bilder wohnzimmer elegant

bilder wohnzimmer elegant

this is to be my review of divi version 3hi my name is adam from where i make wordpress videos that are easy to understandbecause they're made for non-techies if you like the content in this video i'd like toencourage you to maybe click on that subscribe button and if you want video notificationsare the little bell off to the right you can go ahead and click on that and you too willlet you know when i have new videos uploaded so this video we are going to talk about divithree if you are on this video i'm assuming you probably already know what it is and you'rejust looking for some may be opinions and may be a review on debbie to see if it isright for you and i want to welcome you if that's why you are here so let's just getinto some of the details of divi i do have

an outline of this videos can be a littlebit of a longer video it's going to give you pros and is also to give you cons is goingto give you a lot of food for thought before you choose to go the divi route and up buti did want to warn you that's can be a little longer than normal and i got my little noseover here right divi is a page builder but it also comes packaged up with a theme somost people don't really just use it as a page builder with different themes they tendto just use divi with the divi theme so a lot of times when you hear the word debbieor someone talk about to be there talking about the theme and they're talking aboutthe page builder and debbie has been around a very long time and it's traditionally beena very popular platform to build your website

on now with a older platform like that therecomes pros and there comes cons i noticed that with sometimes when you have a newertype of maybe a page builder it's coded to a different standard than say something thatwas built four years ago and they're just making improvements on and so there's deftlypros and cons and and debbie is actually one of those plug-ins are one of those websitebuilding tools that people either really really love it or they really really hate it andthere's actually a vocal group of people out there and so i'm in a try to bring some clarificationto that as well so first let's look at the va actually just recently redid their websiteand their website is absolutely beautiful what's nice about to be as it has a extremelyinnovative probably the most innovative front

and webpage building experience but was alsounique about them as they also have a back end page building experience i'll show youwhat that is in this video because everyone likes to build their websites differentlyand so i think it's actually really a plus that they have a front end and a backend editorfor building their websites now what is really nice about divi is there pricing model soif you go to their website i have a link down below they are one of the few themes out therethat still have a lifetime option is been this migration for themes and plug-ins tohave yearly licenses to so that it's a better business model for the developers but to adivi that actually recently had a price increase right here for the yearly axis is 89 now usedgetting was $69 and it's good that they increase

that because they've definitely brought waymore value with what they give you and the lifetime axis is 249 and just a one time feenow this purchase includes a lot more than just divi includes the divi theme with thebuilt-in page builder the separate divi page builder and it includes some plug-ins thatthey have and some other themes that i don't even know if they actually do anything withtheir other themes but it includes all that and it includes support for everything thatyou purchase with them now let me get onto some of the juicier parts of divi and thatis people love it or hate it so if you go to google and you type divi review and thisis probably not fun for the divi developers the very first result is this website righthere from someone that is very well known

in the whole wordpress ecosystem and it saysthe title of it this post on his page is if you use the divi theme with wordpress it betterbe forever saw me just go ahead and click into it here i actually think i read thiswhen it first came out so basically here is the big negative with divi depending on whatyou're using it to build and that is if you build a page with divi and you say you wantto stop using divi this is what your pages gonna look like a mona scroll down to it righthere so say you built this beautiful page right here and then you get rid of divi thisis what you have a bunch of gibberish you've got these shortcodes and there's little bitsof the actual stuff you created in there and this is just kind of what you're stuck withand this is actually probably because of the

age of divi so you have two other more recentpage builders at elementor which came out about exactly a year ago they just had theirone year birthday and beaver builder which is a came out 2014 they don't have this issuewith those two-page builders if you ever want to stop using it and you click on disableit will go ahead and give you all your content back in it will look okay emmanuel still haveyour text in there and you'll have your links and you'll have your images and all that kindof stuff with divi your left with something that you really can't use and this actuallyisn't the only post on google when you do a search for divi review you'll see righthere here's another -1 and so you either have ones that are very positive or very negativenow you can immediately disregard a lot of

the positive ones from generic websites likethis result here winning wp right here wp superstars because these are people that arepart of the divi affiliate program there only to tell you the best off about it right becausethey're trying to sell it to you so you've got this positive and negative and is likewho the heck you listen to me got a kind of listen to both sides unfortunately becauseof the way that it is and by the way my link down below to elegant themes is an affiliatelink as well but i'll tell you if it's with the good things and the bad things becausei think it's important to know what you're getting into i'm not afraid to tell you ifsomething is bad so you got this love hate relationship with with divi and so the problemswith this whole short code issue that chris

