bilder wohnzimmer new york

bilder wohnzimmer new york

— banter, banter, banter— banter, banter, banter — i thought you were doing it...— oh, oops (laughing) — nailed it! — i forgot what i was supposed to say— i don't know i felt like vanna white, if she ever talked — banter, banter, wait-wait, we go when dylan moves, sorry — i forgot what i was gonna say— i know, i didn't say anything, i went with it, i said yes to the distress — banter, ban- (high fives too hard) ow (bleep) — oh my god!

— jesus (bleep) christ!— we came in too hot! we came in too hot! — this is literally like we're two cavewomen that just got defrosted and are high-fiving for the first time ever (laughs)this might get started! — that literally popped a blood vessel— oh my god!— yeah okay, welcome to our internet show — hi, i'm grace!— i'm mamrie and welcome to our brand-new show — you might be wondering what this is, but get ready because it's a show where you're about to make two new best friends — that's right, we're gonna be with you monday through friday, whether you like it or not, but please like it — there's gonna be spoofs, goofs, laughs— challenges, guests, variety,

i can tap-dance — all of this is true and more as we learn as we go on "this might get..."— dot dot dot every day something new! we're sure that you have a lot of questions, and we'll get to some of them, but the main one is probably: — who are we? yeah, i ask myself that in the mirror every morning, and she never responds okay, we'll get into... the demons in your house later we thought it'd be really fun to introduce ourselves to you, but introduce ourselves via each other— yes, we know each other very well

we've been friends for 10 years — 'cause i mean, i feel like we might know each other(together:) better than we know ourselves — okay, you want to describe me first? — yes, i wrote some things down — oh you prepared this? —yeah, i wanna... — we already know who's better at the show— i'm really proud of it, i think it turned out well, here we go — welcome to mamrie hart. she's a southern sass factory with a heart of gold she's like if a bag of flamin' hot cheetos got a master's degree. she loves her friends and her hairless pooch that means she's got a dog with no hair. she loves vegan food and will do anything for a delicious d...

dinner! she's lived a thousand lives and has stolen men from a thousand wives. she's mamrie hart! — i'm not a homewrecker i didn't know we were preparing things. i thought we were just gonna mumble our way through this, like we normally do oh (bleep) — what do you have about me? (silence) — grace helbig is a 5 foot 19 beauty from north new jersey... — 5 foot 19?

— grace helbig is a tall grecian goddess of a lady from southern jersey she's got a murder machine dog and she can really murder some guac and chips she loves crappy reality tv and being there for her friends she likes preparing things when other people haven't and making them look like a fool in a professional setting she's grace helbig y'all! well now that you know us a little better why don't we get to know our set a little better? — cue that cribz style montage hope you're old enough to get that reference

or if we're legally allowed to say "cribz"... so cue that cool hip millennial style montage that showcases our set in full makes it seem like a third character on this show — to a dmx sound alike (dmx sound alike) oh, sorry — get in here! see what we're working with! this is our desk — ooh, look how glossy and smooth the top is— you know it's new because our grubby fingerprints haven't gotten all over it just yet — soon it'll look like our phone screens and be covered in marinara check out what's behind it. look at all the secrets, the mysteries

the this — that... she gives us--she feeds us all our jokes— yeah, that's our spirit animal— that's berta we have this sign! look at this sign. this is our logo. it's magnetized— yeah, you didn't think we could afford magnets? (bleep) y'all —yeah, this is a pinterest as (bleep)! we got... woah! we got our cameraman, are you okay? —dylan? are you okay?(nooooo) — do you like shapes?— 'cause we do, we got a big ol' box and another smaller box

here's where we have more letters because the name of the show will change err'day let's turn this (bleep) around— hold on — let's go to the living room check it out. we've got a couch...or a loveseat. tbd — this couch was just in the studio before we built our set — yeah, we got it for free — nothing but love on this set--kevin love, please come be a guest — who's kevin love? — basketball — we originally had two chairs, but... cut to the previous footage

(breaking chair sound)—oh no... — be careful, please— i'm really scared psych, i'm cool as hell — these things— these are, these are fluorescent lights they light up because we couldn't afford neon — and sometimes we're not that bright so something on the set has to be — epic wordplay (high five)— don't do it, it hurts so much— i know, i know, it really did — back to you grace and mamrie— yeah, get out of here. they're always like get outta here that was exactly like cribs except we don't have a fridge full of alize— good job us / our editors

editorz editorrz editors — we have had a lot of first-time experiences with each other but there's always more to explore, so we thought why not, you know, get a whole camera crew and try out some new firsts right now in front of you.— let's kick off our first episode doing some things that we've never done before bring us the bowl — still figuring out what to do with our hands — yeah, we know how to do a lot of things in life, but not how to look like hand models

