bilder wohnzimmer lila

bilder wohnzimmer lila

music one million euros more in inns dreams of millions of euros me i once again fall in love with madonna michael jackson brosnan george clooney 4,850 euros per night. that's why a cry for waking up in this room has to pay 5,000 euros to

day you have to give a little to save a little bit and come to the real rip suite a car that costs a million and a half of euros that then rich and bbva with the rolex and sometimes a diamond necklace for 83 million pesetas look the hour on a wrist watch valued at eur 600 000 to examine water which

leaves a bottle of 1,000 euros i would take it with a pain of soul simple caprices 10,000 styles styles of life 9 million rich euros tycoons who for the police have more nothing because there is not inside it. great luxuries that are within reach of very few for a jewel up to 10 million euros

today each of these cars does not buy the people to go around the normal city to use daily for the gante too discreet this is the one that has been a reference but he is still a reference for everyone does not always carry cars nice pretty watches three of them

is at 286,000 euros in 2009 a sapphire hand-carved completely by hand we want a spare part up to a thousand five hundred or fifteen hundred as to to lose the beech tree develop the program the heart national the restaurant the doors is sidelined at 12 degrees up with a shock absorber so that the

door never falls you never fall on the floor always incorporated here (applause] engine is a 6,000 v12 engine by 517 horses from 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds very fast and very fast that goes well (millions of euros) i fall in love again with madonna michael jackson a blazer of his majesty is a

crime for that a cry of all diamonds 420,000 euros more than 4,850 euros per night all the gods are they call duke music hello, good morning, marina. to open recently the rent that in madrid there was no store not the first store to open in

europe this is why it's called that the collection is an intermediate known between winter and summer we have two collections and folk he dreamed of visual that is spring this dress reflects one of the passions of oscar of the rent that are the flowers and gardening with a lot of cold that there are many meters of sand in

this dress in mind that this dress these are 4,400 all our support and now there is of course the lord of the with the collaboration of 1 of the salts that was muse and collaborator of i lounge and kitchen is one for a guardianship of course and of course as we said not perfect mentioned the nature of the animals

he's a super easy man. and a couple of times is fulfilling the tester and that between the test the suit will receive the pin i want to buy something to party at night i want this dress you we propose the necklace and need only a nice shoes precious gems only championship

little and tom hanks closes in scenes do you like the look now i just need to talk about money the dress is around 5,000 euros on necklaces 19,800 shoes 615 a portfolio of around 30,000 euros the most special model has said the when you come here looking for a little later it difficult prices are not

i do not find that we are very high in prices when compared with other signatures quality is the same or better and prices are reasonable there are people by example that 30,000 euros in one outfit 20,000 euros does not earn in a year nor crazy usually everyone is accustomed to these pressures in

pretty normal prices men i do not know if it's good or not normal we talked about what we're talking about luxury and oscar mountains dresses alexander because there are no others alike you call oscar as if it were you -sure, friend, sure... i'm very pleased, thank you very much for

the fire reached hi! how are you? what do you have now? same a car that is the most exclusively occupied the form production of 24 times a year and 650 horsepower 7,300 cubic meters jumping is very very exclusive is what is this these are lagoon for walcott

they are a speaker and the media and their loudspeakers for the music that would have contributed with this fast car that then you can not hear but a little bit not with the music of bosses and a bit of he is very affectionate if it is very expensive how many things of the car is a million euros plus taxes we are talking 141 and a half mother of mine

what does this buy as the big ones entrepreneurs great collectors of vehicle very carefully of course when the manual like all this is first or second 400 and well that's what that marks the top speed of this car it's 334 kilometers this is the ventilation of the chairs to give cold air by sherry led leather

you have it from me or me too i block them and paris and file over three hours on a continental flight on the top side and leaving a lot people like that lamborghini bat this tale of 315,000 euros to good vatican themes and something more somewhat more robust two pictures i do not think that you spend 10 million

euros a house increases and also seems a thing of your life is not alone in the house 20,000 euros and there are people who will spends what is the same thing people have a lot of passion for the theme of cars all men and women the truth that still little although the customer who many customers come that always come the woman has to give the blessing

if they do not buy it this is an excellent mother is a v8 also 326 horses this car again 510,000 euros in melodramas collector this too what people little much money until recently we have many clients builders what happens now by the issue of crisis and construction he was also attached to the whole world.

