schöne heizkörper für wohnzimmer

schöne heizkörper für wohnzimmer

we don't need words,you know suzanne, how involved she isto help the most needy, that's important and we need a lot of peopleworking in that direction. big applause for suzanne! i remember last time i was heretwo years ago, sitting on top of a long table, had had surgery recentlyand three screws in the hip, crutches by my side,

just out from the or to come and give a lecture. it's been a long while since,here have been a lot of changes. i imagine that you toomust have had a journey to get here. soul connectionis the title i have chosen to talk about today. and in the short time i've been heremany people approach who have lost a loved one, they are seeking connection,they seek to know.

is there anything else? beyond our departurefrom this world is there a way to communicatewith the afterlife and i remember in my experienceof two years ago i had lived thedeath and return to life of my mother. eight minutes of death we live both intensely she being irelandand i in spain. i remember when my sister told methat they were moving to hospital

in an ambulancesuffering from a heart attack and did not know if she was goingto stay in this world with us. understanding what is death really, talking about the subject daily. i meditated and asked:"mom, where are you ?, how are you ? what is your plan?will you still be here or not? " such was my surprise when i find her by my right side, with a baby face. and i say:"what are you doing here? she says: "i do not know i thought of youand i'm by your side".

at that momenti gave her a slap and told her to return to her body right then! i had a ticket to go see her the next day, and once again enjoy a hug of hers. i remember tears falling but it was not a natural feeling of grief but something deeper,from the soul, and when i was in that state,after a while i feel suddenly i feel relief, peace

and i thought, "either she's gone,or she's back in ireland". then i talked to my sister who said: "you won't believe it, when we reached the hopital the doctor said: "we won't let this lady go". surprise for everyone,because at 75 with a very delicate health,inveterate smoker, we must add! the doctor wouldn't normally say to take that ladyto a double bypass operation having the health status she had.

then i say:"ah, there must be another contract that allows that to be a truth " so, after 8 minutes my mother had come back to life. she underwent surgery,had fixed what needed fixing, and the next dayi show up at the hospital to visit drugged, she was on his condition after the operation. i gave her my zen touch and then she looks at me and says: "what happens here in this hoteldon't they give anything to eat? "

four hours later she was fine,protesting, giving orders, then i thought: "if she has gone there and returned, who knows what gift she brought! " suddenly i found out.she says: "look suzanne, there are people here who speak to me. " i say: "people?" she says: "yes, there is a manwith a mulatto baby in his arms and he says they will not let him leave. but i told him to calm down cos my daughter will come and open the door.

imagine the faces of the family.obviously the explanation was "morphine". she is there with her hallucinations. she keeps saying: "a gentleman came and told me the whole story another man had told him". i say: "look mom, better be quiet,do not talk, do not explain". because of course, she told the familyand they replied: "mom that is the drugs, it's medication, nothing happens". the next day she says:"i must be confused but as they say it's the medication".

i say, "let's see what you tell me, you tell me what you want " i realized that she was bringing backanother worldview. she had a vision of her third eye,she could see, she could hear,she could interact, she was open and awake,willing to live. but with the innocenceand the sweetness of a child, she had no cares. and he told me:"do you know that on saturday i will go home?" we're talking a week.

"you have to bring me clothes,i'm going home on saturday". and my family thought: "hallucinations, with that kind of operation?with your health in general? in a week it is impossible " guess,saturday she went home. surprise for everyone. in fact, my brother had to go buy some clothes to get her out of the hospital. she arrives home,and what is the first thing she does?

looking for a pack of cigarettes,brandy and port wine and all her medication. she says, "i told the doctorif i go back to that, not to resuscitate me, i was fineuntil you brought me back, i was happy,but since i'm here i'll do whatever i want. " because suddenly she realizedshe had lived the life others had planned for herand she had not lived her life. it was for her an impactdiscovering that she was free

beyond the labelsof "wife", "mother". now she was a woman alive,alive and kicking. since then there is no stopping her, now on vacationin fuerteventura. in fact we have given sky holidays to her. do you know what that is in my country? ski holidays? s - k -i for those who know english is:"spending the kids inheritance". spend the inheritance of the children,

the acronymi in english is "ski". i'm going to ski! and why not?.we invite you to be well, be happy. for the kind of life and work i do i am constantly in touch with people who they are about to leave or they are looking and waitinga spark of hope to live. i meet peoplewho are very prepared and they are accepting their illnessand the whole process and waiting to take the plunge.