— just tiny dinosaurs — so we've got this bowl. we don't know what's in it, but we know we're gonna do it— together — okay, here we go: draw self-portraits with a marker in your mouths — draw self-portraits of each other with markers in our mouth? — no, self-portrait means yourself — oh, you know, i've been doing selfies all wrong then — i just would take photos of other people going "selfie" bring us the tools— the stuff — oh-oh, oh no, oh god, it's gonna be abstract — oh (bleep)

— mmhm — you look like a rugrat— you're drawing yourself (laughs) (buzzer) — wow— woah, that was a thick sharpie — let me see what--how you see yourself, grace— okay, very... abstract — wow like you went for more of like a pollock sort of... — yeah, is my face, and i'm screaming cuz i'm probably afraid of something that's happening in this photo, and this was some stink lines because i hate showering

— wow you've built a whole st-— narrative — i mean wow — this is the grace helbig ecosystem — i really just wanted to feature my beautiful lips and eyes — when did you get lip injections — y'know, i've been slowly working myself up i just really wanted to show some spit. people constantly do spit takes on my face so i thought i would give you that reaction so we're gonna auction these on ebay — yep, because we have a whole crew to pay, so — we did it first — nailed it, okay, ready?— your turn that might be the first time we ever fist-bumped

— yeah, why are we doing so much bro hands stuff?— i don't know, i felt pressured — this is so gross— oh god — floss each other's teeth — no! no, you guys i mean, it's gonna be like gusher blood— and i can be proud to say i've been flossing every day for the last two weeks because my gums were inflamed — it's gonna be murder scene. alright bring us the floss— bring us the floss when i went to my dentist two weeks ago

she literally said: "oh, that's a lot of blood" and then she had to disinfect my gums — ooh, you gotta get those edges. oh my god. you're crush... you're good. you have been flossing — uh-huh — good for you—thank you — oh, those are tight, oh, i would have squirted blood in your face — get ready — i think she's pretty flossed— i feel flossed. thank you, mamrie — i'm so nervous— me too— go gentle on these babies — okay ready?

— oh my god, okay, let me do the bottoms. you're not bleeding! — bottoms, whoa, oh, good job, mames! — thank you! i can't... okay, that's not gonna go that one will. we did it! — don't have to go to the dentist for seven more years. wow i do feel closer — yep— to death okay, draw another one (very excited "ooh")

— oh my god — you guys!— what?— this says: shave cort's beard — what?! — that's the guy holding this camera right here do they, like, threaten to take away your job if you didn't do this? — are you okay with this? — i think so — i mean 2018 is the year of asking for consent, so — do you have pets that won't recognize you later

will you film it?— my wife may not — oh, (bleep), sorry wife — i'm already shaking from flossing mamrie, which is not a sentence i would ever say as an adult woman i don't want to end up in court(boooo) — i'm doing it. mamrie, let's do something different on each side and then show each other — it's in my eye — i'm stress sweating and shaking at the same time — this ain't sexy, i feel like i'm covered in splinters— yeah, if your man ever asks you to shave him no, don't do it— okay, let's check in, let's check in— let's see where we're at artistically

— i've gone with a very specific mutton chop as well as like a full goatee — i was trying to do polka-dots, but it just looks like he has mange (laughing) i'm so sorry — i think you should go home and see what the wife thinks about it currently, before we do adjustments and we'll check in with you tomorrow— if you're still married — divorce court(boooooo) — i think, you know, we should stop while we're ahead on doing first for the first time — mainly because i need to rinse out my contacts and mouth

— transition — there's one thing grace and i have learned from being on the internet for so long it's that you guys are way more talented than we are — yes, and we wanted to make sure every episode we featured something that you guys have made for us? — for us? in honor of us? in honor of the show? — yeah in a segment we're calling we've got a gratitude problem our very first um... nominee?— i guess just...

gratitude dude? — our first piece of art comes from @mattcem on instagram you tagged us in this a couple weeks ago and we just loved it so much that we wanted it to be the first piece that we featured on the new show look at this... masterpiece — first of all, i love how good my balance is and i want to try that irl — i love that what's on my head is completely non discernible — mm-hmm — i think it's a potato, a beanie, or just an old-timey synchronized swimming cap

— whatever it is you're not happy about it no, beanz clearly said something to me and bumble baby before this photo was captured or picture was drawn that's left me upset — we love this and we want to see more stuff you guys have made so we can feature it in this segment — so make sure you tag us on instagram or twitter with #thismightget so that you might be featured in another issue... issue? segment — we're learning guys. it is our first show. it's not gonna be the smoothest — thank god for editing! and follow the show social media profiles on twitter, instagram the others

thank god for editing! — and subscribe to our show — turn on that bell notification so you know when we upload — this might get... smoother the more we try to do it — here's hoping now we walk this way — well we've really (bleep) this up — make sure you come back next time!

— we're here every monday through friday — like, comment, subscribe, shave — this might get... — cancelled — yeah. so i hope you liked it

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