vorhänge wohnzimmer orange

vorhänge wohnzimmer orange

♪ ♪ -ya!-hoo! man:these guys are...? (both imitating impact noises) oh! ow! i punched myselfin the face! is that cut? welcome, to... "behind the curtain with rhett & link." -wh... where's the curtain? -b-b-buddy system.

link: it's an imaginary curtain. welcome to behind it. buddy system is about me losing my phone, and us trying to find it. the person who took his phone,who happens to be our co-ex-girlfriend, who is now a crazy infomercial queen, is trying to take over theworld of good mythical morning. we threw a lot of stuff... -link: everything we've got. -everything that we can do,

we threw it at buddy system. we innovated some new methods for fast songwriting. link: we would start playing something, like you play something on the keyboard... ♪ and then just starttrying to sing something ♪ ♪ when, oh, there it goes ♪ -♪ oh, there it is, yeah ♪-♪ yeah ♪ yeah. we wroteall our songs like that.

(rapping): everybody hides aslide, supersliding door before you made it slide. power! (shouting): pants! drawers!face! balls! phantom menace!strikes back! more crap!power nap! that's how little johnwould do it. (laughs) rhett: buddy system isa fictitious version of our actual friendship.

we knew that we wanted the musicvideos to feel like a total separation fromthe narrative. what environment would kind ofcomplement that? so i do think it's lighting. well, hello there. rhett: you know what? he's kindof in his own world right now. i'm not gonna interrupt him. rhett: so, you're gonna leavethe nipple out of yours, too. -link: the nipples are beingsidelined.

called the old skipple move. ♪ i'm not afraid of the dark,i'm afraid of what's ♪ ♪ in the dark that i cannot seebecause it's so dang dark ♪ ♪ so dang dark, so dang dark,so dang dark, so dang dark ♪ it's not even real.it's nothin'. it's computer-generated. no it's not, it's some sort ofa painted pipe. ♪ i see because it's so dangdark, so dang dark ♪ ♪ so dang dark, so dang dark,so dang dark ♪

the inspiration for thepower nap was, um... the puff daddy and mace... -like, yeah, like 90s rap video.-90s. we should take an ironicpower nap right now. (laughs) you know whati'm sayin'? link: page kennedy, uh, is agreat guyner and social media person. you can actually just go andlook at page's snapchats and recreate the entire buddy system plot.

(audio playback/rapping):a power nap gives you power! give twenty minutes now,get power for hours! don't walk through that. -what is that?-we both find it out. -i thought it was never-ending. (laughs) (audio on playback)♪ then you better take ♪ ♪ a power nap first ♪ ♪ you oughta knowwhere the power's at ♪

-moving cars...-♪ it's in the middle of ♪ ♪ a power nap, word. ♪-hey! -this is dope.-yeah, this is over the top. if you could've shownthe actual 1990s versions of rhett and link that, hey,when you're 38, you're gonna be in pajamas, dookie ropes, lying-lying in a bed together... link: right. if you could just-- -rapping about a power nap.-just show the footage, with no explanation, would youhave just been like,

-we made it.-we did it. six music videos in five days. this crew is absolutely amazing. with the arms, it's really good! we're filling up the entirestage 1 at youtube with 1,008 inner tubes. man: and... bubbles! (audio on playback)♪ that's how we roll ♪ ♪ and everyone elseis a butthole ♪

♪ people with their wheelsa buttholes ♪ man: great, and cut! man, i'm really hungry for somefruit loops. don't know why. this is ms. molly shannon,she, uh... you already know her. but she is our rhonda,of course. uh... gang leader...look at that gang face! -(laughs)-i'm normally very sweet, but i'm doing a character ofa tough gang member! there was that momentwhere, uh... her

-superstar character came out.-yes. -link: whatever.-oh, oh, oh, oh! -link: yeah, whatever, rhonda!-whatever! -link: no! i-i-- whatever.-no, whatever! ooo! -link: hey! what do you want?-what do you want? -what do you want?-what do you want? can i-- do you wannatry some other stuff? rhett: yeah, anything you want.-okay, cool. well, i'm off to drink blood.not human blood.

rhett: chris parnell, he asked us if he couldexperiment with his lines. the blood orange-- notnecessarily the blood orange, just juice of the orange,orange juice. link: blood orange... ha! -he just... that was a surprise.-beautiful. i bid you adieu! link: so, leslie bibb playsaimee. we're huge fans of hers. once leslie gets in the scene,she is thoroughly committed.

i mean, there was thatone scene, where she gets frustrated with theidea light on my head, and she yanks it off...(glass shatters) and the bulb breaks,but she doesn't break. link: and then she justkept going, -and she said,-you almost killed me! -get him!-oh! that was pretty impressive. hey. what's that evillook on your face?

i'm so stoked to do thishere today! peder, with a d, wasa physical challenge for me. -(gruff voice) good morning.-(laughs) he's always so grouchyin the morning. it definitely needs to be a cry. i just thought it would befunnier for it to be that long, (whines),like this extended yell cry, verses a (short sobs),that kind of thing which will seem really act-y.

