bilder wohnzimmer hochwertig

bilder wohnzimmer hochwertig

this shows him. blackened kidney, typical m colors in the skirt, and this small carbon wing down here. this is the bmw m2 with m performance parts. the most aggressive of its kind if you say, wait a minute, the m2 is still only in april? how can that be? is it tuned at the factory ? yes! since bmw was pretty fast and has given this specimen neat extra spice. and also the tail there are a few identifying features. this is the one of the steep angle of the carbon spoiler.

below the diffuser insert at the exhaust. and because they recognize the m2 with m performance parts long before they see him. and inside there are, of course, the details of which include: the m performance parts. this includes on the one hand the steering wheel. it's wonderful processed and crafted from the finest of all elements with alcantara and the middle marker so you can still see the drift as the wheels are straight. mandatory for the racetrack. then the bottom of the steering wheel, an m performance lettering.

the lovers of detail can look at the car again when it already is in the garage. this is truly a work of art. here in the center console, we have the gear selector lever in carbon. if you touch it you realize that it is not plastic, but real carbon. you feel every fiber. it is sublime and porous. super chique and actually a tactile pleasure. glorious, glorious, glorious. with the m-perormance parts of the m2 it is a real piece of art. i think the optics speaks for itself.

as critics will now be objected: mhh € 56,700 for the base m2. then again € 5,750 of parts on it are built up here. but you have to qualify. there are two reasons for arguing. first, all parts are installed here are homologated does one need no type approval but can the car be upgraded step by step. perhaps only the interior? everything is possible.

secondly, the m2 is a collector's item even before launch. and i think to share with this fine it is even more desirable.

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