vorhänge wohnzimmer heine

vorhänge wohnzimmer heine

ok guys today we gonna show you how to install the ikea ps 2014 in fact, how we install a lamp from ikea, have fun. ok, if we want to exchange the current lamp with the ikea ps 2014, we have to remove the old one. to do that, we have to turn off the electrical fuse, to work safely ok, the official name of this piece is (in german) "lã¼sterklemme" and with that the lamp is connected to the cables to do that you need a small screwdriver to unscrew the bolts in there to get the cables off because the cable is to long, we have to shorten it. with a knife (or a better special tool) you have to free the cable from the "jacket", to get the 3 cables in there free

then drill a hole perhaps, if you have a massive wall you need a bigger, better drill - in my case this is just loam and wood after that you need such a hook - this one is not delievered with the lamp - you have to buy it additionaly to hang the lamp on, later ok with the cables: we have a brown, a blue and a green-yellow one -> the green-yellow is the protection conductor to secure this one we put a "lã¼sterklemme" onto this you just push the cable right into and it should fit (sometimes you have to screw a little bolt) eventually you have to shorten the cable from the lamp ok the biggest part is done, now we have to take this one

this part is for wide and close the "ball", later you have to pull it, that the moveable part is on the buttom (down) then one you have to connect it with the socket - for that you have such things (finger is pointed on ;d ) just connect it with the socket and turn - and it should hold then you have this plastic pieces, which are for the inner ball of the lamp - green or orange - depends on what you did buy they have on top and on the buttom such "openings", you have to connect top and buttom with the chassis and this 360â° the hole thing ok you have 2 different outer pieces. we beginn with the ones, which look like a mirrored "one"

and this parts are connected up there and down there there is a connector, just put it on and this 360â° the hole thing and then you have to connect the middle pieces in the middle ones ok we have finished, now you can open and close it now we have just to put the light bulb in there, and we have finished then just switch on the electrical fuse again and turn on the lights abrakadabraaaaaa :d ok this was our project ikea ps 2014 if you liked, give the video a thumbs up! i would like it, if you subscribe - so you don't miss a video and this is free, of course.

see you next time. ciao.

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