bilder wohnzimmer romantisch

bilder wohnzimmer romantisch

what's so funny, dad?the roads are really bad! tarkalal, is everything ready?-perfectly under control. chacha thakur they've come why are you so anxious? see if muskaan is ready this is very respectablefamily so behave properly don't worry dad.i'll handle it you must have learnt fromrejection by 100 familles. what? don't be funny!

hi thakur sir, greetings. greetings. you're having a grandlifestyle here. we've worked a littlerest is by the grace of god he is my son balvinder. billu.- hello. he is a bit... quite a bit. please come in.- let's go! you had no problem findingthis place?

of course not. everybodyknows you around here. but the roads are really bad. the roads are bad but people are good. that's why we are here. would you have something? why not. thakur sahib you knowwhy we have come here. certainly.ujala, bring muskaan here. dad, let's go back!

a ghost! muskaan, sit properly! good sense of humour! it's happening!she's beautiful! - yes! my son likes muskaan.what's your opinion? let me ask do you like dev anand? my liking or dislikingis of no consequence. first let them meet brother vishal. yes vishal has to make decision. here comes vishal.

they've proposed for muskaan.-yes. hi! god help him! cool! relax! my name is balwinder! people call me biloo. biloo - don't move too much.what's it? don't worsen the situation.-what's your problem? i can come to this familyonly after muskaan's marriage.

uncle may i show our estateto my would be brother-in-law. - yes. no, no vishal...-yes, yes... i'd like to see my in-law's place. no. let two of them go thakur sahib.-two will go, one will return. come on.-let's go. he'll play the band.-band is part of the ceremony. i'm afraid he might playit right now. don't fast. slow! slow! slow!

don't worry thakureverything will be fine. that's not funny! by now my biloo and your vishalwould have become buddies. don't go fast!there's grass ahead! no! you don't know my biloo's talking,skills. vishal will become his fan. why haven't they come back? dad! help me! perhaps they are decidingabout the marriage. horse, why did you drop me down?!

here they are coming.but i don't see biloo! i had told youtwo will go, one will return. oh gosh! what happened to youmy son? what a ride! dad, this brother-in-lawis very bad! no! come on! dad he showed me estatefrom all angles... from top to bottom, inside thebush, from the treetop.

let's go back! oh, he is so badly scratched. if you did not like my sonyou should have said so. i'd no idea he would beso badly disfigured. come. let's go balvinder.-don't be funny! billu. the boy was a sample! boy was neither to your liking normine, but why did you beat him? what if his arms or legshad broken.

sorry, uncle.- get going! you threw him out! what's this? okay, darling! enjoy! i picked this rakhi for do you like it? it's good, but it is sister'sfestival - why are you asking me? who knows, you may have to tierakhi to my brother some day. shut up. never say this.-you love affair is admirable... brother doesn't care about you,but you always dream about him.

i dream too, but not in sleep.i dream with my eyes open. and i only dream about you.-really? yes, but how long will yourbrother refuse your suitors? doesn't he wants to getyou married? what can he do? it ishard to find a good match. i'm available. tell yourbrother you like me. if he proposes you to my familythe marriage would materialize. why don't you say it to him?-i would have said, but the moment yourbrother appears before me,

he becomes worried and tense.he begins to shake like a leaf! really?-yes. finished talking?-yes i'm finished. baby you go home. shall i go home too? wait. - ok. any mischief again, your head willbe in with feet dangling out. he turned off my light! brother...

i'm here baby. oh you're here.i looked for you everywhere. forget what ever happened.we've nothing to do with them. but we've go to do somethingwith each other, don't we? i can't tolerate anybodyinsulting you. now stop talkinghave some food. you cooked it? yes.- it's very tasty. wake-up brother.

let me sleep baby. brother, please wake-up...-why? because today is sisters' dayand you've to do what i say. wake up! oh yes, it is rakhi today.-had you forgotten. how can i forget?i live for this day. give me your hand. may god bestowall the happiness. just blessings won'tsuffice this year.

i'm going to ask forsomething special! what?i want to go to bombay. bombay? why? because i want tomove with modern times. i want to go to the cityfor higher studies. vishal - take care of muskaanlike your daughter... give her whatever she wants.-son! don't let her miss us. she has no one except you. okay.-thank you brother. you're great.

