wohnungseinrichtung modern

wohnungseinrichtung modern

once in a while everybody needs some new furniture. what most people do is they go to the next best furniture shop and get something off the shelf. and then people wonder why every home decor looks the same! when it comes to your home why not get something that reflects your style your personality. it's easier than you think. i design and make furniture we use british hardwoods and we have a really strong emphasis on quality products, longevity and design details, little moments within the furniture. it's important to look at tradition and look at how things have been made i think that's a real really interesting point about being a contemporary carpenter.

ted, what have you got planned for us today. what are we going to make? so the plan is to try to make one of our stools. we make them out of waste wood and out of offcuts. this is a piece of english oak. it’s actually quite highly priced. we are probably trying to get legs out of it. it looks like it’s going to fit really nicely. oh really nice, very exceptional grain in this area. once its worked, you will start to see some really nice pattern. so you are using the natural strings of the tree, of the lumber itself. yeah, that will give our leg components more strength.

okay, so what we are gonna do is we’re gonna work these external faces in. we actually do that with a plane. what we are aiming for is to get this rough thorn surfaces as smooth as this plane surface. really, really smooth. much smoother than the mechanically planed surface. is that right? so the hand-work is still unbeatable? yeah, of course. it works well you get the light behind it, you can really see it. that is the best way to see whether or not everything is square. okay, so we’ve got this great machine here.

this drillbit in here actually cuts a little oblong shape which we can then fit these into. we live in quite a rectangular world. we kind of all look at our quite rectangular phone and look out of this quite rectangular window and we are so used to seeing 90 degrees as soon as you enter a hexagon into it, you just open up and i enjoy that. so there you have it. with just a couple of in pieces which people normally would throw away or burn. hiding inside was a real treasure. so don’t go at throwing away things like that. use it! and turn it into a designer stool like this one.

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