bilder wohnzimmer rosa

bilder wohnzimmer rosa

in this video i'm gonna take you through my morning routine plus i'll show you more than thirty five amazing life hacks and diysthat will change your life! i will have a field trip hey loves! today's video is one of my mostrequested ones so i'm super excited about it i'm going to show you my morning routinefor days when i have a bit more time, and i don't have to wake up and run out the door.i also included a bunch of diys and life hacks that i use in the morning and that i totallythink you should try too. it's like the best workout, nail art, beauty, food and otherlife hacks mixed into my morning routine. but my morning routine is normal so i can't wait to share with you all of thesesecrets - let me just get started. no matter how harsh or painful my wake upcall may be, what instantly puts me in a good

mood in the morning, is having a motivatingand uplifting quote near my bed. seeing this canvas painting reminds me that i should bethankful for another day and that i need to make the most of it. to make this beautifulwall art, start by coloring the background in blue. i wanted to make a nice gradient– so i'm coloring the top half of the canvas in light blue, while on the bottom part iam using even lighter blue shade. blend the two colors in the middle to get a smooth transition.leave the paint to dry completely and start sketching your design with a pencil. you cantotally skip this step, but i am good at this at free hand painting so i would mess it upfor sure. when i'm happy with my sketch design, simply color it like you do in acoloring book. red balloon is done, time for

the pink one. to make the edges neat i recommendlaying your elbow on the table and to move the brush slowly. you can draw any design on yourmotivational canvas. just choose something that makes you happy and puts you in a greatmood. it could be your favorite city or your pet – anything you love about life. allof my 6 balloons are colored and looking gorgeous, nice too. in order to keep this happy bunch togetherwe need to tie them, right? i am using a silver pen to draw a string to each balloon. drawingthin lines like these with a paint brush would be way to difficult. a final touch is a bigred bow, because who doesn't like bows? to write a quote i am using my black permanentmarker because writing with a paint brush calls for a disaster. at least for me. i decidedto write adventure is out there on my painting.

seeing this in the morning reminds me thatevery day is a treasure and i have to make the most of it. ok, our world is waiting,so let me get ready and start my day! if i feel like a good girl i make my bed,but this doesn't happen every day. next i head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. igot a very cool life hack to show you. this one is especially handy when traveling, whenyou don't have a glass or a pot to put your toothbrush in. you don't want to lay yourtoothbrush on a counter, which can be unhygienic. a great solution is to use a laundry pin! clipit on your toothbrush like this and place it on a counter. pretty smart, huh? i'm traveling today i like to get dressed in the morning so i quicklychange into my pink velvet dress and head to

the kitchen. today i decided to make a mojito- without the alcohol of course. i squeeze the juice of half a lime and pour it intomy drinking bottle. i also like to throw in a couple of lime slices. it will be my drink we cannot miss themint. mint gives such a nice fresh scent and taste to your drinks. lastly add some wateror sparkling water. be careful if you're using sparkling water because as you can see it,can be pretty aggressive. got to pour it into my drinking bottle and my yummy virgin mojitois all ready. i need to eat something to give me energy before my workout so i made theseyogurt berry popsicles the evening before. they are a perfect healthy breakfast on thego and they are extremely easy to make!

take some fruit - i am using raspberries and blueberries- and mush it quickly with a fork. get your popsicle molds ready and pop in a tablespoonof yogurt. i'm using the greek version. then, grab a tablespoon of blueberries and add themon top. make another yogurt layer. time to add the raspberries, which are one of my favoritefruits. finish your popsicles with a spoonful of yogurt. place the lids on and pop theseyummy treats into the freezer overnight. the next morning, you have a delicious breakfast onthe go, ready! another plus is that they look amazing on pictures. especially in the summeri like to go out, grab my bike and eat the popsicle whilst strolling in the fresh air.i have to put my black hair into a pony tail when working out, otherwise it just drives me crazy.but some hair elastics can be harsh, pulling

