vorhänge wohnzimmer heizung

vorhänge wohnzimmer heizung

hi, how are you~ in today's video i wanted to show you my room, but ... don't you have any hobbies? i've had people asking me to do this for a long time now for that reason, with that introduction, i will now do so. i personally don't think, that my room is worth showing. however, i actually cleaned up my room, i really gave my best making it look nice, so, if you were to watch this, i'd be really happy!

hmm, i'm just gonna turn my camera in circle first. so, it roughly looks kinda like this... this room is actually my room and our living room at the same time. i often get asked, wether i still live with my parents... every once in a while my father comes in here, and sometimes eats dinner with me, that's why i would say it's kind of my room and the living room although my brother also lives in this house, we don't actually live together.

we buy our own stuff, and eat by ourselves. so that's the way i live! yup! so without further delay, let me show you my room in detail! let's just start here. here you can see the cat-clock i just bought. the wall is a bit dirty, i guess. and the new curtain i bought from nitori (japanese furniture store)

i really like this one! here it looks like this! manicure equipment. hokkairo (heat pads) my contact lenses. i won't show you what's in here though! in those there's febreze and quickle wiper, and other weird stuff. all kinds of things, febreze and stuff like this

there's just everyday stuff in there. and that's the tv if i were to give this tv a name, it would be... teko-chan~ ♪ teko-chan~, teko-teko-chan~ ♪ my little tv-friend teko-chan. my stove, my teru-teru-bouzu doll (japanese paper doll), my guitar,

if you want to know, why this doll is hanging upside down, it's from the movie ”ima, ai ni ikimasu” (let's meet now!). in this movie there was a paper doll hanging upside down, that meant, that the raining season should be prolonged. although i don't play my guitar at all... these are fernandes-kun and marshall-chan moving on! this is my father's chair, and this is my chair. on this table we eat!

there's some stuff standing around here as well. kinda like this in front of this closet i record my videos. my lamp it says :” what the hell? ”, i think i wrote this in elementary school (lol) a message from elementary-school-me :” cheer up! ” whenever i watch tv, i move a couch here, which blocks the way for other people. from here, i can watch tv like this wi-fi

cooler my favorite, oden-kun (character from an anime) youtube here's skin care and stuff like this a bottle i bought from cheria and paper with a raindrop-pattern i bought from cheria i like this. recently, i really like raindrop-patterns it's so cute

here are my masks and shiro-chan〜 beautiful... beautiful ”amã©lie” (movie) and here, i have my make-up this is the place i feed cha-chan (her cat churchill) my bookshelf, that looks like a pencil... cute it's so old, that i don't even remember where i bought it. some notebooks from neko-mura

under that, there's the cupboard i painted myself with paint from daiso the red is fading already i guess i should repaint it with some other colour if you want to know what's in there, my ancestors my old cd's and stuff like this really nothing i need to show you, so i'm not gonna show you yeah, that's it goodbye from oden-kun

alright, how did you like it? hmm, recently... i find it a bit bothersome to clean my room that's why i kind of want to get rid of a few things i really like being inside, you know? so, i want to live in a room that's easy to live in. and make that place better and better over time only staying at home really is the best ! see you !

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