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bilder wohnzimmer petrol

sadat the final withdrawal of israeli forces sinai peninsula, april, 25, 1982 in memory of those who have given their lives in the war band, parting i never thought i would see this day sooner or later, in addition to that they had oatonkm their word to leave i know, i used to think that no one believed them only a "sadat," god have mercy on him to sanctify the lord his memory

you also sanctifies anniversary? - why not? - "well, otherwise, and not for the" beijing "lula" anwar sadat maybe you were here and also my sons peace military base manqabad the outskirts of cairo - 1946 "well, happy day oh captain" happy "captain" sadat from here, sir

prefer sir why ask? tea - well, sir - death to you for the dignity of egyptians guard, moderated guard, regain guard, in front of the mystery guard, whoa guards, turn

guard, parting i am sure that everything will be satisfactory to you in a perfect way oh effendi the detainee under the order, sir please my captain are you resting? i think you have achieved your goal you must forgive sergeant it is a simple man and i do not really hate you, but he would like to return home and this is what you should do

to return to his homeland this national and i is not your home exactly, and while your government decides it does not need to need the military presence here in egypt i will go back to the national those traitors who rule egypt, are not egyptians they englishmen in their minds "in fact, i've heard that the king" farouk called all the names, but not an english o captain, it's yours you it causes a lot of trouble for my let's make no mistake about it

they are the egyptians who are demanding your head well let's see not too bad one of the molars in a bad situation, but it will take a long time but it is certainly no more - i feel a lot of pain no, no, i am quite sure take a look at this as an example but why? there are weekly flights out of prison

in addition to that they will not perform ø¨øªù‚ø¯ùšù…ù‰ to the trial if you are sick if my teeth were bad, it would postpone the trial lawyer until it is finished all the work my friend if you leave the bad molar would be good to take off internecine i like to stand next to you anything qnb are you trying to be resting enough, captain? comfortably enough - good -

let us return to work, let me see you will give me eight different excuses about why you are in the neighborhood tonight boã©m will try today? at any date, lord, "dave"? tuesday - ah, tuesday - the second story, i think, how do you encounter you you are driving in the night in district while this badawi threw himself in the way? this was the third section

do not you, o almagor this is my story, and i can oaslha as long as i can listed the fat man may be king, but the british that your laws are what keep me safe this is all what you need without laws, egypt will loves ugly into the abyss this country can not run something kmahullac the electricity, which is located on the banks of the suez canal there were a civilized egypt while your ancestors ate raw meat and they paint themselves blue you're right, but this civilization had collapsed because there was no organization or coherence

do you know that i sometimes think that you will not learn anything at all you will be surprised - i doubt it - tell me, o captain if "osman" this is a mortal enemy of egypt how do you plan to his death, you and "happy" bmvrdekma? as i said before you will be surprised do tgaytkm help? - perhaps - so why not tell me what i was doing in the neighborhood? do you know? i think you are part of a "conspiracy to murder" osman

conspiracy? - exactly - plot may born in moakm in manqabad where he was arrested 17 of the government army officers and have agreed on the revenge of the government of this country "i'm afraid that btalkm" happy have has ø¨ø§ù„ùˆø´ø§ùšø© you it's a strange idea - yes - "i tfapelln in room" anwar sadat "i" hassan said "and" gamal abdel nasser "and" prince hussein stop

well, as you want this was a small profile in any case but the thought of it, o captain oh, yeah, i thought after that spend some time alone to find out for yourself accompanied dear prisoner, stopped i could not endurance o "anwar" must accept that they have forced me to speak "do not you" happy i never doubted you for a moment because they have bkhaddaek for your pay to lie they want to condemn

"according to british law, o" happy there is no legitimacy to recognize if ù…ù†øªø²ø¹ and've been ø§ù†øªø²ø§ø¹ù‡, is not it "good"? i've been ø§ù†øªø²ø§ø¹ù‡ all we need is to tell the truth, and we will become free what which ø³ù†ù‚ùˆù„ù‡ the o "anwar"? - "we will decide that later o" hassan - "atef" - the "anwar" - how are you, my brother - in good health, concern for my big brother - i am safe from the british

if you ø¨ø³ø¤ø§ù„ù‰ for fragile days which appears irregularly this is temporary, and for a short time that disintegrate empire any sustained pressure from any source from anywhere i'll send them to their home quickly atef, "what about," - or fine, and everyone is talking about you fine and proudly - i hope that i have not gerrtk of beautiful sleep o captain i no longer sleep, take me back to my cell health would you like to have a drink? i know, of course, you do not drink i forgot, sorry

did you know you you and your friend egyptian dentist funny no one tqoma deceiving this prolonged treatment you have no idea how bad my teeth we always colonists suffer from malnutrition do you have to be silent, o captain let me tell you something if it was up to me i would have stopped it a long time ago and you have made for trial in the hell are you and this hero "who helped him in the murder," osman

of course you will gain maximum penalty but politicians do not allow li they say that they have had enough trouble with the jews in palestine fools thank you very much - for once i wish luck to the jews - my god must be tkhounna to become a friend of the jews the enemy of my enemy is my friend i am sure you did not i am reminded here in the middle of the night in order to discuss the issue of my teeth or put empire east of suez

no in fact, do not - so what? - i wish that what stsamah will asark mr. "black" prime minister has announced five hours ago in london apparently the jews frequently increase their number in the neighboring government we have filed a petition to the united nations organization calls for it to abandon the british trusteeship in palestine hallelujah

the ambratoratkm will behave the same path - that only time will show that - in any case at the moment li has been issued instructions that canceled the legal proceedings against all egyptians detainees i think you will return to your village "to see if the administration was" farouk better than our management and also to keep your teeth in your health well, i've wondered how much time will go by that øªø¬ø¦ for assistance it can never be refugees i've heard that the killing of "osman" has made me "the most famous men in the tile," farooq

since you understands the situation, what makes you think they will ieidonk to the army? certainly, the army can use any body can find it reserves why? - i think i'll be the best outsider zionists - frankly, that the palestinians are not so important for us now we are now more interested baltkhtitat the possible internal really? - more assertive - it seems that some former comrades in the so-called free officers group no, details could be delayed if you have worked on you back, it will require more effort from both sides

will be a great personal service i realized that maybe you in turn will be ready to respond to this beautiful my friends can always rely on, sir he tried to make me known sir the return may not be immediate you got a job at the moment? - yes, sir - the "happy" and i have entered in the exciting world of kitchen equipment, sir well, enjoy it, that it will not be long "this is my daughter," jehan

i've just completed her studies at the institute of anglo aajabashan "in cairo" i know, that has a good reputation did you go to cairo? - yes, many times - if you know cairo, what are you doing here in the desert? i work in the field of supply kitchen equipment for oil traders and give me a chance desert financial by feeding the aliens? as long as i am egyptian, i did not make a profit? because they will not easily ùšøªø±ùƒùˆù†ùƒ win them

they will have egypt and that american businessmen will replace the british masters us "jehan" please forgive my daughter that she sometimes forget their place oh, on the contrary, the spirit in the right place "i am also a patriot o" of ceyhan and will not be subjected to it since the car will need to be repaired in our village perhaps we are honored by registering on our table for dinner modest

you are a man cream - and you're a gentleman, lord - "sadat" "sadat" did not ask to know? i am afraid of you it is quite different different? how? - ceyhan, "you do not you know very well" - yes, but the arrest and hatred - has been with us for a long time - but you do not want to face it, but i faced and i i have great plans for you i wish to marry people - people why? -

you should be a criminal? this is not true, mom it belonger to the army any trick him? i expel him for the murder of a man - not - i was sentenced to just collusion that has not attracted the trigger "not taatjadly me o" of ceyhan, this shows something for men no, it shows the boy today, it is a different man a completely different man i can not change what i did, even if you like it

will not i can revive the dead "in addition to that," rashad had arranged my return to army i am eager only to a dazzling future "with" jehan to both sides well, i've known you stamadan to your way, in the end, after all, you're my little girl is not it? repeat after me "i" jehan raouf marry myself to you

according to the rules of the holy quraan according to the traditions of the prophet "mohammed" peace be upon him and by sadaq job us and all present crowd are witnesses to this wedding congratulations you can change rings are you "sadat"? - yes -

the "nasser" wants to see you - thank you - "gamal" - "sadat" - come here i've been wondering when i can see you again when i came back? i've been in the hospital, "o" anwar i've been a prisoner of the zionists you will return to us? - do not - can i go to your place?

