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upgrade your ikea furniture to make elegant pieces for your home. if you want a fun diy project or you just want a little upgrade, check out these tricks for customizing your ikea furniture. this is 37 smart ikea furniture upgrade remakes. number 1. lack shelf with wood stain and miter saw. you can turn your regular ikea shelf into

a modern and expensive looking shelf using a little wood stain and a miter saw. this is a quick and simple upgrade you’llbe proud of. 2. swap out the legs of any ikea sofa. another simple upgrade, just replace those standard ikea legs with more modern or funky legs, according to the theme of your room. feel free to match up the legs with other

furniture in the room for a classier look. 3. add a crown molding to the top of a billy bookcase. the bookcase everyone loves—now turn it into something unique for your home. add some crown molding for a little extra class. 4. spray paint an ekby shelf bracket. one quick and simple hack to making your furniture

look more expensive is to redo simple things like spray paint the supporting bracket of your ekby shelves. use a metallic silver or gold for a more modern look, or something flat for a different kind of look. 5. add legs to an expedit shelving unit. looking for a quick project to make a big difference?

easy—just add your choice of modern table legs to your expedit shelving unit, and voila! instant upgrade. 6. add brass corners to a lack table. here’s an instant fix for a common piece of furniture. many people have those handy little lack tables either as side tables, nightstands, or coffee tables.

upgrade them to something a bit fancier by adding some brass corners to the edge. check out the brass corners on amazon and the lack table on ikea. or to a lack coffee table as well. get creative. you can add brass corners to many tables, but this one especially since it fits perfectly. this project will be a quick saturday morning project!

7. make your own plant mosaic coffee table. in this quick and easy diy project, you can easily learn how to make a truly unique table. after measuring and cutting the center outof your table, you can remove the internal textured cardboard. put some clear plastic down in the center of the open box and fill it with dirt or mulch

filler. then you can trim away the edges of the plastic. once your “flower box” is in place with dirt, feel free to add any plants you like. toss in some candles for added interest. and for the final product, layer some interesting plastic tiles to the edge of the table using glue. you’ll come away with a really unique coffee

table that will impress your friends. 8. diy - ikea small side table. here’s a great way to add an interesting piece to any bedroom. beginning with a standard lack table, you will first sand and paint the top of the original lack table in whatever color you like. while the top is drying, assemble the base

of the stand and, using tape, mark off any areas you’d like to paint in a creative pattern. next, you’ll assemble a simple base for the table using wood and a drill. after painting the base, use a ruler to center the smaller base on the bottom of the original table. secure your base, then flip it over and re-assemble the top of the table using the hardware it

came with. instant new table! 9. cover the klubbo coffee table with marble contact paper. here’s a great way to use marble contact paper. using the direction with the contact paper, you can use adhesive to fasten the paper to the top of your klubbo coffee table. this project leaves you with an expensive

looking table that replicates a marble finish. 10. diy hideaway litter box. tired of seeing your cat’s ugly litter box? it can be an eyesore for any home. hide it away like in this video by using a lack table with tension rods. you can buy some cheap material of your choice to make the curtains with, which will require

some basic sewing as seen here. two small tension rods will do if your table is in a corner. when you’ve assembled the curtains, place them on the rods and then put the rods between the legs of the exposed sides of the table. the curtains also work to contain the smell of the litter box to keep your living space smelling fresh and clean. plus, your cat will love the privacy!

11. a genius ikea kitchen cabinets hack. ikea has done it—they’ve put out a product that instantly upgrades your furniture! pop these plastic hole fillers into the empty shelf holes that you’re not using to come away with a clean looking finish. 12. replace cheap casters.

a quick and simple hack for your standard table with cheap casters. replace them with these brass casters for a classy look. 13. paint a norden sideboard. for a great piece of elegant furniture, check out this tutorial on how to make your very own!

it’s easy assembly...and you can paint it any color you like, although this "passion-fruit" color is our favorite. 14. floating kitchen cabinets with painted wooden planks. this tutorial explains how to make really unique floating cabinets with a modern look. this gold knobs really make these cabinets look modern and chic.

