bilder wohnzimmer grün

bilder wohnzimmer grün

hello, dear german learners! here are five reasons why i love berlin. the quick tip: abstract grammar knowledge and memorized rules only help you to a certain degree. this knowledge can help you to check yourself (for errors). if you speak german or write german, then you can, with your grammar knowledge

and your memorized rules, check this text (for errors). however, the problem is that the sentences don't right away, from the very start come to your brain like this. if you acquire a lot of german (that is, by reading and listening to a lot of german) then you have the advantage that the german sentences automatically come to your mind correct or mostly correct.

hey, i'm marco i've lived here in berlin for many yearsand i love this city. i think it is just beautiful. reason number one: berlin is very green.there are many trees, shrubs and meadows here. you might have noticed this,if you have watched the videos by me where i film outside. it's very green here in berlin - no matter,where you are! plus, we have of course a hugepark in the middle of berlin, the tiergarten. reason number two:berlin sometimes looks like a big city,

but sometimes also like a village. if you are in the center,then berlin looks like you would expect from a major city:large skyscrapers and lots of noise. but in some parts of berlinyou could think that you're not in a big city at all! it looks like a village and that, i think,is something that is very charming. this is something that is very great about berlin. reason number three: berlin has much to offer.there are many sights here. when you start at the brandenburg gate andjust walk around a little,

then you will probably see a dozen sights. we have quite a lot of museums, theaters,operas, cinemas... there is so much here and there are also several universitiesand other educational institutions. reason number four:reason number four are the people. the people are very, very nice here. there are great people here and there are peoplefrom all sorts of cultures and they are friendly - or at least the peoplei know are friendly. but the stereotype is that they are rude. with berliners it's like this, that they simplysay things differently.

sometimes they say things a bit rougheras if it is really meant - but as long as you know that,you can deal well with the berliners. they are great people; as i said, sometimesa bit rough, but that's just how it is. and the last reason, reason number five is:you always discover something new. berlin will surprise you again and again. you will repeatedly discover something newthat you haven't known about before. on the whole, i think berlin isa beautiful city. those were my five reasons why i love berlin. thank you for watching.

why do you love berlin?what is one reason why you like berlin? or what is one thing that you know about berlinthat you find very interesting. i am looking forward to your answer. as i said, thank you for watching. i hope it was funand we'll see each other tomorrow. bye! a suggestion at the end: are you still frustrated by the german language? do you wish you could learn german on the go? well, i have written an e-book in order to

teach you german in a humorous way. so no more stress, no more boring grammar rules to memorize. this e-book will explain german grammar to you with the humor of mark twain, one of the best humorists that ever existed. this is the e-book and with it comes also an audio book that's more than six hours of listening pleasure and thus you can learn german on the go.

you will laugh a lot; you will learn german in a much more relaxed way. so i very much recommend you to get it for yourself. and you can find it right on my website: it's right in the menu and i think with it you'll have a lot of fun and i have already gotten feedback for this e-book and for the audio book and people

find the fantastic! therefore i would like you to be able to get this e-book as well. take care and see you tomorrow!

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