"i love you all!" "friends! i've neither adestination nor a companion." "yet i've started from homesearching someone..." "to be my be my destination." "oh my soulmateit's search of your playmate" "you come in my dreams alwaysnow come in to my life for ever" "oh my soulmateit's search of your playmate" "oh queen of mydreams and thoughts" "our love storywill be retold in history"

"oh my oblivescencei vow today" "i'll find youin my love someday" "will she be like abeautiful fairy?" "how do i knowhow will be my darling?" "how do i knowhow will be my darling?"15800:16:56,320 --> 00:17:00,767"but i think about youbut i long for you" "and my heart wants to comeabsolutely close to you" "now come in to my life for ever" cool it!come on! - what's your problem? i'm so sorry. i'm really sorry.

can't you see? i can see darling - i bumped in toyou because you are so handsome. do we go brother? hi, baby! please don't! - sorry! muskaan you want to haveeducation in this jungle? this is not a jungle brotherthis is city's best college. that's why i see more animalsthan human beings here. here's the principal's office -smile please.

come in. ok. good morning, sir. - good morning! muskaan thakur. chacha thakur's niece -i was expecting you. fill this form. okay. fine. and he is?-my elder brother. elder brother take the load offyour shoulders and have a seat. in this college we put loadon brain not on shoulders.

brains? are you talking about loadingbrains of empty-headed students? have textile mills closed thatgirls don't cover their bodies? can't you see?-yes i can see. have a seat. ornaments are for girls but boyswear them - can't you see? surely i can see. students smoke as if this is acigarette factory - can't you see?19300:20:06,614 --> 00:20:10,783yes friend i can see.- so why don't you do something? what can i do?this is modern culture. culture?

this culture must change is coming to study here. father's name vishal thakur...mother's name vishal thakur too? vishal is my elder brother's name.after death of our parents he has brought me up - he hassacrificed his happiness for me. my brother is everything for me.-understand? let's go. one moment. before you go i want totell you something. seeing your affection for eachother reminds of my sister. i used to love her like you -and i too used to harass people...

i mean counsel people. but one day she fell in lovewith a boy - married him and ran away. finished talking? thank you, sir! come on! perhaps i said something wrong! you should not have talkedto him like this. do you know he is the head ofthe college. he is principal. is your principal moreimportant than your brother?

no, for me nobody is moreimportant than my brother. if you want anything, you don'tneed to write or phone just remember me andi will come to you. okay?- okay. stop, where can you run from me.- help... hey suraj please help me.- builder! why are you beating her. suraj she threw eggs over me. did you throw eggs over him?come in front of me people like you should beeither in the front or in the side!

so why did you throw eggs?-i was just ragging him. ragging is for newcomers,not your old friends. and remember this our last andfinal year in the college. if wee pass! what happened suraj? nothing.but something has happened. look at me.come on look at me. hi! fool!

oh! she ignored insulting... i can make her run after mein a couple of minutes. do you want to bet? go ahead! - how much?- say five hundred... fifty thousand...-one thousand done.- done. all the worst! - to you too! get lost! o' god! - get lost!

'want to lay a bet?' hello! only five second trace of suraj. don't look at your watchlook ahead! that's suraj's charisma. lost the bet. what're you doing?! give me money! - i'm just coming! money! - will i have to?

yes! let's go!- bye! hey wrestler! - get lost! please listen.oh. why did you bring me to library?what is the matter? what is the matter? whatever she thinks about me,but i feel attracted to her. about whom?- about her. but who is she?- that girl with purse. which girl?- one i was running from...

really! and we thought shewas running after you. that's one and same thing. i don't understandyou tell me later. look at me so thati can explain. she had a bag like thisi picked it and run. hello! - hi. i was explaining her about the bag.-i fully understand you. pardon? can i've my bag please?

thank you.- thank you. no problem. thank you. here she comes. hi.- hi. my name is ritu.- muskaan are you new in college? how do you like our college? okay.- and the people?

quite interesting.- friends! friends!- friends! hello, sir. how're you today? okay? didn't you get money.- yes. i got it. why are you playing so good? i'm habitually a good player.never played for money before. i made a mistake. it's for money today - play welland get out promptly. our team is being defeated andsuraj is laughing with batsman!

team spirit- you won't understand. howzat! why are they waving each other goodbye?- i explained - it's team spirit. yes!- yes! howzat!- not out! i was indicating this! alright. he's out! hey, stop moving your buttocksi get disturbed. i'm not moving, it's the breezewhich makes them move.

umpire- hey, stop moving. how can our player fieldwithout moving? my dear principal. he is moving with intent todisturb my player. then the match won't continue! why? the match will be played! no! - it will! hey! it will! why not?! it will.

