vorhänge wohnzimmer vintage

vorhänge wohnzimmer vintage

hi, i'm paolo.welcome to my cab, the untouchable. the untouchable i am passionate about trucks. so we decided to create this work of art as we loved "the untouchables"and wanted to depict it on the truck. this is the first imagewe chose for the truck, the original poster with sean connery,kevin costner and andy garcia. then we replicated this scene where they are taking the whiskybarrels to canada,

but they get assaultedand nearly all of them get arrested. the only non original element is this gentleman inside the car,who is my father. when we started decorating the truck,my father passed away, so my wife and i decided to replace theimage of the gangster with my father. this is al capone's car,but this is not his number plate. 23th september, 1998.the day i got engaged to my wife. this is the hidden image, only visiblewhen the truck is released, the best. al capone's head, his ring, his cigar.

we decided to place it herebecause there is a lot of space and he deserved to be depictedin a grand way. welcome into my lounge.this is the interior of the untouchable. it's been all redone.we have white leather seats, with the untouchable logo. a dashboard all made of walnut rootand alcantara. curtains made by my wifewith damask fabrics. carpet on the floor.a wooden three-spoke steering wheel. a little gem.

the untouchable is 10 years old,these are all his prizes. this is the untouchable,and nobody else can touch it.

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