15. turn cheap norrlida frames into cork boards. using a little paint and some tape (and of course your trusty measuring tape), you can turn your norrlida frames into an interesting cork board to hang your reminders on. 16. gold spray paint and faux marble your vittsj㶠nesting coffee table.

upgrade your layered vittsj㶠nesting tables by using some gold spray paint and faux marble finish. this marble finish makes your table look expensive and elegant. 17. paint and add a decorative drawer to your rast nightstand. this diy project is easy to do using this quick tutorial.

you can add this awesome drawer pull for an instant upgrade to your rast nightstand. 18. sew together two rens sheepskin rugs. this one is super easy and self-explanatory. using two rens sheepskin rugs from ikea, simply sew them together to make one large and exotic rug. 19.

lay an ikea kitchen cabinet frame and adda wooden plank. add any kind of wooden plank you want to an ikea kitchen cabinet frame. this ensure you can get creative and make this project your own by decorating the top wooden plank any way you like. 20. turn a hemnes dresser into a campaign dresser. want to turn your hemnes dresser

into something a little chicer? try this idea. tip: use a drill bit to create pilot holes in the front of the drawer. this is very, very important. if you skip this step, then you risk splitting the wood. 21. nail some leather pulls to a boring malm dresser. leather pulls are the perfect touch to upgrade

any old dresser. maybe your dresser is like the malm, prettystandard. no sweat upgrade with these fancy leather pulls. or add them to a set of bestas. 22. use a vintage belt to hang the bondis wall clock. need a new use for your skinny belts fromh&m? use them to frame your bondis wall clock for a modern twist on clock dã©cor to keep your

home up to date. 23. create a built-in bookshelf wall by mixing together billy and besta. everyone has a billy bookshelf these days. it’s the shelf that never goes out of style. but instead of just being the standard shelf make it into a classy and sophisticated combo with the besta from ikea.

24. add tufting to your sofa cushions. it’s amazing how much a simple tufting can add to your sofa or karlstand cushions. try it out in this quick diy project for some majorly upgraded sofa cushions. it will add elegance to your living space. 25. wrap the cord of the foto pendant,

add three-ply jute twine. just by using some three-ply twine, you can instantly upgrade your foto pendant lamp from ikea. this is such a simple project. ..it could take minutes and you will have a new and interesting lamp to show off to visitors. 26. silver-leaf inside oversize shade.

use this over-sized but handy lamp shade to make a gorgeous cover for your light. place it over a floor lamp or just use the hanging kitchen light fixture for a fancy upgrade. 27. turn a hemnes shoe cabinet to a new faux librarycatalog. old shoe cabinet need an upgrade? use this guide to turn your old hemnes shoe

cabinet into an amazingly elegant library catalog. you can use it for anything you like, but on the outside, the library catalog is a classy element to your foyer. 28. make a bekvã¤m foot stool less mainstream. these simple bekvã¤m foot stools are unique ways to add a little something to your home.

it’s a simple piece, but with some simple editing using paint, you can quickly upgrade it into something much more interesting andstill useful. 29. turn a the kallax into a mid-century console. your simple but useful kallax shelf can be made into a really chic and modern looking console for your living space. place it in a bedroom or living room for somemodern flare.

30. or cover it with paint sticks. cover your shelves or fasten them together using different colored paint sticks. this one is really simple and fun because you can arrange the paint sticks in any desired pattern for a surface of your choice. 31. customize a fã¶rhã¶ja cart look for your kitchen.

with this project, you’ll transform your simple but sleek fã¶rhã¶ja cart into something greater and more elegant. 32. remove the wrinkles from your ikea slipcovers. here’s a simple hack for your slip covers that will make all the difference before your guests arrive. and, you’ll be using,

wait for it... warm tap water. yep, that’s it. follow this guide on how to get rid of those pesky wrinkles. 33. transform a tarva dresser to a new kitchen sideboard. turn your old tarva dresser into something greater. in this diy project, your standard tarva will

be transformed into a modern and expensive looking dresser or even a kitchen sideboard! 34. turn an antonius laundry hamper frame intoa new nightstand. it requires antonius laundry stands, wood cuts, hammering, gluing, and little bit of weight lifting. warning: ikea’s product dimension is not always accurate.

check link below to learn more about that. 35. new storage boxes. redo your ikea storage boxes by dressing them up in something more interesting. you can add a new color to the metal corners or add some painted textures like in this example where they’ve added black polkadots. 36.

cover a malm dresser o’verlays. take a normal dresser and make it extra special by adding some interesting piping using paint. measure off the areas you’d like to paint and then get to it! this leaves you with a much more interestingdresser. and last,37. turn a grundtal mirror into a restoration hardware-worthy one.

grundtal mirrors are great quality, but they’re also really simple. if you want to make yours look fancier for a sleek look, check out this guide on how to upgrade your mirror. these are our 37 ways to instantly and easily upgrade your ikea furniture. if you haven’t tried these quick diy projects, be sure to check them out in description area

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