if you want it - yes - in order to waste your time? you are called to confront the enemy planning a waste of time? - do not because i had begun to believe that we are facing an enemy more dangerous than the zionists, ourselves "this country is in a mess o" anwar the "farouk" uses the palestinians in the egyptian distraction this is the stubborn must face - oh ill - are you willing to risk your life? - with all my strength - i know that we can still rely you

when they find out that we are planning to impeach him this time will be moved i just know when the time will come and you will find you i hope the explanation again i want to hear myself i told them i was in a level field with strength and was called to the base to meet someone "unknown, it has been" nasser it definitely was something important order based bastdaaak from training i think so the kaybolan years and i did not talk to him years ago

did you know that "beauty" has established the free officers organization? there is no such thing, it's a lie, invented by some to confuse the british please, i am a loyal officer, i do not want to lose my job, that i count my family i am believe him it tells the truth so you see our problem is that we need to be a channel of communication for zionists officers who have done a service in palestine and requested me to report any concerns - specifically - this spy on my brothers officers

if you want, we prefer the name and duty "savior of his majesty the king," farooq yes, but the doctor will give you instructions any failure on your part will be considered betrayal the punishment of those who doubted them you know this was the stupidity of you "o" anwar everyone is nervous now, but you make matters worse ø¨ø±ùø¶ùƒ the what do you expect me to say? be grateful to give you the opportunity to show your loyalty to the king

"farouk" this tyrannical splitter - please, please - despite everything the food room what are you going to lose? if, as you say, that small ø«ùˆø±øªùƒù… has died what do you fear? visit the "nasser" from time to time and he told me what he says is this very difficult? probably not

so you're and, of course if you cetkzb on you must be extremely careful because if they discovered it would be dead and will be of benefit to any of us i must say that this new man "has his style with" baklebah i hope that you grow up on this method of humor, is not it? do you see? they agree this is true "beauty" - "jihan" -

how you both seem fine this is for you, o small i will prepare tea - yes - come on, there is something i would like to hear oh, i've bought a new cylinder wonderful there seems to be a new yes, i think i monitor most likely, they are approaching - this is something i know -

they will not believe me after today they know that something is happening how long will it take? - to prepare - the "abdul hakim," will join us when we seize on the radio building in cairo but it is still blown away by the wind better for him to decide that the situation has become comfortable i know, in a roll gift list names "i want you to play by turning it into" rashad ask him to contact them by telephone they are the names of the members of the muslim brotherhood

i want you to be the liaison between me and them for "rashad" that will notify you when you can contact them i'm doing what i can, then i still do not know yet, with any side are the "gamal abdel nasser" it is also official brother, yes, god willing yes why in my suspicious? i have informed the muslim brotherhood and the answer was no - no? - this is what they said - "you're lying," sadat - there is something going on

there is nothing the "nasser" plans and draw up to something in the end why did you escape yesterday? for the provision do you think they will allow me to approach the headquarters of the muslim brotherhood and i'm an observer? well, if you lie, we we will know soon enough they have people last an intruder in the organization of the muslim brotherhood if you lie, it will be known, is not it? and i will be very sad for you

and sad as well as for your spouse family i do not have fear of it what do you think we will do when we return back to the house? i liked the movie imagine if that cairo is dead "and that i am," george bacon "anwar" one thing, you will be listen

let me eravqkma to house if the wife "noury" will complain about teething child again "there is a message from colonel" nasser - nasser al "?" - yes, i came twice i have said that there is a sudden meeting at the ministry of foreign affairs do not want to miss that was probably hours ago it might have missed you seem to be in a hurry - i was on my way to the ministry of foreign affairs - please let me something -

will not go anywhere until we define in any aspect you "his majesty the king" farouk of egypt, emperor dear colonels, the big thing that a lot of you came order dropped by a handful of army officers? with respect to you, your majesty you did not fall, after it's a matter of time dear colonel the coup against the king means that it will kill quickly i suppose you could've processed an official list of demands in return for guaranteeing a secure password by egyptian royal navy

then you will give up the throne immediately for only orazq in the moment will disclose all the hidden valuables including your communications swiss banking and will recognize the sovereign right of the egyptian people the report of the government do you intend to make the people vibrate when a government commissioner finds while official government commissioner finds ruled once mona øªø®ù„øµùƒù…? and once ù†ùùšùƒ, will not return to egypt again you will have to formally renounce all claim to occupy

potential public office and in this nation, for yourself and for orthtk is this everything? - to - in anticipation of your cooperation, arrangements have been taken with the navy will leave at six in the morning you must decide your destination and if she refuses? you'll make yourself its historic staring style world will think about it this will be everything not all of this?

sadat, "is not it?" - yes - well, my "pillows", i bet my life you thaer precious "one of the agents," nasser and what if you as well? permission you're lucky i am one of them as well the "nasser" has preferred not to know that i ø£ø±ø§ù‚ø¨ùƒ who are you? with "nasser"?

spy? - if it is true, you can say double agent - the colonel "nasser" should remain a separate group for security reasons - yes - "well, come with me, colonel," nasser would like to see you of course calm down my "beauty", said farooq "will decide to leave" and if they do not leave, i will not venture an army to force him to leave permission to raise by the people, the masses "we know they hate" farouk and both followed faithfully

not necessarily, if you believe that it has been dislocated "farouk" to be handed over to the english against his will or under pressure, they will defend him to the death since we will seize on the radio, we can inform the people of what is happening and people will know "the extent of the involvement of" farooq yes, but that's only if deported if the remains will be a frustrated revolution and any speaker our name in radio as a means to advertise the revolution will become a lesson and will be publicly hanged at the very least