and breaking your hair. an amazing life hackis to make your own hair elastic from an old nylon sock. cut the top edge of the socksand you have the softest and most gentle elastic that your hair will love. finally, i'm readyto do some cycling. it feels so nice to be able to go out now when it's warmer. in thewinter i always do my workout in the living room because it's freezing outside. aftermy cardio, i like to stop and do some strength training. if you want your strength exercisesto be more effective, grab some weights. you can easily make them yourself. fill two bottleswith sand or water and you have a new pair of weights in no time! now your squats willbe even more effective. another squat tip is to slightly point your toes out. this wayyou are also training your inner thighs. keeping

hydrated during the day is super importantwhether you're working out or not. let me tell you - this lime mint drink is so delicious,you need to try it! when i feel like i've done enough of sports for the day i cycleon my new scooter i got i don't work out every single day, but lately i've been trying to do it at least2 times per week. time to go traveling before taking a shower i apply a thick layerof vaseline on my face. my skin gets red quickly and hot showers aggravate the condition. applyingvaseline before shower locks in the moisture and prevents your skin from getting dry andirritated. this hack has totally saved my skin and i really recommend you trying itout! by the way, how cool is this popsicle shower sponge?! while i'm washing my black hairlet me share the most important hair

hacks. apply your shampoo only on your scalp,because this is where the hair gets oily and needs a proper cleanse. from your ears downapply the conditioner to hydrate the your hair. rinse with a bit colder water to diminishfrizz and to make your hair look shiny and pretty! i like to wash my face the last thingin the shower still using colder water to prevent irritation. an oil based face washworks best for my sensitive skin. when it comes to drying your hair try to usea cotton t-shirt instead of a towel it works wonders in diminishing the frizz. mostof the days i let my hair dry naturally. but, when using the hair dryer always put it onthe cold air setting. a great tip for getting more volume is to flip your head upside downwhen blow-drying. this gives you so much volume,

it's crazy! normally i have the part on myright side and my hair looks quite flat that way. for the days when i want extra volumei make my part on the left and boom – tons of volume. sometimes i like to pin my hairto keep it off my face, but i don't have any pretty pins. no problem because here is asuper easy diy that will make all your bobby pins look amazing! all you need are some plainhair pins and nail polish. you know how pretty bobby pins are so much more expensive thanthe plain ones. now you can buy them for cheap and then customize them to your liking. ifyou want to make dotted bobby pins simply dip a toothpick or dotting tool into the polishand make dots all along the pin. now tell me if this isn't the best diy you've everseen. so useful and done in seconds!

i got kind of obsessed and made a bunch ofthese. try using metallic and glitter polish too – your bobby pins will look amaze-balls! ok, hair is done and i love it. time to sort out my nails. i don't paint themevery morning but i like to do it once every week or so. after applying a base coat, i'mpainting my middle finger and pinky with a minty blue polish. on the pointer and thumbi'm going for corally pink. to make a glittery statement nail apply two coats of metallicgold on the ring finger. today i am going for colorful leopard print inspired nails,and i'm gonna share with you some of my top nail art hacks along the way. instead of applyingchunky glitter polish with a brush, try doing

it with a sponge! you would need a lot ofcoats using a polish brush if you'd want to get this glitter opacity, while with a spongeyou get it right away. for the leopard design start by wiping the brush of your white polishreally well. make a few white patches allover the middle finger nail like this. a greathack is to apply white before layering different polish colors. every color looks much morevibrant with white underneath. i actually want my patches to be corally pink, so we'regoing to apply it on top of white. take a toothpick and snip away the pointy tip. dipit into darker blue polish and there you have a diy dotting tool. make small dots closetogether around the pink patches. don't go all around but rather make little bracketsand c shapes like this. i like leopard nails