(growling whine) (whining sob) (growling sob) link: probably. get in there.even closer. it's gonna be fine.right in there will do it. -rhett: agh, okay.-link: you see yourself? rhett: i don't think i canget any closer. so, i didn't necessarily seeanything when i was looking into peder's eye-hole,but i can say i felt something.

i felt that...i wanted to leave, and i wanted the scene to end. (gruff voice): if you look deepwithin my prophes-eye, you will see the answer to thequestion that plagues you. get closer.you're not closer enough. focused on max, you get...get really closer. closer! closer! what'd you see? don't answer that. it's justlike your birthday wish.

never tell people what you wishfor your birthday. this is the... not the firsttime i've worn a wire. rhett: my favorite part ofo'dell's character is his very intensebackstory. i was an informant, uh,for the mexican government. i'm not actually sure what theywere tryin' to get. roger, be gentle with me. be gentle. it's a man thing,remember? just... rhett: i'm especially excitedabout wearing

the power pelvis, and shootingmassive quantities of water from my nether regions. whoa, that's a--that's a tight tie. whoa! (water sprays in bucket)oh. oh! oh yeah. jesus. i knew that wasgoing to happen. that felt great. (loud spraying) (spraying stops) -man 1: oh, that was it!-man 2: cut!

("bff" song playing on speakers) woman: five, six, seven, eight! ♪ you need a bff ♪ we, we had this whole routinechoreographed, um, with strong inspirationfrom 90s boy bands, n'sync, the backstreet boys,a little britney spears, and a lot of sprinkler. a lot of sprinkler. (rapping): i'm sure he'd bean excellent guy,

i don't care if he was justsome teeth and an eye. woman 1: oh!woman 2: oh my god. (laughs) this is grossingeverybody out. like, nobody can take it.-woman: oh my god! no! man: okay, grab the--let's go. you have your staring contest? -this is what they look like.-you wanna blink first. is it up, is it high,is it low? jenna: (humming)

stop laughing at me, man!dude, stop laughing! -okay, action! action.-i can't learn if you laugh. you know, people go, look,i'm black, oh, it's a black guy. he's gonna be cooler thananybody else. until they see me, andthey're gonna say, "oh, we've been lied to!" -just don't do this!-(laughs) like, you're gonna mess upyour whole sequence by having this in thebackground.

rhett: page is protestinga little bit. he, uh... even though he's onlydoing an upper-body dance, while seated. he doesn't wanna ruin his,in his own words, "street cred." ♪ best friends forever ♪ (song ends) (crew cheers and claps) ...a full thirty days ofshooting, is that you-you reallyget to know

your crew, and everyoneyou're working with. unfortunately, we lost somebodyvery close to us during the making of buddy system. (snickering) so, i'm shaving my beard for thefirst time in a decade, because within the show,there is a prom flashback to 1996. i know it's gonna look horrible. i know i'm gonna want it to growback as quickly as possible.

but i'm willing to do itjust to get a reaction. -ready?-man: ready? (electric shaver buzzes) there's no goin' backfrom this. oh. it's really, really,really hard to do this. (shaver buzzes) i look like somebody who'splaying a bit part in a high schoolshakespeare play. oh, gosh.

i don't know what i'mgonna find, man. i'm not happy about this. and you're not gonna be happyabout it, either. so we had a fake beard createdso you wouldn't know that i actuallyshaved my beard. and i'm actually wearingthat beard right now. seriously? where's link? (laughing)

ah! it stops right here. i am never doing this again. we were so cool in high school. link: i looked exactly like i doin the flashback. but we were, you know,what i would say, pretty cool. rhett: it didn't take muchto be cool at harnett central high schoolin 1996, but we were pretty cool guys. link: of course, you got that...

that quintessentialprom moment where, the mom comes out, and says,"wait, wait, wait! "we have to take some pictures." -in the yard.-"in the yard!" you gotta take a yard picture. i-i'm sure we took pictureswith our dates, but they were, like, let's takepictures with each other... -yeah.-...without our dates. and then we invented that pose.

link: and then we just starteddoing things, and then, and then it just kindof happened: the hands clasped in abusinessman shake, and then the--we just said, hey, -"why don't we lift the leg?"-yeah, yeah, of course. -why not?-why not? okay, so, in this scene, uh, at my peak of anger towardslink, at our prom flashback i throw the microphone at hishead, knocking off of his hat.

and so, it's a rubbermicrophone, but i am going to knockhis hat off. -you're a punkass!-aimee: ah! rhett: (groans) -you're a punkass.-aimee: oo-- ow! you're a punkass! (various yells) you're a punkass!-aimee: (yells) you... missed.

-grazed it. i grazed it.-(crowd laughs) -not going down that easily.-rhett: (laughs) i just hope you had fun! i mean, it's just good,clean, fun! rhett: there was something aboutenvisioning something, and then finding yourself inthe midst of it on set. i think buddy system isthe culmination of what we've alwayswanted to do. link: this is our vision for howwe want the world to be:

we want people to be able to puton pajamas, and bling. rhett: buddy system is therealization of that dream. just have fun. -you got a good shot of this?-man: oh yeah. look at yourself in the mirror,and say... "hey, rhett." hey, rhett. "i see that youshaved your beard." i see that youshaved your beard. "and i, i can imagine that youmight have been

a little nervous about that." i can imagine that you mighthave been a little nervous about that. -"but you know what, dude?"-but you know what, dude? -"you're still cool."-you're still cool. this is where pants should fit. right here, on the waist. because they never move.they're completely secure. somebody put this thing in gear.

so, where would the gear go? whoa-ho. don't-don't reach forany sticks. wait, what kind of car is this?she said that-- don't reach for any sticks! do not put this car in gearat all! (laughs) this is my kitchen. this is my living room. this is my bedroom. whoops! i'm goin' in the hole.

man: and, action.

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