likes to show off does not say then rich and bbva with the rolex and sometimes and this will pay 5 and 6 to play places are not paid then man pay a car of 110,000 euros in installments when until recently two years 500,000 euro is that a normal person does not whole life if it does not give you a bit of

envy and not vice versa dreams at a cost of these and more easy with an ibiza not because it is evident there was no lord who wears the night of these for minorities sung talbot we headed to las and real is full of history its real it is located in the first

because formerly the first plants in hotels as there was sensors in the noble plants the walls are buried in the damask that is very good citizenship the cornices all company is gold french timepieces of the 18th century here presidents of the government heads of state and government

all of royalty indeed with reason of the wedding of the princes don felipe and dona letizia had stayed here 28 official delegations maddon until michael jackson brosnan george clooney had expressed ai lu ni l'espresso has clooney even the princes rainier and grace from monaco because their moon was here

of honey in this sleeping bed auditorium and madonna is also good all type of personalities were informed that they are establishing in this campaign who endorse that they are wonderful are not of they are inah a bathroom that all the ports of the year are not only of the americas and are of strike and what you will tell bulgari

more critical all tools for play and we have bath and shower and with the artichoke bathed in gold the whole gal costs 4 thousand 850 euros per night 4,850 euros per night my mother is very dear rooms in the hotel is also 525 euros saga but president of italian government in that

a hotel night and a discount well that's all the houses are negotiable who comes this is not only real for one night the minimum is usually yours 2 3 nights you have to save a little bit you have to save a little and come to real madrid if we go to 1800 drugs for to improve the normal family in the rent

of an entire year of his house not good not so much service of the eleven already without that means well we have a maid service a waitress of flats to help them so much to undo the luggage do it for a person to get ready dress what you want the price only for the room only

by myself yes and breakfast for the company marisa asked to wear the mask and the differences they have opened here recently in madrid have opened madrid and with great pride as i wear the pendant that they gave us at the party opening that is nearby and so far they are ortega

thank you so much then a pleasure hi, how are you? good morning, how are you? you are the owners of this street piece of limousine i am the lord when there are 11 meters 50 back take a turn on the people to rent is normal when hired to go out at night

money is fundamental a lot of people better have lots of money and welcome allusion to four days available of people who like to be looked at do you like me like me and a low these you can party all over will go well in your house and i will discover you all the drinks and then we have a mini van service on board

how much does it cost to rent this pace? an honor to welcome the 392 is the 500 euros and people outside the street that makes alcina but to take a photo that does not pass through this limo for up you in which the client set and who this is as bad as they say i do not understand why a person looks i used to go with me personally

a very low person leads to conchita velasco lounge has the people of senasa pillar in china for and left for much people who do not come from outside and limousine and we will do more to avoid madrid to buy people is spent enough money and our customers up to 24,000 euros 24 hours arrived at at a fair appearance

platinum i always like when than papers but more than anything to see what's inside for us fine thanks a thousand we have high jewelry are the famous tiffany engagement rings that would be farewell has not been prevented baby's birth anniversary

diamond rings from 3.000 euros whatever you want part one of the largest would be this three and we are facing and in the ring to cost that barbarity of money the rising and the caller cristina doing what they like the most women who give you

i think if it is that what light that i can bring my lover does not give you any another stone against women usually be the men who buy them to give away usually men come very directed to but the women we usually give many clues that my wife made if you want one with these characteristics can jewel that women us

i would love platinum and diamond legs 100 euros then see you later the world of wine is passion is what we call the blue light passage ie that you can taste the wine that you you want points to buy and buy card here benefited from the cup is so

counterpoint questions 45 a few drinks in pink functions test is quietly very interesting you like it as you buy it you got it back probably the best example, seven thousand 370 agents and who knows up to 7,000 euros to a bottle of wine more people than bottles we can get is very

complicated to get a quota of these wines we get six bottles a year with us and the laws well and not we only sell them we look for more it has a very silky texture in the mouth. very long and pennetta it is an incredible wine not the person who you can control it i hope you enjoy the

store of the treasures novel of the great wines here we really have the relics of the holy year this one it costs one thousand 280 euros a bottle well at least get to the appointment i was in the end only worth a thousand 550 but he has to give a lot of affection to the just as the gauls are added to ap hello sponsor