barely a month agomy editor antonio left us. great soul, a great person, a star, an angel on earth, he knew more than anyonewhat he came to do, until the very last moment! he knew he had come to understand the human being, to understand, to accepteach have their way and he wanted to have hopein humans, the ability to retrainand say: "another world is possible".

trust in humans, give all humansanother chance even if they fail you, even if they betray you, trust that eachwill have one more chance to discover which is the real reasonto be here as humans. when you approach a personwho knows they're dying you can receive giftsso big and so beautiful, precisely because those people

they are living the presentmore intensely, more than anyone in this world. to those peopleall that matters is love, to soak, feel, vibrate in lovewith their loved ones. well, if there is nothing hidden,in the backroom that concerns them, or a family secretas mikel said before. help him go in peace and sometimes that peace does not help that personto go entirely to their destination.

when they dieand are on the other side they discover things they did not know. that can make them feel a great deceptionor a huge annoyance. ask them to go out their way, to where they had to goor thought they easily and placidly could go. so to go in peacewe must live in peace, every day. it's not a matter of thinking:"well, maybe i die at 80 meanwhile i'll live a crazy life.

its being conscious againthat if you want a peaceful death you have to learn to live in peace. the death of my dear friend javi, a few months ago, let's say that he was more prepared than anyone or so we thought and at the hour of his death the family tells me:"javi left" and say ok, i will meditate, i will be receptiveto see if he needs anything. i fully trusted in that it would not be necessary

in the case of javi. as a gesture to our friendship, that oftenwe communicated only by whatsapp, because of my travels and his, i send the last whatsapp from here to the beyond. javi, hope you have a good trip,see you around, this is a "later",i love you a lot, you know, as always.

and i start to meditate.surprise! i see before my eyes my phone witha whatsapp response from javi he is saying, "guide my soul" and the icon of hands in prayer. "guide my soul",and i say what? but you already know!and suddenly i hear his voice: "tell my doctor he is a ..." i say, oh, oh!i think that javi is angry about something. i get up, i go to the living room

and i tell my daughteri'll send a message to my colleagues, we will meditate together, i have the feeling that javi is angry. and then,in front of our eyes, i had a picture that a student madewith "photoshop" of richard gere and me, and it falls from the wall behind a radiator. and the two looked at each otherand we said, "javi". i had to communicate with his familyand tell them that something is not letting him be at peace.

he has asked me to convey that message. do you know anything more about that topic? and they talked about their last momentsand what he lived, because it was not respected what he had asked,to be able to go in peace.. he had asked for a conscious death, but they intervened otherwise,as he did not want. well, three days later javi already gone.and in peace. but he had that tantrum. the character you have here and now,you keep it.

you still have the same desires,the same attachments, the same is the same character. find your way to your peace in everyday life, you say:"i want to live in peace but they don't let me". what can get that vibration higher? increase the frequency,what is what helps you be you? and not what my mother said,she said she was the person who did who said, butshe was not herself at all times. how can you be you?and enjoy and live your life as you.

the other day, cristina, a friend who works in a nursing home... now,as she is aware of death, she talks to them, asks them, and everyone is invited to explain their life, their experiences and always end up saying: "if you could go back,what would you change?" what do most people say? i'd live more, be more myself,eat more chocolate,

work less,i would be more with my kids, with my loved ones. but there was a man who said: if i could go backi would be me, live my life, make my life,i do whatever pleased me. no need to go to the gravewithout singing your song. without becoming you.being you. how do you lift your soul?how do you raise your vibrations, your frequency? being you.

and who are you?what do you do? how do you distinguishamong all others? what talent did you bring? how do you transformwhen you're singing your song? when your eyes shine? how do you hypnotize everyone when they listen,they watch you, and when they contemplate you being you. what is your gift, your talent? what can you do better than anyone?

i ask young children when they approach me, i speak as if they were adults or i talk to my inner child,i put myself at their level, and i say: "hello, what are you doing here? what can you dobetter than anyone in this world? your talent, what is your gift?what do you know how to do? and you see them open their eyes. quickly the mother or the father says: "he is a great singer."let the child speak!

quickly we interfereand we talk for our children. the other day in the office,they brought me a child, peter, who has cerebral palsy,14 years old, and he has many limitationsin his movements, in his speech, communication is very difficult, and parents are talking for him. and i ask them, please,let me talk to pedro. and i speak to him as a teenager. hey buddy, what came you to do in this world? hey?

