möbel rustikal modern

möbel rustikal modern

101 epic ikea hacks for your home. ikea is an incredible source for affordablefurniture, but its affordability also often means that i see the same furniture everywherei go. but even with ikeas most basic pieces, youcan add your own diy touch to customize hack your ikea purchases into something completelyunique. if you want to create an ikea hack like theone in the video, you can see the complete tutorial by clicking the source link in thedescription. ikea dresser upgrade this ikea hack turns a plain, raw wood dresser

into a glamorous coral statement piece. mid century modern sideboard need some more mid century design in your life? how about converting a bookcase into a classicsideboard? ikea clock with leather belt hanger this simple idea to add a belt to a clock as a hanging mechanism upgrades a basic timepieceinto a statement for your wall. diy wallpaper stools everything looks great with a fresh dose of color!

add wallpaper and paint to these step stoolsto make them pop. diy colorful shelves these shelving brackets create a colorful bookcase out of plank shelving. a creative and artistic accomplishment. ikea pillowcase tote testing your sewing skills and leather workmanship can turn a simple pillowcase into a fancytote bag. stickwood headboard ikea has an amazing product called stikwood that can turn a simple white headboard intoa beautiful faux wood statement piece.

side table from hamper ikea hacks that create something out of a random product are my favorites. this one uses the frame of an old hamper tomake a beautiful end table. mr moon lamp inspired by a classic art print, this diy turns a lamp into the most adorable nightlightthere is. kid’s bike from a stool this is one of the more ingenious ikea hacks,these guys turned a couple of stools into a fullyfunctioning push bike for kids.

sheepskin rug hack tired of your ikea sheepskin rug being so tiny? double it up to make a furry runner! diy rope mirror based on a restoration hardware product, this mirror and rope hack can save you a ton ofmoney on getting the look you want. diy pouf the interior design world is obsessed with moroccan poufs right now. here's a fun diy to make one of your own onthe cheap.

diy ikea bar cart every home needs a quality bar cart. here's a diy to make one of your own froman ikea table. copper shelving metallic textures can make any ikea product seem way more glamorous than it is. these copper covered shelves are to die for. floating credenza get that ikea furniture up off the ground! here's a great example of how to float yournew credenza on the wall. custom library wall

an absolutely gorgeous custom library wall is made from three billy bookcases and somecrown moulding. that ladder is everything. diy modern pendant lamp this ikea hack turns a platter into a modern hanging light fixture. diy textile pots painted textiles from ikea formed into planters are a unique and interesting way to grow yourhouseplants. wall of vases

this amazing bathroom installation used glass vases from ikea as bricks to form a curvingprivacy wall. it's like your very own igloo! diy banquette seat using an expedit bookcase and some upholstery skills, you can create your own banquetteseating area. modern planters double up your ikea planters for a mid century modern look on your porch. diy cage light sconces

dying for some sconces next to your bed? turn one of ikea's shelving brackets intoyour very own hanging light stand. rustic farmhouse coffee table want to bring a little rustic farmhouse feel to the swedish sensibility? upgrade your coffee table with some reclaimedwood and stain. tufted sofa diy adding tufts to your ikea couch cushions can easily make your $300 couch look like a $3,000one. vanity mirror wall sconce hack

want those wall sconces to be able to stretch over your bed for a little late night reading? try hacking an expanding vanity mirror intoyour bedside lamp. diy bunk bed playhouse every little kid wants bunk beds. but how about bunk beds that look like yourown custom playhouse? industrial desk lamp this industrial desk lamp is made from an ikea lamp, some wood slats, and some cement. a beautiful statement lamp for any desk. mid century coffee table

so much can be done to your furniture by just switching out the legs! this lack coffee table suddenly looks likeit is straight out of 1955 with these ones. ikea card files hack want a set of card files for your desk? here's how to make your own antique lookingversion. transformable coffee table one of my favorite ikea hacks, this expandable coffee table is made from file folders. its construction is absolutely ingenious,and there are so many combinations! diy union jack dresser

bring a little uk love into your home and make your very own union jack dresser! log slice table i love mixing rustic and industrial textures, and this log slice table is the best of bothworlds. nailhead trim sideboard this will take you a long time to make perfect, but adding nailhead trim to your entertainmentstand is a gorgeous ikea upgrade. kid's activity tower this ikea hack makes a safe way for kids to help out in the kitchen. they can stand on the altered step stool withoutany fear of toppling over.

