vorhänge wohnzimmer grün

vorhänge wohnzimmer grün

better late than never! i'll build today, on 9 march, but still a mini blog. i have new ones roommates that i want to introduce you to. of course, while doing our rounds, it's important make her nice on the subbutton here and also activates the bell because i still need subscriptions. and now turn a little round to get to know each other. hey, just do not let it get irritated, because the light fades a bit, it's just dark outside. i have new ones plants as roommates in my shack the small christmas tree, you already know that. i have a little something here

larger leaves. that looks totally cool. and the little christmas tree next to it does not look too bad. he can stay there calmly. i think he stays that way all year long. there is nothing decorated or something else. then i'll show you here, on my window sill "aunt frieda". which will hopefully produce offshoots that i have a few other plants for can build other spaces. besides, i have a cool rubber tree here. my grandparents had such a rubber tree, very big, at least three feet, in the living room. well, the ceiling will not have been that high, but it will not i have a nice childhood memory and that's why i have just want to grow such a plant. and, to me, i think, very well,

such a freaky little plant. i had that once in an aquarium, still from the community service and i hope that all these plants beautiful survive and that is a prosperous one live together and live, that i then do not stop directly drowning, when they are here for the first time. hopefully we will get over that very well. and, what else is important: i have a reason to open the curtains. so far, i've always allowed that and because i then thought, have: "you better see on the screens and stuff." not at all: i rearranged my room. there is no reflection on the screens. everything works great with me. and then i can also plant on windowsill and

put in the room. so they get the daylight and will remind me that i'm always busy there let daylight into my room. of course, the plants should also provide an even better background if i take a picture in my shack. so, that's a give and take. and above all else, i'm curious to watch the developments here, whether they thrive or whether they go down. it's best, i believe, to give them some water in the beginning and then, i think, let them have one or two, maybe three months alone and just watching if they die and then you just have to see the rest. well, definitely, with more videos they will reappear, i hope in any case. and, see you. that was such a small one

intermediate state from my robber cave.

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