bilder wohnzimmer feng shui

bilder wohnzimmer feng shui

hello goodnight. i hope you standseeing that ye be seeing me well. i hope i know i should do as ye see me,and you tell me if you see me and hear me well because it was a long, long timewe did not see live. today i wanted make this video live to speakhow to organize housecleaning when we work outside the home, because it is alwaysmore complicated than i do that if only you are working at home.but before you going to leave me to teach one thing. i am thrilled to sharewith you. behold tachamnnn! if not looks good image because it is reflectingfocus. is the silver button youtube. i have sent a few days ago the buttonsilver from youtube, which i appreciate very much,

and he wanted to share with you so today,live, because good things have to share. now yes we and the subject that we wereto speak today. first i greet you. such then once things get complicated whensay hello, but i want to say hello to jose luis cowboy, i got it in the live chat,sara sarita, gloria fuentes, cristina martinez super pigeon my friend ... anyway ...well, thank you very much for being there. let's do it, let's talk about what we wereto speak. logically, when we work out it is impossible to devote the samehours who is working at home. therefore we must take urgent do things in a different way. what things we do when we workaway from home and we have to take care of

home? adapt to our is not the same (i can not generalize) when a person lives alone in an apartment witha room if you have a big house 300 m, three children and two pets. we're goingto adapt a bit. i am going to tell you how i do it when i'm working outhome and how i organize. first: simplify. in this case luxury, our luxury will beto pass a cloth in one pass without have to be cleaning pots, figures,fairies and clowns there on the furniture. remains a much better clean surface, a surfaceclear, and also cleans much more quick. change complicated carpetsclean for a much simpler mats, the curtains for blinds gradually goadapting our house to our situation.

make everything as easy and fastcleaning possible. then what do i do? i what i do is organize my time. iorganize time before going to work, and the after going to work. to me, byexample, i do not like leaving home without the beds. i'll go if i can not ...i know if i know do .. to see ... a moment please ... i see i can share the screen ...this is ... look, this is a planing how i organize at this time of my lifeif you are working away from home. by tomorrow, what you see in yellow. it is a planingweekly what you see in yellow and blue ... afternoon to return what is seen in blue.i explain the planing a little so that it you see. every day, from monday to saturdayit comes to the same thing except sundays,

because sundays ... then talk aboutsundays. what to do before leaving home? stop washing dishes, orinside the dishwasher, making beds: no more horrible thing to go home tiredand find the unmade bed. organize the kitchen. i wash dishes, and pass a clothover the counter and put in place what is out of place. cleaningminimal. sweeping areas more step: living room. the kitchen ... just, in the morning.i always carry in hand and a spray cloth to clean anything: a switchchildren who have left smeared with chocolate, something light ... this i'll tell you here notit should take more than thirty minutes as much do. if you have to washdishes by hand is easy to take you a little

more but not much more. at night, alwaysleave food for the day following more or less prepared, depending on the food that is,at least leave already organized, and organize a little lounge to not find itthe morning with ashtrays, glasses, and so on. so that later in the morning with a reviewrã¡pido.ya is ready. this we will do all the week except sunday. i thinksundays, especially when we work away from home, it is imperative ... to see... organize a moment ... let me see ... a moment ... well! i do not know if igo. can i see? yes, now, yes. i think sundays especially when we are workingboth during the week, it is imperative give it to yourself. we need timefor us, we need time for our

family, for our partners and for ussame. so i recommend sunday you to make the beds and organize yourselves and seek yeso ... food is requested for you bring home or eating out, or at least,minimum to live in a more or less quiet. you have seen that, under,planing in this we have done, we have other work. these tasks are weekly. whati mean? once a week we will clean bathrooms in depth. besides havingafter this cloth quickly as we it said it would spend every day, mondaywe do the bathrooms. tuesdays room any of the house: the living room a week,the bedroom another week ... thoroughly cleaning while thoroughly so that the house is in good condition.wednesday vacuuming or mopping,

