vorhänge wohnzimmer gelb

vorhänge wohnzimmer gelb

hey guys! welcome to the tour of my new place! okay, it's super messy because we just moved in yesterday, and the boxes are piled everywhere, but i wanted to give you guys a quick like, "before and after" tour, so this will be the before, and then... i'll do like, a nice tour once i've got everything organised. so... this is the entrance where we keep shoes and stuff.

and we got an umbrella stand over here, and this.... is... the best shoe closet ever! look at it... look at all the space for shoes. it's really great. and then, you take the stairs up to... ...the living area. now, this room is the biggest disaster at the moment (laughs) this will be the living room / dining room.

and we have all our boxes of stuff in here, we're kind of using it as the storage while we sort everything out, slowly. but it's quite a nice size... my old curtains match nicely, which is good. i was kind of iffy about the yellow wall at first, but i think we'll make it work, as long as we can finda gray couch, i think it will look nice. behind the living room is the kitchen area. just got all our dishes and the food just... out, 'cause we're still organising it.

we got a new fridge, so that's nice. never had such a big fridge... oh look - baby maro (=^・^=) (laughs) his ear hair is the best. this is one of the bedrooms. we've got a couple pieces of furniture in here, i just bought this comforter the other day. yay, comforter! um...

and we're think about putting the tv there, but i'm not sure. and these blue curtains... i hate them so much... especially since they don't match my new comforter, so... hopefully, i'm gonna get some new gray ones. right maro? get some gray ones! good boy. (laughs) he loves all the windows, he's been looking out them. and over here there's a walk in closet,

which is so nice. lots of space for clothes, so... hopefully that will help so we'll be able to keep the place organised. 'cause clothes... having too many clothes was the main problem with my other place. then we put another rack here. if we can't fit all the clothes in the closets, then we'll have to use this. and this one will be my youtube room! right now it's just a disaster with boxes of all my stuff... umm, this is gonna be my computer desk where i edit. i got a new mic the other day, so my voice over should sound better.

and i also got a new camera. ...which i'm still figuring out how to use, but... i'll get used to it, i'm just using my iphone to film this. umm... this is maro's little perch so that he can see out the window. and, i think this is where i'm gonna have like, my setup for videos, but... i'm not really sure yet. and then i'll have all my makeup and stuff over there, and i still need to find something to organise my makeup! if you guys have any good ideas for keeping makeup organised,

please let me know. and this is the other walk-in closet. i put some of my clothes in there, like one of the boxes that i've got... some wigs and costumes and toques up there, this closet only has one pole. and then, the rest is just like... shelves... to put stuff on. these are all clothes that i'm gonna donate, so i need to find a place around here where i can donate them...

i still don't know this city very well. and i think i'm gonna have enough room for like my exercise stuff! so that'll be cool. i'll get some exercise dvds or something. this is the washroom area. umm.. and this is the shower area, yay! the shower's in a separate area now. and the bath is so big. i love it.

i haven't used it yet, but i'm excited, i gotta find my lush bathbombs that taylor gave me. i have some more. and then there's a pole here if you wanna hang a shower curtain, or... uh, most people use it for hanging clothes, because this vent at the top is actually a... dehumidifier, i guess? like, it completely dries up the air, so you could hang your wet laundry in here.

and it would dry. um.. there's the shower, and a mirror... and lots of place to like, put shampoo and stuff. which is nice. i still need to organise all this, it still looks messy, but... ...we're working on it. oh, oh, the best part of this apartment is - there's cat doors on all the doors! so, like... because maro's toilet isn't here, we can shut this while we're in the shower, he can still get to it,

through the cat door. beside the bath area is the toilet. so nice having these all separated. i love it. looks like this... look more storage! and it's one of those fancy japanese toilets... that does stuff... so that is about it. we've got lots of things we bought at the furniture store the other day.

that i've got to set up. and once it's all nice and fancy, i will take you guys on a completed tour. thanks for watching. bye! bye maro! subtitles by c.o

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