"whatever decision o" beauty must move quickly certainly, once you find me a national hero who has the courage or foolish to proceed to the radio to be the speaker in our name who do you think it would be tdtna? - such a declaration must be by us all - beauty ", if not" safe for you to do so we must do it together i otejelna all behind the microphone pronounce the same words at the same time but a good idea

whatever tdtna about revolution, we must refer to safety for a period of political it is written on the faithful provider o people of egypt rejoiced god has responded to prayers we ended foreign rule again as we were in the glorious past will become masters in our home we are not little people and will treat so once again not by foreigners or by ourselves no one called himself king but god that king now has abandoned his throne and there will not be a king of the country

of the day will nahtm the shackles today will rise "from the ashes named" farouk will rise strongly to be a beacon of the world this will be our destiny today we will proceed together hand-in-hand "we will be all," nasser money will the arab world to its natural place again "nasser" "nasser" thus distinguished speaker, surely the historical problem of irrigation in the village will stop

thank you for this time sidi chairman of the committee sidi chairman of the committee - yes - will pop off, sir - yes - i forgot o college this bad memory i've been here a long time ago? - about half an hour ago - what is his rank? - political officer of the british ambassador - "name" robert thompson - "thompson" - "thomson," "thomson"

master "thompson," i ask for forgiveness had an important discussion and as chairman of the legislative committee you there you are, sir, we should have some small priorities great, sir, we can not afford the army forever, right? and i seem to have found some credentials for a job - yes, i think so somehow - but i will not do i btzketek really? i thank the lord they did not ask you that this is an informal visit, if you want i'll find someone else for that

this depends on where you might have come to him i feel like you owe me something what who spins bkhaldk? some advice thanks, but egypt no longer need any advice from you or from your government tell "nasser" to keep his hands away - away from what? - come on, "anwar", if he was planning such a big thing council should be known by revolution wearing the slightest idea about who "are you talking about," robert

my god, you're a good actor well, let it your way at least, you've been warned i've been looking for you as an independent figure to see if your boss's speech will surprise you oh, yes do you know why you say the detainees in the assembly? i used to say, that at the end of the day, you will be there good show dear brothers, this great and glorious day

because it represents the birth of the new egypt ø§ø¨øªø¹ø§ø¯ù†ø§ for foreign laws re-direct us as a free people this day will live in the hearts of all egyptians, even in the hearts of all arabs for god, we are all one people one nation but this day will be remembered not only as a day of liberation and but for a new reason today, with the consent of the revolution

i am announcing that the suez canal had been nationalized today, the name of the sovereign will of the egyptian people i am announcing that this great achievement this natural resource of the nation's largest egyptian has been restored without debate and without irreversible the egyptian people jamal, "this is outrageous, said the council" had no knowledge that you will do it and in our name - oh no "shady", there was no time -

must be a change in us - and our strategic - to call it our strategic change we can do that it was necessary for national dignity however, if the british and the french - have known this in advance, of course, do not - how do you expect me to save this country from he must do something in order to save the country from famine the british are the last people i want them to know - the beauty, "could lead to war" - so let the war to die for our cause is the most blessed

if we are not we who make death we provide to the arab propaganda but this will inevitably lead to death - why? - without the channel, you will die simply, no oil, no nothing they call it the art of war impossible it is our i simply canceled the commercial contract we had agreed to let them to discuss rationally o "beauty", in the intention of shooting first and then negotiate later not this time, neither britain nor france they can to ùšùø¹ù„ø§ so, i assure you

because of the change, which happened to put us the americans will not allow any interference i do not believe it would be crazy if they abandon their allies they will stand by their allies i can agree with you, but i "talking about" eisenhower it's a matter of dignity, since the last war that he sees himself as the ruler of the free world "eisenhower" is not only one man, o "beauty" that america is governed by the thousands of men so, they will ùšø´ù„ùˆù† of expedited procedures

trust me certainly, the "beauty" source of great inspiration to us all how do you know this man "beauty" was a friend of a friend of mine i can see that the negotiation is not wonderful qualities you did not know something is not it? what are you going to do? we? nothing at all is not yet in any case tell me, was it the president, "nasser" serious in reception arabs in the suez canal?

this is what i see there øªø¹ø§ù‡ø¯ù†ø§ on the destruction of the nation zionists the israelis will not be liked by this situation the closure of the suez canal is dangerous for them they will reckon fighting we are now one hundred million in this world they are only two million you believe the numbers and they believe in the divine based they think they are protected, as you know there is one lord, and he is god

and it is the greatest of the zionists i am sorry to say that there are circumstances must be onh by i personally dogmas aside including the war goodbye we have increased tensions in the middle east, "egypt for closing the strait" tiran this comes from service overseas from the british broadcasting corporation (bbc) the war broke out israel has reacted with what they called unexpected provocation threatens its existence in addition to the sudden closure of the suez canal to cross the sinai border

now, that an alarming number of israelis in heavy fighting with egyptian forces this agency "reuters" middle east news it is now clear that egypt intends to condemn israel's right of innocent passage through the suez canal "the first commercial waterway to" haifa has shifted to the southern end of the international water declare that the safety of the channel is in danger britain and france may oovdta today additional troops to occupy the canal zone to protect it from damage which may be caused by the infamous fighting between arabs and israelis and have been denouncing it as a crude attempt to re-occupy the channel and this invalidates the nationalization talk to this waterway

stupid, stupid, stupid we gave the british a reason to return this time, they will not leave how would he know that the israelis will be this madness in 19 hours, they occupy all of sinai i do not call this the craziest, but cause of the english and the french occupation of the channel wait, that the only excuse given by the british and the french to the world is to protect the canal to keep open, but not realize gentlemen he did not deny a never right in the nationalization of the canal asked u.s. ambassador to meet with you and erdtkm to know that

so you find us ù…ùùšø¯ùˆù† in something mr. president members of the revolutionary command council the president of the united states of america has asked me to apologize on behalf of our allies about what israel has done and we disassociate ourselves from what happened against egypt what do you intend to do about it? i told them disappointed hope what happened this will make a difference - it should -

the president "eisenhower" had asked them personally, the full withdrawal from sinai i can imagine their response all we ask is allow innocent commercial passage through the canal is this everything? i've asked for more than that, but that's what the american president can be supported sidi ambassador how can the israelis to accept the demands of your president? threat? blockade? sever diplomatic relations? - yes, exactly - our government has carried israel consequences of refusing endeavors for peace

and that's all what you want from us? to allow the israelis to use the channel? this is the hope that bear in mind to maintain the structure of our friendship and solidarity when we start negotiations, you will be with us let approval and i ask you to inform my sincere gratitude "for head and master" dallas gentlemen do you think he is telling the truth? - of course - the americans are not this naive so they can lie in something like this

do you realize that this will push to overthrow the government, "eden"? is clear, it is quite clear well, my "beauty", you seem to have reached a sound decision, including most of the who around this table except for the promise to allow the israelis to use channel i've had this ridiculous the israelis will never use the channel but you had promised no one expects me to stay on my speech with the jews not even the americans? - and who cares about them? -

while discover that i had left my what will they do? do you ask the british and french that ùšø¹ø§ùˆø¯ùˆø§ invasion? no, no we have won everything we have not lost anything so, what we learn from it? we learned that the "beauty" knows better what to do we knew that the "beauty" may conquering armies ambratorretan crossbones that "beauty" is the savior of the nation and it is worth ø¨ù‚ùšø§ø¯øªù†ø§

we have learned that egypt has only one master and i've learned something else that the united states is very weak ally why? i've just missed whatever happens, they decided should support trusted allies thank goodness we are not like americans and we do not rely on a totally and the glorious soviet peoples we say, hello welcome to our brothers in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism degradation and zionism

now, we can move forward toward the future confidence, hand in hand with great power that respects the identity of the ancient civilization such as our civilization exclamation point brohana a muslim socialism, in the name of islam is the fate of the arab peoples "this is crazy," the beauty we can eat our own problems let's just unite with syria there will be no egypt anymore there will be no syrian arab anymore

