vorhänge wohnzimmer rot

vorhänge wohnzimmer rot

wow! it's the new product from ji mi joo. but, who would . . . wear shoes into someone else's living room? it looks like he redid the floors. oh?
oh. who? ji...ji...jin that's right.
international star jin se ryeong. hey! jang man!

did you or did you not see?
you saw everything, right? i missed you. i'm sorry.
are you angry because i came back so late? sorry. i'm so sorry. who did you say came? it's jin se ryeong. episode 8
part 1. is it that jin se ryeong? yes. international star, jin se ryeong.

her face is this small.
she is absolutely beautiful. so, what did she say to tae ik? she just hugged him american style. "i missed you." she said that. she is crazy. what about tae ik?
what did he say? i don’t know.
i just left right away. but, what is the relationship between the two of them?

she even knew the password number to the door lock. ah! she was in our company previously. ah! really? then did she live here with you? yes… for a short while. even so, how can she hug him like that?
it’s so scandalous. they used to date. jin se ryeong is tae ik's first love. oh, that's right.

you said that chaton’s feed ran out. i will bring it right back. yeah. jin se ryeong returned? ha! lee tae ik, what do you do now? anyway, you eat really luxuriously. the interior is still the same. get out. you still use the bedroom on the 2nd floor, don’t you?

i should take a look at your room. to see if anything has changed. i said get out of my house. i understand that you are glad to see me
because it’s been a long time. but let go. it hurts. i will be staying here for some time. what? i've already talked it over with the president.

i am staying here until the remodeling
in the main house is completed. i... signed a contract with u entertainment. why would you? why would you sign a contract with u entertainment? because i wanted to. you are still... i am shameless? i do as i wish?

you used to like me being like this, didn’t you? you said that i am like a queen. fool. anyway, you will return to me. oh? oh! oh, are you going somewhere? ♬ i laugh blankly,
and suddenly my eyes fill up with tears again.
♬ when i turn around,
i want to see you.

what is this? ♬ you don't know yet. ♬ that i am hurting
because i miss you so much and i miss you.
♬ you really don't know. why are you doing this? let me go. se ryeong. you still want to hold onto me after seeing that? you saw everything yesterday.

aren’t you even sorry to me? what? why do you make me so pathetic? you said you will let me live like a queen. so what is this?
it is always about that house, house, house!
what is this house? is this house more important than me? i really hate being stomped all over
because of some money!
be successful,

and earn a lot of money. earn money, and buy back this house. live fabulously and grandly like you did before. then... i will think about it again then. ♬ i think i will die. ♬ i think i will go crazy without you. ♬ even today, my heart hurts.

♬ i'm looking for you,
only you.
♬ my love,
my heart cries.
♬ i always think i will go crazy without you. ♬ my love,
my heart hurts.
♬ my heart hurts.
i'm shouting.
♬ i only love you. being like this, i really feel like a kid. i eat the food that you always bring me.

i sleep. i don’t even work. i just play all day with chaton. it’s all done. now, there isn’t much time left to undo this. yes. i was feeling suffocated
because i couldn't move around. ah, right!
when is the remodeling of the main house finished? i don’t think it will take long.

ah. once the remodeling of the main house
is completed and my leg is better, i will find the tape recorder. i will save you quickly, man ok. man ok? yes? are you expecting a call? why are you looking so intently at your cell phone? ah...

ah… it’s late, but lee tae ik hasn’t come back.
and he doesn't even pick up. are you getting worried? he left earlier with a really angry face. he will come back.
he isn’t even a kid. he left without even taking go dong… he hates driving, doesn’t he? when did he come back? you came? tae ik?

yes. he hasn’t come back. he won’t be back till i'm asleep. guys are like that. even though he likes you, he purposely acts like he doesn’t. do you want a glass? no. i'm fine. what? he's not answering.

where did he go leaving his cell phone behind? why are you here? you didn't pick up. you didn't answer my text messages. because you left frowning like this, i got worried that you left home for good. there was nowhere to go. but here. aren't you cold?

i'm cold. then, go inside. she hasn’t left, has she? no. oho! are you going to keep frowning like that? if you get wrinkles, it will cost you money. ay! i’ll be nice. i will show you a revitalizing kick.

what revitalizing? do you know how effective this is? don’t ask me to do it again later. you are going to kick dressed like this? it’s okay.
i have underpants on. yah! you are absolutely quick in your movements! let's go together! lee tae ik!

let’s go together! yah! oh! it’s so embarrassing! a hapkido master that can’t even kick! i can’t do this?
this? huh? what are you doing? i am exercising.
exercising. you are an interesting person. tae ik’s fiancã©e?

