vorhänge wohnzimmer lila

vorhänge wohnzimmer lila

hello, i'm iwona and welcome to the marivo channel i know how much you love fairy tales with barbie dolls that's why today we will open another new set and it will be big doll house. it's huge but it is not everything. we'll open it too two barbie dolls. and this is chelsea and a nurse they will need me for the next fairy tale so if you're curious, stay with me to the end

we'll open the house first there is a house it's folded so far, so we have to open it now the riddle, how is it opened? i think i must first use the instructions that i have in the set i know that already. we're opening here we pour everything out and this is how our house looks like inside we have furniture, of course

they must be in the set and there are also great stickers with a cat, flowers we'll see where we'll stick them i will also show you a house from the inside this is how our house looks inside it is large and, as i can see, it has three rooms in this place there is a bathroom the mirror is opened

and inside we have different cosmetics there is also a toilet that is raised pretty small bathroom there is no sink, there is nothing, but nothing we'll do some other sets there will definitely be much more interesting this house there is a living room and a bedroom in this place two in one. why? because we have a fold-out bed you see? it houses one doll

and when we put a bed, we have a locker in this place, and here we have a chest she is pink with the word barbie you can hide bedding and other small things in it and it is also a cupboard here we have a front door and from this side there is a kitchen for barbie there is a kitchen with a sink with shelves and cupboards where is the table?

the table opens here it also saves space if we do not want to eat, we put it together or we spread out so that you can eat with it it's time for accessories for the cottage i love these accessories really there are two chairs in the set pink, quite square and have a lot of accessories to see

we bring our chairs to our table there is a place for two dolls and now we have also we have plates, there is also a pot so that we can cook something delicious such a beautiful pink kettle, see it's wonderful two glasses dropped

and, of course, cutlery there are knives spoons, forks also an extra set and the kitchen is ready and now it's time for the bedroom and living room we will hang a beautiful pink chandelier here here is a place for him and what we still have here

we still have a beautiful vase and flowers such purple there is also an alarm clock in the form of a cat we'll put him here beautiful perfume of course, a brush for combing your hair and a dryer

but for barbie it is also bedding we spread the bed and now, we have a pillowcase here bedding with flowers and stripes. is great there is also a pillow plastic, it's a pity that it's not soft because i like it very much and we've already prepared a room for barbie as if she wanted to go to sleep

and what if he wants to use the living room? of course, we put sheets we fold the bed we open this box and we hide inside. i wonder if he'll get in? and she came in. finished we have a salon we do not have a lot of accessories in the bathroom we have such a towel in colorful rainbow stripes

here is the place, look, open and we hang ourselves and what i have not noticed the first time here is a shower we must open it and there is a shower. here, barbie can wash herself now that the house is furnished we must also remember about wonderful stickers somewhere you have to stick them, now we'll see where

there is also a kitten okay, i'm sticking it now we will stick such a beautiful curtain in polka dots we also have oven stickers there is also a sink sticker here is the place for a sticker with a cat with books and a shelf and here we stick the sticker with food

some fruit salad. and here is the stove food and cooker, and food the house i do not know is beautifully laid out there are all accessories, look it's wonderful! but we still have stickers i already know! we need to stick them outside the house we also put together our house we'll stick the flowers here

they will be in pots, under the windows and here we stick like in the kitchen the curtain pink polka dot see how beautiful. from the inside and outside the same and there was the last sticker i forgot about it is a small stick on the alarm clock and it looks like this. so funny we opened and furnished the house because now

the time has come for dolls. i love to open them! we're opening chelsea and a nurse chelsea first she is in a holiday outfit i love her, she's so cute! and we already have chelsea! and now it's time for a nurse that's how often barbie always opens that shock and we have a nurse chelsea is in such a summer outfit

with ice and a dress with hearts but he has tangled hair so i have to comb it out to look nicer already okay, now it's time for a nurse this is barbie, she has a nurse outfit and a stethoscope with heart he also has pink shoes but look at her hair it also has such ugly, glued

why does he have such ugly hair? i do not like it. i think i need to wash her hair they are terribly stuck here are our two dolls we have already equipped the whole house and opened the dolls now just fold it so now we are putting our house it is great because it really takes up very little space and of course he also has a handle

thanks to that, we can transport it and take it with us on a trip, on holidays, anywhere and it takes up very little space you see? it's almost as big as a doll if you liked today's episode with me then leave the paw up write in the comment, do you have an idea for a fairy tale with this set? i am very curious, maybe i will use some? i also have a puzzle for people who carefully watched our movie

write a comment what color of the kettle is in barbie's kitchen? you know? then leave a comment! subscribe to our channel because soon they will appear new episodes with barbie dolls and of course i also have a surprise greetings! i would like to greet all my viewers thank you so much for being with me but i also have special greetings! regards antonina tondel

and amelia sobczyå„ska see you in the next episode bye bye

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