welche vorhänge für wohnzimmer

welche vorhänge für wohnzimmer

having a small living room does not mean that you can have more seats. in fact, you can maximize the size of your living room by effectively choose the right seats. this is 5 small living room decorating ideas by simphome.com. 1. maximizing curtains nothing is better than a living room that

gets enough air and lighting. surely not all living rooms are designed to have windows but if your living room has, then try to apply this idea. hang your curtains highly to give you lighter when the daylight. provide more space for the sunlight in your living room. during the night, save the space of your living room using a unique lamp style.

2. shining family room when you decorate the living room with family theme, you have to make the most of it. as a result, you can try to create a bright and fun family room with cheerful decors. talking about the wall, you can turn it into patterned wallpaper with white color as the main object.

combine white with blue color to create the main concept. manage the couches and try to have it in dark blue color to match it with the patterned wallpaper before. as the complement, throw some pillows with yellow or orange accents to complete the bright and fun charm. 3.

bohemian style living room if you like arts, or dedicate your whole life for arts, then this idea might the best recommendation for you. in your small-sized living room, try to have a bookshelf. the bookshelf here might the most important thing that you will need to provide in creating the bohemian shade. try to have dark-colored bookshelf to give a strong character of bohemian.

to support the bohemian nuance, add black matte chandeliers for the lighting to give you the warm feeling. then for the complement, add some bohemian pillows to your couches. make sure that your couches are dark-colored too. 4. seat-focused living room having a small living room does not mean that

you can have more seats. maximize the space of your living room by placing your sofas effectively. place some sofas with different colors to make your living room looks colorful. add some stiff or things on the sofa table to maximize all spaces in your living room and to tighten the space. 5.

modern southwest living room adapting southwest style, you can kill two birds with one stone while applying this concept. use plain and white color for the wall. in maximizing the room space, add two televisions in one living room. one television for the adults to watch news or favorite shows, and the other one is designed for video game console,

placed hidden behind the wood panel. add some armchairs and sofas to make you more comfortable being in this living room. that’s 5 small living room decorating ideas for your property. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle.

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