you aren’t his fiancã©e? ah, yes. that is... i am his fiancã©e. you know my name. what is your name? it's jang man ok. it is hard to pronounce. jang man ok, give me some breakfast. uh... i don’t need anything else.

just this. thank you. is this appetizing? jang man. water, please. here. jang man ok. do you know this by any chance? yes? what?

when tae ik kisses, he likes to pull the lower lip like he is biting it. ki… what? no way...
the two of you haven’t even kissed yet? she acts like she is the mistress! really! man ok, i am dying of hunger. when are you coming down? i’m going down now. wait. actually, my stomach hurts also.

i need to go to the toilet. why? is there something there? ah! it’s nothing at all. excuse me... why don’t you go in there and rest? you must be tired from the jet lag. i am drinking wine to overcome the jet lag. i will go in if i feel sleepy.

don’t worry about me. dangerous sleepwalking? while sleeping, cases like jumping out a window... an accident... can arise? to prevent this, drawing heavy curtains on the window… curtain? reducing stress and meditation, etc.

are useful in ameliorating sleepwalking. meditation healing music
that comforts the mind.
man ok, still no? jang man ok, why have you been like that since earlier? is something there? ah! a cat! i am raising a cat in the basement.
it is time to feed it. cat?

i completely adore kitties. uh! wait a moment, just a moment! oh! wait a moment! won kang hwi? that is… you see... no way… you've been hiding in there all this time? as you can see. i did it.

i told him to stay here. i did that. wow! so... won kang hwi, who got ousted and disappeared without a trace,
was hiding in the basement of full house? moreover, the person who kept him in hiding
was lee tae ik’s fiancã©e? this is absolutely a scoop! why are you staring at me? i didn’t hide him.

jin se ryeong, i don’t think it is your place to interfere. i found you! if it weren't for me,
you would have kept hiding in there. like a stray cat. get out! starting with you! i have something to find. and, until i find that . . .

no matter what havoc you create,
i will not leave here. what is it that you are looking for? what is that great thing that you are looking for? how could you fool me completely? and hide in my house like a stray cat? because i need to prove my innocence! no one is interested in the truth.
so what else can i do? i have to come forward and to personally reveal it! although there is no way that
you would have feelings like that,

but consider the loyalty of being on
the same team for 5 years and
bear with me for a few days. when this leg gets better, i will find it and leave immediately. if you get caught by lj, you know it is the end, don’t you? whatever it is, find it and
leave my house in a week’s time. how can you not get caught?
the president will be coming back and forth. jin se ryeong! if you want to keep staying in this house,

it will be good to keep that mouth shut. if not, you will be the first to leave. ♪ my heart keeps pounding. ♪ don't know
i'm getting happy.
♪ little by little, i think i know why. lee tae ik, for not telling you earlier, i'm sorr...

what to do? ♪ i am flying the sky. ♪ i just fall in love. ♪ i smile and i smile again. ♪ my love, my love is coming. i am sorry. ♪ like my dream,
it's gently coming closer to me./i> ♪ let's love. this is the song for your solo album.

the guide song will come out soon,
so listen to it once. you will like it. the main concept is to concentrate on
the real value of lee tae ik as a solo artist. we will make it neat without
anything being superfluous. i still don’t have any thoughts of doing it. i have no thoughts on going solo. what about kang hwi? why are you talking about a guy
who caused trouble and escaped abroad? did he... really go abroad?

the whole company is focused on your solo album now. don’t be insolent and prepare as i tell you to. as you tell me to? do you also speak like that to jin se ryeong? is that what you wanted to say to me? if you are doing this because of jin se ryeong… no, i have no interest. i don’t care what you do with jin se ryeong. the annex is my space!

no one can enter without my permission. if you guys hadn’t caused trouble,
i... wouldn't have had to over-exert
myself and recruit se ryeong. there was no reason to bring jin se ryeong
and make our finances stagger! so? you are going to keep jin se ryeong at the annex? she and i... when you knew full well
what our relationship was? the construction at the main house will be over soon.

you! you said it with your own mouth. that you have no interest in her. why do you bother about someone
for whom you have no interest? at the longest, it will be one week. you will start recording as soon as it is ready. when did you come? i should have come with you. yes, i understand.

hyung-nim, you came out already? did you hear the news, hyung-nim? bum soo hyung-nim will be
jin se ryeong’s road manager. road manager? bum soo hyung-nim said that
he would never be in charge of an actress. but the president ordered it. the managers are creating havoc now. how can bum soo hyung-nim
be a road manager at his age? i don’t know what, on earth,
the president is thinking.

it is a film festival held by kaga and hyun. the scale is small, but a lot of
international directors are coming. it won’t be bad to show your face there. i don’t want to go alone because it is boring. i will think about it,
if you let tae ik go with me. tae ik can’t. he needs to prepare his solo album.
he would not want it either. it’s difficult. if it was easy, i would do it on my own.