we are in december, but we have already received in this collection by de jose bouso in two colors and very old friend it is true that i have cruises and that there are clients that make you talk about cruise in exactly this time of the year to reach the majority of our customers because they usually warmer countries and waters and therefore

so much as we offer you a collection that you can go with your lifestyle it is very cold well to spend christmas in the caribbean we have what is the aie since the jacket jay and why his name is james the card is a tribute to jane birkin this is a bag totally falls

swarovski crystal hook how much does this bag cost? this boycott to 2,600 of 2,300 the pocket to put the mobile and unreliable to pay a hacienda better than the cheap abduction and some shoes of satin and change carry some swarovski crystals that people like things so much with

swarovski crystals that were because everyone likes yellow to shine with this stage how much you have to pay 1,200 a very dress special it is all stopped by dogs and then has a decade and marabou feathers that of marabou feathers it's a type of bird, how much does it cost?

about 720,000 euros in germany who could spend money on a dress many people can buy it and the signs that come to see this kind of dresses ask questions directly and he took it well i think there is everything and that today in day there may also be a certain greater awareness of the price for

famous crisis that from which all the world is talking people have money keep having money i think it's small, almost bellina remains of marta sibelina which is an animal if about 20 thousand 660 buying the dress and the marta cibelina for the party boss special for 40 and better

is assured for the past when i left the party if i invite them to shrink the team of clear signs is so clear as water for elephants the same capital you are doing things are fixed or the blouse pointed removing the limbs make the bass and to give them isa i noticed a little envy to times these ladies who spend a

barbarity of money names, no envy novelty about prices are dear, i can not buy it but neither mod i know i can not buy because i envy is an intelligent person something but envy to god hi, what about if we are the pope but us and also come to the fashion of

man but do not try to change anything more classic works to whom it is said that the classic what can not to get better however this brand has one of the forms that is the best weapon in the world you are seeing the culture that fits all the breed by simply varying the widths when the export of

shoes and is made for another country. does a teacher study if it is low by sanction came to the united states it seems like there is no spain spanish we have no more complications and it's more full width in leather or before it made less patriotic factory of shoes in 32 minutes and we see 860 not

everyone can buy these shoes because 800 euros is practically a dream a customer who not long ago is a taxi driver who shoes he chose was coming and leaving me drop 50 points by establishing mercedes and what i like. the good thing is that the shoes represent the dignity to be dressed for

feet do not always say english that most of the time is spent on the mattress and on the shoes at all things for someone with sounds shoes no photos of prince and and scratched and the number of foot they have is the kingdom and a half and the beginning since he was in states united were nine and now must be

in a 10 houses and that is equivalent to that still 40 would be with 43 and a half and has called a gallardon that uses a double width that varies is a width standard is added half an inch more shoes to go to madrid with works that apple or not good what happens is that he has done a lot of sport as the paratrooper brigade and she

you may have a problem to spend 800 euros are not the shoes either this is an investment is not a thing which is to be many hours to move a lot this is how it is reform the face and be suffering all good, thank you. some days with the calle gerona at crossing

also there and luxury shopping for dogs and and luxury shops and all kinds of complements for them are our spoiled children of the twenty-first century gaza hess aromatherapy and spa treatments capillaries that works very well so that the mantle of our little ones are for your recent dog what is most sell all this is swarovski crystal

here, but every customer with the name of your pet edu than the series there are a lot of duchess now almost all the gods are call the duke better quality than there is all this is the anai caccini you come out 88 euros 88 euros of the district the dog is a very select even then we have our

that if you want to they make the same jersey to you for that is the dressmakers of people and then i have commissions from dog friends i play with a girl wrap too that there are people i know i do not know you can spend for your baby in a 70 euro dress and there are other people that for the dog if he spends it good

is that it's so relative i have a normal car since they have the fuck you die what's your name? this sofa and couch luxury couch when it costs its bullets anions of foot list have about 298 euros almost 3 points in almost 300 euros espiel place is delighted with the sofa or not

appreciates parents and children and if i appreciated it, it's a purse such as taking the dog to see who goes up is an exclusive model only 198 and we believe they are going to play with the dog dress yes do it in the bernabã©u to the hairstyle also the ties the extensions here we put all this time said to be extended is not what