and suddenly peter looks up."and where has this come from?" why this reaction? because he is usedto being treated like a little boy. i say, "so?how are the hormones? " do you have a girlfriend?any pretty girl who goes to the center with you? suddenly he was so happy. happiness, happinesssomeone tells me about my hormones! i'm 14, i have hormones that sprout from every pore. with that reaction,he started to move around

as would a 14 year old boy. and the parents said:"it's true he has a girlfriend, pedro tell her.... "-stop, quiet they again talking for their son. i said:"peter, i'll tell you one thing, listen, i'm talking to you,not your parents, on equal terms. " pedro is usedto everyone addressing his parentsinstead of speaking to him.

"look peter,i'll tell you something precious, i met a boy your agewho had a bicycle accident, and he stayed in wheelchairwith paralysis he could not speakor communicate he was paraplegic.and you know what? he was brought to the officeand i asked his family: "before the accident he was passionate about?"i do not remember his name. and one of the family says:"real madrid football, like crazy !, total fanatic. "

i look at the guy and say:long live barcelona! long live barcelona!(competition) how mad he got! we already have a reaction. and in about 20 minutes,with only that data what fascinated him, provoking him i said: "if you like the barcelona blink onceand if you hate the barcelona blink twice " you can not imagine the thousand facesattempting to blink!

at the end we established thattwo was yes and one no, or conversely, i do not remember the details. from that momentwe had the communication code. all this i am explaining to peter, and i say: how are you going to communicate with your family? you know what he did?he started hitting table, he had tried that beforefor communicating but we did not know at that timedetecting that was his formula. parents, at first,when he was in the office,

parents said:"peter do not make any noise, peter stop beating,pedro be still ". his face transformedand he began to look for rhythm and i say, "twice is yesand once it is not". and of course, only he had to train,he did not know which hand, he just had to coordinateand search formula for othersto be able to communicate with him. it was magical,it was wonderful. his soul was screaming

"i want to talk,i want to communicate with you " although it has taken 14 years,he had the hope it was possible. and i told the parentswith all my respect: now communication with himmay be easier for you, but he already communicates on equal terms,being to being, from soul to soul, if you know how to listenyou can communicate with him telepathically. not even have to speak through the mouth. it's about stopping your mind, calm your character,be still,

and you will hear suddenly. maybe at firstwhat you interpret as intuition, a sense. but then check with him, peter, do you want to pee?son, is not it? peter, you're thirsty, right?one, two ... yes. ah! so it was not my imagination. it was a real communicationwith the soul. how often we insistthat things are as we have been taught?

how often have we been with our childrenand our children have intuited something happens. mom is not wellor dad is angry, and we dissimulateas if nothing happened. how often your pet has approached your feet, legs, and has not departed from your sidein a day? just that day that you were sad. why have we lost that facilityto communicate with the soul? because we are distracted, we no longer hear

or we are beginning to remember that we are more thanthis physical body, this mind, this routine, this task listwhat to do, i must do,i must be someone in life. how often we are looking for past lives?and what about this? and when will we start living? you never know what you haveuntil you lose it, is health, is love,is a child.

yesterday i was talking to a friend, a person who has enteredin my circle of friends recently, is a personwho it is in divorce proceedings and his partner is away in another country and he has two beautiful children with his partner. because of the distancehe has to move to argentina to visit their children of 6 years, 7 years. his encounters with childrenthey are magical.

lives that short time with themextremely intense, values ​​each second spent with them, he is soaking up all their love, their vibration, his eyes absorbe every imageas frames in his life, each frame has a weight of importance more than for one personwho lives with their children everyday. i said last night: "i understand" because i rememberthe first time i separated from my daughter,

she had two and a half yearsand i had to start traveling again, and had to go to venezuelato participate in a zen course, i was a translator, and had to wean joannabefore i left. she was two years and nine months. and i remember the doctor telling me:"it's going to be hard". he called me "bad mother" because i paid no attention to anything. and i remember that last nightjoanna in my arms, she very large, hanging, sucking,staring eyes,

i told:"joanna, this will be the last time mom will nurse you." i said, "take advantage daughter". the next morningi was still a little sad. do you want one last time?and she says: "no mom, no". alas, that feeling of rejection ... and i'm going to venezuela,i'm three weeks away, thinking about her. on the way back, i'm going to a friend's housewho was taking care of her,

they leave me alone, hide behind the door, and i see the image of my daughterafter three weeks apart, sitting on the floor, with her curls in her hair, playing with her dolls and at that time i felt ... ah!in the soul. i did not even utter a word.i wanted to absorb every second, each flash of light in her curls,each sigh, every look, how she played with her dolls.