bookshelf from a stool another hack of the classic ikea stool---these guys turned a few of them into a unique bookcasetree. diy corkboard turn this decorative frame into a fun message board by adding a corkboard of old wine bottlecorks. chic desk diy this minimal lumber addition turns a simple ikea table into a glamorous and modern desk.

diy bathroom sink ikea's bathroom and kitchen departments can be a little daunting, but you can make magichappen if you put your mind to it. diy cloud lamp this genius lamp turns a basic hanging lamp into a mystical cloud lamp for a kid's room. an awesome addition to a sky themed nursery. diy jellyfish lantern and on the contrary, this jellyfish lamp diy would make an awesome addition to an oceanthemed nursery.

rope bridge bookshelf a really fun diy hack turns a regular shelf into a rope bridge shelf that floats withyour books. diy kid's kitchen every kid needs their own mini kitchen to play pretend in. here's how to build your own out of ikea furniture. diy crocheted pouf a little bit of crocheting turns a hard and unforgiving wicker stool into a cozy spotto sit. sharpie chair makeover upgrade those plain white chairs with a little sharpie art.

disregard everything your mom told you aboutnot playing with permanent markers. diy concrete table i want to make custom concrete tops for all of my furniture now. this ikea hack is amazing. geometric wall sconces this one was made by yours truly. i turned some clip lamps into a geometricwall sconce. yarn wrapped kid's chair this is the perfect way to add a splash of

color to a kid's playroom; just wrap all thefurniture in colorful yarn! diy indoor bike rack one of the more industrial ikea hacks, a way to hang your bicycles indoors on a stackedpipe. diy farmhouse table this diy takes two normal ikea tables and turns them into a long, rustic farmhouse table. indoor herb garden using an ikea wine rack and some plastic cups, you can create a small herb garden for yourkitchen. throw in some chalkboard paint, and you caneven label your plants. faux brass drawer fronts

glam up your white desk with some faux brass drawer fronts. i love the pop of metallic texture. diy bear doormat this geometric doormat would look great in front of a log cabin or mid century modernhome. donut stools spruce up your stools with some fun vinyl stickers to turn them into donut stools. hanging bike rack while this project is incredibly unclear about the materials used to create it, it's an awesomeidea and could be re-created with a variety

of ikea leftovers. ikea hack side table every ikea piece could stand to have its legs replaced with something a little more chicand fashionable. this side table is no exception. lack shelf cat tree cats love ikea furniture too! turn some hanging wall shelves into a floatingcat playground. gold leafed desk

this gold leafed desk is a definite upgrade from the plain white version ikea sells. add some glamour to your work day with thisbeautiful idea. reclaimed door table some of the best ikea hacks tie together the old with the new. this reclaimed antique door looks incrediblepaired with these modern table legs. jewelry tray from a picture frame i love repurposing a product into something new. this picture frame turned into a beautifuljewelry tray. distressed wooden shelves

again pairing old with new, you can take some distressed wood and turn it into modern shelveswith some of ikea's metal shelving brackets. golden office chair everything looks better with a coat of gold spray paint! match your gold leafed desk with an upgradedgold office chair. copper barn lights even better than gold upgrades are copper upgrades! these barn lights add a touch of fun to anold standard design. dish towel tote bag

need a durable tote bag to bring to the beach? turn some of ikea's dish towels into a lovelytote. brass and leather dresser makeover everyone loves a campaign dresser, and these simple hardware additions make a simple ikeadresser into something fabulous. wooden spa bath mat these wooden deck tiles can be joined to make a fancy spa bath mat for your shower. golden bar stools once more with the gold spray paint.

