bilder wohnzimmer obi

bilder wohnzimmer obi

ok, so both never got bitten. i think eating cassava and drinking palm-liquor does not help a lot. i think from a gabun otter bite the leg or arm is away. both of them are completely intact. i show you something funny, his finger is black this was no poison snake, in togo where elections yesterday there where elections. and if the go vote the have black fingers. here, nono also a black finger. no snake bites... my are not black, i tell you a interessing fact. in togo you can vote if you have a identification card. but a lot people have none.

it is sufficient if you have two people they can witness you are togolese and you can vote. the voting was the day before yesterday. i arrived yesterday if i arrived in time i had could take two the day before yesterday togolese and go voting but i was one day late, otherwise i also could had voted here ;) they think this hole is from a savannah monitor (varanus exanthematicus) here is the savannah monitor excrement he can see from the animal tracks if they went in or out. hey says there is nothing inside. 35 degrees in the shadow and 50 degrees celsius in the sun... ...for me also the tracks would look like there is no animal inside ;)

but i trust them, they are hardworking and ambitious. if something would be inside they would dig so here is also a cave they found what we also have to say, the good trapper with them you find animals... ...they really know there territory. they say, look up there and they walk in the bush. and then there is like here a little hill with a hole. if we are lucky it is a savannah monitor inside. during the day the hide ouside in the bush they have to, they are day active animals

what surprises me, i walked around here a lot of times but i never saw a savannah monitor here. although there should be everywhere ok, he is not in his hole, maybe in the evening he is back. but also not bad if we donâ´t touch his hole some additional information about the savannah monitor they donâ´t catch them like the puff adder or scorpions. because the farmer donâ´t care about them they don't have the task to catch the savannah monitors. if they see them... they remember where they are and leave them and if somebody wants a savannah monitor they come back and catch him.

they live from this job. so we are back, there is our taxi the dromedary this morning simply did not want to run us over here so we had to take the unspectacular taxi i think we had until now a great success. hope our trip keeps going on that good i'm back in ghana, we hat a lot success with the puff adder. i have already indicated, we want to search some crocodiles here in ghana lives the rare cites a dwarf crocodile (osteolaemus tetraspis)

there is also the not so rare nile crocodile it would be great to find one of the dwarf crocodiles here. let's go search them as unfortunately so often our trips start in the swamp but this definitely looks like crocodile territory by the way, in this bag are two mambas we picked him up from the farm we filmed the last time he cought two mambas he is now carrying around. today we have been stopped by police. they search you to find something... ...that they can rip of some bribe money.

and after he showed his mamba bags the police check was over really fast. now we have the rain season here last time (4weeks) he was here and saw the crocodile everything was dry we get close to the spot. pretty exciting landscape here over there is the cave. the water is high, we can't see the entrance the river goes on a long way, but it gets increasingly impenetrable i think the crocodile is always 20 meters away from us and is happy we not come after it then we have to go back. hope we find the way one spot we still want to try. here is a pond with some deeper water.

if i would be the crocodile i would be here but on the other side it is deep and we make a lot of noise the crocodile puts his head under water and we don't see him after a unsuccessful search we have to leave. here is the exit i want to introduce my two helpers with my bag this is obi, a trapper from ghana first time a work with him and this is djo, you know him from the mamba trip we searched with him 3 years ago after the mambas here

he is the guy who saw the animal this is his catch of the day. leave it inside he shows us his animals here is one he caught today. again to remember... here this fields with the palm trees is a typical mamba area here is djo around and catches the mambas as i said, the people here a quit relaxed about the mambas but are also glad when de are away

this is my team for today, hope we are successful today djo saw some animals in the river, this is the best option to be successful we are here north of ghana, the place is called nsawam this is like a clinic where they help people with missing legs and arms they also produce the prostheses for the people. and also educate them how to use them the founder from this place 40 years ago thought a little zoo would be nice... to entertain the kids and adults he got some nile crocodile you can see behind me. they live her for 40 years.

they are a couple and also have babies so they have sometimes babies they break out and go awa or stay in there like i said, its for entertaining for the people who have to stay here over some weeks here the couple lying in front of us. the right animal is the female with eggs in here you can see the broad belly, she will soon lay eggs again they are the nile crocodile (crocodylus niloticus) the size is interesting with under 2 meter nomal we say the nile crocodiles are big. they have around 1,80m thirst i thought the enclosure is to small for nile crocodile, but the are not big

here i want to show the facilities. the guy with the cap is the crocodile caretaker and gardener. here are the buildings this is the facility here is lunch time right now, we see the kids. they are here for rehab nothing special to do with reptil tv. just a funny coincidence that we got here the village people said we should have a look here, that's the reason we came here... and they combine the reptile breeding with a nice human project. now we are in the workshop here they produce the crutches in handwork. carpenter work.

here the workshop were they produce the prosthesis interesting, they build everything here on there own here we see some old discarded prosthesis and here they make the realistic lookings legs all sizes from baby shoes up to big ones and here you get the finished things they also travel around with there bus to help people on site now we are at the next area the people from the village said here lives a dwarf crocodile

now we have to search. in the water it would be difficult. the river was a better spot we will ask the people here where he normally is obi walked around and found something ok, he stands there with a crocodile tail in his hand. you found him? the animal lives here. i just wanted to say this animal is gentle, the people that feed him here say... can't touch him. we hold him that he can't escape in the pond and we don't want to follow him

you can see, it is not a nil crocodile, it is a small black one. a dwarf crocodile i am glad that we were still successful today lets see if we can have this guy under control to make a nice outro so, this is the catch of the day, we where successful today i had not expected to find something at this spot we had luck he was not in the water and was sitting outside the day is over, i am sweating and dirty we found what we searched for. it was luck we found a animal here a animal that lives here and was discoverable.

so this is how the black dwarf crocodile look like in south africa for me it was a successful trip to show you a lot. also where the animals live. you can learn a lot of this. how they live, the climate and what is around them so stay loyal and check my balls and africa if you have the chance forgot smiling. i have time, i do it again stay loyal and check my... shit, it was so nice...

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