until a given timeshe turns ... connection, look,joy, she gets up, hangs to my neck, i hug her,i feel she buries her head behind my ear, i feel she smells me, i feel the heartbeatagainst mine, i feel how her tears falldown her cheeks, i feel that fusion with her soul. after a whilesje separated a little

looks back at me in the eyes, like eating my soul. absorbs my eyes,she cleans the tears, hugs again. and then separates and says:"hi mom are we going to play?" as if nothing had happened,as if time had not passed, as if i had never been away. at that moment, that feelingcame to mind and i explained to that friend.

your situation is now hard for you, you can say it is an agony tolive this separation, but i ask you, your encounters with those souls, that divine moment of reconnection, when you are at the airport,a bit far and they come running towards you, and fuse with you in a hugat that moment, how many parents can saythat they live that day to day? how many parents can saywhat feel intensely their children?

o is simply a way of: run, run, play and eat it,now you have to go to sleep, turn off the phone, let us, i do not know what, get up, come on ... how many parents stop to live their children? or just feel them finally when they leave. they have grown pu,leave home. and look backand they regret not having absorbed all those moments, those looks, those hugs, moving haste away.

that wayperhaps he could understand everything in perspective. everything is perfect. somehow,he had a pre contract with children, to live unconditional lovelike that, at a distance. to live love intensely, like a giftand not as a misfortune. the "poor me" i do not have access, much as i want,to my children.

everything is absolutely perfect. gift of experience for your growth. what are you going to do?be in denial? or will you acceptand value more these reunions. your children will always be your children. found here on earthas a gift for your evolution. come as they may, the costume, the character,with the body, with whatever, they are your children,

of a pact to evolve together. we are committed to our lives to teach our childrento be like us. when it really is upside down, we come to learn to be like them,to observe them. when we put ourselves in the role of playing ... i really love the imagei saw in a park in barcelona years ago, a businessman cameholding his son's hand.

executive in his suit,with his briefcase and i remember watching as the executive,all very important, leaves his briefcase, takes off his jacket, shoes off,socks removed and wallows in the grass with her son, as saying i do not care who may be watching me,this is life. we have to live withdetachment, we accept that they too leave.

the system nowmakes us distance from one another from that connection with them. how many distractions havein every moment? see parents in the park,with the child on the swing, father answering whatsapp, meanwhile the child,a little more and goes round the swing. recently in a restaurant i saw parents with whatsappand children with the tablet, in a table,nobody spoke.

honey, can you pass me the salt? do we make love today? how's life,from distraction and technology. how it changes our moment, i'm coming ... i'm coming ... half an hour later,i told you that the food is done. yes, yes, i'm coming, i'm coming. and you are telling your childto leave their phone ? to come right away.and you're with "i'm coming", "i'm coming", ... when you have those peoplewhom you love so much

you know that they have little time you do not remember the phone. what do you do? you touch, you keep company, caress them, you hold them, you sing,you please them in everything they want. so youâ´re left with good memories you have doneeverything you could, and that person goesknowing that you are in peace. they care more that you're in peace thanthemselves. how often you are suffering, perhaps chemotherapy,

and family do not know how to addressthat person who is dying. overwhelm, they areall over, "eat, you do not eat", "get up, itâ´s been hours","what else do you need?" they are on topand patients tell me: make my family understandi need peace, i need silence,i need rest. must be respected. you do not know what is in the mindand in the heart of that person. when you have to accompany someoneask from the soul,

what do you want?,what do you need? i respect your wishes.detachment. how many times have i seenrelatives telling me "i've been in the hospital,24 days and at one point i turned awayto do something, and he went. they are willing, if i be left aloneso that i can go in peace. thus, escape when nobody is looking. i would like to come up nowto stage a dear friend carol. if you fancy.

i want you to tell your experiencewhen her husband left, he was a good zen student, xavi, who came from germany, for zen course in madrid, we made a stretcheron stage, behind the curtain, and it was amazing to see his strength, his will to live, his charisma. he was a great dancer, like artist. we accompanied xavi the entire course. xavi had the strength,when we gave him the microphone, to sing to the whole class the song "guantanamera",

