bilder wohnzimmer ebay

bilder wohnzimmer ebay

i have received several requests for a tourof my home network so here you go. i have dedicated an entire closet to be the heartof my home network. i actually screwed a piece of plywood to the wall so that i could freelymount any network hardware that i needed. my main connection to the internet is thisstandard old cable modem, provided by charter cable. i actually have 2 terabytes of filestorage. the way i have this configured is with 4 hard drives, each one being 1 terabyte.however, only two of the hard drives are used for file sharing. the other two are backupdrives and each night a script is run to automatically clone the data from the main hard drives.these drives are all daisy chained through a single firewire connection on this old macmini g4, which works as my file server and

web server, amongst other things. i also domy voice narration recording in here. that is why i have the big microphone connected.all of these ethernet cables go up into the attic where they're distributed around thehouse to wall jacks, like this one. i labeled each jack with a number that corresponds toa particular port on a particular switch. that way if i ever need to troubleshoot aconnection, i know where the other end goes. i'm a strong believer in ethernet. while ido have two wireless access points in my house, one at each end, i do not use these for anythingexcept mobile devices. so i have quite a few things connected to my ethernet switches.i'll show you some of it. i have a color laser printer. i do not believe in inkjet printers.i think they are a big waste of money since

the ink costs more than the printer. i alsohave a black and white laser, copier, and scanner on the network. this is my main office,or computer room. this is how things look day to day, i didn't clean anything up foryou. this is my main computer, which is a mac mini. this is where i edit all of my is a workbench i use for everything from repairing computers to shooting videos ofthings. these two mac mini setups are for my two kids. i even have a computer in mygarage. i have a cheap monitor on the wall and this old mac mini g4. i use it mostlyfor displaying pdf images or searching the web while i'm working on projects in the garage.this is my wife's desk, and yes it stays that messy most of the time. this is my livingroom tv. besides the nintendo wii, you'll

also little black western digital box. thisthing is wired into my network and allows me to watch netflix, hulu, or files storedon my local main file server. i have one of these on every tv in the house. this is essentiallyour only source of television content. we have no cable or satellite. well, i hope youenjoyed the tour. i would just like to point out that a lot of people think i have thisextravogent, expensive computer network. and really, i don't. most of the equipment i'vebought used off of ebay for nearly nothing. so i don't have a lot of money invested inmy network. but what i do have a lot invested is time. particularly when it comes to runningall of the ethernet cables. i've typically done it over a period of years on an as-neededbasis. i started off with one switch, then

two, and now three. and it more or less workslike this. we re-arrange a room and we're like "oh well, now we need an ethernet jackover here" so i run a new jack. and just over a period of several years i've ended up withnearly 48 network jacks in the house, so i have a live ethernet jack on every wall. i'mreally, really a proponent of ethernet. i mean, i know everybody loves wireless becauseit's so convenient. and nearly every device i have in the house is capable of wirelessbut i just don't like it because it's not fast enough, its not reliable enough, it'stoo complicated. you've got to deal with ssid's, encryption, interference problems, and rangeissues and you know, so i just do not use wireless unless it's a mobile device likean ipad, or laptop, or iphone, or ipod, or

something like that. everything else, i justmuch prefer to plug the wire in. it works, and it always works, and it keeps on working,and i don't have to worry about any of the complicated mess of wireless. so that's justthe way i do things. anyway, leave some comments. tell me what you think. till next time!

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