dilemma points out right here is that twofoldyou your kind of select infra life number one now this actually is not that big of adeal to be a drama queen about it if your website is a brochure website and there'sonly a few pages on it is not that big of a deal of divi is your preference is not thatbig of a deal if you wanted to stop using divi and use something different because there'sonly few pages that you would you need to re-create and typically if you're really doingyour website you would do that anyway so i think some of it is a little blown out ofproportion however there could be potential performance issues with in these shortcodesthat it generates on all of these pages so my best advice with the short code issue isif you're building just a business website

a brochure website you know if you what usedto be just go ahead and use it that being said for me i would actually be scared todeath to use divi for my purposes to go to my website i've got hundreds of pages of contentand it would scare the hell out of me to start using divi and then being stuck using diviso for my personal purposes that's probably why i wouldn't end up using divi i can't riskhaving performance issues on nothing that i would have performance issues but i caneven risk having performance issues on my website i need that thing to load lightningquick and i don't want to be locked and i want this flexibility i've had websites forso many years been building them for so many years the thought of being locked into somethingscares the hell out of me and that's why one

of the reasons why i wouldn't use it on mywebsite that doesn't mean i wouldn't use it divi i i think it's a great option for smallerbrochure websites and that's why a lot of people use divi for now there's also anotherpro and con type of deal with divi from what i've noticed in my own experience with moremodern page builders like elementor and beaver builder it's easier to do a lot of thingsaware with divi they in in the perfect example is right here when you go to their youtubechannel which is fantastic by the way subscribe to their youtube channel i'll put a link downbelow to their youtube channel is filled with amazing tutorials you've gotten mac here i'venever met him but i watched his videos great video creator graded explaining things andthis is the head guy at divi his name is nick

seems like a great guy i've never met himeither but here's the deal if you watch some of these tutorials it's very hard to do thingsmeaning a lot of these custom things that you may want that you can do easily with otherpage builders you have to add custom code to all sorts of different locations in diviand it just can become a little overwhelming i think as far as a page builder that requiresthe least amount of custom code that would definitely be elementor and you actually dohave a lot of core divi users that are now starting to use elementor i'm not saying that'swhy it is i actually don't know why it is but that is one of the reasons why with withdivi some things are a little harder to do however divi is also the most innovate let'sthey start saying some good stuff here divi

i think is the most innovative page buildingor website building platform that is currently available so in one sense i'm saying use elementorand i'm going to say some positive things about to because i think there's amazing thingsabout divi let's take a look at some of these features right now that i just think are justso innovative in my criticism a moment ago about having to add all this custom code theremaking strides in that and i believe there headed that direction and i'm gonna show youthat right now so when you head over to their blog and they got a fantastic blog a lot ofit is these generic articles really that i don't find a lot of value in but there ismost of them though are very good stuff in them and right here this actually the mostrecent thing you'll see the different theme

updates they make a video and they have areally good post about it someone to look at some of these theme updates not importantto note that divi3 i came out i think it was last september so were coming up to a yearthat it has been out and it was a drastic change of whole new way of thinking of a frontend interface and it's super innovative especially today and it's absolutely beautiful and gorgeousso let's go ahead and take a look right here so when you look at just the category on theirblog for their theme updates when you scroll to the bottom here let's see right here sohere it's being announced on september 7 then october 18 are talking about a new featurethat's added then you take a look right here in you don't see anything really significantas far as a poster or notification here till

march so there was many months i think thatthey used to let the dust settle with divi so they they can put the pieces together toreally start making it shine and improving it so let's take a look at some of those innovativefeatures right now and of course i am going to show you divi but this videos mostly mytake and my opinions on divi so they were the first page builder that i came acrossthat added shortcuts and what is it shortcuts well when you're in the builder interfacethere's little keyboard shortcut so there's one the save and there's all these copy andpaste you can do some things like that they are the first ones that came out with thatand i think it was amazing when they came out with it now the other page builders havecaught up with this feature but at the time

i was really blown away at the speed of whichyou can build stuff so copy and paste and all that these keyboard shortcuts that youruse to are ready it just really leveled up the page building experience let's take alook at the next feature they should be in order this is the wireframe view and let mescroll down so this is what divi page building experience used to be used to be all backand in this what they're calling a wireframe but it was essentially just the backend interfaceso you see right now there in the front end interface but you can click a button and thenyou can see it in this wireframe mode and ironically a lot of people prefer this soit's the only builder that gives you the option that gives you the choice how you want toedit you wanted to be in the back end or in