"yo soy un hombre sincero". carol, tell us.very brave, thank you very much carol. hello good afternoon. as suzanne said my name is carolina, i come from northern germanyto attend this conference so interesting. and above allbecause these topics fill me with peace, and happiness. and after all i've been through suzanne asked meto tell my story and here i am to tell, for anyone to whom it can be of help.

two and a half years agoi was happily married, a great life, i have a dance studioin northern germany. and it was a perfect life,as they say. i did not expect that my husbandwas diagnosed with cancer, at 40. and the fight began,worse every day. the first nine monthsthey were bad but could overcome them. for a while he was ok, after operation, chemotherapy, all that ...

it was a difficult timebut he survived. 9 months later, the disease returnedand in three months he left. i want to tell my expeciencewith the beyond. after the last operationthe doctors gave no hope, they said there was no longer any hopeand he would die soon. we started searchingan alternative medicine, who could help us.we knew nothing about this, we had no idea that thiscould happen to our life. totally lost.young and lost.

so you search the internet, as you want to get aheadthen you would never give up. while there is life there is hopeand you fight and fights until the last moment. suzanne was among many but xavi trusted in herat first sight, all in northern germany.i mentioned it to a friend, and my friend tells me"i know this person", i thought, she will have a lot of work,many people to attend, to get an appointment will be impossible.

for my husband, suzanne was her only salvation. by chance and through my friend we met a personwhich is in the life of suzanne. we came to spain to make the zen course, with all our courage, faith,eager, and thinking that this was going to be the salvation. xavi was going to savebecause suzanne was going to save him. we took the courseand everything was fine. he was quite sickand did not have much strength,

we had to wait until the second coursethat was three weeks later and by then he was very sick. it was very difficult to get him out of germany, because he was admitted 5 days before the trip, to hospital and i thoughtit would be impossible to bring him because of the effect of morphineand everything else. still, he was filled with forcesand we came to madrid to finish the course. it was very good.evidently he had to go, then i realized that he did not depend on suzanne or anyone, perhaps he depended on himself, his life contract.

it had to beso it was. i realized that meeting suzanne, more than for him was good for me. because it was my hope,it was everything at that time, i was so lost without himand suzanne helped me and all her team. i want to thank publicly, because they helped me a lotto get out of this. what i want to tell,once he left, many things happend in the hospitalat the time of his death, he made noises like i did not understandbecause he was heavily sedated,

and i had the anguish of wanting to now what goes on or doesn't, why is this happening?he could not speak. suzanne was in the hospitalthe day before, she told me:"get to bed with him, beside him, lie down, touch him,take advantage that he is alive. i tried,but he did not want. he started screaming like crazy, like no, no.i did not understand, i had much anguishnot knowing what was going on,

and that anguishlatesd for many months, when i got home,after his death, he was asthmatic and medicinesleft my bag flying through the air, at the time i thought it was him. what he meantit is that he was asfixiating and he needed the medications. obviously he did not need,because he had no reaction, nor could speak, but he asked meand asked. by chance of life,three months later i talked to a person

who is telephonist,that has nothing to do with this world because he does not work in it, but through a friend i met her and she has the gift of being able to speakwith people who are on the other side, i was lucky to learn that he is really there that it is him behind everything that happens to me daily, incredible things,for example: i wake up in the morning,i have a dance studio, recent months he was very bad,he could not dance, and i had to do everything,but he went down and left everything ready,

music running,the door open. how is it possible that a month later,when i was down i found the same situationand there i was alone. that happened to me one day, and others.i thought it was him, but was not sure. talking to this lady, she told me that he was there talkingas if we were 3 instead of 2 and telling the same thing hei said in life, all the things that had me worriedfor many months, why this happened,why he didn't want me in the bed,

why such weird reactions, that got me really distressedas if i had not done well. he explained to me that there were people therewho came to look for him. he did not know what was going onand was afraid that they would take me with him, that's why he did not want me to lie downin bed with him at the time. he told all this as something normal! with his own conscience, with his obsessions. the same things he has had in life. he was telling me one day, as normal, without being present.