500 natural and second place by the natural pigment or lose treatments per session are usually to be around 67 euros a dog like that is that you never they would take the street down the street and see to a dog without fixing a dog without dress you look bad already and people who do not you have money for what you do and undo

them at home and now it is possible appointment and sometimes change for parents frisco knows he likes massages we will always start with the points the more sensitive they are, the more they are ears how much will the session cost massages are 20 euros these are some panties for the heat and you're how much

they cost i think there are 35 ladies who do not know spend 35 euros in panties for she will spend it on the dog there are cases yes but that was my place is like me daughter my daughters but also my daughters dogs if you spend the dogs i do not even want to think about what you spend on girls, no, no, no, yes, sometimes

35 54 dog coats all over the world each time has to go more i am not the dog without them are part of the family and that treat them as it these are not stray dogs, not wow nice hi, how's it going on for days, hello girl? call lola stuart likes to put names of woman as you see in bag quite

more modern than it was in the had used names of women in the pocket with the name of woman this is a rather expensive model because is an ostrich model when it costs hello it along these seven thousand 252 then it's called 'the street because it's like a bag to make shopping forms

like a plastic casino bag and this is a little cheaper but yes it is quite expensive are 6,200 euros to buy our hand to get to that level luxury goods to the customers do not have champagne here and especially at christmas grand piano we have put on for the holidays. we also know very well what is the

hair is not jacket although the peculiar that has is that it has a form of less than greater how much alejandra costs is one of the works so that it can be allowed to gaza and a wonderful thing that is a simple is really in luxury is better than the xavi mink but super soft is not really determined either

that each one designs his garment but yes you can somehow tuna this for example how much it costs more or less secure than between 30 and 40 thousand and 40 thousand euros to a coat is a paste is a pass like this is usually done with the best customers do not show up at the shop is presented in a hotel are people very stretched or are normal people

and current because it has a lot of money we certainly have all of that we can have customers who really between quotes has not been hard and that may surprise you more that a person who can carry a fantastic outfits are the most expensive are the celebrities in the attention to detail is bestial is not of

to cover everything really until later crocodile and the whole interior snap to the best of the world and is the napa 7,000 which is one for what is called that because it has the sky with seven centimeters thick is a bag that it's perfect, for example, it's to arrive to the airport do not travel with him school of sight jewels that do not

do you want to pack me he pointed out you can put all that 10,000 euros 10.000 euros a lady that you buy a bag of 10,000 euros not the first bag we bought for a hobby there are people who are passionate about can by pictures others for crocodile bags more that maybe the pair of the field

water has also become a luxury if some time ago 145 years that has become fashionable and is a luxury has always been united and 174 in 24 what water lacks is the bottle the container has not been fixed in four colors of an auction hunt in my book in the world 11 bottle spain is the only one that everything

collect the barbecue for 75 centilitros geithner is empty and let's go to the spring auction and fills it with springs so that had then 19 50 thousand euros a cup of water coming out for 100 euros the glass more or less an awful eye must have something special what you it seems to you that this bottle of water

this costs € 1,000 well if someone does not want to pay then it looks fine and i would take it with soul pain i liked but the same you rejuvenates and every novel would not have to wonder what the water has good administration is water that is sheltered to a depth of 200 meters it is good that it is a water

hello maybe you said i am a fucking lie we dress his majesty the king the anecdote is that my grandfather who was who founded the star was the tailor of manuel azaã±a so was the first president of the spanish republic my father the second operation was the tailor

the generalissimo franco and my uncle and i we are the third good generation health etc we are the acts of the king let's try the republic dictatorship and monarchy although i'll stick with that and see what happens when it comes to the customer and the king for example we do not go sometimes we do not know know how many suits you will not make already

less with better 250 suit is one thing if a kiss refuses to make the years 50-60 the record is at 4 thousand in suits made by his majesty the king if there is going to be king don juan carlos bourbon you tell him if he is a person with good presence as a non-presence very different fragoso

yes but i frankly acknowledged that it would be more typical imagined these accounts resign what more of the king for a little finger that's why i'm not going to tell you a shout when do not but are not more than 12,000 names own our normal processes if of the 2010 colt number one of for this man,also is a descendent