what're you doing? principals weremade umpires to avoid any problem. now you're fighting. you shouldset a good example for students. on field, or off field,all the players are sportsmen! and the game should be playedin the true spirit! no cheating! hey, where are you lost?- right here sir. you stop moving. batsman you stoplooking. you take your positions. come on, sir!- come on! see, our captain settledeverything in minutes.

the ball!- he's fallen! throw the ball. throw the ball. fast! hurry up! hurry! out! out! out! both of them.. isn't sonu looking at us?- could be a part of our game plan. plan! give me the ball!

go and bowl! i thought that cricketis a very slow and boring game! but i'm enjoying it today. enjoying? our captain has madeit so interesting. haven't you been paid?- i'm not for sale. last man, last wicket, last runour defeat is certain. he could not settle with batsman!- what? i mean.. this batsman is well-set! i see! he's well-set!

catch it! good catch! we've won! congratulation.- shake hands with her. pull out the gloves! how much did youpay to buy the team? what did she say?- that we played very well. i'm the principalof your college. i'm sorry. i'm not free.

muskaan i want talk to you.- i've no time to listen to you. how sad! i'll show you. oh, what are you doing? stop it! people are watching.stop it. what's it?! good you told me everythingabout yourself. like you i'm very mischievous in myhome, but i've a good heart.

so you're no longer angry with me.- who said i was angry? good morning, sir. give me. - here. what's this suraj? compensation.- compensation? my dad sends lot of love to meon first day of every month. muskaan, i've an urgenterrand to run, can i go. okay. i had mention lot of love -this is it.

where can it go?search all drawers of the cabinet. a 2,500,000 necklacecan't vanish like this. mom you never called me your son,and today you called me a thief. why are you afraid if theysearch your room. i'm not afraid, i'm sad.doesn't all this belong to me. yes, of course.- i've equal right in this property i'm your father's wife -this makes me your mother. necklace is not in this room.- okay, search over there. daddy, you searched my room, nowask them to search her room too.

see your son thinks i'm a thief...why will i steal my own necklace? it's not necklace, it's thematter of losing and winning. what do you want to say suraj? that she is not my mother -she is my stepmother. suraj! daddy, your life long problem isyou leave everything unfinished. i must move out for the happinessof this family. but where will you go? without trying to stop meyou're asking my destination.

but.. listen.. relax. not fair! why didn't yourun after me. for me bag has no valueto make me run after it. what about me? friends? go, suraj! go! down there! don't you know howto play the game?

every time you resortto your vulgar gestures. don't say that! sour grapes! come here! come on, shortie! next! suraj why don't you play?- i don't like these foolish games. hear him- come on i'll play with you. okay. 1. 2.. 3!

come on, suraj. it's a matter of honour!- come on, muskaan! he got it! hey, look! suraj lost.- what? what did i do? you winked...- what? tell me - what did i do? say it! hey button - you won't gainheight by eating. fatty - eating will reduce you. do you know big film starsare coming on college's annual function we know.- how?

we've invited them.- you? i mean suraj.- do you know these film stars? they are his underwear friends.- we used to exchange under-wears. really?! i've seen them only on the screen. now you can see themface to face. stay away! fool! suraj can i meet once?- why once - ten times. and one autograph?- you can have autobiography.

brothers and girlfriends.- hey... call them sisters. ok! my love to my dearbrothers and their sisters! i'm presenting great actors whohave brought prestige to india. applaud! suraj, do i look good?- it's a golden chance! - may i go now. hello! - a round of applause for him! greetings! - and for him! greetings! - round of applause for him!

and a huge round ofapplause for him! - hi! and for our anil kapoor least one clap! this is called annual function -not one at your college. cheap! - what?! i know you've seen themonly on the screen. they're very may ask any question. please let me ask one question.- okay go ahead. may i ask a question shatruji? yes sure.

you started clapping. first letme ask the question. i am your great fan - seen all yourmovies - first day, first show... now that new boys have taken overhow do you feel about them? quiet. how can these kids take my place. hey you! it's his childhood name! have you lost sight with age?

you see 'khalnayak' as a kid. remain silent for some time, okay? you've lost your thronebut not your pride. control your tongueotherwise... otherwise you'll goto my father. yes that's where he'll go -he is your father's age. you've been burntnot changed your behavior you've twisted backbut you're still proud. shut up! or..

why are they fighting suraj? they are just acting. you must seek forgivenessfrom kaka and me. come on. otherwise... otherwise what? you're threateningsuleman pasha. come on octopus. - quiet. how dare you touch me. - quiet. hey weakling, i will blow you away. hey you! - hey, you crazy man!