that's why i firmly believethat really is something once we go,that there is a life after life. and now i'm another person,i have a lot of strength, much positivism, i feel fulland especially without fear. i have removed the fear of death. the last thing he told me is: do not worry,where i am, i'm waiting. i forget everything bad.death is no longer a problem, i'm not afraidand i have no fear of disease. i know a disease is hard,but it is only the means to move to the other side,

somehow we have to go. thank you for listening and telling peoplewho they are in my situation you have to have a lot of faith,you have to be receptive because we're constantly sent signals. we must be receptiveand must have an open heart. thank you very much. through our teaching,what is the practice of zen courses we help peopleonce they have left, if they are caught,if they stay in anguish,

we offer two possibilities. if you have an emotional attachmentwith loved ones and they want to continue near thembut without interfering with their evolution, without interfering with their life,but accompany them. they have the opportunity to learnour teaching in another dimension, it is a cosmic teachingmultidimensional. and so,when they learn in another dimension attend our coursesthere may be 1,000 people and ten thousand or ten thousands,as they say up there,

in another dimension, they are learning by the physical studends. they have the opportunity to helpothers who are in their dimension, and so they have a sense for their lifeand may continue to evolve. or have the option also to go straight to what we call"their programme". program of life, and i see what i've done with my life, what i want to reset, with whom i reactand interact

to balance our incomplete things and thus, she,through her meditations or through dreamscan have a communication through vibration with the loved onesonce they are in the other side. it's a loving way to keep sharing. when i find new people in my life, who appear in synchrony, by resonance, when you know a personthat impacts on your soul.

when that person is in front of youand you have this deep feeling... you've felt it, right?someone you don't even know and you are like... "oh" what a feeling!i feel whole, full. i do not keep that "oh great" feelingand that's it. i wonder why i react like thatto this person. why am i meeting this person now,in this time and space? what do i need to do with them? how can i improve my evolutionor collaborate with that person

so their evolution integrateswith mine and we turn it into a greaterbenefit for humanity? this happensn years ago to mein barcelona with a dancer,a guy who came to the courses. he and i had that impact,what's this? what a feeling! it was not the appeal of a couple,it went beyond that. when i looked into who he was, i woke up from a dream saying: the enigma doctor. in this past life he had beena doctor

who when placing his hands,as a doctor, on paralytic people, they got up.he cured them. i asked: why do i find you againin this life and what's the purposeof our encounter? that night i went to this universityup there, somewhere in cosmos, where one learns the masteryto become a master of something in life. potentially, we're all masters. and i find myself in this placefor masters

a grand auditorium, enormous, divided up like a cake,in portions, really high, with a central stage downat the bottom where one explains whathas learned in their mastery. and i find this guy. i was in one of the portions,he was in other. and i said: "look, we're hereto listen to this master". when we're leaving,each returning to the physical body, we had a chat and we say:

we'll look for a formulato join your mastery to mine. some project for the benefitof humanity. so we meet again in placesand moments through other peoplewho come into my life or his life, we sit at the same table,we share and we put together some project with those other soulswho will participate in the projects for the benefit of humanity. and that's what we callthe magic of life,

flowing with life. as i say in my book"conexiã³n con el alma" or in another one,"atrã©vete a ser tu maestro", learn to pay attention to signs, don't allow your mind to be presentand insisting that your life must be likethis or that or the other. take a break, retreat and allowthe law of minimum effort to make things happenin the highest way so that you can livea high vibration,

a high evolutionin high frequency. how can we do that? first, by accepting your trials, and second, saying thanksfor all you're living and delegating to your self. wake up in the morning and you say to your self, your highest part: "it's in your hands, i accept anything that happens today

and from that acceptanceand the gratitude for being alive today, i wish to live the highestexperience possible among all possibilities to have todaywhat i need to live today for the benefit of humanity today". whatever it is,however it happens. no expectations,no attachment to results, forgiving yourself if you do wrong,

because that's not a mistake it's a choice. you live freely,you accept everything. i'm late. sorry. but thanks to my latenessthis and this happened. no stress.if things go well, fantastic. if things don't goas you imagined, what do we say? who cares!

what does it matter!nothing happens. i remember when my daughter was youngerand i said: "what a pity, we are late for this film, we've missed the bus... and she said: "mum, so what! we're together, we do something else". as i say: recalculate,recalculating change direction,recalculating. live and let live.

here we are,it's 6.10pm, in a few minutesif you want to make questions. if you're up to it, i'd like to giveyou a collective reset, to finish this talk,if you want to we do it. yes? what's a collective reset? that backpack we carry with all our experiences from long ago,sometimes from many eras.