because you literally can't mess it up. theshapes have to be all a bit different and imperfect. in the end make some dots to fillup the empty spaces. i decided to leave my pointer and pinky in one solid color and onlyadded a blue dot like this. on the thumb i am doing the same leopard design as on mymiddle finger, only switching up the colors. see how vibrant this blue is on top of white?!i love it! dip your toothpick in dark blue and use the dotting motion to draw some bracketsand some c shapes around the light blue patches. make a few dots here and there to fill upthe empty spaces. finish your manicure with a clear top coat to seal the designs and addsome shine. how beautiful are these nails right? i like how easy these were to makeplus no special tools were needed except for

the toothpick. even if you never tried nailart before, you gotta give this one a go. i love painting my nails but i hate waitingfor my nail polish to dry. a great hack to make the polish dry faster is to dip yourfingers in the ice cold water. that's it my nails are all done looking rather epic, soit's time to move on to makeup! before starting with makeup i like to exfoliateand prep my lips. i made this pretty lip scrub myself. here's how. i'm making a rainbow scrubso i need 4 containers. put one tablespoon of sugar in each container. add half a teaspoonof olive oil. optionally you can put in a few drops of flavoring and scent – i wentfor strawberry and peppermint. lastly add some food coloring into each container – ichose green, yellow, blue and red. mix well yum my lip scrub

until all the ingredients are nicely combined.pour the scrub mixtures into a little jar or any other container of your choice. ingoes my green scrub, followed by the blue layer here comes yellow scrub and lastlythe red one. how pretty it looks with all the colored layers! this could make for agorgeous gift as well, but i'm keeping it for myself. i like to rub it on my lips toexfoliate them. wipe the scrub away or simply eat it because this is completely edible.i'm applying on a bit of lip balm and my lips are all prepped. for my face i like usingthe cushion foundations, which are becoming very popular lately. they give such a naturaland glowy finish to my skin. i don't want

no dark circles so i'm applying concealeron the inner corners of my eyes. to define those eyes i like to swipe some brown shadowon the crease using a fluffy blending brush. on the lid i'm first applying some white baseusing my finger. this makes your lid shadow pop much more giving you brighter and moreawake look. on top of the white base i'm popping light pink-ish eyeshadow using the spongeapplicator that came with the palette. smudging some black shadow on the top lash-line makesthe lashes look fuller while keeping that natural look. before curling the lashes, warmyour eyelash curler using a blow-dryer. the logic is the same as with the hot tools thatwe use for styling our hair. the lash curl will be more pronounced and will last muchlonger. if your mascara is a bit old and the

brush is getting clumpy, don't stressout! place the brush under the warm running water for 10 seconds and the brush will beas clean as new. if the mascara itself has dried out you can dip it into a glass filledwith warm water and wait for 10 seconds. the heat will soften up the product and you'llget many more use of your favorite mascara. you can see how much i love this pinky blush– i am almost out of it! for the lips i chose this pretty corally pink lipstick. acool hack, which makes your lips appear fuller is using some light shadow, concealer or powderon the center of your lips. another way to fuller looking lips is making your own plumpinglip gloss. just drip a few drops of peppermint oil into your lip gloss and shake it well.apply it on, and boom – lips look plumpier

and prettier. alright, my makeup is all doneand i can finally head to the kitchen to make myself a real tasty breakfast. i like eating fruit in the morning so i'mfirst gonna make myself a fruit salad. recently i've learned some awesome fruit cutting hacksthat i need to share with you. if you wanna cut your grapes in half, the easiest way isto lay a plate upside down on a table. put on a bunch of grapes and lay another plateon like this. press the top plate down to keep the grapes in place and cut the grapeswith just one swipe of the knife. voila all grapes are cut into perfect halves! this hackis seriously epic! for the strawberries use a straw to remove the green leaves. like that– no yummy strawberries goes to waste!

