-- it was right?!

wow i was correct, but i didn't do it right! oh boy! *screams* *screaming* ohh.. god dammit, *singing* i was right there! ey-ay-ay-ay.. i'm gonna burn to death! imma burn to death! oh-- oh-oh, okay i'm fine!

don't know where he got that-- *distant screaming* fredboy *thunk* *music building* oh.. kay there, fredboy! *slams door* *weird noises* *mark screams excitedly* man-- whaaat? (mark's face) *deflated* well, i thought i won! *reading* man found dead in his own house..

body found by landlord in recently repaired country house?! what?! who's dead?! is that me dead? 'cause that looks like the house from the beginning of the game.. i don't like this... i don't like this at all... i don't like none of this... all right, what does it mean? oh! there we go! *loud noise* oh! that's the bad man... *scott grunting* (mark's face) *intermittent grunting*

*mumbling, indistinct* back.. *coughs* where... where are you?! *radio* you really love your family.. *static* ...don't you? *panting, grunting* *radio, indistinct* y'know? michael: survive the night.. just wait for 6:00 a.m. and it will all be over.. that's how it worked there before... right? michael, indistinct: we survived their games...

*scott groaning* *shaky breathing* michael: this night... won't go away until you've been consumed by the fire. scott: what of them... if i have to go...? will you please promise me... they'll be safe...? *radio static* scott, weakly: promise me... you won't hurt them... please! *scott sobbing*

*scott gasps* *scott groaning, animatronics laughing(?)* *(random insert)look into my eyes* okay! that's weird.. *scott screaming in pain* (probably ultimate climax) hmm, i don't know about that... something fishy going on here... young nick: mommy! daddy's coming out of the house! val: honey?! scott: val! i'm here!

young nick: daddy! val, sobbing: oh, hon, i was so worried... scott: it's okay, val. it's okay... we're safe now. scott: have you called 911? val: yes... yes, i did. as soon as we got out, i called them. val: like, a-a few hours ago... val: they said they'll be here as soon as they could... val: oh my god... you stayed inside there for so long! val: i thought you--scott, monotone: but i didn't. don't worry. everybody is fine.

nick: daddy, what happened to home? why is it burning?! nick: is michael still in there? scott: you're safe. *mumbling* all that matters. scott: you're safe. nick, worried: dad?val: everything... everything is gone! scott, robotically: you are safe. that's all that matters. nick: dad! you're acting weird... scott: you are safe now. that's all that matters. val, scared: honey, are you all--scott: you are safe... that's all that matters.

*scott keeps repeating himself* nick, scared: daddy, no!val, crying: oh, my god.. oh my god! *scott's voice starts glitching* animatronic in scott's voice: see, they're safe now. just as you wanted... thank you for your cooperation, scott cawthon. i'll take care of everything from here... *mark scoffs* well, alright then! that's just how that-- *stuttering* that's the way that that goes

*more stuttering* that is the thing that is that. (what?) well! so, that's that then. uh... *sighs in disbelief* uh, okay, anyway, so body was taken over by michael... and now scott's... dead? got the purple guy treatment to him or something like that? i have no idea, but either way this was... amazing.

amazing! i'm not even lying about that, this was amazing this is, by far, the best five nights at freddy's fan game ever made and i don't know! i-i kind of want to say, i enjoyed this even more than the actual games themselves! like, just from a gameplay stand point and-and i'm only speaking from a gameplay stand point because obviously, this game would not exist if those games, uh, didn't exist before and obviously inspired this. i'm not saying one is better than the other but just from like an enjoyability

factor like there's a lot of mystery here there's a lot of story. each level had a unique mechanic! an entirely unique mechanic! each of those levels could have been their own self-contained games with ramping difficulty! but instead they were all one, and it was just awesome! the experience was great! the developer of this game is just-- they made-- they made something great!

they made something literally great and it was free! and i would have paid money for this, i would have paid 20 bucks for this! i would have gladly paid 20 bucks for this! oh, man! i don't know how scott feels about, uh, him being murdered in a fan game, but yeah it's whatever, there's probably more... so i want to see what's in the extra menu here cuz i got a funky feeling. it's probably something funky, fresh. oh, hi, fred boy. i was looking for you for so long oh, you're moving! oh good for you

the ignited... oh, i can rotate them! oh, goody, goody gumdrop. aw... so we got fredboy. we got bonnie boy! we got chic(a) the girl we got foxy... and golden freddy who's floating? *laughs* oh... nice, okay. yeah, 'endo b "angel"'? ohh, as in like, uh a weeping angel from doctor who

because that's kind of what it was. not as fast, mind you, but... thankfully, that's good 'endo r "blue", 'endo c "mouth"-- eugh, mouthy. oh, this is the one that surprised me a few times 'endo f "red"... mmm, great! that's a foxy type. "creation"... i don't even know what-- why-why did you need to do this? why was this at all necessary? ugh.. what is the third leg doing there? and the stumpy arms.. you ain't doing nothing! oh boy.. so, "enemies" "newspapers", i didn't get all the newspapers,

but yeah, i did notice that i was collecting newspapers throughout the different places so there was "living room", "two nights of five nights at freddy's", let's see.. "haunted woods" "cancelled new fnaf game stopped", and i got a clipping only there! *reading* so you get these pieces of these newspapers throughout, and i bet i bet there's something there if you get if you get all of these there's some secret to be unlocked here and that means you got to play it over again, but there's also "bedroom blind mode", "basement--

bedroom blind?! i mean i could have probably done it blind, i guess i don't really need it, but i need to know where the goddamn light is and then "survival mode" i don't know what "survival mode" is, but i want to see behind the scenes ah, cool! *creepy voice* "the creation" oh, cute. oh man, a lot of work went into this-- that's the thing! like, so much work went into this. anyway, i want to see what-- i can get what these are, i want to see what survival mode is

let's see.. *reading* *high pitched* eh! oh! then what's base room-- *reading* hmm.. okay. what's the basement run? complete the basement run in under eight minutes?! it took me like 40! you won't be able to pause the game. no cutscenes. you automatically lose if you go over the time limit you die you lose makes sense to me, okay so that's more challenges for me to do so if you guys want to see these let me know down in the comments below

but this game was amazing and obviously there's a mystery to be solved here in terms of the actual newspaper clippings, and i want to see where they are i just don't know when it comes to like the baby crib, where would it have been there? underneath the pillar? i don't know but somewhere, so either way thank you everybody so much for watching just stare at the lovely creation right here and thanks again everybody for watching and as always! i will see you... in the next video! buh bye! *music*

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