or mopping the floors thoroughly, depending on thetype of house you have. i do thursday wash, make grilled friday, andsaturdays purchase. this is only once a week. other than that,there are other jobs .... well, let's see: there are other jobs to do moreoccasionally. each month we will have brooms to clean, clean buckets,clean the washer, pass a water cycle with vinegar to the washing machine, the dishwasher,clean the dustbin very deeply ... a couple of times a year we will also make othertasks like washing the curtains, pick and wash them, or organize the closets: changesummer clothes for winter and conversely, and especially twice a yearwe must return to where we said at the beginning:

simplify. tirad, regalad, sell itthat you want, the clothes that no longer comes, toys that children already use ... looki when my children were little children did one thing we filled the bathtub one day andtum there all the toys that no longer used. they did clean them well, thatthe wash themselves, he bought cellophane, wrapping wrists, they ironed dresses andwe took them to caritas or ong the neighborhood for the give away. this, in myhelped me clear my house things because there is nothing more horrible than work asyou know by having thousands of odds and ends medium, and on the other children gavea social conscience, taught them what to do things, there is a timeyou have to let go of things and,

sometimes you can give to othersthat will use and that will give them a second life. this twice a year is verygood. another very important thing when to organize is to delegate. many times,especially women we tend to want to control much home. that makesin the end, we put nerves. we must delegate from the beginning. children,when they are young, when they are two years old, you can teach them to collect toyswhen they finish playing. you can play with them: come, let us gather, singinga song ... and they go throwing the muã±equitos a cube or a box. we must teachsince we were kids. the tasks will be increasing according to their age, but they leaveaccustomed from an early age to collect

things to do certain chores:made the bed ... although made one stop disaster, nothing happens. and i say that sometimeswe are very controlling and say is that it makes it very wrong, or i have to tellmore times than my cost me do it .... well, no! if you do not mind bad. you whenyou started when learned, so you are doing wrong and eventually learned. themyou're going to go work giving children according of age: collect four things when they arevery tiny, then four or five years, especially in the summer it's just asheet, which put it on the bed, whatever, but you feel older, thenthey learn to set the table, to remove, help with the dishes ... in short all thosework ... when they are teenagers that take

garbage, to help you do things. withyour partner the same thing many times ... i sometimes think that couples saywe do better for you to do it. well nothing: do as they do, they do veryall right. to do so, speak to distribute a little tasks depending on whatto each it is given better, or what which makes everyone more comfortable. nothing happensif not everything is perfect. the important thing is not saturate us work because ifis not a horror .... let's see, let me see, because i'm not looking at the comments andi do not know exactly at what point we are not if there are some things ... to see, to seesee .. marimonina ask me what is the wash. well, the laundry is washingclothing, at least in my country. we'll see...

let's see ... let's see ... i do not know, i do not knowwell ... okay, yeah. someone answered him caroliqui there ... i answered itlaundry. i think with these few instructions: get organized a plan that fitsto you. i put this, i will also morning hanging in the post that i put in myblog. you know that i have a blog and there you i'll put if someone serves. ii propose this: monday to saturday work and then only made once aweek. and then tasks that are becoming month and then twice to becomeper year. and share them with your partner, with your children, learn to delegate, simplifya lot. look, there's a book called the art simplify life. to me that booki love, it is almost, almost a domestic bible

for me, because this teach you: how beautifulwhich it is few things and have that luxury is the time you have left. i will recommend ittruth, that you read this book if you want. i do not know if i forgetting something. let's see...let's see ... i'm from madrid that here laundry is also good washing dishes ...because i lifelong casting have called him to wash clothes. washing dishes is anotherthing, but hey, it does not matter because we understand each other. in the morning we will try to at least leave usthese things made, dishes washed, the kitchen a little collection, beds made,spend a little broom or mop the step area. a look if something verydirty ... whether to pass a cloth by the basin, passed, and evening and preparethe food the next day, we ordered one