but from now on, brothers in socialism, in islam, the united arab republic jamal, "the war in yemen," a hasty decision it's propaganda, but a disaster i sent our troops to yemen in order to not fight in a foreign country fi arab land is the land of the arabs and while reactionary destroys the tyrant in yemen vhaka, that it will be an example to the zionists let's make no mistake in our

there will be no end to our purposes would simply be mass destruction of zionism and every zionist and when we're done, the world will eventually realize the truth that no matter what we say or do in the short term the long-term the only thing that will solve the problem in the region arabic is the solution the people in egypt do not speak only with one voice is the voice of our leader, "gamal abdel nasser" peace falls on his soul and god bless the people of our arab egypt

wait, you must tell me more who bother to wait? when they start praising "nasser," they will not stop is that so bad? the people need a leader anyone can be a symbol for egypt you seem to have i was disappointed because i had disappointed expectations at least you can try it is time to "belong to egypt o" jehan what does that mean? - damn -

what are you guys doing in egypt who decides policy miserable this øªø²ùˆø¬øªù†ù‰ of any "anwar"? well, well continue do you know what asmonak of, or behind your back? - yes - alqracoz - exactly - "colonel" yes, yes except "amer" who says about you "follow" nasser well, i think that everyone is better "than named bakracoz" nasser

the "amer" a special relationship "with the" nasser it will not stay forever well, would not do anything about it? like what? "challenged" nasser make him express himself if it was not for egypt, at least for your self-esteem i kept silent for egypt this is what makes your husband seda and perhaps at the level of arab and english but i half well, if that suits you

how egypt can benefit from your services how can this happen? "because it does not stop the" nasser it does not make a difference with him whether you're ignoring, aside mnhah or your unreliable sooner or later it will make mistakes or see the error in style then returned to the "not if you're behind," amer one step and imagination o "jehan", "aamir" stupid it is a real alodhokh

the ambition is greater than his skill, sooner or later, he will destroy himself and while doing so, will come a regular ah, o english we have approached the liberation day today, i wish to jump strongly outside the united nations sinai the fire of 1956 has ended we will now compete with the arab solution to the jewish problem and strong for this campaign, i will offer you the commanding general of our armies great "abdel hakim amer"

"well," anwar do you feel the glow? yes, of course - does not seem to you that - "can the colonel," yes, yes to feel no, no you do not have to harness mona if i am your man obedient all these years, you should know why no, i do not know why - please, "beauty", let's be frank - you do not notice anyone else is not it? what would happen if we did not you? are not we different from "amer"? and remember that we are who we bmsandtk

baudtna to prison "look around you, o" the beauty of fucking everything, so i'm it remains "amer" only i myself will be sachtvy if i did not incapacitated be confused dangerous and very obedient to all of you we have to agree on everything in this room, what these terrible things that you say it now all it does, "amer" was the organization that he did not do one thing for himself the time has not yet delayed - did not hesitate to why - to postpone the invasion - what? - "please," the beauty of the men is ready

they are not trained well the russians sent us a second-class weapons, weapons defective, waste there is no friendship and trust "beauty", "aamir" very conceited his authority it do not bother to see the officers, he did not participate in anything i've decided to amer "will attack" and will prove to you if you're right or wrong if the first set, will be imprisoned for treason and if you are correct, you will have to face "amer" in this speech

by the way, you will isolate your position when it ends tariq? - colonel, "anwar sadat"? - i was - "i am an envoy by the president," nasser - it's official immediately request at four o'clock in the morning - what is this? are you in danger o "anwar"? - do you have an idea about the reason for his request to me at this time? the war of liberation against the jews it's a great victory, my brother we destroy the zionists from all fronts

even the armies of our syrian brothers and king hussein had joined the massacre are not you happy? - yes - yes, o my brother, omhlny time in order to get dressed ø£øªø±ùƒù†ø§ well, everything asaraly the fine not as good as it brilliantly - "this is the happiest day of my life, o" beauty - i must admit that i was wrong even "sha'at", i did not appreciate it well i've done a good job incredibly all this has been accomplished even with the recovery of the enemy

you're good to play a role recognized the importance of what happened no, my "beauty", if ø®ø¬ù„ù‰ for a large - and convenient - you do not seem to fear the current conditions seem pointless rather what was just to tell you what was worrying berth and to do so was not easy for you are not a man who simply accept cash and how egypt will be so lucky? if you've listened to you what this war fought

and we gave up this great victory i've given you the best advice in my opinion and how stvidny the advice of them gave me was completely wrong it is absolutely useless it is a threat to the nation that he considered a traitor you do not belong to the same "status" amer well, i'll leave "before it comes," amer you know where to find me if you decide what will be the fate

allahu akbar akbar allahu in order to equip their own cemeteries that intruders zionists are digging their graves named in settlement ø§ù„øºø§øµø¨ø© the tel aviv the population in panic we are continuing to progress all fronts the third army victor may provide another five miles in the liberated land allah is the greatest five miles in three hours? "it seems strange, o" jehan

if, as they say, that the third army may provide for a distance of five miles and that the hordes of "hussein" has crept through arab jerusalem six hours ago they would may althmoua now this seems strange i think that the time has come to break the law i need to short-wave this report comes to you from jerusalem western is not from jerusalem, but from the old city the most sacred place for jews since the 2000 years of dispersion

and which may prevent arabs from visiting since they control them but not anymore, the victorious israeli forces to restore the temple after 16 hours of the attack was aggressive ø§ù†ø¬ù„øª certain things the israelis who are in dire need of survival had destroyed the egyptian air force and the syrian and so, israeli forces have full control of the air passages in the sinai do you go to the "nasser"? is not necessary to say it, but you must deliver a speech the alasriliyn at the gates of damascus

"but reports of" amer lies, lies, lies the israelis at a short distance from cairo we can not lose a single man - specifically - must reach a decision - can not, that jerusalem is ours - we can no longer afford air forces it also appears that the russians have put air defense weapons is that promised the system is excellent, but the men "incompetent," the beauty of i beg you to put your troops under the command of ø¶ø¨ø§ø·ù‰

"please," jamal do not secured to the english in the beginning, they give you advice and then, after that, slavery the alternative is to render to the jews in order to invite you and honkm or that øªøµù†ø¹ùˆø§ peace with them - impossible - but my colleague is right i can not give you the leadership geyushi of course, i understand the lack of confidence but i remind you that the people of the freedom-loving soviet

and the british people and untapped despot in three, maybe four days jews will be at the gates of cairo the solidarity, will continue to be available to you what we going to do, "anwar"? this has all happened before it is our custom to overcome it , but he did not this limit is as low it did not seem like this before "beauty" beauty ", as soon as the end of the" first shock of surprise

will proceed outside spot must remain on the israelis in the house bhm that is what we need time - time for what? - have you thought about anything? - yes - united nations, u.s. if we reservation for them on this basis, we can destroy them in the eyes of the world why before that important? can we start now? yes, and all of egypt will follow you

you must be an administrator "i have to thank you," anwar just because you are here and not you quit li in the bad moments so i, i need someone who believes in my be optimistic only the victory of six days, which caused israel meager is a great achievement in history military as the man said to reporters after 2000 years, i will not cry anymore

the lord may remember his predecessors but of course you can work something you can not let the car stop in the air - really? - you seem to have forgotten "dear colonel" sadat you almost have to expel my egypt certainly you're talking to the wrong man we now give you the opportunity to regain our friendship why not take advantage of the opportunity? mr. president, in our view, that egypt has become a puppet of the soviet union