the front end and i think that's actuallyvery cool to offer that option to people this right here when it came out this saving thisautomatic saving and revisions this was pretty game changing when this came out this wasback in march and a lot of the page builders have caught up to this as well so essentiallywhat it does is it's a very easy interface for saving and reverting back to other mistakesthat are if you make a mistake you can revert back and it actually has probably the onlypage builder site from thrive content builder that actually has an easy undo where there'sone click of a button you can undo a change that you made so this right here is that inthere's also some protections that it has two backup things in your browser what you'redoing in case your internet gets cut off now

you can see this process from may 11 and thisis i think were they really started ramping the improvements up and this is only a fewmonths ago and i think they're just can continue and continue and continue so when i scrolldown here you can see that essentially what they did is they reorganized all of the settingsfor each of the modules that you're going to place in using divi they totally reorganizethat in a very logical way i want to show you this and i i think it's pretty amazingbefore i thought it was a mess now i think it's genius how they're doing this say theyreally made it more efficient to use these different modules okay will have a couplemore of these here the documentation they have probably have the very best the documentationsystem and i think they actually have it in

the plug-in so when you're using the plugand there's documentation you can easily jump into this right here was recently releasedand i was blown away because this is a modern design feature and i'm glad they added thisnow before this is only a feature in elementor so they are actually catching up to elementorbut essentially it allows you to use gradients and different design features like that throughoutyour website so you can have color overlays that are gradients and stuff like that isa very modern design technique and i think it's great that they added this and i thinki'm on the last one right here this right here so this just came out they they've toldof the kind of read did the contact form module that's built into divi so what does this meanthis means the individual modules that you

can use to build out your pages there nowstarting to hit that and make improvements there and i think this is amazing so essentiallywhat they did for the contact form module was weak and a mere 22 to be in their defenseit's even week with like beaver builder it's very very weak just like it was in an divibut now you can create feels they can create different field types you can lay it out youcan style it you can do some really nice things it can see here got radio boxes you can evenhave conditional fields so essentially what this means is now you don't need to go outand buy a more powerful form of plug-in you could just use what you already have withdivi and i think this is kind of an indication that all of the modules now that kind of thedust is settled on version 3 of divi all the

modules can start getting some attention sothis is one of the things i really like about divi so now when i jump into divi show youthe interface and briefly i'm not to go through the interface that much you could actuallycome over to their website right here and they have like a demo that you can use ifyou wanted to test out the interface in them and talk about how divi stacks up againstthe competition so here is my website i have divi installed here to go to pages over aswell here's their options panel so if i go here to click on divi that have a really beautifuloptions panel it's like divi throughout and so you can see here there is a lot of thesettings that you could change and have control over the theme in the theme is actually veryfeatured deep meaning you can really control

a lot of the elements of your your theme sohere's just the settings panel and you've got the automatic update you just pop in yourusername your api key right there but really a lot of the team settings you can find inthe customizer and i like that it's all in the customizer so if you go to appearanceand then customize your to see all these customizer options that you get with the divi theme andyou can pretty much control everything every color in every font every font size everythingyou can control it right here with all of these options is very very deep what theygive you old mobile cells i didn't realize you had that right there so let me get outof here and just jump into the builder some to go and click on pages when i click on homepageand then right here so this is what that back

and editor look like right here which theycalled the wireframe mode but then if you want to use the visual builder you can justgo ahead and click right here and it's just so beautiful the eye candy pouches transitionsyou around and so the page building experiences much like elementor where you have your sectionand inside your section you have rose and you have columns and inside there you woulddrag and drop your modules in so essentially if you want to add something new you couldjust go ahead and click on this plus right here when you hover over a section you cansee it's all kind of color-coordinated there so the blue that you see on the top left thatmeans it's a section and then the green there that is one of the columns and then the grayright here is the settings for the actual

mama module that you put in there so you consumeyou hover over it it just tells you right there and you can click on it you can moveit around he could do all that kind of stuff and the kind of depth that all of the mainsettings for the page the mucus you called the parent settings are in this little dotright here you can click on it and then it just reveals itself and this is where youhave import export ability cf full portability of any of your designs and there's severalthird-party marketplaces selling db layouts right here is your revisions in your editinghistory and you can jump back and forth in the different revisions that you have righthere are specific page settings right here you can clear everything on the page righthere you can save this as a template to your

