badezimmer dachgeschoss fotos

badezimmer dachgeschoss fotos

hello everyone and welcome to a secondpart of the video of this modern house that for me it reminds me of my peoplebecause i'm going there is a very rustic house very simple, but with a touch ofmodernity that i always like because it is very original because this house iseverything you have to make it a good mix of these different styles of housesbecause today we are going to decorate the plant down below, let's go in as you see my mother how awkward i am as you seehere is the other house that i made in the previous videos and if you want in thedescription or has left a link of a video that is very good that is inthe bottom part the basement and the end

of the videoif you stay at the end you see 2 the two other videos more than me aretotal of that house there i made three videos one is the description and the twoat the end of the video and this vice let's go up as we already have thefirst floor the top floor already made is worth whatwe did in the other video as you see here is fully immovablejust the torches and here we are going to do the bathroom is worth to startbecause the top floor we have made the bedroom and the living roomwell here we will do the bathroom here and there the kitchenhere the kitchen dance and in the background good

we will put a few bookstores and nowthis let's start first for goodwe could an exton torch and we'll put reston around here here andhere is worth many say because it puts sixthbecause i like it and i think that gives a different touch to the house to thehome or you have to have it or good that and then we will put a cauldron forwater pike valech bucket of water we put here and then we're going to puthere is a blue banner i prefer blue be strong becauseit looks more like water than light blue that we put here perfect and herewe can not even a trunk and perfect after

something else there is in the batsin the bathroom, it is quite quartz staircase pretty much knows if asee if we can perfect and we can also awooden hatch to make the lid of the toilet is worth here and then like that forthen we will do as there are in all i suppose the shower is worth the fight is very easy andwe just have to in a closed place we put oak wood herewe also put here the door to the that is of any style but i putfor me the best is oak oak i love my and we will put here - here we put the ua also and herewe can go, let's go well

if here we can to fill alittle we can a ballet turntable in the shower if it sounds weird but goodwell in the struggles with listening to music this comes relax we're going to put herea record player we go a little bit to place a ticket and then here we can differentdifferent two pots worth to decorate a little bit of any type of flower weenough i really like the rose and i'll put thepink stick and 2 and here the most perfect we will go out andwell it would already be what what is the

ballet bathroom very simple butit's only worth it with that nice touch now let's make the kitchen worth withwith different materials now that thematerials that we need in this second phase to then we will start with thekitchen vale we will put fences around perfect itamand here we will be like the table sea by example so you have an ideait's more or less after here we can the oven with up a hook and here thecauldron with water and was just in case here we will also put these covers forthat is as more different i do not know because i like it and the tabledecanting is that i could not miss

here and good and until now thekitchen we no longer touch it the theme then we go to this one so we're going to fillall with the same green carpets let's fill herethe cans perfect and we have not filled everything andhere on this website that we will put a trunk pairs so that we fit well trunkto fill the space that we have and here we will put the bookstores and well let's go here, i think thetouch this we will create a little picture around here a little square i think is amega square because to me the pictures like very muchi say it smooth this

here i do not know more or less a picture here fordecorate the house and that would be it i hope you liked theinterior of this modern rustic house i hope you like the video because ifthey surpass yes i think you like this and that there are many life, so i will make another housemodern rustic or any style and the decoration of inside is worth and alsoi would like you to write write and you would see yours in thecomments that you liked them our opinion basically if you have notseen the video from the top floor you i invite you to see it sothen yes and you liked both

you subscribe thanks for the videocomment and goodbye to another video os

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