all those codes, that load, what prevents ouradvancement in life. sometimes that attachmentto our loved ones who are willing to go, to evolve, without us constantly calling them "come back, stay with me". a very important thing: when our turn to leave this dimensioncomes,

as they were explainingin the previous talk, a light will surround you,all your being, your life experience, a swirl is about to happen, which is an energy,a frequency, all your pillar of chakras turns and there's the frequency that belongs to you. actually, what the call the tunnelis condensed light, so much so that black is like a tunnel,a real tunnel. in that tunnel, in that canal,

there are souls who have a connectionwith you from many lives, with lots of experiences. you just need to clearly remember that you are going home. when you enter that tunnel,that frequency, that black hole, go ahead and don't look back, if you do you stop because you see what you're leaving behind. it will be harder to let go.we need to fly.

this happened to antonio,one of our students, i met him during a visit. just like my mother, he died, walked along the tunnel and got to a beautiful place where he meets dead people,friends, relatives. he was happy and at peacein that place. he sees his grandmother, talk later.his uncle, talk later. lots of peace,and he sees people queueing, getting to a threshold,

he says it was like a curtainmade of giant bubbles, that looked solid and weightyas billiard balls. he gets closer,peacefully and calmly, and in one moment he thinks,what about my wife? how can i leave her for all this people? through that curtain he sawtwo people going in and one coming out, to live a experience on earth. and he says: "it's my turn, what about my wife?" he then spoke to someonewho seemed to be in charge of the queue.

he told him: "listen, i have left my familydown there, can i come back?just to tell them that i'm good and not to worry,i'd be back soon". he was told: "sorry, but no,if you are here you can't go back". he tells me that he's very persistentso he was persisteng up there. so much that in the endthat guide or being told him: -"let me check"-"check? with whom?" to sum up, he was told they'd go with him

and he can be with his family again. but reminded him that he'dhave to come back eventually. they had a condition. they wanted him to tell usof his experience up there. so that humans know that theywill feel like home there. antonio is back, he's taken the zen courses and when he practices, when he meditates, when he breathes consciously,when he places his hands,

he is here and there. when he meditatesand closes his eyes, he is there but interacting with us here. he goes out of meditation,opens his eyes, breathes and he is here. he is consciously livingboth places. so i ask antonio, "since you've gone and you're back"...because when you do this others can then communicate with you

really knowing that you knowwhat it is to go there, so we talk and i say:"antonio, what did you bring back?" he says: "i've brought back a giftbut don't know how to fit it in my life". - "come on, tell me!"- "when i hug another person, and they are going to die soon,i see behind them the same queue i saw up there. my family is afraid of me,no one wants to hug me". that day in my office,when he was leaving, i said: "come here, let's hug, antonio".

we hugged and i asked himif i'd see him in september. will i? finally antonio,antonio gã³mez has written his book:"ahora estã¡ en casa". have a look at it in his can write to him if you want to: he wants to share his story he is going to doan online interview so that people can ask questions.

a very curious thing:he had a heart attack practising karate, he was a karate instructorfor the police force, and when he recovered,when he came back to life, he only had 1% of an artery and doctors said he was alivehanging from a thread. antonio came to the zen course on friday he was in that class. "from a thread"a miracle. he was told to come and take the course,cos everything would be good. and it was.

so if you have to go... you go. it's the only sure thing in this life. this life ends,but then continues because life is eternal. this body we must take care ofand treat kindly but has a deadline, you will take another body,continue your life. when you close your eyesand you leavepeacefully, you go home. you meet your people again,you meet your pets

and you meet yourself. you say: "i could have made moreof that situation..." knowing that will come,live now! don't take yourself too seriously. live and enjoy it intensely now,make the most of it. like my friend xavi saidwhen he was in hospital and everybody came to tell him their sorrowsand problems, he said: "i wished your problems were mine,just those problems. what for you is drama,a conflict, chaos,

seen from my standpoint is nothing". get out of your drama and live. if you believe you're bad,go take a walk, see who is worse than youand look at their face, it's all relative, so enjoy, dance, sing,play music. when you're down look for someonein high spirits to keep you company. see the things through the eyesof a child. play with them, because they quickly take youto the present moment

and that's a gift from live,to be able to live the present. do we have microphones ready?any questions? i'd be good to have more lightin the room, to see each other. what a difference! any questions? if not, we do the collective reset. over there - hi, my father has alzeihmerand is already in bed,

we feel uneasy, because we don't know if he suffers. - talk to him, physically, touch him and remember, if he is unconscioushe's still there. if he's in a coma, even an induced one, he is besides you. a person in coma or sedated is still there and can hearabsolutely everything, feels it, lives everything,is there present.