hey, oldie, have you gone crazy?! i'll.. just come. you called me weakling.- what're you guys doing? you duplicate of salman, move aside! what? was he salman's duplicate?- how can they bring original. quiet hey weakling.. - quiet. look at the man before you talk.he is not duplicate he is the organizer, we have toget money from him. you go sir.

all of them are duplicate.hit them. what's all this? muskaan i did this to impress you. and i shook their hands. cheap?! suraj! oh man avoid tension. how can i? principal wants tomeet my parents about stars night. what is the difficulty?call your parents.

they haven't met me in two years -why will they meet the principal. give it a thought suraj.what will happen? i've done my you think about it. if had brains to think, we wouldnot be in same class for 3 years. this means mycollege days are over. how dare you become the principal?you have harassed my son! don't you know who i am?- who are you? i'm suraj khanna's mother. if i want i can buy thiscollege overnight...

and sell it in a day. please don't do that, madam!what'll i do then?! who the hell is it?! - here i am, sir! sorry, sir. suraj, come on my son.look son who has come to see you. who?- your mother. mom! it's you. i mean.. mother, you?!

dear! - mother! have a seat son.principal has troubled you. yes.- no. no, mother. i think i should have anothercollege constructed for you. yes, mother. - no! here is my checkbook. i want topay for my son's mistakes. is it okay son.- well done my - i mean mom. why are you bothlaughing like this.

why? do you have a problem? no, i don't have a..- good. good. because you can'tafford to have one. i never had a.. - liar! you have troubled my son tell me what's your decision. i have decided madam. from todaythis college belongs to your son. if it was up to me i wouldgive this city to suraj. let's go son.- just a minute. i want to tell you somethingbefore you go.

yes? your love for each otherreminds of my mother mom take this. she used to love me like this. she use to pay for my mistakes. i mean, she'd discipline me. i can understand your pain.- don't take out more. it'll get over.

my son.- you tricked the principal. mother! you know today shetricked the principal. what happened?- ask what did not happen. alright! what didn't happen? she turned out to be my mother!- what?! she so cleverly hoodwinked himnone of us can. if she had not helped yourhero would not be in college. suraj she is laughing soshe is an easy prey.

good chance to saywhatever is in your heart. should i say? "listen my goldie" "say it handsome" "say that you love mefulfill my desire" "uncover veil of shynessmy darling" "your memory hurts medoesn't let me sleep at nights" "oh listen my goldie" "don't be obstinatedon't cross limits"

"oh crazy majnu" "i can't give hearti can't take heart" "oh ignorant lover" "you don't understandyou don't agree" "i'm ashamedmy body trembles" "i've no controlon my heart" "don't torture mecome embrace me" "can't tolerate the distancecan't live without you" "go away you crazywake up from a sleep"

"don't come after me" "why do you hold metightly in your arms" "pulling by my hand" "i'll not come near youi'll run away from you" "till i boost your heartbeatstill i increase your yearning" "when i first saw youi wished to die for you" "i'm maddened byyour entrapping manner" "agree my belovedand say yes to my love" "you agree to nothingyou know nothing"

"how should i explain to you" "listen my heartbeathow can i narrate" "story of my heart" "my heart is afraidthat you can die for me" "don't increase my anxietydon't be crazy" "but you realize my lifeconsent is hidden in denial" when i left army for my childreni didn't know that i will have to face a warin my own village. attack...

vishal - did i hurt you? sorry! in anger i didn't realizeit was you hold a minute - i know howto handle him. scoundrel! come on! show me your is stronger than mine. oh papa! my back is in pieces.- what happened my son? why are you crying?- both of them hit me badly. they're in full control of land.forget about the fields.

are you wearing shoes?- of course. let's run away from this village.- shut up. see vishal and thakur havephysically assaulted us. decency just doesn't exist these days. since the time they've come.. ..they've been talking undueadvantage of their strength. now we are going to lose our land. it's enough, we must take thisto panchayat. yes papa you must take thismatter to panchayat.

where are we going uncle?- to panchayat. - what? to have our pictures clicked!- nonsense, uncle! gajraj is trying to grab our land. i'll beat him in front of villageleaders if he causes mischief. fifteen years ago i bought landfrom thakur's elder brother... but they have not given meits possession so far. that was our land andit will remain with us. entire village know thati never lie. i don't know much about youbut you're a good actor.

