moderne wandbilder silber

moderne wandbilder silber

acrylic painting - dripping with alcohol hi, today i want to show you a simple technique for creating texture you can do it on paper, cardboard,watercolor paper, canvas and other grounds you can create organic textures, irregular texture you can apply it on parts of your painting or all over itâ´s an exciting technique - but easy to do watch the following list, showing, which materials you need you need: - drawing cardboard or canvas, -acrylics /two colors,one should be much brighter - rubbing alcohol,- flat brush, 2 plastic cups

so, we can start i chose a drawing cardboard, yellow as a bright color as a darker paint i chose burnt sienna, but i think itâ´s not dark enough... itâ´s important that there is a clear difference between the two colors this time i mix some blue with my sienna, to get a darker color this is my water pot my flat brush, fine hair one pot for putting the alcohol in the second to mix the darker paint in

this is my palette i cover the surface with yellow paint you can chose other bright colors or create a multicolored ground it is important not to dilute the paint very much. put it on in a thick layer the thick paint seals the paper and makes it water-resistant alternatively, you can put on undiluted acrylic dispersion or medium let this dry completely, you may use a hair dryer... this layer is dry and forms a water resistant layer now i want to apply a second, darker layer

iâ´ve already done my dark mixture from indigo and sienna i add some water from my spray bottle to dilute this layer has to be moist itâ´s fluid make sure that you have your rubbing alcohol already in your little pot besides the surface has to be shiny, but there must not be puddles you can do big drops or spray-drops the dryer the paint, the worse it works let this dry completely

you can create nice backgrounds like this you can work out these texture... you can do this technique only in some parts of the painting this is another example, done on a canvas... i hope, you had fun, and will have fun painting!

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