and that israel doll u.s. you only you can carry on withdrawal withdrawal? - yes - we did it for you by in 1956 and may you have ø¨ù†ùƒø« deliberately øªø¹ù‡ø¯ùƒù… israel has forced us to withdrawal and nluna the promises of you and your allies the israelis have ratified it, but whatever may be obtained from your council, not civilians i'm afraid that none of us will not asedkkm anymore, mr. president so, we will call for the direct participation of the right

spent forward, but i think you have tried them in the field of israeli war and it has been awkward for you - nonsense - i swore to stand next to the soviets i think you identified you, mr. president, that the six-day war is finally your country virtually bankrupt your troops destructive we have completely hzemtem in six days if your people ø³ùšùù†ù‰, i really want to help, but not so i've been you who've threatened them with destruction and although it has excelled

how do you expect of them or us not to wonder about the future behavior i think it says that they will change their policy, if we change the president egypt needs a new beginning "maybe your time has come oh" anwar you can not resign now the enemies have all the excuses in order to benefit from this mess you must do something and what you can do, you should be doing now then, he spoke about me in the assumed tasks

man say yes this draft of the speech will ø£ù„ù‚ùšù‡ today "i" gamal abdel nasser thereunder, resign from all positions and assigned to positions by the people of egypt i need to do so as a matter of honor and as an act of respect for the masses who ø£ùˆù„ùˆù†ù‰ trust

what matters now is a recognition of past mistakes to search for new ideas new attitudes, and above all something new blood you must prepare for the resumption of the struggle against the zionist suppressor which has failed to prevent him must now turn to someone possibly can in spite of that i am leaving this holy struggle must continue

let the spirit of the prophet with all of you and death "nasser" after the heart attack sadat, "the new president of egypt" oh this guy, if his face is difficult to remember i personally assure that it will only stay a month or two very weak, is not this "nasser"? since the "nasser" did not know where to head, it will be useless that he could not fill his shoes that he will not be able to keep up with progress or ùšø³øªùƒø´ùù‡ the now, yes, yes, "abu ali"

moscow man, a soviet client, and it is so proud it is from the communist party and waiting for "the opportunity to the burial of" sadat "this is the" press youssef el sebaey not hugely popular "with" nasser "it's too much for cultured" beauty but the model type he wants "sadat" to him the "sadat" listen to him "this is the" honor it follows the path of a fairly reasonable

i've failed to overcome the "nasser" and has returned "sadat" on the hope to do something for this farce "the problem is that the" honor "lightly" sadat it also considers took office as vice-president at the earliest, it will become a good strong degree will deliver "sadat" out of the country so that he can move in his work a man without a name that does not have a work of his own jurisdiction "this is the" sadat mr. "richardson" from the united states here to see you, sir

insert "master" richardson - sidi president - please sit down - thank you - i am please to inform president nixon's "sincere thanks" to console provided by his behalf natural, mr. president and i would also like to play the necessary contacts to establish a new relationship with the government and people of the united states and reciprocity - really -

yes, we would like to help we are eager to help to make sure that your government stable? safe? - exactly - good, permission the msarkm and the clear there is one thing that can guarantee the stability of our system each system has ruled egypt, there is something very important we must restore our dignity egyptian and we must also take revenge against the zionist aggression in june 1967 in order to be frank, mr. president

that my feeling that the economic reform more important than preparing for war and the transformation of government devoid of loyalty communists? they do not pose a direct threat the governments willing to help in the peace-making and not war so, until the glorious day comes i like the settlement and peace becomes possible we will become natural allies

i can only hope that at the present time we do not become enemies i am confident that this will never happen - but if we both of us - sincere wishes for your boss - thank you - taba day well, you're right the intelligent men have loa unheeded airport thank god that the lights have lit now, you're out of the dark

"thank you," atef they seem to have forgotten that ùšø­ø²ù…ùˆø§ baadatk no, they seem to be in another place seems to be the governor's house comes equipped with everything "look at this, o" jin this is incredible imagine, you and my brother on the summit for leadership not yet time will be delayed in order to "join us, o" atef the "anwar" has not yet nominated anyone for the air force

how much is attractive, but i can not the makani with the readme will periodically comes while express channel "this will come today o" atef "it's a dream," anwar "well, i am, and" atef we sort of things is it bad to such a degree? - can not be worse - "i'm not the president o" of ceyhan i'm not the head of state i'm afraid that this discovery has come too late i've sworn to it really it's a farce it's a complete farce

be yourself this is not a trivial times is not it? i feel like i represent i try to imitate the role of a good leader but the truth is that i'm not very good does not have support from the people the country is bankrupt the world is waiting ki government collapse and ki ø£ù‡ø±ùˆù„ the bvely between my legs i am afraid i am not man who øªøªù…ù†ùšù† to retrace his side

"i'm not," gamal abdel nasser "forget" nasser "o" anwar you can be a leader who has long wished for "nasser" for himself but you should be yourself your tradition, "nasser" and you will inevitably fail "be" anwar sadat do what you believe in and your name will live "while the" nasser is not nothing but the memory of i'm afraid that will be easier said than done

does not have the support of the council no one showed his willingness to be advised i took office as a vice-president you must believe in who you choose to be do everything your and will ùšøªø¨ø¹ùˆù†ùƒ the way what has to lose? never less than this is he here? - it's in the living room - honor? "in this" time of the night?

some things make better "under the cover of darkness, o" anwar "it's respect," abu ali and communists they ù…ø±øªø¹ø¨ùˆù† of you stay long entrenchment of yourself, whereupon the leaders are afraid that the communists firmer myself you have received this from a friend branch manager in the interest of full telephone recording their plans talks nasser, "had personally ordered" this access but this is against the law "the only law was" nasser everything he did was legitimate

"but that's in your favor, o" anwar whereby, you can convict them all evidence contaminated? no, "honor", if you want to lead egypt, you must ø£ù‚ùˆø¯ù‡ø§ the law so you will not be a long lead km from the rulers led without adhering to bakanonk of the so thank god i'm not one of them honor ", i live and breathe" today because of one thing the british have lived under the law next fit, we're not only barbarians what do you want me to do? that i arrest them in the middle of the night?

yes, as it was "nasser" will do "i'm not," nasser "i" sadat and should i do it my way - and it will leave them at large - and if you arrest based on an illegal bar so what next? tiny parcel will be ready to get rid of me "and the arrest of" abu aly ø³ùšù…ø­ù‰ that the only competitor now, i want to destroy this tape - "anwar" - "and i want to know," abu ali and his friends have been destroyed

why? "anwar", can not be serious no, on the contrary, madam could be a political blow teacher, yes if discovered, "abu ali" and his followers that there is no evidence for their cooperation why not have the opportunity for a new beginning? precisely will have a free choice to join just to prove loyalty you must destroy the wicked