why are you wastingpanchayat's time? you're taking advantage of time bycoming after your brother's death to grab all his land.- hey. finished talking. now listen. he has done more than our bring us up, uncle didn't marry sacrificed his happiness. we areindebted to him more than the land. do you understand papa?- vishal, sit down my son. i promise to give land if gajrajshows any proof of purchase. hearing both parties panchayatdecides in favor of thakur sahib. try to break our family again andi'll punish you not the panchayat.

papa have your pants up,- why? - it'll be easy to run. no, no... it'll not happenhow and when will it happen... what's it? uncle he's talking with himself. only muskaan used to talk. she isgone - so i talk to myself. finished talking?- yes. what's the matter you miss muskaan? i'm going to can also go to see muskaan. come on. - vishal!

are you going to city?- yes. to meet with muskaan?- yes. give it to muskaan. what will happen to me? i haven't seen a greatercoward than you. i'm giving flowers for the firsttime. what if she rejects. are you deaf.didn't you hear what she said. what? there is consenthidden in her denial.

yes okay come on, why i'm delaying?- come on. how dare you?- suraj try to understand he is my... we can take care of him. go my hippopotamus... charge... you've a body! he is very strong. don't get beaten in front of all.think about our prestige. prestige is not above my life.

he attacked from back. he has beaten us so much,give him at least two bumps. okay, my two bumpswill equal fifty. go! don't spare him! can't you dosomething about it? please. oh god! i hit you twice! come on! hey muskaan! who isthis big item?

that's what i was trying to say.he is my elder brother. elder brother? let's go. hey elder brother. kindly listen to me. i hear my elders and equals. i just want to say that i...- finished talking? one more word and i'll wrap yourtongue around your neck. excuse me sir, kindly listen...- you listen, if you can't remember

note it down that if you try tomeet muskaan, i'll finish you. he gave tremendous beating,my body has been de-shaped. this brother-sister love is strangewhen in the second round i was about to beat him,muskaan just whisked him away. or we'd have beaten him.- what? brother. please hear what i've to say- what more should i hear? they had no idea thatyou're my brother. i'm to blame. if i had told themthat i've an over protective brother,

then as in the village,i couldn't have any friends. finished talking? you had come forstudies not for making friends. first time in life i made goodfriends - you fought with them. wrong. he started the fight,i only finished it. poor suraj (sun).- it was sunset. come on everybody,bus will leave now. give this to me sir. baby, you've to go this way.- come on, be quick. come on, be quick.

come on, hurry up! start the bus oh my in-law, my way goeswherever you'll go. good night! ujala! it's okay.what're you doing here? waiting.- and i was searching you at home. papa. learn to live alone. aftersometime i'll live in this house. not until they finda good boy for muskaan. and i wonder how that boy will be..who'll challenge vishal.

come on, hurry up. let's go! bhanu do you go to thakur sahib'sfarm house every day? yes, otherwise i can't develop suchmuscles by eating at dad's hotel. what's up dud?- he is dhoodwala, i'm tongawala. is horse-cart empty?- do you see anybody? no.- then jump in and tell the address thakur sahib's home.- then my cart is not empty. why?- why? are you related to thakur sahib?- no, but i will be.

do you mean with thakur's sister?you may be keen to have your bones broken but i've no suchintention and if he finds out that i took you there theni will go from this world. try to understand. you aren't taking me there,but atleast tell me the address. i'll tell you the shortestroute to get there. you see that hill, there is a riverbehind it which passes through his farmhouse. you may swim or sinkwe will read in paper, give me 25. 25 rupees?

10 for address, 15 for dressing.i have taken so much risk. i don't have change!- crazy man. "like a crazy i'm goingin search of my love" "like a crazy i'm going" ""o breeze,tell me the address to her house."" "lovely sights, magnificent skyuniverse in joy, delightful weather" ""she'll feel shy, she'll be scared."" "she'll be bashful. she'll be timidcloser she comes, won't let her go" "in the shadows of her hairwe will embrace each other"

nobody knows vishal better thenyou, yet you had a boyfriend. i don't know howall this happened. friendship or love? forget him. after being beatenhe would have forgotten you too. tell me muskaan, is surajabout 5 feet 10 inch tall? fair color?- yes. big eyes?- yes. but how do you knowso much about him? because i'm seeing him.- what?

hi. no... no.i'm coming. what do we do now?!- get rid of him, while i handle vishal. hi.- what's this madness suraj? if vishal sees you...- i've come to see him. you don't know my brother.- i've come to know him. you've come after a long journeyand you've started working. move aside or i'llslice you also into two! suraj, try to understand please.