logically his majesty this factor is of many years i have nothing is lost this past with the pattern conditioning the kilo slow down people are getting a little then for many they will have thrown a little are going to gain weight almost 100,000 all who to this taste flowers written the house zorrilla enrique

ponce who is also the one in the house we also make clothes is in the gala uniform if the madrid report of the gala of the three client armies are the zones away from the challenge the composites and good for serving tablets to deliver are not white if is or is not a customer is a customer

a wedding in costa rica navas arica then and that everything is white is that to be a client of a musician who velvet jacket to be in house at home without more or less receive people at home like matin yes more or less no and how much would cost a few years in prison for english is a little more expensive they do not have

which cost more than 1,500 euros to corona now nobody comes but you have to have it because they can always go a client and ask her to play something spectacular in fact we have also sold in europe this is achieved suit in madrid is being sold between 25.000 and 30.000 euros send same me

i focus on 50,000 euros that this per cent constitutes a wool that is extracted from an animal is like a flame who is in an attitude coming from 3,000 meters in the andes in peru all goes well see you later gonzalo hello, good afternoon. the tour we are working with

decisions in cultural settings based on gold to make 24 carat gold now capital good afternoon things that you are going to make a treatment of these wonderful i was born here we arrived little what is diamond dust for make this association very relevant pure gold diamond powder is pure gold gold but 24 carats that lawrence and

basically helps us a lot to give a nf. luminosity to the skin which is what most let's find out how much this costs treatment can be and approximately about 150 euros per session in total there would be 10 sessions 1,500 euros do not cease of kind of people can allow this treatment which are the

ten sessions people pass higher society with greater purchasing power too often gifts are made a session lets you know how you feel made in gold in short this little boat how much is the cream goes to the 360 ​​and then that is here we would have zero is the being in the senate was always with the

more concentrated than the created the ac-400 boat on monday to take and it is not worth it to me secret purchases of so much good money in which maintenance costs many times to the account as well only operate has solved everything the maintenance plan you enjoy of treatment to many thanks to

you up to nine rolls this is the selection line is the hugo boss high line mask and we have more than 14,600 which is an ostrich fur jacket what kind of customer buys jacket by example customer who has a status high rafa nadal for example pau gasol alberto

accountant and even fernando alonso and raquel del rosario also in the world music for example carlos baute and your partner with us always void void this blanket that develops blue with finished from the inside of kazmir and that the cost is 14 thousand 600 600 the visit to manta is the only one

has arrived in spain i believe i recognize that i have my house so if you go ahead for 2020 we we have the samples the department of our communication, i think we work for all the fashion press and snowed and formed my whim of the to say that it reminds me of the it has been possible to be here some boy

he has come to buy we have customers who have bought up 8,000 euros and also a little that commission we go to commission to i would be very pleased buyer private not if that is a space reserved only for the best clients and vips that we treat now we offer to customers casting

a few beers they want chocolate as mexican me the day came by a stream well i love david bisbal i was made very nice with elena tablada and some very pleasant consumption both airbus lover thank you very much, thank you and go well golden boy

we are from street vendors like this city many of you have here ferrari and maserati himself is normal people who yes yes yes that happens every day these cars today people purchase is going to take a little good it is that it may seem that people can buy them to pay but really when you know the brand with

performance of their vehicles really offer more than just a car normal and is considered the best tourism that is right now in the market is a car with 620 horses like hazards and 6 6 liters of displacement public as we see had some who can buy that car that

i have them there are many people who have good true that we in those cars and logically for the psoe you do not sell a lot of them. behind the leads by changing the cams too we see here is the steering wheel the cam left serves to reduce so far

on the right you will go up back that is to say the other control that would use to output the large award joseph parrado putting the first accelerating speed already have 3.7 seconds now there are days, good morning and welcome

we have our panther universe a animal fetish in karting this us remembers the fur of the panther more this is what we call the panther link then the new ball clock is our new baby the prices approximately for one jewel as we would start at a price starting from about 400 euros to 10

millions of euros or so there is something for everyone the ring that carries this is also of here if yes if this is a collection is also based on white gold and bright and onyx and always loyal contrast white and black and white black that makes it very beautiful 10 aug 19 i lost my house is a collection that has