cut the kiwi in half and use a spoon to carveout the meat. no more messy pealing with a knife. this literally takes seconds. latelyi've been loving mangos. cut along one side up to the pit that's in the middle. take thismango piece and with the tip of the knife, make cuts vertically and horizontally cuttingall the way to the peel. then push the middle of the mango upwards and you'll see perfectcubes peeking out. cut these with a knife and you have evenly cut mango pieces readyto throw into your fruit salad. what else should i eat for breakfast... hmmpancakes! milk, flour and 2 eggs are all i

need! when you wanna separate egg yolks fromthe egg whites but you mess it up – just squeeze an empty bottle, then release it sothat the yolk gets sucked inside. such a great hack that has saved me so many times. to makethe pancakes super fluffy i am whisking the egg whites until stiff peaks. time to whiskthe yolks as well. add about 2 deciliters of milk i am using rice milk. and two tablespoons of rice flour! combine the two mixtures in a big bowl and you get the fluffiest pancake batter! put some coconut or regular oil into the pan. place in a big cookie mold and pouryour pancake mixture inside. this is a great way to make pancakes in fun shapes – todayi went for the hearts! to release the pancake

from the mold you may need some help of aknife and a spoon. gotta flip it around and my pancakes are all done smelling delicious!finally it's time to put together my breakfast of champs i'm adding some of my fruit saladon the plate, a big spoonful of cream and some sprinkles to make it look totally instagramworthy! how yummy! and yes, most days i eat my breakfast on the couch. i forgot to makemyself something to drink. so let's quickly make a raspberry lemonade. all we need isa lemon and some raspberries. cut two lemon slices and put them into a pan. add some raspberriesand pour in half a liter of water. place the pan over the stove and wait until it startsboiling.

there we go, while my drink is is cooling down i'm gonna decorate the glass.dip the edge of the glass into the lemon juice. next dip it in sprinkles or sugar. instantlyyou have the prettiest looking glass ever. this is such a great idea for a party. anotherway to take your drinks game to the next level is making these beautiful raspberry ice cubes.throw one raspberry into each of the ice cube holes. you can use different colored fruitsto make colorful ice cubes too. fill each hole with water and put it in the freezer. okback to our drink. here i'm pouring my raspberry lemonade into the glass omg so awesome! the last thing isto add is a big straw and my breakfast or

maybe more brunch is all ready. of coursei don't make such a big breakfast every day. most of the times i simply eat oatmeal anddrink water. but sometimes you gotta treat yourself with a tasty breakfast like thisone. whilst eating i like to browse the internet, watch some videos, answer your comments andjust lounge on my sofa. before going out i need to change into somethinga bit more presentable and while choosing my outfit i'll show you some amazing fashionlife hacks! your button is about to fall off and you don't have time to sew it. relax!use a clear nail polish to temporarily fix it in place. it happens to everyone – whitedeodorant marks on black shirts. all you need is a baby wipe to remove those nasty stainsoff your shirt. your favorite sweater starting

to look old? remove the fluff clumps usinga razer. here you can see it even better. your sweater will look as new. no time toiron your dress or a blouse? use a hair straightener! a perfect hack for travelling too! i lovethis dress so this is going to be my ootd and i am ready to go out. oh another hack– if the sole of your shoes gets dirty, simply wipe the stains away with a cottonpad soaked in acetone. perfect, my shoes look brand new. weekends or weekdays – i spendmost of my days working on videos – filming, editing... it is my favorite thing in theworld! when the days are nice and warm i love being outside. i like going on hikes withmy boyfriend or take a walk down the streets

of bergen. i just try to enjoy the sunshineas much as possible. yes i'm still very proud of my nails, i need to stop showing off, haha.anyway, every morning is a new beginning and every day is a precious gift. so just smile,take a deep breath, and make the most of it! i hope you liked the video and learned somenew life hacks that you can use yourself. give the video a big thumbs up if you wantme to film a night routine video soon and tell me in the comments what you ate for breakfasttoday. i love food so i would like to know. thank you so much for watching guys and iwill see you soon! bye! start each morning with a grateful heart,because i know that you too have so many beautiful reasons to be thankful for.

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