this time is not for understanding.this time is for explaining. do as i say, go back. i'm afraidif something happens to you... do you love me muskaan? yes.- lovers don't fear big brother. one minute - please listen. i'm surprised thati've come here for muskaan. i know you love her and youcan do anything to protect her. and i don't claim to bethe best match for her.

but i'll make her happybecause i love her very much. just give me one chance. just one chance. just one chance.- finished talking? come with me. hi horsie! hi horsie! that's it! that's enough! i've been trying to convincehim that i love muskaan... but words don't cross his scalphe can't understand.

you go back. go back've everything. everything... except muskaan. this road will take me to cityto all luxuries of life. that will take me to muskaanand tortures by her brother. here i've father's wealth,there muskaan's true love. here is old boring routine,and there is my destination. so the right decisionis to go left or to go right. hey, are you blind ora drunk driver. thank you dear.- you're welcome, sir.

never seen you before here.- i'm from another state. but everyone has somedestination. i know my destinationbut it's hard to reach there. if you've a destination it isdifficult to find your way. i had accident but you appearto be more disturbed than me. it's not like that sir.- then why this long face? sadness doesn't look goodon your lovely face. you extended your handit's a great gesture. can't i bring smile (muskaan)in your life.

that's why i've come here. come on, man. cheer up! don't be disappointed. i've learnteverything is fair in love and war. you've inspired me to stay heretill i'm successful. oh, you're welcome. you can stay with us. on one condition - you'lllet me share your work. why not. this is our house.- but why is it so dark here? often light goes off.

oh!- this is only problem. tadkalal.. i'm here uncle.- you've come back? yes, uncle. how is baby?- she is fine. she's also come. really? she is also back.that's good. you've come so late in the night.- i'd a minor accident. have you been hurt?- no, absolutely not. this boy help me out.- thank you.

he'll live with us for somedays. arrange for his stay. okay, uncle. oh muskaan, how are youmy darling, how are you? i'm fine uncle.- oh so sweet. he is suraj and our muskaan. come inside. luck has brought him again,there must be something in it. i understand your anger. you hadto hide it because of me... but can't you give sometime to understand suraj.

he is good. i know you love me,but i like suraj very much. i am a hen man! is this what you like.- yes. what will happen ujala. brothertook suraj to show the estate. what if suraj also runs awaylike biloo. don't know what vishalwould have made of suraj. don't worry your city boywill handle him correctly. big brother, i really enjoyed! i have come lying all the way!thank you, big brother!

good man. good. thank you. today you will workwith this people and you will cook food today. okay, no problem. chinese! okay, now you go. now we will havebest cooking. ask tarkalal to bring food.i'm very hungry. tarkalal is not here.i gave him a day off. who'll cook today?- suraj.

suraj? can he cook? ujala.- yes uncle. this is my foot baby. hi! hello! what happened to you? here i come with enjoyable foodit has taste you'll remember. sirs, guests and devils! i'm sorry. i mean to say.. brother!

this is your diet food.carrot and a tall of fish. cheese in spinach for uncle. spinach! chicken bites for colonel. very... very...- good, isn't it? you've cooked very good. good! thank you, sir. eat food!

take it! food is very good. i'm tolerating youbecause of your sister.86701:33:21,472 --> 01:33:24,662what is this vulgarity?- it's love. love, and with you. some day you will...- finished talking? now listen. stop your indecent behavior...we're no longer kids. why don't you understand this,we are not kids. restrain youryouthful emotions. "listen oh passionate girlyour youth is very desirable"

"your youth is very desirable" "this season of black cloudsroads devoid of true love" "this is the time for loveand your youth..." "ever since i've seen your youthi've been crazy and passionate" "it's the call of rainy seasonto hold me in your arms" "give me some lovegive me tranquility" "my eyes are thirstylet me look at you from close" "you're so excitingyou're so stunning" "beware of the worldyou're so pleasing"

"but its eyes are very hardand your youth..." "how long can you be angryand avoid the veil of my hair" "you'll search me obsessivelywhen you're enchanted by love" "you're the dream of poetsyou're the bottle of wine" "who can be your matchyou're incomparable" "your gait is adorableworld is crazy about you" "everybody wantsa gift of love from you" "everybody wants selfishly...your youth..." "this is the time for love"

is suraj living in pony shade?- yes uncle. why?baby is living in the home. sometimes you act like old man.he's a good boy, but as you like. i've been waiting for you. i had to come withoutalerting my brother. what? your bloody brother.- hey! never talk foul aboutmy brother. you always take sideswith your brother. i'm his biggest responsibilityand he loves me.