"that," honor, that you will destroy this tape o "honor", if you will kill by politicians let it be the one who dies is "anwar sadat" and marginalized is not a man trying to "tradition" nasser "dead the husband, either a saint or stupid and i am not sure that egypt will bear any of them it is precisely what you need egypt "please, protecting the o" honor maybe, i will see

since the management of national affairs, is shani it surely you, the brave men of the air force who would form the boundary in order to reach us to a new egypt egypt is not below, and with god's help will conquer together the horrors of the past control room airbase impossible, he speaks to the troops "these orders, colonel," abu ali "this is colonel" honor

i apologize, sir, that colonel abu ali "has specifically remembrance" not to turn any phone call you in any way president almighty me please - dear colonel - please come, quickly what are you doing here? am i at risk? or am i under arrest? must do so and will not be in the dead madam, this is not a conspiracy, they reject it for fear receipts that ahdhirh

please, i swear to you i do not otamr against your spouse "i only do i prevent" abu ali russian masters service the control room officer will refuse your request madam inspiring sermon, really grateful the service i am pleased, "o" abu ali and friends it is waiting for this call it will be considered disobedience if not advocate for him

mr. president, wait sidi urgent phone call lee? now? - yes - let him leave a message - it's your wife, sir - well, wait get out of the car - i'm not going to anywhere - i'm going to run the car certainly you kidding exhibition organizer of scammers

they are just the beginning i did not enjoy the first page of "journal like today o" yusuf thank you, yes i've won the war in addition, we have been able to all enemies - this is the only key - anwar, "do you intend to goes?" - no - absolutely not "tell me," why did you honor warns me? the story traded or real? both

the story is traded effortless i national do a major service in particular, i was not prepared to see the "abu ali" egypt sells for ross "despite all the mistakes o" anwar only your vision for this country in addition to that i from both sides did not ready to asagatk the i am destined to your feelings in spite of worrying that your message tell me, "joseph," which will be published by the newspapers tomorrow for the people? o truth "anwar," i never trust the soviets the only problem for them with imperialism is when they are to one another empire

"the people will ùšø³ø§ù†ø¯ùƒ o" anwar provided that they continue to add power the egyptians do not have enough time to double how will herald my newspaper people following bouktotk? i suppose there is a next step or plan ready certainly there and you will be present "thank you, lord," brezhnev "thank you mr. president" sadat let me welcome you in an official capacity in the capitol

and convey a compliment and greeting the soviet peoples, peace-loving we egyptians, our side npadlkm the same affection it's a strange affection which describes our view of political legitimacy we do not deny political views, sir only political parties with murderous designs towards the heads of state this was not the party that something does not belong to the party this was the stupidity of man "and one from?" abu ali it did not act alone - they usually do not act on their own -

but the police should be targeted with you, "accusing someone" abu ali and criminal his lies - that's what we've done in particular - and to my surprise, i akchwtaat they had been imprisoned every egyptian in this party do not be surprised, sir secretary were you to do so? you really can say that they were crossing the channel and attacking israel, is not it? no voice is louder than the battle it is not in the interest of the soviets israelis see the surrender and give a chance for the americans to intervene i know, but if you want to protect your interests

in front of you no choice but to help me and if you do not, ù‚ùˆø§øªù‰ will be hurtling towards jerusalem without you your troops? - yes - they will not even reach across the suez without our help not to mention jerusalem ø§ù‡ø¯ø£ùˆø§ and sit it was just a bad joke must taatqublunha the we hope that help you to get rid of the zionist cause, you tanston to? will enairkm equipment

destroyers? - no, metrics - come on, sir secretary i am, you find me very stupid in order to not talk to me seriously or senior of egypt? will give you what you ask of weapons aircraft, surface-to-air missiles kalashnikov - you can attain what you want - management with specialized equipment - impossible - impossible? - is impossible, impossible, impossible -

at least accept or advisers few officers ok why move these groups? i asked you a question why moved after my instructions clear balemradh the sinai? i've ordered it, sir - by whom? - mr. president, i've had it mona i would like to see you on the top floor how dare you change my orders?

i thought that i correct a clear error anything wrong? - order you place these forces in the sinai - cairo will be left open without defense these sites secured by missile batteries any of these batteries, mr. president? what do you mean by any of these batteries, mr. president? these missiles are coming from mr. brezhnev "from moscow for months" this is a political sir is not a specialist yes, better to make it ø§ø®øªøµø§øµùƒ

because without these weapons, we can not repel this invasion departure damn "you can wait more than o" anwar the students are calling for the invasion they want to regain the sinai you can close the university for a period of a week or two is it that bad? - yes - they can not understand is not it? they do not understand the extent of the mess that we've done in gaza

the war will tskthm - of course not - it is still their hero, if followed by nasser ", you will ùšøªø¨ø¹ùˆù†ùƒ" but this delay to cooperate with the soviets, no, no the hearts of the students, "still with" beauty should behave - will behave - but i will not close the universities - "anwar" - there is no other option - yes, there is - i can meet students and answer ckkathm but first, we must realize that he can trust me

i can be strong no, impossible, impossible so, i'll do it on our own is that the deal with you seriously? do not believe you're crazy enough to you cross the channel and the face of the israelis without our support? no, can not be so stupid you seem to still underestimate the egyptian people you're not in danger of israelis

we we will bhamaitkm them who are you? you are doing to protect us from them? no, they are in need of protection for you, our country is just a chessboard what ùšø¶ùšø±ùƒ if i lied to? we will get the israelis out of sinai there is land, there is the right generator there are children, you will survive only maontekm? we understand mntqkm of we sympathize with you

and when the time is right for the liberation of sinai 'll inform you so better to form a third party for you and your troops and dblomassenk before you 72 hours for øªø±ø­ù„ùˆø§ of my because you will you go to hell, "which does not believe in" morcos no wonder so for we are the egyptians we are not a people hina or people iblha of the this is a historical reminder of a glorious empire superhero powers

the british flag americans also learned sometime that no one can be a sovereign on egypt, but the egyptian people themselves and my people listened to we will be masters in our house and so, for all these reasons i am here today, in order to tell you that i have informed the soviet union that removes all the citizens of our land

all of them immediately this is the resolutions it is better to support us lord, to stand next to regard us as puppets for them because this is a new era gone are the old days it has been the old systems even our beloved hero system "gamal abdel nasser" we should be proud of its work good but we must stop ignoring the very many excesses

we have restored the rule of law we must continue to address the "bad sides" nasser "i've been there with" nasser and his colleague, why are you talking about like this? who said that? spoke now you know why we remain silent for the same reason, the liquid rejects his own definition do you understand the silence? before the end of this year

we will have crossed the suez canal again without the soviets we will be may we zionists to the pre setback whatever the price, because we are egyptians before we arabs it is up to us, we are the largest and most important arab nation among nations to lead the way, does not matter what cost us the blood it does not matter to die this is our campaign money will struggle to liberate the land from the clutches of have no place in the arab world

god will guide our steps october 6, 1973 yom kippur 5733 "this is the captain" sadat's four minutes of the target we are approaching the target why do not we go south - will ikomonna, they are more anticipation in the south - the intelligence indicated that the local commander has allowed only a small number of troops but the government has granted a holiday for more than half of the military today this is the area under the "colonel leadership" sharon do ptdilalhm send them to the north

then attack the south later - yes, sir - at the end of the first week of aggression it is clear that the early preference along with the egyptians and because of sudden attack the israeli confrontation to cross the suez canal looks like it had been succeeded beyond expectations this is the "sharon" is not hina must ndillh and we baboralguenah and but do not mention it in your statement in the case that overturned the war college we need to restore the bargaining strength

otherwise, war will be another six days we must strive to cease-fire so that the ttiyarona can provide days i regret to inform you that today over the sinai, that your brother captain "sadat" had been killed during the fighting why? "atef" brother if i only had known

if i could actually see he was a hero, my brother because you were for egypt and for all of us and allah knows you may revenge for the six-day war fright and but ø³ùšø«ø£ø± to awe your blood? why there must be always revenge? in the killing continues back and forth i've killed you