i will think about it. then i will know that i am going with tae ik. i told senior manager hwang to be waiting for you.
he will be in his office. but this engagement, did tae ik
really do it because he wanted to? why would you say that? that is…
because i know tae ik’s style very well. it’s just talk among ourselves,
but that woman is really a no. it’s talk among ourselves, but no one knows what goes on between
a man and a woman except for the parties involved.

ah! you should know that better, se ryeong. i am not even a domestic assistant!
is it everything if they are stars? man ok, if you aren’t busy,
come to the basement.
jang man!
the moisturizer i bought in switzerland disappeared. have you seen it? jang man ok, i am done in the shower.
clean it up, please.
these guys, seriously! you crazy!
what are you doing? can’t you tell by looking?
i’m making a vegetable garden.

a vegetable garden? hey! do you know how much these flowers, which you are plucking out to make
a vegetable garden, cost? so what if they cost a lot?
you can’t even eat them. i am going to pluck them all out
and plant some vegetables. what? do you have a problem? vegetables? yes, vegetables!
you said you like organic vegetables.

wait and see.
i will just... grow them well without any pesticide
and put them on the table. then the food expense will decrease completely. ah! food expenses… do you want to try?
it helps totally relieve your stress. it is also fun to do. never mind.
continue what you were doing. aigo! aigo!
my back! don't be like that.
do the rest, lee tae ik?

why should i? why do you think?
this will all go into your mouth. here! here! i don’t do things like this! try it once!
like this, like this. it is so much fun!
like this, like this. i said i’m not doing it. let’s try it together.
like this. - really! i said that i'm not doing it.
- it gets rid of your stress completely!

tae ik!
aren't you in? this, you can’t. why?
what is it that you are hiding it?
- it's nothing to see.
- why?
- it's nothing.
- what is it? what is it?
- you can't.
- i want to see it!
- i said that you can't!
- why? why? why?
ah! seriously!
you can't! let go!
- i'm going to tickle you!
- no! that's a foul!

i want to see! i want to see!
come on!
fine! fine! what is it that you are hiding it? you really won't listen to me! why are you hiding something like this in here? because it is precious. this habit is still the same. wow! you are really fast. i think you have a talent for gardening, lee tae ik.

of course!
i decorated this entire garden. but… you know… about kang hwi-nim. i am sorry for not telling you in advance. i couldn't help it.
you were really upset, weren’t you? what about sleepwalking? sleepwalking? ah! i don’t do that. once i fall asleep,
i can't tell even if somebody carries me.

you slept without stirring even then. pardon? there is something like that. anyway, it's fine if you don't sleepwalk. sleepwalking is scary. but... you know...
you are really cowardly! what?
hey! hey! what is this?
you didn't dig here at all! meticulously...
look carefully and dig!

wow! you are good at it!
wow! wow! ahjussi!
to the right on top of the stairs on the second floor. be careful. be careful that the mirror doesn't crack! i bought some furniture. i have a good personality so i bear things well. i can't live in your room that's like a storage. storage? even if i live for a day,
i need to live in a proper place.

it won't do because my skin is becoming bad. ahjussi, the second floor! she slept well all night long. who said you can use the second floor as you wish? bring the furniture down immediately! sorry.
i can't do that. what?! if you have a problem, speak with the president. i already finished the agreement to do as i please.

the second floor, the second floor! hey! jin se ryeong is in the room next to tae ik's? she put furniture in as she pleased. her personality is like that.
she does everything as she pleases. but, i felt this from earlier... i don't think you are on good terms with jin se ryeong. i... don't like people who are like watermelons. watermelon?

they are green on the outside,
and red in the inside. moreover, they have seeds which are cumbersome. i don't like her! i don't! i...
someone like man ok... man ok, get up! i like someone whose outside and inside are white. uh! man ok!
you look like that. huh? ♪ round eyes, and a small black nose.

♪ a cute little bear that wears white fur clothes. ♪ i will look at you always. ♪ i say a small wish. - ♪ when i am next to you...
- yes, that! ♪ i am always happy. ♪ gently, it's coming closer to me like a dream. ♪ love, love, i call it love. ♪ love's first impression. ♪ it makes me happy.
it makes my heart tremble.

subtitles brought to you by the maid of house 2 team @viki there is somebody who wants to meet you, president. she is someone who will be
of strength to you, president.
i am an eyesore because
i can see right through your bad heart?
you think it will work out well
with tae ik if i am not here.
yes, it's similar. this is all a show? what? petty?
rude bastard?
are you really a stylist?
you are really bad at drawing.

if you don't want to wear it,
then give it to me.
why did lee tae ik and jin se ryeong break up? what about me?
aren't you curious about me?

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