yes, you're right. his love islove - my love is worthless. don't try to be tooemotional about it. yes, in a sense you're righti've no value. leaving everything i've comehere as a visiting tourist. you don't realize how muchtension we have because of you. because of me or becauseof that bull. she too? but it soundsgood from her mouth. "i'm attracted, so is my heartbecause you're so different" "be careful, love can shock youbecause my brother dislikes you"

"my brother could makeyou fill water pots" "if i want your brother would beroaming from door to door" "if he messes i'll hang from feetbecause i'm so different" "i've decided to get youeven if he breaks his head" "i'm with you my loveto fight with the world" "you've to convince my brotherremember this by heart" "because my brother dislikes you" this is a lovely villagei'm attracted towards it elder brother i think i shouldsettle her after marriage.

live or dead. hi village belles... hi, girls! how're you doing today?! cool! you're looking pretty!bye, babes! what's this? - what? what was this behavior?- what behavior? these girls are not my type.- what's your type? get off- stop... you'll be my brother-in-law.

stop! who are you?- thakur vijay singh. this is not your fight...this is our fight. thakur's fight is my fight. how many people will you kill? only you. i'll see you. let's go. i'll see you. vijay singh. - vishal thakur.

come on i'll drop you home. idiots. come inside.- next time. we'll meet again. be careful. - why? - you're new made enemies by saving me. if i made enemiesi also found a friend like you. she's my kid sister. okay. i'll go now. what're you eating? beans?he makes me sleep behind you. stop it and let me sleep.wants me to do night shift.

didn't i tell you to watchthe fields during night. yes, so?- so what're you doing here? i'm going my dad. take this. - for what? keep this cane for protection. for my safety. but why? because tigers alsoroam there at night. tigers! me! stick! tiger! tigers!

"a head massage!" "when you feel giddy,or are depressed." "come to me, dear, why do you worry?" what's it muskaan,you look so happy? thakur amar singh is comingto see ujala tomorrow. why is he coming? she is no longer a childshe's grown up like me. is it so?- they're settling the marriage. won't you'll come tomorrow?- what shall i do there?

what are you saying brother?ujala is made for you. what?- i mean she's grown up with you. she has grown up with mein a way we're her relatives. you be her relative not me- yes, but we got to see the nature of boy, whatever hewill keep her happy or not. okay, i've work to do tomorrowso i'll go. good night. good night. any tension brother? spoken enough?

how many kilograms doesyour daughter weight? what're you asking? she is mydaughter, not a lamb. good lord! here comes the bull. may i've his introduction?- looks like girl's maternal uncle. your father would beher maternal uncle. how can that be? don't do something which mightruin my daughter's life. hey soldier, look at me...what're you whispering about?

who's he, where has hecome from and why's he here? sir he is our younger thakur.- so he is smaller than us. can we talk aboutimportant matters? sir we are small friesin comparison to you. i'm unable to give dowry. nobody takes dowry in his family.- we give dowry. col. uncle are you so down togive your girl to these bats. this is our insult.- what're you doing brother? wedding bells will notchime in this house now!

hey go away i've seen your kind.- what are you doing vishal? if they go away who willmarry my daughter? what's wrong with yourdaughter we can find many? it's you who always findsfaults in her. hey, leave her hand- you shut up. if he leaves her hand, will youtake her hand in marriage? will you?- tell them brother. speak up small thakur. even bigger people than him can'tcompete with my personality.

what's your answer vishal?- i'll hold your hand. hey, he said it.elder brother! what's suraj?you're massaging me so nicely. do you know sir - a big thakurcame to propose to ujala? yes i know.- and vishal run him out. you know his temper. it shows vishal is inlove with ujala. he loves her very much. can't you talk to col. andarrange their marriage.

no use. he won't marry untilhe finds a good boy for muskaan. that means vishal will selecta boy for muskaan, not you. i know they will notoppose my choice... but i've given thisright to vishal. what's the matter?- a little pain in my neck. let me massage your neck.- no sir. strange! hey! come here! oh no!

your mood is off, let me tellyou a joke - one day when... what is all this - a joke?- no, this is test. what's this madness - how canhe control this wild horse... and that poor boy is.. wild! wild horse!stammer but use correct grammar. who asked him to ride thisrotten horse - your mischief? no uncle, he thinks he isa great horse tamer. suraj! are you alright?

he's a strong boy. why are you hitting mewith hind legs. i know you are attractedwith that mare what that bull has not done inyears i'll do in five minutes. tonight after lights go off...- what's he saying? even i'm smitten. let me ride my darlingit is matter of prestige. what's he whispering inhorse's ear. so, is it yes - oh great.