communicate verbally, as i did with xavi, when he was approaching the endwe sang together. we sang "guantanamera",hold our hands, he sang his last songand we filmed him, he was expressing his soulthrough his art. ask him. he won't respond,talk telepathically, tell him it's ok,to be calmed if this is his moment, it's just a "see you later",it really is. in the western worldwe're not told how to die,

but in the eastern cultures they are,they have other awareness. they throw a partyand get ready the person that's dying. in here we go like "hang on!" and people hang on to life, for instance, "i cannot die untilpepe gets here by plane from australia". pepe arrives, hugs him and he's gone. we have such power to hang onto life that until the very last moment,even when we are to the other side, we can choose,do i go back or not?

unless it's the end of the programme. if it is the end of your programme,you are going to die even if hit by a bus. or choke with an olive oil. end of programme means there's no more. so why cling to life?let go, release. keep company, it's the only thingthey need, company. very often they suffer foryour suffering and not theirs. if they could talk, they's say:"no worries, i'm ok".

like my mum said:"next time this happens, don't even think about resucitating me.let me go". peace, that you have peaceis the only thing they wish for you. it's not like they're gone for goodand won't see them again. not at all. that's a myth. any more questions? - hi, good afternoon. in the case of someone deceased a long time ago,

about 2 or 3 years, and this person appearing every now and then in dreams, do the dreams have any meaning? even though dreams are notdirect communication, or they don't say what happenedor why they decided to go. after a long time,is there a way to communicate with them? are dreams a way to do this? - they look for ways to communicate.

when we dream,or when we meditate, our mental body, our soul,is outside the body, and in the mental bodythere is something we call super memory, the seat of the soulor the hard disc as i call it to make it easierto understand in 3d- in there all info is recorded, of all our experienceas beings in a physicalm experience. we have the software here in the mindand the hard disc in the chest. we come to live all experiences possible

until we run out of possibilities. we are exhaustive. some people in this lifecome to live a experience like that because in 800 millions of lives they hadn't experienced it yet. the people who live andinteract with that person come to live that from the other sideas something to experience in life. emotions, mentality, experiences to balance experiences,

you made me suffer,i make you suffer, you killed me,i kill you, i do to you, you do to me,striking a balance. therefore never judge anyone. if they want to communicate to saythis is good or that is bad, they'll come in dreams. dreams because your physical mindcannot interpret and communication from being to being,from spirit to spirit, is free. how will you remember the dream?

when you return to your body your forget everything you've livedoutside of it. you want to remember?before sleep turn your consciousnessinto wanting to know what happened, where they are, why,and to be told that. you place the intention and you'll go out of your body, your mental body,your spirit with its memory will travel to that person,to your programme

and look for information,bring it back, and one day you'll have access to the hard discand obtain the answer. that answer can be transferredfrom your hard disc to your physical brain, your software, a transmission of datawhile the mind is parked outside it's the moment of vigil,you just woke up and you remember the last detailsof a dream about something that seems senseless. take a recorder,or write while still lying,

whatever you remember last,"i was in a forest, i wore green shoesand... oh! yes! ... i saw a person coming closer... ... and a car parked to the right... ... pull that thread. if you don't try to capturethat first snippet, then it goes,it leaves you. you say: "i had a dreamand cannot remember anything, but i know i have dreamt intensely.

it is not a dream,you have travelled far. do you want to be ready?prepare your things by the bed or where you sleep or meditate and with training you'll end uprecording things or writing automatically for you. that is the way to transfer datato the hard disc, to the brain, from experienceslived in this life. and that's the way we do it. if you dream with someoneand you see their face

it means they have't gone home yet. remember that time does not existfor them, "but he died 30 years ago". when you abandon your bodytime is another concept. time for us is a series of framesin quick succession and we see events passing in front of our eyes in space and time. it's not the same outside of your body. when you abandon the bodyit's all at the same time, not linear. that's why we have accessto multidimensions via multifrequencies

and we can translate those datato what we've lived. it's like having a television with 60 programs at the same timeand you change channels. it all happens at once,but you access a frequency, that date, that information. i explain this in my book"conexiã³n con el alma" or you can also watch my videos,there are plenty of them on these "atrã©vete a ser tu maestro", or "el reset colectivo"i explain the training

of reading the signs,how to connect with your soul, how to connect with your self,how to live the experience of death consciously,a conscious conception, how to connect with your being. shall we get ready for the collective reset?thank you very much to all.

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