bilder wohnzimmer blau

bilder wohnzimmer blau

hello and welcome to another episode of mtv cribs. i am barbie millicent roberts and this is my house. this is my living room. i have a sofa and a small pillow. in front of my sofa, i have a living room table (coffee table) on a rug. my tv stands on my chimney, but i'm not sure that is a good idea. next to my tv and chimney, there stands a lamp. my sofa, my living room table, and my lamp are blue and yellow. the walls in this room are yellow and white.

almost every night, i sleep on this sofa, because i watch tv until i fall asleep. i like to sleep in front of a fire. here is my dining room. ken and i eat together every morning and every evening here. i only have two chairs, because ken and i don't have any children yet and we live here all alone. the chairs and the walls are pink, of course. this is, after all, my house. if you walk around the corner you can see my laundry room. this room is here only for show. i don't wash my own laundry.

i am rich, after all. why would i wash my own laundry or iron it? i have my servant for that. she cleans everything for me. despite that, i have to have a washing machine and a dryer in my house, because it would be silly to bring my laundry to the house of my servant only to bring them back later. then i would have to wait a day in order to get my favorite dress back. i simply can't wait that long. next to my laundry room is my kitchen.

everything here is purple (lilac), my refrigerator, my oven, the table, and the stools. why is there another table in this room? this is where my servant eats. she isn't allowed to eat with ken and me. now we go upstairs. this is my play room (toy room, game room). everything is green here. i have another couch in this room, because i often like to sit or lie when i play. it is also sometimes hot.

therefore we have a ceiling fan. here is my toy box. it is full of toys and board games. i am not really sure what this thing is, but it is also green and i use it as if it were a table. ken and i play monopoly for hours here. if we would like to play pictionary, we can write and draw on this board. sometimes i look out this window and paint what i see. now i have about twenty pictures of this stupid tree. there is a hallway between the toy room and my room. my bedroom is very plain.

i only have a bed and a night table, on which a table lamp stands. everything, of course, is purple here, because pink and purple are my favorite colors. if you take the stairs up, you arrive in the children's room. i know that we don't have a baby yet, but this room is available to us if we need it. this room is blue, because we already have so many things in this house, that are pink or purple, that we had to paint this room blue. the baby bed (crib), high chair, and the lamp are also blue. there is also a rug here. i think that it makes the room a bit cozier.

next to the baby room is my bathroom. here i have my shower bath combination, my toilet, my mirror and a sink. once a month i bathe in this room. i should bathe more often, but it is simply too much work to go up these stairs everyday. around the corner, you can see a bedroom. this room has a bunk bed, in which my friends can stay overnight. the last room in my house is my office. here i design the clothing that i wear everyday. but normally, i just play minesweeper.

there is also a computer, a desk, an office chair, and a clock in this office. you have seen my house, my furniture, my bedroom, my living room, my office... you have seen everything. now you have to get out. ken and i want to have lunch and you can't stay. thanks for watching. bye.

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