these stools look positively glam with a coatof gold on the legs and seat. diy donut rug we all need more donuts in our life. how about a donut rug for your front door? golden bar cart this super simple bar cart also benefited from a little gold spray paint. rustic apothecary cart this ikea hack is truly incredible, turning a simple dresser into an amazing card catalogue. lack table hack the lack table series is a cheap solution

for a coffee table, but you can make it looklike it is worth a lot more with some wooden upgrades. west elm inspired sideboard take a card from the west elm playbook and turn your ikea dresser into something fancierwith some stick-on paneling from panyl. diy rocking chair i'm going to turn all of my chairs into rocking chairs now. diy white bar cart one more bar cart for the round up, this one from a simple bookcase.

backlit plasma tv putting some ambient light behind your tv screen can make for a more enjoyable viewingexperience at night. these simple ikea lights do the job on thecheap. padded ottoman diy this small upholstery project turns a simple side table into a gorgeous padded bench. hifi rack from cutting boards this ingenious hack turns some ikea cutting boards into a hifi rack for your stereo equipment. fabric covered bulletin boards

add some color to your office wall with some fabric covered bulletin boards. these fun circle shapes are available at ikea,and you can paint them too! pots & pans lid storage tired of dealing with all your pot lids floating around inside of your cabinets? these towel racks make the perfect lid organizers. lack table shoe shelves if your family has a shoes-lying-around-the-house problem, consider some hanging shelves toorganize them by the garage door. kid's raincoat from an ikea bag

by far the cheapest hack on this list, you can turn a ninety-nine-cent blue bag intoa raincoat for a little one. space saving nightstand need a small and easy place to charge your phone overnight? this hanging shelf will do the job nicely. kitchen island from bookcases this genius turns some billy bookcases into a kitchen island. some of the best repurposing we have seen. mail organizer shelf again we have the ever useful file organizers.

these ones have been put together as a mailcatch-all hung on the entryway wall. diy sewing table old fashioned sewing tables were ingenious at holding the machines. this simple upgrade turns an ikea desk intoa beautiful and minimal sewing table. mud room lockers this brilliant ikea hacker built her own lockers on her porch to store clothes and shoes fromthe day. that's a great way to keep a clean house. turn pax rails into sliding doors

always wanted some sliding doors in your house? you can hack the pax closet system to addthem to every doorway in your home. hanging drying racks here's an ingenious way to dry your clothing without taking up a lot of space. lego lack table a lack table upgrade for the kids, you can make any ikea table into a lego play space. imac computer desk a fond imac user myself, i would love to hack together a minimal standing desk to use.

perfect for an apartment dweller. guitar from an ikea table a guitar made from an ikea table. yep, enough said. adjustable drawing table this simple hack deals with one of the flaws of the ikea drawing tables. ikea should take note and add it to the plans. mandala bookshelf the most beautiful bookcase arrangement on the internet.

what other shapes could you form out of ikeabookcase cubes? faux west elm dresser another faux west elm project, this dresser has been upgraded to look super chic withwood paneling as well. faux pottery barn dresser one more retailer inspired piece, this one is from pottery barn. a really cool upgrade, and i can barely tellthe difference. upholstered headboard a padded headboard seems essential for a modern bedroom.

this is a simple upgrade from one of ikea'sstandard units. custom ice chest got to keep all your beverages cold in the summer, and here is how to make your own customice chest out of an ikea dresser. textured panel dresser makeover this dresser upgrade uses fabric to add a little texture to a plain design. magnet toy car storage sometimes a kitchen accessory can make for a perfect toy upgrade. these magnetic knife racks are a great wayto store toy cars.

upholstered lack ottomans one more padded ottoman idea, this one upgrades a simple lack table into someplace comfy tolay your feet. glam lack table upgrade add some faux leather and nailhead trim to the lack table to make it a glamorous talkingpiece for your living room.

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