designed monica bellucci that are almost all with these colorful tears there are in purple there are in onyx that is a very wearable collection and here working here makes you excited that you give away jewelry also makes me excited give me a t-shirt and the diamond is still what it like women

i think it is one of the most we like for example these diamonds of these earrings are carved in a very typical indian form that is called briole with walter andrã©s and because the pieces are slit look at the bracelet more there are particles open here or bright two emeralds in the eyes of peace and an onyx point

making her nose and will be after that the price has not approached our customers would not like anything then know what to say as prices of the parts they buy is like a ball that's not what is called a ball i actually had a hard time getting into he thought back to the way round i say go back behind me

i fall in love again i think there are a lot of women since they buy your jewels are not going to wait because they do not have a name next to or because they like to buy them your jewels the woman with our emancipation that has therefore also been emancipate that not wait for that someone gave him

a jewel would be able to buy the one that go very well will sing the salve hi, good morning and this kind of pages that for individuals who do not we want to try it, we're going private to show them the jewel of the crown indicates assets and persons the coating is a gold leaf are 60

hours of craftsman work energies and now exactly never better said we solve here the level of resistance as the most basic as it is a movement that might be standing of chest openings we can work on this plane in this floor plan we could work, you tell me

just as we were doing with a dumbbells a gym but that we are doing with this kind of this type of exception and thus up to 200 movements is at home with family is not expensive if you take advantage to the capes like all kinds of people buy these machines for some reason name as the famous mr. obama

united states for that drink our madonna machines you can imagine enchanting everything hi, what about a sung jewel? welcome to this famous weekly store that you have here in spain because it is so exclusive first because he is a genius is a creator and is a reference for all shoemakers because he has no

team designs is your design he does everything he supervises the whole manufacturing even a high heel is an active and firm shoe will never go to shake one's heels a little bit when we walk the blancs and never pass that this is new is very urban is a voted with a very comfortable heel with

chito to be easy to treat for the city with its sidewalks that put us full of traps for women with heels were put on very beautiful shoes for a television series not about all sex in new york from 400 el hospital and shoes actors models they always have a man called knob because it puts us points nixon

as fixed and baptizing them for example 400 and officialism data in its cars the stiletto does not go up a bit beyond the 400 thousand well a little more out there then look well many young guys from twenty-two for their girlfriends and their mothers girls who have saved and in the shoe of that house jessica parker in the series and

the whole in a lot this guy that is very much of the blanc and with the very sophisticated evening extras west up and very sport shoes also because not only do these things walking shoes time sneaker boots that puts you name at every step shoe in each collection each shoe

has a name of senator verna los brothers was just the little noodle interior is very tight and is that will be buckled the one that maria back those that you carry only here are where i am delighted with this match day and i'm very comfortable four centimeters have these years and a half waits for us when you want

i hope to see you soon hello maybe that modern war i do not like what you have put up with vegetables with potatoes we have always had every week too is solving doubts the best of the next week since we more shoes for the bottles of wine

i would like to teach the 1 of the royal love collection is what we call we a big complication is to a clock put these three complications that we say are the more complex and redundant they uttered would be the perpetual calendar and choreographer retransplantation and a carrot

which without having to see the time you can listening __________. category and it sounds like a bell how much it costs does not consist of around 600,000 euros in 2008 what in this case of brilliant 100 million pesetas and that if they achieve complete people will buy only we have

but evenings to the enchanted enchanted in particular is based on technology really like the rebirth of the faithful when it costs this costs 500 euros every 3,500 villages to buy them so that the treatment is effective the principle if they make a synergy between the two of these when attached to a see me hard for yes to me

i love your product, i love it used all you can this great half or a month and a half and defense and also end of the new year and an extract of silk of a last japanese worm i do not remember that the bus legendary and it's fantastic when money these are 660 of the 60's this spectacular welcome to the

i remember the whole world when i say everything this the famous ones that could happen through here and there from actors gary cooper or tony curtis total our network the princess magdalena federica so if it is the most luxurious treatment that exists right now because it's called

the essence of the table is not here because this is brought to play by order to paint fences and how much money does the treatment i believe that the 1.100 and 2 billion and more than 2006 and this cream of the load manager once say who father does it very well 10

even do it i think everything is a bed that is spectacular are not the best never that these moments are made in the world is the official supplier of swedish royal house is around the 11,000 euros and the virus around € 54,000 according to the measure that the client chooses to have 54,000