library and then right here you can load apage from your library i don't have any of them in here right now and then right hereyou have your different views so right here's your desktop you but you could switch to mobileor tablet for you just by clicking on the appropriate icon hears that wireframe viewi think it's really neat you click on it and then bam this is it in the wireframe modeyou can just move things around so you see that how it is right here with the color codeand everything there's this cohesiveness with that so i can just look on that and get outof it so you just go ahead and click on the plus and then it starts asking you the questionsand i really like the flow of the page builder so you can choose a for this new section onhow you want it laid out so i can click on

regular and then it's giving me my columnoptions so i just wanted to do a three column blurb right there in its done it all for meand then it immediately takes me here to insert a module now what i like is you can reallymove these menus around not when you're adding a module but when you're in the settings andi'll show you that in a moment so one of the different modules that you probably use ismaybe what they call a blurb and that's where you just have some text right here in an iconand stuff like that also here is the settings panel that pops up for the module now youcan move it wherever you want but what i like is you can just go like this and you can letgo and it just snaps itself on the corner this actually something i've asked beaverbuilder to implement this is actually something

i've asked beaver builder to implement butyou can also resize it right here so if you wanted more space you can easily do it likethat you can move things around you can copy and paste everything that's i think when themost innovative features right here so i can literally right click and it has this custommenu that pops up where i can undo redo save disable lock copy and this is one thing thatis a massive massive timesaver you can copy the style and so what that means is if i havetwo of the same modules and one of them i change colors in it and i've changed differentstyling things that i've made it look beautiful then normally then you gotta click on thenext one to do it all over again click on the next one and do it all over again butwith divi you can just copy and paste the

style right across and this just a prettyamazing so there's a lot more to this user interface i will probably be making more videoson it i am actually building a course on divi that will cover all of these things and tiethat into my website building system that i talked about in fact actually if you didpurchase divi through my link down below and send me a copy of your receipt i gladly enrollyou in that course it's gonna be probably hundred and $49 but you'll get it for freeif you did purchase divi through my link down below so this this wasn't meant to be likethis in this in-depth tutorial on how to use debbie there's a ton of those you can practiceit on their website i just wanted to talk about divi and now i actually wanted to talkabout how divi stacks up with the competition

so right now the three main page buildersas i see it are divi beaver builder and elementor on my site right now i'm using beaver builderi've been using it for about a year and 1/2 i'm not changing it i'm using it there i havesome sites with elementor right now i edged there doing exciting things elementor i reallythink the only negative with divi that i see is the short code issue and how you get kindof locked in another negative i have heard with divi is there are issues when they pushout updates so some websites in the breaking and it becomes a support issue but that actuallyhappens a lot right now with elementor as well i think as far as the most reliable pagebuilding platform that you could choose for yourself or if you're building websites forclients that's absolutely without a doubt

going to be beaver builder it's by far themost reliable page builder that there is now the most innovative page builders can it bea tossup between elementor and divi they are both doing some really neat things i thinki would give the slight edge to elementor on terms of cost divi is the more most affordablemost attractively priced page builder because they have that lifetime option and it's only$250 where is elementor if you want unlimited websites the for elementor it's $199 the firstyear and then $100 a year after with beaver builder if you want the theme and the beaverbuilder some 199 and then it's 120 each year thereafter so fast in terms of cost divi ispretty awesome and they've got it forever everybody beat in terms of cost now i reallylike divi i really like where it's going and

like i said it's great for brochure websitessmaller websites where you can sit there and think if i had to switch and redo it overagain it wouldn't be that big of a deal but i really wouldn't suggest using divi to buildout a larger website with a lot more content because that prospect of changing is a realscary one so anyways these are my thoughts on divi i want to hear what your thoughtsare down below hey let's all be nice on this one we got this love-hate thing going on soi'm sure to get come insane while this is great i love davey and oia i hate divi let'sjust all get along on this one wanted to share, sell below if there's something i'm missingout or accidentally leaving out go ahead and leave a comment down below all have linksto everything in the show notes on the video

description box and remember if you did wantto purchase divi you can click on the link down there as well and if you did make thatpurchase through the link i would just give you access be happy to give you access tothe upcoming divi essentials course it's going to be on my website all you have to do isset to send off a copy have you received to me all the instructions for that are on mycontact pages click on course access all the instructions are going to be right there heythanks for watching this video and i want to hear what you think down below

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