great!105901:59:35,204 --> 01:59:38,732well done suraj. even i wasunable to control this horse. love has tremendous power. "i'm covered in theveil of your love" "i'm lost in your lovei've forgotten myself in love" "my darling" "whatever others may thinkwe'll be bound by our love" "never be afraid in love." "you're covered in theveil of my love" "my heart was lonelymy heart was forlorn"

"i was restlessheart was devoid of happiness" "after meeting with youi've no such complaint" "i'm sure i'll enter onlyyour home after marriage" "oh god,these eyes say a thousand things." "they've some magicthat make me impatient" "whenever i pray to godi only ask for you" "put symbol of love on my headhandcuff me with love of bangles" "begin the suspicious ceremony" i'm happy to meet you vijay helped vishal.

do keep coming here. yes thakur sahib. after i'vesettled a land dispute. land dispute? i know many people in this areai'll be very happy to help you. thank you very much thakur sahib.okay vishal, bye. see you. be happy.- uncle, i'll see him off. bye. he's a good boy. will he be suitable for muskaan?

really? this is on your mind.- yes uncle. what do you think?- i like the boy. okay, let's talk to his parents.surprised. you liked some boy. fantastic! suraj. i've done everything possibleto win vishal confidence. and finally he has approvedsomeone else for you. dear. are you hurt my son?

come. daddy! if you agree to collaboratewith our company... then we'll fix our son suraj'salliance with your daughter. it's a very profitabledeal mr. malhotra. hello, who's speaking?- let me talk to dad... just a minute, sir. hello. hello daddy, i'm suraj here.

yes, suraj.- how are you dad? i'm okay, how about you?- i need your help dad. have you run out of money?how much should i send? i don't need money...i need you. what's the matter suraj?are you all right? your dad is in a very importantmeeting, call him later on. hello!- you.. what happened?disconnected. take it inside. what are you doing sir?you're destroying the booth.

sir! being her elder brotheri thought i can decide for her. she'll be happy with all mydecision. but it's not so. i don't understand.- i'll be very frank vijay. i need some more time toconsider baby's marriage. i think it is decisionfor muskaan's life. i've no problem with time. sheshould be happy with your decision. thank you vijay.i was hoping for this answer. it's our wonderful plan.- you got all - wealth, land and woman.

why are you so scared?- pull up your pants. vijay i'm surprised on my blunderto recognize a man like you. now you know what we can doto reach our goal. you've already crossed the limitby thinking about muskaan. this is only the beginning.- really? i'm ready to end it. what have you done my son,you've started the war. you don't know them brotherthey beat more than they count. perhaps i don't know them,but i know their one weakness.

i had trust in you. by hidingyour affair you've shocked me. forgive me uncle for makingyou so unhappy. but tell me - what else could i've done? please forgive me formy mistake. where do you come from? i'm akash khanna, suraj's father.- they're my mom and dad sir. we searched for you everywhere.your friends told everything.

i'd left home long ago, how comeyou remember me today. why we remember you? you havealways been in our heart. we've arranged your marriage inone of india's richest family. must be a business deal- come to sense suraj. surprising my unconsciousnessbroke by coming here. we'll be broken if we can't... it's impossible to marry you inthis lower status family. mrs. khanna.- don't forget she's your mother. no dad, she is mother byway of relation with you.

and people she is talking aboutare more respected than her. my foot! can i see that respected girlwho has created this problem. where's she?! hey! i've restrained him but if youutter one disrespect word about muskaan then nobodywill be able to stop me. stop muskaan. we've come to take our son whois entrapped by your daughter.

don't misinterpret our patienceas our weakness. for your own good.go away from here. uncle vijay singh haskidnapped muskaan. no suraj, you won't go anywhere.- papa i love muskaan very much. and i love you very much anddon't want to lose you. then become my old papa again.- what are you doing. this is not our quarrellet him alone if he must. you've always complained i leaveeverything uncompleted... today i'll finish my job.

uncle, brother.- go and attack them. uncle go! leave me! i told you! if you do any wrong now, then i'll take the decision,not the village council! father, come on! can you.. drive the tractor?! - yes! left! right! turn right! fire!

move aside! isn't she everybody's life?isn't she everybody's weakness? brother! uncle! oh no! what are you doing? father, the police have also come! now what are you thinking? you don't worry i'll assemblepanchayat. sure, but in jail.

quiet! - you keep quiet!

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