anwar, "enough of this" i've killed him, i killed them all - no, no - yes, i killed him - i've done it for the state, the people - i've done it and i did not want it i swear to you, my brother, if there is a way to stop the killing will be struggling to achieve that will lead the way for the o god i am i promise you, my brother, that i will put an end to killings

salute you, dear brother - and you too - i am tell you my sincere loyalty of sidi and from our side, we want you to rest assured that mohammed gaddafi "confirmed" full of his loyalty to islam islam and the entire arab world the sidi "gaddafi" wondering how you will expel the infidels from jerusalem as long as egypt denies ties with arabs egypt does not deny something yes, if the pilot spins the world looking for his dreams is

even today, it is on a visit to romania to discuss with the president the issue of peace with the jews this is what will achieve this is what you will do and this is what we appreciate these are his words, o imam, but we fear that his words lead to doing what then what can we ask for? the "sadat" a grain of sand even though it was so dear imam there is a risk if one of us entered the eye permission vlintzaaha - exactly - the sidi wants to clinch a grain of sand

why did you come here? why tell us that? because sidi will not do anything abusive to the muslim brotherhood you did not say what is abusive to or the muslim brotherhood the tour may libyan followed to the desert i stayed there until nightfall to listen to radio messages there is no doubt, they are egyptians, "but they are in the bucket," gadhafi they are working for libya

the "gaddafi" wants sadat head "on a silver platter" will be assassinated in the third and the twentieth of july and twenty-third of july the 25th anniversary of the revolution - exactly - this has been a white revolution so, i am osalkma to what extent have arrived? i say also, that gaddafi "man cave" "but," sadat sadat "might be" something different

do ø¯ùšùƒù…ø§ a way to access it? - yes - spent forward with greetings and mubarak as cairo gaps you tbalgon in the military escort is not it? no, unfortunately is there a threat to my life? - yes - there are warning of an unusual friend friend? on what basis is unusual? "it" menachem beijing - beijing "?" -

yes - why save "beijing" my life? kmentakb recently, maybe it seeks to peace this is an indication of good faith - beijing "wants peace? impossible" - i asked why save your life i gave you a possible proposal the time will show - peace - with israel? mr. president - yes - this is a message from the president, "carter," i have just arrived from a member of our embassy in washington

delivered by hand? - do not - diplomatic bag? - that's right, sir - thank you - yes, sir - everything is fine, i recursive okay to sleep is it the president's message "carter"? i have been reading them over and over again i seem to remember that it has allowed me to enter the white house last spring, do you remember? and how much i was impressed by the we talked about our families and where we grew up

the klina ùù„ø§ø­ø§ù† a very similar "i trust him, o" jin it is truly seeking peace in this world "and you certainly do you want your" anwar - not much - "take" the lion it did not take israel as a scapegoat, but the syrians in order to not realize that he is the real enemy and iraq, do you think they are interested in israel? they use them as a test of nuclear weapons egypt is not like other arab countries the "carter" ùšøªø­ø¯ø§ù†ù‰ of to do something, that has taken a dramatic step

but what is it? the egypt and israel, enemies for a long time, we can not agree on anything so it will remain even showed one of them the courage to try something completely new probably "maybe it was" sebaey right maybe he wants "beijing" to tell me "something warns me of" gaddafi in any case should be accepted, must be accepted, and so, i say, without reservation, let's go to geneva

let us strive for peace the war is still raging unabated must succumb to all of us have lost a lot i am confident that our the loss of a father, son or brother i am so i can go to jerusalem if you welcome me if you think that it will help, yes my friends and my men i can go to jerusalem

the search for peace mr. "beijing", what about the "letter" sadat if you intend to come it's more than welcome we will not boveth he knows it what he meant so he wishes to believe that it will not cause you any harm can you imagine that i actually go to jerusalem? so i will be a curse on the entire arab world for the rest of the world will be a saint

and also for the arabs in a timely manner, if it comes to peace and the egyptians will bless you for it they avoid war for blood and money the saudis will fight israel until the last egyptian o "sba" the saudis guarantee us our national debt besides that it was all just words "and will prove" beijing probably not, but we are no longer alone by office mscharna in new york city the american news media has akchwtna

there are those who seek visas army "they demonstrate the" beijing they demonstrate both sides no, i did not consult other arab rulers i've introduced to visit jerusalem in order to understand it that there are no preconditions, and i can not speak on behalf of other arab nations who said anything about the conditions? i did not say only welcome the only requirement is to come here already

indeed, not in words mr. "beijing" wants to act, and might i have done to challenge my fellow arabs, but i can not go to where no charges me a call if he wants to call and called him get it i can get it under your my, if you like it and so, on behalf of the people of israel "i call" anwar sadat, president of egypt to come to jerusalem of course i accept

and i suspect that this is the first visit of the head of state organized by the men of television and press you and your colleagues have a lot to be proud of "ben gurion" - jerusalem november 19, 1977 how many years ago so that i could do the 28-minute trip this and as you say, always all things are possible - yes - provided there is the will of courage this is just the beginning - perhaps -

if this was all done will be enough anwar, "i am very proud of you" and very happy i think i am very tense of course, of course you are about to do the most important thing in your life i hope so mr. president, that the guard of honor in the israeli defense forces (idf) ready to parade

"president" sadat - general "sharon," i've been eager to meet your years ago i am very happy to welcome you as a guest in my country i've always wanted to meet you - i've taken you a long time - women knesset and pillow president of the arab republic of egypt "anwar sadat" in the name of god the merciful mr. president of the legislative council ladies and gentlemen

once to ø­ø·ù…ù†ø§ we arabs an important barrier when we crossed the channel and we faced your troops now, i have come to express psychological barrier because any life lost in war is human life regardless of whether arab or israeli even now i see you, you should remember that death does not carry a passport death does not know the nationality of israeli and die in the same way that egyptian dies the blood is mixed with desert sand so no one can know

the blood of one of the other so is not it possible to have peace, such as the death can also be infinitely we arabs have become accustomed to your refusal, yes we are used to øªøµù†ùšùùƒù… the so-called israel, yes i have refused to negotiate with you face to face but today, i say to you, and announced to the whole world we accept to live with you in peace and security permanent ø£ø³ø§ø³ù‡ù…ø§ justice

this means my friends withdraw from the arab part of jerusalem and recognition of the palestinian people for statehood at home it's the same type of advertising - no, he is still here in this room - i've been sidelined all customs and traditions known to the belligerents i am waiting for your response committed i do not expect immediate i am only here to convey to you a message that's what i did

let god witness to you can not tell that i inhibitor "you see," judith we've been in the wars in this region for 30 years and i was not in jerusalem only months ago the ø¥ø´ø§ø±øªù‰ will undoubtedly bear fruit but we must be patient how tsberon, mr. president? do you think that the arab nations will change her mind, and tsandk in your initiative for peace? from the depths of their hearts, they know that israel is here to stay

they will recognize it as a sovereign state it actually i am confident that there is a spirit of the settlement of disputes in the arab world we are tired of the killing and bloodshed if there is a way to peace, the arab nations will øªø³ù„ùƒù‡ thank you mr. chairman - welcome and capacity - would you expect that to me? i want to keep it for memories gladly i am glad that you have come