euros do not have to be given until massages what it does is made up is made up all of natural materials and you have tried if the feelings a little bit of to be floating the media hi, what if you do not want street people like you? you are welcome this is the most luxurious mobile

controversial which is the signature model of vertu made with ceramic material the pushbuttons are made of gold 18 carats solid sale price to the public are the 13,000 the jewelry is sold in a store normal of mobile only in shops of high-end products like whales because second quality gem

if it's a clock frank your support is a platinum watch very exclusive is a million dollar tour with your power reserve the time zone to the right has a complication mechanics called second dead it means that only one every second is valued in the 104 thousand euros for 604 a gold necklace

white all in diamonds heart and the price is at 420,000 euros approximately it's a wonder until another whim we have here these sleepy waves lady one thing very simple very simple very clean we are talking here about 380,000 euros and is closed to making necklaces that

give two earrings or you can give away i think we would be able to to sell separately this is an audemars piguet watch for lady is made in 18 gold carat all with a football of diamonds and catechesis the most funny is that the barza times of chocolate colored rubber and the price is

of the 63,000 euros hi, how is your singing? so you can only access the clients staying here in the apartments here is some stewards who they serve their customers departments how many meters is almost 200 meters squares an error see if there are several

stays are people who need more privacy for their work maybe people known personalities of the world of cinema or music too presidents of large companies this is to be able to see a bit of barcelã³ nor to the sea that helps them discover the details when i show the night in an apartment of these east

three bedroom apartment are 2 thousand 600 euros per night flames what we have here is two meters by 220 there is a menu of toilets that can be prepare a romanesque bath for example a relaxing bath according to the needs of the client and in a single plural i think the most memorable occasion

to put it somehow was when if the infant cristina and see so much people so many heads crowned together here in the lobe waiting for the bus to go to the wedding it really was a very special moment good morning and welcome aboard mariatu then takes care of selling this boat is not correct and is that in

reality has not told us to want it sell specifically for those who to be in the world the megayate know that any private boat can always have an offer on the table in any moment the referee marked with a design also dutch by the way where renã© van der velden the boat has been

done in thirty runners 7 10 of sleeve sleeve that wide dance is a lounge to the taste of each owner because they are boats built is limited this means that the case is always the same and each owner is made charge to tell us how you want interior that is a gentleman who can move the whole area to save everything

what is china i do not know what to call it glasses glasses everything the equipment here you have part of what is the video on demand equipment is very sophisticated in this framework everything that is to starboard is an area of ​​the noble zone to guests and owner and the

labor is what is kitchen and zone of the crew and a kitchen with lots of quantity of stainless steel here is a kind of second levita help where you can also you install really big that we love the beach fridges in they love the cool fridges to do and that our boats i guess not

has to live has no country vacation to sail all that while during your vacation you live in the rally write the one with comfort with those controls all change colored lights like shipyard workers finishes that mastery in working the skin its acquaintances.

this in particular with all the decoration that has everything else tasks 9 million euros this is a booth and for example is here is another style are like anteroom of a gaza are better rooms is many homes in the management of our homes when they deliver it to us have those finishes we would like

the ground is queue because it would be in this case too heavy we could made by groupon is based on gold to the square meter thousand euros the square meter a basin of courtesy because if you come home to see our friends and we do not want to to pass on any horse we have here the courtesy water and opening the

door that connects with the paris club and then explain to people do not know who is there and who is and you will not know who would not even like jeans of this he assured that he does not know what it is the nasa the fbi is the terrace of the bank it's more arc delay by scott adam you really want to give a good

service this boat would need five people captain engineer people the lack of sailors is not minimum of five people is the best boat not in summer i think so here you have the second place of piloting are not the same values ​​as in the story and the interior suit

really one feels good sailing from desembarca if you have here bar that serves a table that is for 10 12 diners refrigerated and aimã© and the magic of ice making good and that has boxes the owner of where the european is not they are taking us steps and so on you try is that you do not have to go down

down for nothing on surface one night love you said that there is a temperature exceeding nice to have a fantastic as the year champagne cava or whatever esp a wage law to make your night parties kyle wide as they call it lounge and

here you have a view all that is the fly bridge this cyrus 34 me

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