little room, if you want you prepare onelittle children clothes, whatever ... and it is already. that monday through saturday, andsundays organize ourselves to rest. then, once a week do one day the bath,another day a room, another day we vacuuming around the house, another daywash our clothes, we ironed other day, and last saturday (i do so) dothe purchase of the week. it is also important plan meals. in a video in whatvideo was? i think where i talked about how to organize pantries, i showedhow i have the planing meals to not warm my head and when to goto purchase: it touches on monday, tuesday, touches the other, on wednesday touches that andso you do not have to think about things, not

you forget anything .. finally: we must organizebecause when you work outside the home must make the best possible performance totime we have. what else is me forgetting? i think i left something out there,but i do not remember. monthly tasks, ah! the fridge. juliet ask iffollow the rules of the book magic order. how many rounds have you done to let goof things and if it was helpful? as i explain: i look magic of the order was very excitedto read it, because you know that i like much the theme of the home organizationand honestly i did not contribute much. if that this is very nice the way to double theclothing, if there are things that are very well but that what is actually based, ori think the important thing here is that each

one of us simplify to the pointin which we feel comfortable. i do not believe it is necessary to make different rounds.i make a couple of annual rounds, i'm retiring things in terms of what does not serve me. invideo organize cabinets (you will put up the link) explain the systemi have to know what clothes i no longer it serves. it is a system consisting putperches in a certain way or other. when twice a year i'll givearound the closet i already know what clothes and i will not use just take a look.and so with so many things. one has to start thinking about what things are notuses. if you have things you do not know if you go you need, if you want to use them again(the food processor that was so nice, and

it takes you half counter and you do not useever) keep it in a box, upload it to storage and put the date. if after ayear do not have remembered the food processor, what you give someone because you're not coming backto use, or do not worth the site it occupies for use. i think it's a matterthat everyone will find their point ... this book telling you, the art of simplicitylife, tells you about how to simplify housework, beauty, routinesof all kinds, and even social life. how simplify your wardrobe, to avoidboth complicate life. i think every one has to find his point butto simplify, have fewer things, but dearest things that you most likefill, it is a large part of the solution

the problem. that and delegate. and i do not know ...i think that somehow we are giving and a very large revision. look, mari carmengarcia says: i cook a day to all week and freeze it. that's a very goodrule. i have also done to seasons this. and according to what things there are times when i cooknight three or four meals depending what is going to do the next day,but it is a very good standard. i'm in do one day a video telling what meals arethey can freeze, which meals can not be freeze and how we have to organizethis because it is a very interesting topic. i see you still continue with what thewash. oh look! facylook, marta makes a comment very good says: simplificarme life in allthe house less in the room crafts,

i do not throw anything there. marta well look, there i amwith you. crafts room it is complicated because we like tocrafts and also recycling, we we are a bit accumulators but not passfrom there. there can be nothing in your closet do not use, you can not have in your cupboards,in your pantries anything you do not use. one thinks is there and do not ask me anything. lie:yes you ask. you are being asked time to remove and clean, you are being askedspace you could use for other things, life is calling you, so i thinkit's very important. i do not know if you have anything that comment, if there is any question thati used to make happen because the fast, fast video, this've releasedall in one breath. i do not know if there is any doubt ....

chosing standard. my not pay me nothing to announcethe book. in fact, i is happening i'll do one thing with this book. probablyi will seek ways to pass someone the book, because a book is that truth that myi served a lot in his day. i think more or less what we talked all. mustadapt our home to our situation, and make all members involvedplaning and have a weekly, a monthly planing and planing it is not necessary to have writtenbut it must be taken in the annual head or biannual. everything is ready. really thatwe have done super fast. if you have no no doubt i thank you very muchall your presence. i see that we are many today. not long ago it was adirect and we now see come aplenty.

will you forgive me that i do not say hello to allone by one many people and i think another day return to this subject. thank you very muchto all nevis, nina, luse luis, berta, mari carmen, mari sol ... in short, all whoyou are there. i again show you my beautiful button in case someone you have not seen it becauseto me i was delighted to receive it and it is thanks to you. see, if you will, as alwaysin the next video. it has been a pleasure indeed, getting back live with allyou. come: a big kiss.

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