another few minutes you ø³ø£øªø£ø®ø± of course, you're going to cyprus - if caused to ø¨ø·ø§ø¦ø±øªù‰ in time - the ù…ù‚ø§ø¨ù„ø§øªùƒ these became longer and longer i like movie stars, newspapers and magazines and famous per the wrong people "be patient," anwar "," hussain will move, sooner or later the saudis, as well as if you are a believer this, you deserve more than i imagined leave i have all this time "excessive," anwar

i am realistic, the grandfather of a neutral place to meet israelis and listen to what they say you invite them to cairo and you have heard what launched on colleagues from the scene until damascus parties have cried asking my life but no one was killed during this time i've stopped blood think about it now, that cairo is not the place to argue all you need is a place can not one would ùšù†øªù‚ø¯ùƒ for going to him in the pursuit of peace with israel

if there was one "must departed o" anwar let god be with you - peace - they were palestinians "allies" arafat we have sent a telephone message to the embassy the "joseph sebaey" traitor may legally executed lover of the jews and a traitor to his land and the arab peoples all the arabs will celebrate his death "to his master named" anwar sadat

we say: beware if death is imminent so, if this this is the price you pay if you want peace, but it will not go ù‡ø¨ø§ø¡ø§ will not go ù‡ø¨ø§ø¡ø§ i am sorry so sorry "it's outrageous o" jehan that infamous death

will never stop what do we do? no one will listen to you it seems that the arabs will continue in massacres but i, i can not maybe that egyptian interior, who in you're thinking of acting alone is not it? you must behave by myself the killings must stop all my life is not only

the machinations of, assassinations hatred, death and we did not accomplish anything "he died," joseph because of me because i have chosen to go to jerusalem because deep down, i suspect that the "beijing" wants peace as far as what i want that we both shared the same opinion and i think that maybe we both longed to comfort in old age

and we both know that the israeli people they suffer the anguish and hope for peace but they ùšø®ø§ùùˆù†ù†ø§ we were promised the differences aside they are afraid that you can not trust us i know exactly how i discuss beijing "and most complex deal with him" it's perplexing enough jet, peace i know

somewhere in north africa here jerusalem, answer please - here and the state department, washington, continued - minister of foreign affairs, ministry of foreign affairs and washington, dc, united states ladies and gentlemen, i have agreed to invite "signature:" menachem begin and the prime minister of israel jerusalem - israel has message thank you the president, "carter," says that one should respond to the peace process the united states will grant a neutral arena

any individual or nation you want to participate moreover, there will be men press or media men everything will be completely locked this day will be dark on the arab peoples the islam itself condemns that aligns sadat "with the jews and the face-to-face" event will be violent i bet, either that the jews will "are betraying" carter and the whole world becomes warned

or that the jews will take pride in his desire for peace? and would be "sadat" criminal but as a symbol of the arab people and talking to the criminal infidels something trivial addition to the pursuit of peace in both cases impossible, impossible, impossible i can not leave the sinai sinai wells, the only source of oil, which is owned israel do you send out us arabs to oil? let's reserve the wells

must leave the sinai, and in return will receive a peace have i had a so by and large met betraying there will be no betrayal, this time i went to jerusalem in order to prove that this time will be different if you intend to live in peace besides our settlements project peaceful future for our people because the egyptian sinai must trusts me there will be no new settlements and must still current are you asking me all this?

i leave it all? even the oil fields? and then ask us to accept the formula that gives the hang cord who ishnguena? must be able to withstand in the arab world and i must stay alive in this world tell him i can not otzhzh the only conditions for peace between us is everything either everything or nothing so, if you abandon oil which hfernaha the fields ourselves free, stopped the settlements in the sinai, destroyed the existing jewish communities

and withdrew from the sinai and closed the banks financial so we ø³ù†ø¹ø·ùšù‡ the our oil fields will exchange ambassadors? you will recognize bomty? my people? yes, if agreed on the existence of the palestinians in the west bank and gaza i did not come to here ki surrender it knows it, and has said that in the knesset and to the whole world, if he wants peace can get it now only if he agrees to the terms and conditions

for such a promise must give up for everything "good morning, lord," beijing - good morning - beautiful, is not it? yes - very green and impressive - yes, we agree even on that yes, actually, if you do not we both believe that what we came here inevitably, and what about the political game? will do much to ùˆø¶ø¹ùƒù… the political

as for me, i will not be a hero if you start in the competition with those who have agreed to destroy us from the beginning do not make it sound as well as we did not pledge anything this possibility my friend, if you makani do you trust the "sadat"? do you ignore all the blood spilled since i came to the nation? are you with this protection will ensure that "sadat"? you tell me what you would expect?

did you ratify that sadat "has changed his goal?" is it really a man of peace you i'll look in the eyes of the sadat "my friend" and you'll see fatigue and spirits "brother of lives" sadat and cousins thousands of young bodies that have been wasted who did not twathm chance to rebuild the nation because they had been killed while trying to protect

"i'll see that" sadat different picture national is not the man of the village? - "this is the" sadat - who may dream of freedom from the british, no, no this young man had died many years ago i think i might see him dead, but "if you hold this" sadat convention of peace, you will live although who want to kill him for his contract this agreement without a doubt however, if you keep this agreement

but if preserved sadat who contracted with "their word" then there will be peace, real peace "peace does not need to remain" sadat alive this will last for all of us now, this man, "beijing", do you think it can be committed bagath? in front of him will have no choice right? it will not give up despite the fact that cheap bargaining so, now, we have come to an agreement if these men they can be ùšø«ù‚ø§ each other

this is what had come to him we what do we will be willing to risk it to each other? of course, superficially, it seems to me that we have won or have lost but you have won peace for your people peace to the peoples of for twenty centuries, our people fought in order to become a presence why do not we change it? not you can leave us to live in peace and taamilonna kaladamaan?

"sadat" ready for it? i've done it, here sneado from if you dared to it - should that dare we both - our lives and what does that mean for men like us? the two old friends have been reformed terrorists? it is time i forget things that led to our disputes and that we stand together for the things that we are ready to die for it "the new york times," you say you're a great statesman

because you have refused to receive the nobel peace prize because you say that working for peace is not yet complete and you can not received the praise for the work is still underway on the other hand there are news will grieve thee assad, "the president of syria" "isemek" stupid say you will not live in order to see the day that saves israelis agathm you the anwar, "did you hear?" - of course - why there? nothing

it only predict melancholy "of" the lion you chglin yourself syria, and not pei you are in another world another world, but not the same world in a different time i've been thinking when we met for the first time while the british wanted dead because i wanted war and "the lion" wishes to see me dead because i am seeking for peace you must change the whole thing in order to make them listen

but i seem to various do you know, i imagined that i had walked all the way not for me still you yourself is that you are a little wiser for the past years a little more wisdom? a little bit? well, maybe more than a little - a little, what is the amount? - just a little just a little bit in order to be by a woman

not a woman, but your wife - of course, absolutely true - absolutely true sixth of october 1981 come do not cover this the coolest thing is that god has done to me everything i had hoped to do on the ground i can now with confidence and peace of mind never feel that interviews make life wonderful and beautiful

look at both ends i ask god to make ends closed as it was my life i can see myself getting closer to the end, step by step but happiness filled my heart and soul on april 25, 1982, the israelis full withdrawal from the sinai peninsula at this time, in spite of the new political leadership in both countries the egyptian-israeli peace treaty is still this is truly the most appropriate elegy "pillows" subtitled by: s.soayed

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